Nina’s story (part2)

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In no time Nina was left with a blunt collar bone length bob.

Her eyes started tearing up. But she calmed herself down.

Rob collected the hair, wiggling it in front of her and said “This will be donated Nina, you are doing a good deed.” And kept the hair in a bag and put it in the drawer.

“Now let’s start with the real haircut, shall we Nina?”. Nina gulped and nodded.

Despite her fear She was aroused too. It was new to her.

Rob knew what he was doing was wrong, he could end up in prison for this but he knew what he was doing and he knew his victims. He was just pushing their sexual needed which they didn’t know they had.

He started combing her hair and perfecting the bob with a pair scissors.

Once he was happy with satisfied with his work rufflled Nina’s hair. ” What you think Nina?” Nina knew what talking would cost her. She already had lost a lot of hair. So she kept quiet.

“Hmm…..i think this needs bangs.” Rob said. Sectioning the front part of Nina’s hair he cut her hair a bit below her eyebrows. Then he wet the bang with the water spray took out the using curl brush to blow dry her bangs to give it shape and volume.


“What do you think, Nina? Do you like your new hairstyle? Nod if it’s yes” Rob said.

She nodded. Rob then undid the cape and tossed it in the basket which contained Nina’s cloths.

The girl sighed with relief. Though she had lost a lot of her hair she was happy with the length. She thought she was going to lose a lot more than that.

Rob then started fondling Nina’s boobs. Then sucking one of her boob and fondling the other. The other hand reached between her legs. ” So fucking wet” he said. “Didn’t i tell you you will enjoy this as much as i will?” He said stroking her. Nina was feeling a different level of arousal which she never felt before. And then she came undone.

“Good girl” with that said Rob left the room with Nina still being bound to the chair. He came back with a wet wash cloth and wipe off her arousal.

Setting the cloth aside “you know Nina, this would be your hairstyle if you hadn’t broke the rule.” Said Rob with an evil smirk on his face.

Hearing this Nina’s eyes went wide with shock. But she knew she had no say in this and gave up.

He then pinned the hair from her crown into a bun. And stated wetting the remaining her remaining hair. “Look down for me Nina.” He said pushing her head down. He starting cutting her hair with scissor over comb technic.

Once he was happy with the length he did her sides.

The lifeless hair was falling once her naked boobs and between her leg now that she was naked. The pleasure was once again building up her core.

Now she was enjoying the treatment. He reduced her sides and bach to almost to half an inch. Then he let lose the top of her combed it spraying water. Cut it into a lip length bob. The proceed to cut the bangs an Inch above her brows.

When done he blow dried her hair again.

Now she was left with a lip length bob with undercut and short bangs.

She would normally not like the cut but at the moment she didn’t care. ” Nina i can’t wait any longer. I want you to suck me, ok? Nod if you are comfortable with it” said Rob.

Nina nodded desperately. Rob lowered the chair and took of the strap underneath the boob bent her forward and she started sucking him while he fingered her.

Both released at the same time. Rob crushed down on a chair behind the barbers chair panting.

Nina looked at herself in the mirror she was a mess. She sported a weird hairstyle which she wouldn’t even think off in a million year and covered it lifeless hair all over her body.

Being tired she drowsed off on the chair being bounded to it. Rob had gone back to his room to rest as well.

After a few hours Nina felt being strapped again below her boobs again.

“Let’s finish this off, shall we Nina” said Rob with a wide grin. Nina looked confused ,she thought it was over.

Looking at her confused expression Rob clarified telling “this is the punishment for talking second time.”

Nina looked frightened “don’t worry though i won’t shave you completely bald. But i would like to see a light skin Nina.

At this point Nina was numb. And let him continue his work.

He took a small trimmer “stay still Nina, i need to get a straight and clean bald line. If you don’t, don’t blame me for shaving your hair more then i intended too.” He warned her.

She could see The line was almost an inch above her ears and she didn’t know how much bald she was going to be at the back.

This made the wet once more. She was scared at first now she found it erotic. Was she going she she thought.

He lathered the part which was meant to be shave. Took the straight edge razor from the counter and push her head down. She started shaving from the back. Then her left side , then right. Within no time Nina was partially bald. He then sprayed the bald part with water and started shaving it again with a fusion razor, so that he doesn’t miss a part and she is nice and smooth.

When done he put down the razor and he rubbed his hand on her shave part. Nina rolled her eye back at the feeling of this. She could wait to release once again.

“You like that don’t you, Nina?. Your face says it all. Think how you would feel being completely bald, for me.” He said with a smile.

Then he took a clippers with #1 guard and stared running it down on her back till a little below the crown.

He did the same with her sides the started blending it to her bald part. Then used clipper over comb to blend the remaining of her hair.

Then he sprayed her top hair with water cut it short leaving almost 2-3 inches of hair. Then he took his straight razor again ans smoothed her peach fuzz on her sides and back.

Finally he was actually done. Leaving Nina with a back and side shaved pixie cut. He unstrapped her. Bushed her body with a large bush. And carried her to his room and fucked her all night long.

Nina woke up around mid afternoon alone on his bed with a note and an envelope.

Sorry for what i did to you Nina. But you do have to agree you enjoy and come on you look good. I know this isn’t much but i left a few 100 doller bills for you on the envelope. Sorry once again. Call me if you want us to continue this. Xoxo Rob

He had kept her clothes in the bedside table. She took a shower in his room and when she run her hand over her head she loved the feeling.

Then she went home checked herself in the mirror. She was half bald in the back. But she loved it. The way it felt. The way it was blended to perfection. ‌

It was that moment she released she too shared this weird fatish just like Rob.

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