All or Nothing Trilogy: Business Proposal (Part 3 of 3)

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After the formation of Trinity, Ivy recruited Amanda and Emma into her plans as they devised a methodical setup to carry out their revenge onto the Trio. Summer is fast approaching and the Trinity only had 4 months to prepare for the final stage of humiliation for the Trio. (Trinity Girls are in bold, Trio Girls are in italics)

“I think our plan is more or less confirmed, but how are we going to ensure that the Trio would not suspect us at all before, during and after the haircut?” Amanda asked the mastermind of the whole operation, Ivy, as Emma looked on. All three girls’ hair is starting to grow out after that faithful night where all of them shaved each other bald.

“Well Amanda, that’s an excellent question. I’m pretty sure that they will suspect us straight away! Look at your hair and Emma’s as well. You two won’t cut off your long precious hair for no good reason, especially when you girls were ‘once’ part of that clique where hair is your identity.” Ivy scratched her hair which has already grown out to almost an inch.

“You are right Ivy, they will sense something is wrong when both of us are to fetch them from the airport to your house,” Emma remarked, “Maybe we could hypnotise them? To make them think we still have our long hair? But in order for that to work, we need to buy ourselves wigs first.”

“That sounds plausible, you two will go buy wigs that are almost the same as your previous hairstyle and meet them at the airport, at least that will buy you some time before hypnotising them. You did learn some hypnotising lessons right Emma? Maybe you could impart the tricks and skills to Amanda and me so all of us can hypnotise one girl each, it will be more efficient!” Ivy answered with a smile on her face.

“Then it is settled, Emma will teach us how to hypnotise the Trio, I will go down to town to buy the wigs and Ivy…..” Amanda delegated the task at hand for each member of the Trinity to do.

“I will change the options on the slot machine again. The three of us against the three of them. Maybe we could set up a website to telecast this humiliating revenge on the three of them on the internet, you girls agree?” Ivy replied immediately.

Both Amanda and Emma did not utter a word, but a sly grin on their face showed their true intentions and Ivy just smiled.

And so the preparation was into full swing. Amanda, who got the simplest task of the Trinity, went to town and bought 3 wigs for each of them, The same length, all to the waist, but different colour. She also brought some special props to be used during the haircut, a surprise for the two girls. Emma revised her lessons over the weekends and free time in school, before actually teaching the two girls, to maximise the learning process over the 4 months prior to the real deal. Ivy, on the other hand, changed the options of the slot machines. This time around, it is which one of the Trio getting cut, which one of the Trinity doing the massacre and finally the type of hairstyle that they are receiving. Ivy went on to create a Facebook account and shared the event online for the public to see. The CCTV camera in the garage was modified to stream the haircut live on the 4th Anniversary.

As the date grew closer, their hair has grown longer into a pixie. Amanda decided to dye her hair blonde from the dull black hair that looked lifeless ever since it was cut short. Amanda also revealed the items that she brought from a shop and the other two girls were pleasantly surprised with it. She brought a police uniform with a short skirt and fishnet stockings for herself, Emma got a nurse uniform which complemented well with her pixie that was dyed red, while Ivy got a firefighter suit that was altered for ladies. On top of their costumes, Amanda also brought latex mask to cover their face and their true identity during the live stream. Costumes for the Trio were also prepared in advanced. Everything was slowly falling into the plan and the Trinity girls were waiting eagerly for the night of humiliation to come

The Trio arrived at the airport the day before the 4th Anniversary with Amanda and Emma waiting for them anxiously. Both girls were nervous and scared that the Trio would notice the wigs that there were wearing. Soon, three familiar figures came out from the departure gates and immediately caught Amanda and Emma’s attention. It was the Trio and their appearance did not change. The same can be said about their hair, not much difference since Amanda and Emma met them. Sandy’s blonde hair grew from mid-back to her waist. Linda still spots her brunette butt-length hair with a long fringe covering her eyes. Christy retained her fringe and waist length redhead hair.

Amanda and Emma: Hi girls! How have you all been? Flirting when the hunks in school right? It’s nice to see you again.

All the Trio, along with Amanda and Emma, had a group hug together for a few seconds and began to question about each other.

