No one wants your Van

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JD just wanted to sit on the porch and have a few drinks. Before JD was even able to open one beer, he heard a vehicle coming, he quickly turned his head towards the road. He saw a ricer van coming down the road.

At this point, he felt like the driver of blue van must be lost. It wasn’t hard for someone who didn’t live in the area to get turned around out here. JD didn’t wasn’t all that surprised when the van pulled into his driveway.

Clearly, they need direction to get back to a main road.When JD saw the woman driver, he noticed that she had a short haircut. If he would have to guess, it was a number one on the side, and a number two on the top.

Before JD could say anything to the woman, she said “is Samantha home”.

After the woman said that, she began to exit the aging van. At this point, JD didn’t know what to think. JD didn’t want to offend the woman, but he wanted to know what business she had with his under age daughter.

 Clearly, this woman based on looks was at least in her mid 30s. By the time the woman was closing the door of the van, JD said “What is your visit here regarding”.

In stern tone of voice, the woman said “I wanted to see if she interested in buying my van”.

As JD began to get upset, the woman began to write a text to someone. At this point, JD believed she was texting Samantha. JD wondered if the woman knew Samantha was only 17 years old.

Before JD could say anything to the woman, the woman said “she will really like my van”.

Before the woman could toss out anymore lies, JD said “How many miles are on this van”.

Without hast, the woman said “only 300K”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “these vans will run 400K”.

When JD heard “300K”, he wanted to ask the woman to leave.

In an effort to be a nice guy, he said “when was the last time you changed the timing belt and water pump”.

 Believe she had maintained her van well, she said “Just did it at the 200K mark”.

When JD heard this, he wanted to laugh. The timing belts are supposed to be changed ever 90K on these vans.

In JD’s mind, the woman just admitted to him that it needed a timing belt and water pump.

With out hast, the woman said “can you go get her for me”.

Believing this was a trick to get him to drop his guard down, JD said “So we know it needs a water pump and timing belt. I’m assuming you changed the transmission between 140k to 160K. It will need a new transmission, as well “.

JD began to look over the body of the van, when the woman said “I have a hair appointment in a few minutes, could you go get her”.

When JD heard the woman say this, he was looking at dents and rust all over the van’s body. As He walked to the back of the van, he said “I don’t think she would even remotely be interested”.

He was looking at cracking weather stripping, when Samantha walked out the cabin.

At this point, Samantha didn’t Know why one of her former Teacher was at her home.

As she walked to her truck, the woman said “I come over to see if you wanted to buy my van”.

 After she said that, Samanatha gave her a confused look. After she did this, she turned her head towards JD. When they had eye to eye contact, she said “just give me the $ 300 I want for the van”.

When JD heard this, he said “I will give you $ 60 for it”.


 In a state of anger, the woman began to walk towards the driver’s side door. As he saw the woman walk towards the door, he began to laugh.

When she had her hand on the door handle of the vehicle, she said “it’s worth $ 300 on scrap all day”.

In an effort to save the educate the woman, Samantha said “in Obama’s America that worth about $80 on scrap”.

 JD then took a brief pause, and said “I’ll give you $ 60 and a ride home for the van. Title must be in your name”.

 By this point, the woman was really to be done with JD and Samantha. In an effort to be respectful, the woman got in her van.

Clearly, she was not interested in selling her running and driving van for a $60.   Not only did it run and drive, but it was a 2001. The manufacture came out with a different body for the 2002 model year. 1994 to 2001 model year could have the engine removed from the top of the engine compartment. 2002 model year and up had to be removed from the bottom. Most backyard mechanics don’t have a way to lift the entire vehicle, so everyone wanted 2001 and lower models

When Sue walks into Kate’s shop, Kate said “what do you think, mom”.

Kate continued to look over at Cassidy, as she said “just a trim, today”.

Before Cassidy can say anything, Kate said ” it looking damaged”.

In any effort to be apart of the conversation, Sue said “it is also starting to get hot”.

The girl’s mom laughed, and then said “it is plenty hot enough for me”.

Cassidy looked over at her daughter, and then said “I think it’s time for you to go short for summer”.

The girl in chair gave her mother a dirty look, and then said “I’m no a kid, anymore”.

Her mother gave her a confused look, and then said “what does she have to do with this, Rachel”.

Kate put her hand on Rachel’s shoulder, and then said “Don’t worry, Rachel”.

As Kate starts to section off her hair with clips, she said “just have a seat, Sue. This wouldn’t take long”. Right after she said that, she turned the chair to me away from the mirror.

Once Sue takes a seat in one of the waiting area chairs, she said “I’m selling my van, if you would be interested in buying it for Rachel”.

Right after she said that, Kate grabbed a chunk of hair. With out hesitation, she cut the section off.

Kate prepared her next section to cut, as Cassidy said “do I know you”.

Another section got cut off, as Sue said “I’m a teacher at your daughter’s school”.

The two sections being chopped off, were only the beginning of this cut.

As Kate got clippers, Sue said “I know she has her license”.

Before Cassidy could respond to What Sue just said, Kate said “Head down, please”.

As Kate flipped the clippers on, Cassidy said “I think your behavior is very unprofessional”.

Rachel could feel the vibrations clippers going up her neck, as mother said “you represent our school district when your there teaching, and when your off the clock”.

Right before Kate began her second pass, Cassidy said “is that the van your selling”.

The clippers began to eat more hair, as Sue said “yes”.

Cassidy laughed, and then she “it looks like a real piece of crap from here”.

At this point, Kate wanted to take time with Rachel haircut. Kate was thinking this could get real interesting.

Kate started reducing the left side of Rachel head to a number two guard, as Cassidy made her way towards the exit door.

As Kate made her second pass up the left side of her head, Cassidy said “how many miles you got on that thing”.

Rachel left ear got pushed forward, as Sue said “300”.

Cassidy laughted, as Kate reduced the hairs around and behind Rachel’s ear.

Right after her ear was released, Cassidy said “those were a rough 300 miles”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “normally, my car don’t look like that for 3,000 miles”.

When she started to clip the right side of her head, Sue said “300,000”.

Kate made the second pass up the right side of Rachal’s head, when her mother said “we got her that Benz out there, yesterday”.

Her ear was getting pushed forward, as Cassidy said “it’s a nice change. I enjoy being driven places. I think we’ll go to the nail shop, after this”.

As Kate continued to work on right side, Cassidy said “we will probably spend more on nails than that is worth”.

With out even thinking about it, Sue said “I’m asking $300 for it”.

The last pass with the two guard was being made, when Cassidy said “I’ll give $80. We could use it as a mobile dog house”.

Once Sue heard that, she got up from the chair. As Kate changed the guard, she made her way towards the door. When she got near Cassidy, Cassidy took a step back.

When the door closed, Cassidy said “what kind of drugs was she on”.

In an effort to change the subject, Kate said “should I leave the top that lenght”.

At this point, Kate was using her one guard on bottom of Rachel’s left side.

As Kate continued to work on fading her sides and nape, Cassidy said “I like that lenght for the top”.

Cassidy sat down on a waiting area chair, as she said “I think your first two scissors cuts nailed the top lenght”.

Right after Cassidy said that, Kate said “should I use the box trimmer on her sides or are we good”.

She took a closer look, and then Cassidy said “I think this will do for, today”.

As Kate hung up her clippers, Cassidy said “what would you call this”.

Kate took a deep breath in, and then said “pixie fade, maybe. She still has a good 3 inches on top, and sides are only lightly faded”.

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