No Good Deed… (Part 2 of 2)

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How Cara made it to her twenty-first year without understanding the intrinsic beauty of a nooner, she didn’t know. The fact that she had only started to explore their magnificence a couple of months before they were rendered nearly impossible by her approaching graduation and entry into the “real world” with a “real job” made their recent discovery bittersweet. Still, she was going to make the most of the time she had.

Bracing herself against Dev’s chest, her pale fingers spread against the dark expanse of his pecs, she ground her hips down against him, feeling him throb inside her as his hands urged her hips to move faster and harder. She bit her bottom lip as she looked down into his beautiful blue eyes, her long, soft golden blonde hair bouncing around her shoulders and falling across her face as she felt herself tense. He groaned as her nails dug into his skin, and then she let out a joyous moan/squeal as her body released itself, ripples of pleasure spreading through her as Dev let out a quiet “Oh god,” and joined her.

Looking down at him as her body slowed but her heart raced, Cara swept her hair back, purring softly. She hadn’t known Dev long – maybe three months – but he’d become quite dear to her and was the first guy she’d actually been with in the past couple of years. As great as the women she’d been with had been in their own ways, she’d missed having a nice, rigid cock to ride and was glad Dev was such a willing, energetic partner. And the fact that he was such a genuinely sweet guy who made her heart thump-a-bump when he looked at her was a really nice bonus, too.

She leaned in close to kiss him, a golden curtain forming around their faces before he reached up to brush her silky locks back.

“You should wear ponytails more often,” he said, smiling in the afterglow of the moment.

She arched an eyebrow. “Really? That was what got you going?” She wondered whether it was a mistake to let her hair fall free halfway through their mid-day dalliance.

He smiled, a reddish tinge coming to his cheeks. “This time, yes. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a gorgeous face and a vulnerable neck.” His fingers emphasized his words, tracing the length of Cara’s neck and sending a soft, pleasurable tingle through her body.

“Well, I’m afraid you shouldn’t get used to them right now.” She shook her head dramatically, letting the grown out, chin-length bangs nearly hide her face as the rest of her golden fleece tumbled six or so inched past her shoulders. “The sins of the Undercut Grow-Out demand a sacrifice, so I’m gonna be chopping it all soon to get it back to one length.” She stole another kiss. “Then you can get your favorite ponytail back in a year or two.”

He looked curious, and tucked her hair back behind her ears. The gentle gesture almost got her going all over again. “It all?” he asked.

She kissed him again and sat up, swinging her leg away to allow him to get up from her bed. “No, not all of it. Not even as short as before.” She motioned just above her shoulders. “To about here. Just to look more professional. Then I’m gonna let it grow out again closer to, like, here,” she said, turning so he could see where she pointed to the middle of her back.

“Wait, you used to have it short?” he asked.

Cara watched him pull on his boxers and shorts before answering, letting herself just enjoy the view of her boyfriend bending over.

“To about here,” she said, motioning to chin length as she checked her phone. “And I’m not too shy to say it looked super cute. But I know you like when I wear it up, so I’ll make sure it stays long enough for that.”

“Well, you’d look super cute with anything,” he insisted as he buttoned up his shirt. “Even super short.”

Cara’s eyes widened, Dev’s suggestion missed as she saw a post from her friend Angela. She had posted a message asking whether she should take advantage of a donation drive in the Spring Fling fair and have her waist-length chestnut hair cut for a cancer charity.

“You have a class soon, right?”

“Ouch. Kicking me out?”

Cara smiled at him. “Nah, just thinking about making better plans,” she chided with a wink.

Need emotional support? She texted to Angela.

He rolled those beautiful eyes of his and stepped close. “Fortunately for you, it just so happens that I do.” He leaned in for a long, soft kiss goodbye, his fingers slipping through her soft, wild hair, brushing it back from her face as he did.

Catch you later, Goldie.”

Bye bye, blue eyes.”

Her phone pinged.

Nah. But if you want to grab a late lunch after, I’d be down with that.

Lunch would be fantastic, and not needing to be there for support would provide plenty of time for her to get a shower. Heck, time enough to wash her hair, too, probably. Works for me!, she replied. I’ll head to the square in a bit.



With fresh clothes and a reconstituted ponytail, Cara headed out to meet Angela. At first unable to find her friend in the crowded square, her jaw dropped open when she realized the unbelievably sad, teary-eyed girl with the unbelievably plain bob sitting in a stylist’s chair in the charity tent was Angela. It didn’t seem to make any sense as to why the thinning shears were being used so enthusiastically on the girl’s formerly gorgeous mane, and the onlooking crowd had taken the air of a supermarket crowd trying to avoid gawking at a mother overbearingly berating a toddler.