Sandy: Where is Ivy, it’s been ages since we saw her after we graduated.

Linda: Yeah, you are right Sandy. We have not met her since the incident at the warehouse. I still feel terrible about it.

Christy: Let’s not talk about the past ok girls! It’s supposed to be a happy vacation for all of us to enjoy together and I’m pretty sure that Ivy has forgiven us for that night. She is the person who is kindly letting us stay over at her house during this trip. Where is she now Amanda? Do you know?

It seems that the Trio did not notice the wig that Amanda and Emma were wearing and that gave them confidence that their plan would work.

Amanda: “Ivy is waiting for you all in a bar downtown, she said that it is best if you three drop your luggage at her residence before going down to have fun tonight. She booked a whole room for ourselves to party tonight together. So let’s go!”

Emma went to get her car and drove the Trio to Ivy’s house first. The Trio were in awe at the furnishing in the house and could not hide their excitement of the prospect of staying over for the next few weeks. Both Amanda and Emma also could not hide the smile that appeared on their face as the plan is slowly going according to their favour.

Emma drove the girls to the bar where Ivy was already waiting with sleeping pills emptied into 3 wine glasses, waiting for the Trio’s arrival.

“Welcome! It’s been a while since we last met. When was that? Graduation?” Ivy faked a smile as all the girls came through the door and hugged each other tightly. “I think you all are tired, come sit down and take a drink. It’s all on me.”

Ivy bombarded the girls with drinks throughout the night and hours passed by like minutes and the Trio were down and out. Their body stench of alcohol and was limp.

Amanda: Seems that we did not even need to hypnotise them at all! The drinks did the trick for us. Now let’s get all three of them home to their performance stage.

The Trinity carried the Trio to their car and drove back to Ivy’s house and brought them to the garage where the strapped barber chairs were waiting for them.

Emma: These three girls have gotten heavier… What happened to their healthy lifestyle and all the dieting that they boast all the time?

Ivy and Amanda looked at each other and laughed as they carefully strap and gag the girls tightly into the chairs before retreating into their own rooms to sleep and prepare for the humiliation of the Trio on the next day.

The next morning arrived and Ivy was already up preparing all the cameras and recording equipment. Amanda went to make breakfast for all the girls, including the Trio, while Emma proceeded to take some photos of the Trio in their deep slumber and uploaded it on the website for their live stream later in the night.

Christy woke up first and with her heavy eyelids still unable to open due to the heavy drinking the night before, she and the girls were still unaware of their predicament. She could not recognise where she was and saw Linda and Sandy both strapped down onto barber chairs. She also notices a familiar silhouette in the corner of the garage that they were in and as soon as the person turned to look Christy straight in the eye, she immediately freaked out. That person was Ivy in her underwear and sporting her dark black pixie, quite the contrast from the black long hair she had at the bar. Christy tried to yell at the top of her lungs but only noise and slurred speech could be heard. The gag worked perfectly but the noise was loud enough to wake up Linda and Sandy.

Ivy: Rise and shine ladies. I guessed that you three had a nice sleep, strapped down onto the chair and looking like you got shagged last night. It’s really nice to see all of us here together again, just like the night at the warehouse.

The Trio was struggling to get off the chair but all they did was just fidgeting on their seats. Emma emerged from the door after uploading the initial photos taken while the Trio was asleep and Amanda followed her in with breakfast ready. The Trio was completely frozen and rooted on the chairs as Amanda and Emma both have pixies as well. Their long flowing locks were all gone.

Emma: It’s about time you three woke up, it’s a few hours before the show starts and our main stars are not even ready yet! Let’s get to work and make this a memorable anniversary for Ivy.

