Breaking the Rules

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Amber knew she was going to be in trouble with mom, when she got to the top of stairs.

She had once again broke the curfew that her mother set for.

The curfew was just one of the things Amber agreed to in any effort to move back into her mother’s apartment.

When Amber broke up with her boyfriend, she had very few housing options.

As Amber turned the door handle to enter the apartment, she wished she had just gone to the rescue mission.

When she walked into the foyer of the apartment, she could see that living room light was on.

She was only twenty minutes late.

In an effort to find out how upset her mother was, she said “I’m home, mom”.

After she said that, she began to walk towards the living room.

When she got into the living room of the apartment, she saw her mother putting out a cigarette in an ash tray.

The cigarette was put out, when her mother said “I’m sure you remember what we previously discussed related to you breaking the rules”.

Amber didn’t forget what the punishment would be if she broke a rule.

As her mother got up from the chair, Amber said “it was only twenty minutes”.

In the past, her mother had let her slide on being a few minutes late.

Her mother walk towards her, as she said “you broke the rules”.

Amber knew if she didn’t except her punishment like an adult, her mother would likely kick her out.

They were walking down the back stairs together, as her mother said “I wish you could have lived on the straight and narrow, Amber”.

When they were both in the back hall of the first floor of the building, her mother said “I thought you looked so cute with that flat top”.

Before Amber’s break up, she had an A line bob haircut with a shaved nape.

One of the conditions of Amber moving back was related to hair.

Amber was required to wear her hair in flat top haircut.

Before Amber got to move in even one of her belongings, she had to let her mother cut her hair into a flat top.

The key to her mother’s shop was turning, as Amber said “your going to enjoy this, just like the last time I was in your chair”.

Her mother walked into the shop, as her mother said “I don’t enjoy punishing my children”.

As Amber made her way to chair her mother used, she said “ok”.

There were three barber chairs in the shop.

The door slammed shut, and then her mother said “we don’t have to do this. You could go stay with dad or the rescue mission”.

When Amber was seated in her mother’s barber chair, she said “I can’t stay with dad and Nicole, because her son is using the guest room”.

Her mother reached for a cape, as she said “did they finally throw her boy out of the Army”.

The cape began to cover Amber’s small body, as Amber said “he is just on leave, and he is well decorated solider”.

As her mother stretched a piece of tissue paper in front of neck, she said “if he is a good solider, he must have raised by his father”.

When her mother secured the cape to her, Amber said “Nicole isn’t that bad of a person”.

The clippers were being unhooked from their hook, when her mother said “if you wouldn’t have showed up with a haircut just like her’s, I wouldn’t have added the haircut requirement to the rules”.

Her mother began cleaning her clippers with a brush, as said “was Nicole the one that gave you that cut”.

Right before her mother flipped on the clippers, Amber said “yes”.

Amber felt a hand under her chin, right before her mother tilted her head back.

When the clippers were right in front of her forehead, her mother said “your going to look just like Chad did after his last haircut”.

Her biological brother, Chad, had left for boot camp the previous week.

Right after her mother said that, she drove the roaring clippers down the center of Amber’s head.

Her mother made a few more passes on the top, and then said “I changed my mind”.

At this point the sides and back were about two third of an inch, and the top was buzzed down with a guard less clipper.

As her mother hung up the clippers, she said “have Nicole finish your cut”.

Once the clippers were hung up, her mother removed the cape.

As soon as the cape off Amber’s body, her mother said “get out of my shop”.

Amber did as she was told.

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