When the tragedy was finally done, Cara had to chase Angela down to calm the girl down from her hysterics. Once composure had been regained, the two bought some ice cream and commiserated back in Angela’s dorm room.

Hats were tried; barrettes were used. Nothing they attempted was able to make Angela’s massacred mane look good. The poor girl was on the verge of tears again when Cara decided it was finally worth making a call…

And that was was how Cara wound up in the salon without a name that night, quietly waiting her ex, Audrey, who kindly agreed to see her friend after closing time, morosely examined what was left of Angela’s hair.

Cara sighed as she sat in the stylist’s chair next to Audrey’s. Twelve hours ago, if you’d compared the two women’s heads of hair, Cara was certain Angela’s abundant chestnut tresses could have head their own against Audrey’s wild auburn curls. But now there was simply no contest. In fact, Cara guiltily found herself feeling some regret that she no longer had the right to tangle her fingers in that lush mess Audrey called a style.

Back when they’d started dating, Audrey had literally just taken a pair of clippers to her head. In the sixteen or so months since her magnificent curls reclaimed most of their length and the ability to hide her neck and shoulders and nearly swallow her face if not herded back by a hairband.

Cara found herself chewing on her thumbnail as Audrey hummed thoughtfully.

“Is there any hope?” Cara asked.

Audrey smiled, a quick flash of beautiful teeth. “It’s hair, not a heart condition.”

Angela gave a squeak of uncertainty.

Audrey patted the girls shoulders. “I know it feels like it is, but it’s not. You have a decision to make, though.”

“Okay…” Angela said. She straightened in Audrey’s chair, as if awaiting terrible news about a loved one.

“It’s going to be a long time before you have any decent length again, even just a bob. I don’t know what that woman was aiming for, but she didn’t hit it.”

Angela winced.

“So, you can either wait it out, keep getting regular trims and have a decent bob in a year or so, depending on how fast your hair grows…”

“Or?” Cara and Angela asked in tandem.

“We can give you a very cute but very short pixie cut, and you can have a whole bunch of different, adorable styles as you grow it out into the same eventual bob in the same amount of time.”

Angela did that staggered intake of breathe that was a telltale sign someone was about to start crying.

“I’m sorry,” Audrey empathetically insisted.

“No, no. I know.”

“Fortunately she left your bangs really thick,” Audrey said as she brushed the shiny locks aside. “So we can leave them kind of long, relatively speaking, and then get nice and short with the rest to show off these cute little ears of yours and this long neck you’ve probably been hiding your whole life. Then, for a little depth, we can add a few highlights up front. It’ll look amazing.”

For the first time in hours, Cara saw Angela smile.

“Oh, thank you for suggesting that,” her friend said, “but wouldn’t highlights take a couple of hours? You’re already being too generous with your time.”

“Don’t even think about that. It won’t take that long, and I can pass the time tidying up Cara’s undercut.”

Cara blushed unexpectedly. Angela had no way of knowing, but it had been at Audrey’s insistence that Cara had gotten the undercut in the first place, along with the thick, short bangs that had temporarily doomed her looking more like a junior in high school than a senior in college. Cara hadn’t wanted either, but Audrey knew how to get her into just enough of a subspace in their relationship that Cara couldn’t resist. Later requests – piercings and tattoos – eventually forced them to admit they weren’t cut out to be lovers.

“Actually, I’m closer to evening it all up rather than shaving any of it off.”

Audrey blinked. “Oh? How close? Because I’d be more than happy to do that, too.”

Before Cara could answer, though, Audrey was refocused on Angela. The older woman gently soothed the girl’s nerves and even dug up a glass of wine for her and Cara before reaching for her cape and scissors.



Cara was ready with a handful of tissues if needed, but Angela took the first few snips like a champ. She pouted pitifully and admittedly over-dramatically the dark locks that one his her right ear started collecting in her lap, but she assured Cara that the knowing Cara trusted Audrey was enough to keep her calm. “What are the odds I could get two horrible haircuts in one day?” she mused.

As Audrey worked, Cara turned her attention to the mirror in front of her. She turned her head this way and that, taking a moment to consider how her former buzzed undercut was now long enough to almost brush against her shoulders, and how her bangs had long since stopped actually being bangs and were now face-framing layers.

Undoing her ponytail, she shook her locks of spun gold out, gathering them in front of her shoulders. They were longer than they’d been since she had her hefty locks first cut short two Octobers ago, but still just barely long enough for the fancy, regal braids and styles she liked to set it in. And now, here she was, considering setting her progress back by seven or so inches in the name of looking more professional.