Emma walked towards Christy and started to hypnotise her, making her forget who the Trinity is and where the Trio are. Christy looked as though she was in a trance and when Emma removed her gag, Christy just sat silently and looked directly into Emma’s eyes. Emma pats her head and pushed a piece of bread into her mouth and commanded her to eat it and Christy obeyed on cue. Linda and Sandy just could not believe just what was unfolding in front of their own eyes as Amanda and Ivy walked towards the two other girls and hypnotise them respectively. Both girls were made to eat their breakfast and it seems the lessons in hypnosis paid off. Amanda and Ivy took off the clothes of the Trio and the Emma continued to take more photos of the girls in their underwear to be uploaded on the website. The Trinity went off to enjoy their breakfast in the dining room before completing the last step of their hypnosis on the Trio. The Trinity planted the idea into the Trio’s mind that there were sluts and deserved to be punished for the ‘crime’ that they committed, and also they would sit still and not retaliate while the punishment it metted on them. Each Trinity girl found their victims and planted the ‘story’ into their subconscious mind, Amanda on Sandy, Emma on Christy, Ivy on Linda. The show was hours away and the Trinity that they themselves should get ready for the show as well.

Ivy went to publish the ‘story’ onto the website for all the viewers to get the gist of the live video stream. The story was that the Trio was part of a scam to cheat civil servants of their pensions before they retire from their jobs. The business proposal involved the cutting of their hair and The Trinity got cheated as their hair was chopped off as part of the scam, leaving them with their pixie hairstyles now. Now the Trinity will exact take their revenge on the Trio by humiliating them on the web and tarnish their reputation in the business industry. The Trinity used an alias to hide their true identity.

Amanda in her short skirt police uniform with fishnet stockings started off the live stream, while Emma, in her nurse uniform, stood beside the slot machine. Ivy, on the other hand, in her specially tailored firefighter suit, stood beside the tray of haircutting equipment.

Amanda: Welcome everyone watching this livestreaming video of the century, where 3 ugly, shameless girls, who scammed the pensions of 3 hardworking civil servants, will get their retribution and punishment right here and now!!
Emma: And their punishment will be determined by this specially created slot machine, which indicates which one of the 3 girls will be having their haircut by one of us 3 poor civil servants and the humiliating haircut that they are receiving!
Ivy: And we will be using the same exact tools that they used on us when they destroyed our lives and our hair! Now we shall begin the punishment for our first girl.

Emma yanked the arm of the slot machine and it spun like forever until it stopped and the options were shown to the world: Sandy, Police, Bowlcut.

Amanda smiled with glee as she proceeds towards Sandy, who was seated on the leftmost barber chair to the other Trio girls. She took out handcuffs from her pockets and cuffed Sandy’s wrist to the barber chair, on top of the straps that was already in place. Ivy helped Amanda take out the basic haircutting equipment while Amanda looked around the garage for suitable bowls for the haircut on Sandy. She took 3 bowls and placed in over Sandy’s blonde hair, pondering what bowl would cause the greatest humiliation to Sandy. Amanda decided to use the bowl where the edge of the bowl lies 1 inch above her ears. Amanda combed out Sandy’s waist length brunette hair and made it look like a poncho covering her entire body. Amanda flicked on the switch of the cordless clippers and the low resonating hum produced by the clippers reverberated throughout the garage . Using the edge of the bowl as a guideline, Amanda made the first cut directly at Sandy’s forehead and the hair immediately fell onto her lap, forming a pool of lifeless hair. It is as though the curtain covering Sandy’s face was ripped off directly in front of her own eyes. As Amanda made her way around Sandy, each stroke of the clippers ate into Sandy’s hair which offered zero resistance to the hungry sharp blades. Amanda nearly slipped and fell on a few occasions when she stepped on the silky lifeless mane, that resembled those Chinese takeout noodles, that littered the floor. Soon a bowl-shaped head was formed, with Sandy’s small ears exposed for the world to see. Amanda removed the bowl from Sandy’s head and marveled at her work, but the hair around the nape area that wasn’t cut off made Sandy’s hairstyle look more like a mullet. Without any hesitation, Amanda took out the guard of the clippers and drove it straight up Sandy’s nape, until it reached the edge of the bowlcut. The remaining long locks trickled down Amanda’s hand as the clippers ravaged through the nape after each pass was made. Amanda, while sweeping up all the chopped mane from the ground, tried her best to suppress her laughter when she saw how ridiculous Sandy looked. She turned her “scammer” one full round to let all the camera capture her new hairstyle and positioned her to face the other 2 girls.

Ivy: Now we shall see who is the next person to receive her punishment.

