Nina’s story

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  1. Nina was getting ready for her date with Rob. She wore a pretty white dress. And she combed her waist length raven black hair.

She met Rob in a cafe few weeks ago. Then after exchanging numbers and talking on the phone he had asked her out on a date.

They met at a restaurant for dinner and Rob asked her to go to his house to spend the night together to which she agreed.

Nina really like Rob, he was funny, smart and handsome.

Upon reaching his place and entering inside he started kissing her and playing with her hair.

Then he led her to a room which he opened with the help of a key.

Nina was shocked seeing what was inside.

It looked like a Barbershop.

“What is this place and why did you bring me here?” She asked

“It’s a Barbershop” Rob answered.

“I can see that. Why do you have it inside your house and why did you bring me here?” She asked again.

“Oh…that. You see Nina i love your hair and i have this weird hair fatish” he answered back.

Nina felt strange. And gave a weird look to Rob as if she was asking for more explanation.

“I want to cut your hair before we start making love” he explained further.


“Please Nina. You will enjoy it i promise.”

“You know what, I am leaving” but rob didn’t take “NO” for an answer.

“You agree to it or not. Either way you are loosing those long locks of yours Nina” Rob said with a stern look.

“Come, sit.” Rob said pointing to the brown leather barber chair.

With that being said Nina turned around and ran. But only if she was fast enough. Rob had caught her and was dragging her to the chair.

“Please, please let me go” Nina pleaded with tears running down her cheeks.

“Be a good girl and submit to me Nina, if you do i won’t shave to bald. Ok?”

“Please, Rob. Don’t do this.”

“You have two options. Option one submit willingly and i won’t shave you bald. Second option being put on the fight and loose all of your beautiful Black hair. I like the second option better.” Rob told with a smirk on his face.

“Ok” Nina answered defeated.

“Good” Rob was satisfied with her choice.

Nina knew there was no way around this. So she walked towards the chair.

“Before you sit down. I want you to take off all your clothes and put them in that basket over there.” Said Rob pointing towards the a cloth basket.

“No, i won’t do that.”

“I didn’t give you an option now, did i? Take off your clothes and do as i say. I don’t want you speaking till i am done with you. And if you disobey me, i will really enjoy shave your head clean and smooth.” Rob said giving no space for argument.

Nina was in tears again.

“Stop crying, Nina!. It’s just hair it will grow back again. And trust me when i say this you will enjoy the process just as much as i will.”

Having no other option Nina started stripping and now stood butt naked. Rob eyed her from head to toe. Being contented with Nina’s submission, he took her arms and led her gently to the chair.

“Now, Nina let me remind you again. You are not supposed to talk till I could say otherwise. If you know what i will do to you. And also i don’t want you crying, just relax and enjoy the process.” With that being said Rob took out strap cuffs and bound her arms to the chair.

“What are you doing” Nina panicked.

“I asked to not to speak. Since you broke the rules you will be getting a short haircut then i intended.”

Nina went completely silent at this. Next Rob bound Nina’s legs to the chair. And then a strap under her breasts to bind her to the chair.

Rob took a step back to admire his handy work. “You look absolutely stunning bound to the chair Nina. Now i want to to be good and relax. I don’t want you to speak or move. If the instructions are clear give me a nod.”

Nina nodded.

“You have a beautiful body Nina.” Rob stated caressing Nina boob. A shiver ran down Nina spine. She was never bound like this before. She felt butterflies in her stomach. She felt moist between her legs. She tired to close her thighs. Rob held her tighs.

“I don’t want you to close you thigh on me tonight Nina. I want to be able to access you anytime i want. Nod if you understand me.”

Nina nodded again. Rob moved his hand from her boobs to between her thighs. “Wet already, good.”
Rob said with a smirk.

Her opened a drawer a took out a cape. He then collected all her hair pinned it up and fastened the cape around her neck with tissue underneath it. The white cape came till her knees covering her up. Still Rob had access to her body.

Then he took out the tools required for the job with few types of combs and shears. Water spray. And few clippers and attachments. And finally a straight edge razor. Seeing this Nina was shocked.

“You said you won’t shave me. Please Rob don’t do this.” Nina pleaded.

“Did i say you could talk Nina?” Rob questioned. ” Since you broke the rule we are going shorter and if you break the rules once more you will lose all the hair.”

Nina knew she had no say in this. Rob sectioned her hair into 4 parts and tied it up with a rubber band just below the coller bone.

” So let’s begin” Rob said took out big pair of shears .


He cut the hair above the rubber band. The lifeless hair fell onto her lap.

Right at that moment Nina knew there was no going back now.

To be continued……..

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