She caught a glimpse or two her way from Audrey in the mirror, and lifted the ends of her hair to mock a return to a shoulder-length bob. When she last had her hair this length, the short bangs cropped into the style just accentuated her already-youthful features. But, without them, she actually could see herself being taken seriously in job interviews and an eventual office setting.

“Would it be bad form for me to take you up on your offer considering my usual stylist is your boss?” Cara asked.

Audrey laughed, pausing in her denuding of Angela’s nape. “She’s not my boss. She’s my… business landlord, sort of? But no, she won’t mind.” A few snips more. “She’ll understand it was the stars aligning. And you can consider yourself making it worth my while to stay open late.”

Cara nodded, and considered her faux bob some more. No more ponytails for Dev to tug, though. And he’d have so much more trouble trying to keep it all out of her face.

In the mirror, Audrey took a few more snips, baring Angela’s left ear and ending any consideration of her having a hairstyle that wouldn’t be thought of as a pixie cut at best. Barely thinking about it, Cara gathered her own hair back, holding it flat to her head and leaving her own ears and neck naked. The familiar sound of clippers rumbling to life when unnoticed behind her.

I’m a sucker for a gorgeous face and a vulnerable neck, Dev had said. How vulnerable, though?

He’d even said she’d look super cute with it super short. Had he been trying to talk her into something even shorter than a bob? She swallowed nervously, pushing her bangs back to simulate a side part as she tried not to imagine her boyfriend pouncing her from behind and seizing her nape with his nips and nuzzles.

“Angela,” Audrey said, “I think Cara’s getting jealous of how cute you’re looking already.”

Cara’s cheeks warmed as she turned to roll her eyes at Audrey, but she stopped when she saw the clippers whisking their way up the nape of Angela’s neck again and again, striping away anything left that could be considered notable length. The young woman looked terrified, gripping the arms of the stylist chair tightly, but Audrey just kept cooing consolingly as she worked. Soon, where there were once waterfalls of silky, shiny brunette locks, there were whitewalls at the base of Angela’s nape and around her ears. They faded into a longer length toward her crown, but not by much – maybe an eighth of an inch at best. The sheer volume of hair Angela had, though, completely hid her pale skin, giving her hair the appearance of the thickest, softest velvet Cara had ever seen.

She couldn’t help but reach out and feel it, garnering a shy smile from Angela. “It feels amazing!” Cara exclaimed. “And it looks super thick again, so that’s a nice bonus.”

Angela tried to turn her head to see, but Audrey teasingly set her looking forward again. The scissors were back out, slicing away at the locks near Angela’s crown and sharply reducing them close to the buzzed length. What the stylist left behind got long as she approached Angela’s bangs, morphing the style into some kind of hybrid between a pixie cut and chelsea before she nipped away a bit of the length of the bangs. Angela was left with a cute side parting, one that left just a bit of her forehead bare.

“Oh my god,” Angela murmured.

“It looks incredible,” Cara told her, even though she knew her friend never, ever would have picked that style if she had a choice about it.

Once Audrey had set aside her styling equipment, she started adding foils to what remained of Angela’s hair. It was easy to see why she wasn’t concerned about the process taking too long – there wasn’t much left to add foils to, and she was very particular about where she added them. “We don’t want to mess with your gorgeous color,” she explained. “We just want to draw attention from the areas where that lunatic went overboard.”

After placing the last foil, Audrey patted the back of the chair. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind trading places with your friend…” She turned to Cara and smiled. “You’re up, Goldilocks.”

Cara sighed nervously as she switched places with Angela. “You’re not going to chop it all off, are you?”

Audrey made a thoughtful sound as she snapped out a fresh cape. “Do I have that option?”

“No,” Cara insisted with a smile. She gathered her hair up so Audrey could close the cape around her neck. The stylist ran her fingers through the freshly-washed tresses, spreading them out across the cape in all their glory while smiling like she’d captured some long sought-after prey.

“You did just say Angela’s looks incredible…”

Aw, shit. Cara glanced over at her friend, who responded with a raised eyebrow.

“She does!” Cara insisted to Audrey. “You do look incredible!” she insisted to Angela, even as Audrey generously spritzed her hair until it was soaking wet.

“Uh huh,” Angela replied, a teasing smile playing at her lips. It was the first time all day Cara thought the girl was actually having fun, and of course it was at her own expense.

“I know you were thinking about it,” Audrey continued as she began clipping vast swaths of Cara’s hair up in tight little twists. “Pulling your hair back like that and checking all the angles…”

“It was just for a moment,” Cara assured her.