Ivy pulled the arm and this time it showed: Christy, Nurse, Stylist’s Choice

Emma walked towards the corner of the garage and dug out her prop and costume for Christ, who was seated at the rightmost chair of the girls. Emma draped a specially designed surgery gown with a cross-shaped velcro strip on it, over Christy’s body. Emma twist and turned Christy’s chair as she surveyed her prey and deliberated what humiliating haircut would suit Christy the most. Emma took a look at the 3 bowls that Amanda was using previously and decided to use it for Christy as well. With a big tooth brush in her hands, Emma skillfully brushed out the luscious red locks and Christy looks like the type of toy dolls that girls would frequently use for role-playing, except that she had become the “toy doll” waiting to receive her haircut. Emma planted the bowl that just managed to cover up Christy’s blunt bangs and asked Ivy for assistance in holding the bowl in position. Ivy agreed and gently sat on Christy’s lap as she held the bowl firmly. Emma sectioned out a portion of her red mane at the back of her head and tied it tight at the base of the thick ponytail. The hair at the sides of Christy’s head is left hanging like curtains covering her ears, blown by the A/C and causing the curtains to sway side to side. With one hand holding the hair taut and the other hand holding the scissors, positioned at her chin level, horizontal to the ground, Emma closed the blades in one action. “SNIP!”, and the entire chunk of hair is chopped and firmly in the grasp of Emma’s hand. Emma grinned widely while looking at Ivy, who seemed impressed at her scissors skills, and subsequently stuck her trophy on the horizontal velcro strip, Emma feeling lazy, decided to spin the chair around to cut the other side of Christy’s hair. Emma repeated the same action and this time place the chopped hair on the vertical velcro strip, forming a hospital red-hair cross logo. Ivy and Amanda laughed hysterically upon looking at Emma’s ingenious joke that blended in perfectly into the “story plot”. For the final part of the humiliation haircut, Emma turned the chair towards the main camera and pulled the ponytail up in the air. The scissors it being replaced with a clipper and Emma could not contain her excitement, letting out a giggle as she flicked the switch on and off just to hear the buzzing sound.

Emma: Hey Policewoman, you better hold onto that bowl, I want my masterpiece to look perfect. If you don’t, i will ruin your model’s hairstyle even before you start the cut!

Ivy: Ok, I won’t do anything funny, because the prop that you used for her haircut has already surpassed our expectations of your skills on humiliating others and seriously tickled our funny bone

With the bowl firmly held in place by Ivy, Emma placed the clippers at the edge of the bowl, directly in line with the point where Christy’s bangs ended. Emma slowly pushed the clippers into the thick threads of keratin until the guard hits the scalp, repeating the same actions until she reached the other point of reference from the other side of the bangs. Once that was done, she told Ivy that her job was done and that she should prepare for her own humiliating haircut on Linda. Emma removed the bowl and grabbed Christy’s crown while she plunges it into the base of the ponytail. The clippers was humming loudly as it was pushed to its limits as it chewed through the thick red mane. After a few more passes was made, the ponytail was freed from Christy’s scalp and exposed her freshly shaved nape. Lastly to complete the humiliation, Emma took a huge pile of shaving foam, lather the nape area and start to shave off all the hair stubble with a barber’s razor. The lather is cleaned off by a wet towel and the world finally got to see Emma’s masterpiece: a nape-exposed bowlcut, that has chin-length hair covering only the sides of her head. Emma rotated Christy’s chair towards the other 2 girls as well at the end of her haircut session.

Amanda: That haircut took such a long time to complete, but the end product is definitely humiliating. Nice job there Nurse, Now it is time for the Fire fighter’s turn.

Amanda pulled the arm and this time it showed: Linda, Fire fighter, Mohawk.

