No More Long Hair

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Geetha was siting in the barbershop. her hair was left open.she was accompanied by her mother in law.she was asking to he mother in law lets  go to parlour . i will cut my hair there.she told stay silent dont make me shout .she kept quiet again.she asked how you are going to cut my hair .she told now stay silent or i will ask him to shave your head .she got shocked and slowly tears were flowing . her mother in law asked the barber how long it will take . he told 10 minutes madam . she told ok . and told if it completes . make here sit and start cutting . i will come buying few groceries .geetha got shocked . he asked how u want to cut madam . she told i will come before  that . if not give her some thing short to easy to take care and maintain . and left the shop .the barber finished the customer in 5 minutes . and called geetha to take the seat . geetha watched the shop entrance . barber told lets cut before she comes . she can design final style .the barber kept something in mind .so he wanted to cut her hair before her mother in law comes . she slowly went and sat . he hurried the cape and started to wet her hair in hurry . he sprayed over water and made sure the hair is completely wet .geetha was thinking shoulder length haircut . the barber saw the actual length it was covering the entire chair . close to waist level .barber came front and combed all the hair .chopped all the length and turned her facing thhe entrance .her cape was completely filled with the hair and not sure what lenghth she has . nothing reached below her shoulder .it was landing on her shoulder .he took side partition and wen back side and started to snip few length .after 5 minutes he came side and did few snips .once satisfied he went to other side and snipped few length .it was about collar bone.he came fron and took off few length and made sure the ears are coverd . he rotated me back and removed the cape . it was kind boyish bob with back reaching my collar bone . and side swept bangs . he took dryer and combed my hair . even though it was shorter than i thought it was kinda suit my face .he told me ok madam its over . i was about to get up . my mother in law entered . she told sorry it was crowded .i was late . is the haircut over . barber rotated and showed geetha to her mother in law and asked it was wat u are expecting . she came near and checked my hair combed geetha hair with her hand . she holded back length and told this length need to come off . she is having lice problem .geetha became embarassed .barber took the same cape tied tight around her neck . took sprayer and wet her hair again . took comb and scissors and started to reduce . mother in law was satisfied and smiled seeing the barber . barber after 5 minuted . reduced all the length . he kept little length for geetha . to comb . the back hair was 3 inches long .monther inlaw told  no need to keep this also remove it . geetha told please enough its already short . motherinlaw holded her head and told the barber to cut it . barber asked can i use clippers . mother in law nodded . he attached clips and asked what clip to use to  mother in law . she asked what are the length u have . use the one that gives the shortest . he took 1 and passed in her back and sides . once done he kept the clippers side . and took sprayer and sparyed on the top hair . started to cut and reduce the lenght everything and made sure some hair is left on the top to comb . he combed and reduced to fringes covering her eyebrows and combed .he kept the scissors down and told its over . her motherinlaw told reduce the top little more . he took the scissors and started snipping . and kept 4-5 inches on top .mother-inlaw satisfied and told you can leave it . it looks good . he removed the cape and mother-inlaw took geetha home . geetha shouted in the home . mother in law told keep your voice down . your haircut will be regular with me . geeth told i wont come . two months over and geetha hair was grown . her back coverd her collar bone . mother inlaw asked geetha your hair looks ,messy tom we are going for haircut . geeth told i wont come . mother in law told dont worry i will keep little length than last time . geetha cried . please dont cut it . i want to grow . mother-inlaw told dont worry it will grow fast .we will just do this time . geetha asked you wont cut like last time correct .mother in law told yes it wont be like last time dont worry .geetha told ok in half minded. mother in law told be ready at 8 ,lets cut your hair and go buy groceries too . Tomorrow is sunday . and it was summer . the barber shop is crowded . mother inlaw told u sit i will go for grocery shopping and come back else the shops will be closed . geetha told ok . more than 1 hr went . her mother inlaw did not came . geetha turn came . she sat in the chair . the barber caped her . and with out askeing any thing he started to pass the clipper with the same attachment . geetha became nervous . she dono what to say . she felt sad again . in 5 minutes her complete back and side were buzzed like last time . he took sprayer and started to spray the top hair . this time he lifted and snipped the top hair too . all the hair were falling on geetha face and cape . he covered her and snipped the top hair . for 5 minuted . after he combed all the hair forward . it did not reach even middle of her fore head . he snipped close to her fore head the fringes and moved away from her . she saw he completely cropped her top hair too . he came with sprayer again and sprayed water . took scissors and comb and started to snip again . she told dont cut more its already too short . barber told its summer . you should not have any of the length for summer we will cut everything close to your scalp . geetha told nothing is left to comb also . he told 5 minutes ,you still have more volume and length to reduce .we will remove the and you will be relaxed . geetha was like shocked . he took clippers and passed with number 2 . on the top . leaving only the front . once done he kept the clipper down . and took scissors and reduced the fringes to nothing . mother in law came in and saw geetha new look . mother in law smiled and told who is siting in the barber chair . barber smiled and told summer madam so gave her nice summer cut . there wont be lice problem . mother in law smiled and told ok . barber finished and told i took the fringes too thi time normally we will keep fringes for girls . but you geetha has nice fore head to show so i removed her fringes completely .mother in law told fine no hair wil fall in her eyes like last time .and removed cape and sent her . geetha was not happy . she was crying in home . told mother in law i told i wont come . why you took me and he gave me haircut like no hair i have . mother in law laughed and convensed her . you look good. dont worry . it will grow soon

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