“Mmhmm.” Audrey kept her smug grin, fingertips dancing across all of the tools she had within her reach. “So you’re telling me, that with all this gorgeous, healthy hair to play with, and those adorable, beautiful features of yours, you want to start your professional life as just another girl with another ‘as long as I can get away with and still look professional’ bob?”

Cara began to squirm a little, her cheeks feelings hot as she tried to remind herself that she was seeing someone – notably, NOT AUDREY – and Audrey shouldn’t be able to manipulate her like this. Not when she had Dev, who treated her so well. Who was so kind and sweet and worth keeping. Who… kind of hinted that he’d love to see her with short hair.

She glanced at Angela, and felt even more embarrassed that her friend could watch her be manipulated like this. Audrey’s fingers pressed against each of Cara’s temples from behind and guided her to look forward again, and then the stylist stepped to Cara’s side, gathering a thick lock of hair that still fell free at her temple holding a razor nearby.

“So?” Audrey asked. “Short and fun like you’re beautiful friend?”

Cara winced, unwanted ripples of pleasure making her squirm under the cape as she chewed her bottom lip. Her heart started to race, memorizing how long and shiny that particular lock was, reaching past her shoulder. She looked to where Audrey’s fingers had captured it, just an inch or two from her head, and tried to figure out how many years it would take to grow out.

Finally, she blurted, “Just no clippers, okay? I don’t want to be clippered.”

Audrey smiled. “Fair enough.” She barely moved her fingers and the movement of the blade was practically imperceptible, but the thick lock of Cara’s hair was sliced away cleanly.

Cara took in a sharp breath as the shorn lock was dropped into her lap. What was left on her head couldn’t have measured more than an inch, and that truncated lock was soon joined by another, and then another.

“Oh my god…” Angela whispered in the chair next to Cara’s, and Cara reached out to clutch the girl’s hand, again embarrassed by how she needed to be comforted when Angela had been so brave.

Again and again, golden locks fell freely in front of her, whisked away by Audrey’s blade and then dropped and forgotten. It created a constant rasping in Cara’s right ear, an ear that had never been left naked to the sun and stars until right this moment, and ear that was being tickled by the new ends of her golden mane, lightly laying against its tip as they were. At least, until Audrey paid more attention, that was. A second pass began immediately after the first had finished, nicking away little bits and pieces of what remained until her ear was free and clear of any caresses from Cara’s soft tresses.

Moving behind her, Audrey tilted Cara’s head down, eliciting a small whimper when she saw all of her wet hair sitting there. Angela just caressed the back of Cara’s hand with her thumb and whispered, “I know, right?”

“You’re going to look fantastic,” Audrey assured her. “If you’re seeing anyone, you’re going to get your brains fucked out when they see you.”

Cara certainly hoped that was the case, though she’d settle for anything better than Dev telling her he had only been joking and she should have known she’d look terrible with all of her hair chopped off.

The cool blade of the razor brushed ever so lightly against Cara’s nape as Audrey worked, as if the utensil were flirting with her and making its own bid to be her beloved. One by one, clips atop Cara’s head were undone and followed by the rasping rake of the razor and the gentle tug that reminded Cara that she, in a small way of providing resistance for the blade, was a willing participant in this.

The tugs – those gentle, teasing tugs that would probably be the last her hair felt for a long while – slowly moved up the back of her head. The quiet plopping of her thick hair being dropped to the floor continued, and soon Audrey was fluffing shortened locks at the crown of Cara’s head. Not playing with or running through those locks, but just fluffing them because there wasn’t enough length left for the former possibilities.

Her head lifted again, Cara closed her eyes as the hair she had spent so much time trying to regrow began dropping into her lap again. If you’d asked her this morning whether she’d be trading the soft caress of her silky locks against her ears and shoulders for unbidden breezes against an exposed neck and ears, she would have waved you off without the care of a reply. But here she was, have her golden fleece sacrificed to the altar of Hoping Her Boyfriend Thought It Was Hot (maybe with a minor devotion to the deity of Wanting To Make Your Friend Feel Better).

“We’re going to have to buy more earrings,” she told Angela, glad to hear it elicit a small giggle. She let go of her friend’s hand as Audrey moved closer, working at making the locks that hid Cara’s left ear a thing of the past.

Cara took a close look at her reflection, licking her lips as she took in the sight of her ears being so easily seen. Audrey had stayed true to her request, and although Cara felt almost bald, there was still plenty of her golden mane left on the sides of her head, growing from brutally short just above her ears to really short near the new left-side parting Audrey was fashioning as she lopped off the last of Cara’s remaining long tresses atop her head.