Ivy did not waste any time and grabbed the electric clippers. The designated hairstyle for Linda is way too familiar for Ivy and all of her focus was on exposing Linda’s scalp for the world to see. Ivy grabbed hold of a huge chunk of Linda’s heavy butt-length hair and rested it on her shoulder while she started the engines of the clippers, which awaits its next target. With the guard off the clippers and hungry for its next prey, Ivy obliged by driving it straight up the nape all the way to the crown. The humming sound generated by the clipper got muffled as the blades got to work by severing the brunette locks at its roots. Once the entire back of her head was done after a few passes, the chopped mane rested on Ivy’s shoulder like bathing towel. Ivy now proceeded to the right side of Linda’s head and placed her hair on her shoulder once more. This time, the clippers was parallel to the ground and placed at her temple. Ivy took in a deep breath and in one stroke, pushed the clippers horizontally all the way to the back of Linda’s head.Once the clippers made the first pass, the direction of the blades changed and was once more pushed towards the temple. The zigzag shaving pattern stopped after the last strand of hair was remove from Linda’s head. Now the chopped mane is starting to burden Ivy’s shoulder and she was wondering why would Linda want to grow her hair out to her waist. Ivy spun the chair around, like Emma, and held the remaining hair in her hands this time around and haphazardly plunged the clippers in. The last remnants of hair provided zero resistance as the clippers mowed through it like a lawn mower cutting grass. Ivy stuffed all of the severed brunette hair into a huge transparent zip-lock bag and place it on Linda’s lap. All that was left is the messy mop on the top of Linda’s head. Ivy reached out for the big tooth comb and sectioned out a portion of her hair and starts to buzz it out. The sound of the clippers sliding across the surface of the comb becomes music to the Trinity’s ears. With a few more passes made, Linda’s Mohawk was complete. Ivy asked for Emma and Amanda’s help to help drag the barber chair back a few steps so the 3 chairs formed a triangle and the Trio get to see each other’s new look. But the Trinity girls had one more surprise left for the Trio.

Emma: All you people at home must be wondering, why aren’t they screaming and retaliating during the entire punishment?

Ivy: That is because all of them are currently being hypnotised by us to sit quietly on the chair and are oblivious to what is really happening to them.

Amanda: And so for the final surprise, with the flick of our fingers, they will break from their hypnotised state and see each other for the first time after the haircut.

Trinity Girls: On the count of 3,2,1 *Flick*

The Trio girls “woke” up and felt like something had happened but they could not recollect anything. Then they looked across the garage and saw each other strapped onto the barber chair, looking totally different from the day when they touched down at the airport. Sandy looked at the handcuffs on her wrist and said her blonde hair scattered all over her body. Christy looked down at the vest that she was wearing and the red cross logo on it, taking some time to realise it was her red mane. As for Linda, all she saw was the zip lock bag of her waist length brunette hair. All 3 of them screamed and cried for a full minute before the Trinity girls waved goodbye to the cameras and ended the live broadcast.

“What happened to your hair! What happened to my hair”, the Trio yelled at each other while trying to comprehend the situation. Trinity Girls: The entire haircut punishment live stream, but your real punishment is about to begin. If you do not feel humiliated by this live stream, you will be by the end of the night, that we can promise….

With the flick of the finger again, the Trio girls went back to “sleep”. With their hands armed with an electric clippers, the Trinity girls completed the humiliating haircut by shaving all 3 “slut” completely bald to the scalp and razor shaved until it looks like a cue ball. Happy with their final product, The Trinity girls took a few more photos and posted it on the Facebook as a pay-per-view access to the post live stream headshave. Last but not the least, the Trinity decided that they should a good deed and collected all the chopped hair, placed it into separate ziplock bags and donate it to people undergoing chemotherapy. With that done, the Trio girls were once again hypnotised to fall asleep and forget all the details regarding the Trinity girl’s involvement for the past 2 days. As for the Trinity girls, they could not fall asleep and continued talking until the next morning, before placing the Trio girls into the back of the car and dumping them at the same bar that they went.

The video stream was a huge success as viewers watching the live stream requested to know whether such service is provided. The Trinity agreed that they should do this as a part of their extra income after their working hours.

As for the Trio, their reputation got a hit and could never find jobs after the incident. Left without a choice, they went to search for the Trinity again. They begged and pleaded, without the knowledge that the Trinity girls were the ones whom humiliated them. And that became their worst place in hell again. The Trinity hypnotised the Trio one more and this time getting “tamed” by the Trinity to take care of the garage. They were also tasked to lure the new “targets” for the Trinity. upon receiving various request from their fans, whom also wanted to take revenge on those individuals whom humiliated them. The Business Proposal became a huge financial success.

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