Audrey worked from Cara’s crown forward, creating the opposite effect that she had with Angela’s hair. Though about two to three inches long at the crown, Cara’s hair grew shorter closer to her forehead, until the former bangs she had so patiently grown out where sliced away, revealing Audrey’s gleeful smiled before she dropped the shorn locks into Cara’s lap with the rest. What remained of them were brushed to the side, cresting upward like the tiniest of waves before yielding to gravity and falling to a forehead that was being left just as bare as Cara’s neck and ears, demanding all focus be given to her big green eyes.

Audrey continued working for what seemed like a eternity, demanding perfection from the final result. Cara ha already seen enough to know it’d be as amazing as it was unexpected. When Audrey pulled the gold-adorned cape away, spilling those silk tresses across the floor, Cara stepped toward the mirror and gasped softly. She’d have never imagined herself being shorn like this, never would have guessed that she’d go from an all-American cheerleader fall of golden blonde hair reaching down her back to a boyishly short, ultra-cute pixie crop within two years, but… here she was. She ran her hands up her nape, shivering softly as she imagined Dev nuzzling against her, and smoothed the soft, feminine locks left in front of each ear to accentuate the cheekbones that stood out so beautifully now.

“You are. A fucking. Genius,” she whispered.

Audrey nodded smugly. “I know.” She then snapped her fingers at Angela. “You now. Let’s get you washed out and put on the finishing touches.”

Cara looked at her reflection a little bit longer. She had always been afraid that super short hair would make her look too young, or even like a little boy. But Audrey really was a genius… The style she created, with the simple razored touches and parting, there was a definite maturity to it, unlike Angela’s more fun, whimsical result, but it wasn’t old, either. It was just… sexy as hell and put her appearance on the right side of twenty.

“I’d fuck myself,” Cara admitted. Once the words slipped from her mouth, she quickly looked around to make sure the other women hadn’t heard her.

While Audrey washed Angela’s hair and spent some time making a few final tweaks to her new style and imparting styling tips and suggestions, Cara swept up and cleaned as best she could. But in between each chore, she pulled out her phone to make sure there wouldn’t be any heart attacks later on.

Hey, she texted. Were you serious about thinking I could be cute with super short hair?

She swept a bit more, and then: First, it was ‘super cute.’ And yes. Why?

Something might have happened.

She knew she was being an ungodly tease, but what was the point of being in a relationship if you couldn’t have a little fun with it? Slipping her phone back into her pocket, she returned to where Audrey was dusting Angela off and letting her out of the chair.

Her friend had gone through a complete metamorphosis, to say the least. Whereas she looked the part of a sweet, friendly debutante this morning with her massive mane of chestnut waves, now she was a young woman with an edge and edgier hair, a cut that couldn’t decide whether it was cute or rebellious, with hint of soft caramel fluttering among the locks that brushed across her forehead.

She looked mysterious and energetic, and just as likely to kick your ass as she would be to hug you or hold your hand.

“Well?” Cara asked.

“I never, ever would have picked it for myself, but I think it looks awesome.” She flung herself at Audrey and into a tight hug, receiving a slightly less intense one back from the startled stylist. “Thank you so much!”

“I’m just happy to make it a little more bearable.”

“How much…”

“Don’t worry about it. This was fun for me. Seriously. But you have to leave now so I can go home. Try not to need something like this again.”

A soft smile let the girls know she was teasing, but Cara also knew not to push the woman’s generous spirit. She took Angela’s hand and led her out of the salon with one last goodbye delivered over her shoulder. It was still unreal that there wasn’t a ponytail to flop around as she looked back.

And there wouldn’t be, not for who knew how long.

“I’ve taken up enough of your day, too,” Angela told her once they were outside. Another hug was delivered, one that resulted in a lot less chestnut hair in Cara face than it would have a day or two ago. “Thank you so much for helping.”

“I was happy to.”

Angela reached up, brushing Cara’s hair back as if it could be tucked behind her ear anymore. “You didn’t do this so I was alone, did you?”

Cara shook her head. “Don’t think less of me, but I’m not that nice. I may have had side motivations.”

Angela quirked an eyebrow, but opted not to delve any further. “Call you tomorrow? Maybe actually get lunch for a change?”

Cara gave a thumbs up, and then pulled out her phone again.

What? Dev had texted. Then, a few minutes later, What might have happened?

Changing course from walking back to her apartment to walking toward Dev’s, Cara responded, How about I stop over and show you? I’ll pick up some energy drinks on the way, just in case we need them.



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