All or Nothing Trilogy: Caught in the Act (Part 1 of 3)

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*This story continues after Steph’s encounter with the slot machine. It’s been a few months since the incident had happened and security in the warehouse has been stepped up after numerous reports of trespassing and illegal gathering committed by teenagers.*

It’s summer time and the weather has been toying with everyone. The blistering waves of heat kept everyone in the comfort of their homes and air conditions blasting away cold air to keep cool. But for these 4 girls, this summer heat was not going to deter them to enjoy themselves and have fun in the swimming pool on top of hotel in Las Vegas which was booked by a businessman that is friends with Ivy’s father.

Ivy, a short girl with good figures, has silky black hair that stretched to her waist line. It is layered with long fringe covering her right eye, giving her the mysterious oriental look that always gets the attention of the guys around there. Her friend, Sandy, a blonde with hair down to her hip, has curls at the ends to complement her tanned body. Her fringe, similar to Ivy, covers her eyes. Christy, a red head, has silky locks in a blunt cut at her bra-strap; it contrasts well with her milky pale skin. Lastly, Linda, a tall brunette with big curls in her mid-back length hair and sports a short fringe that just covers her eyes.

The four girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the pool. Their long wet hair down their backs glistened in the sunlight. After some time splashing each other and flipping their wet hair around, they have had enough.

Ivy: “Girls, hurry up, let’s take a group selfie before we rest under the shelter. We’ve been in the sun for too long today. I really feel like melting now!”

The three girls hurried to Ivy and quickly took a few group photos before heading out. All four girls collected their belongings from their toy boys who have been safeguarding their possession all along. Of course, they enjoyed the sight of the four gorgeous girls before them. The girls gave each of them a kiss on their cheeks before leaving. They took their belongings to the change room, showered, and changed into fresh clothing.

Sandy: “Girls, I don’t feel like going home yet. Why don’t we explore the area? It’s still early!”

Ivy : “I know of an abandoned warehouse not far from here. I’ve heard many rumours of that place. That place has a dark history. We should check it out!”

Christy: “Are you sure we can go into the warehouse? I heard that security around the area has been tightened since a spike of illegal gathering of teenagers appeared in those areas. I also heard it was haunted. Can we just go to a mall instead?”

Linda: “Yeah girls, I agree with Christy. I think we should not take our chances. We are still schooling now. If we were to get caught, we will be in big trouble. I heard some rumours that something weird happened at the warehouse a few months ago.”

Ivy: “Why are you two such pussies? Let’s just go check it out. We won’t get caught at all. We’ll be careful. Let’s go now!”

Ivy lead the way towards the warehouse. The place is concealed from regular sight deep in the abandoned section of the concrete jungle. Linda and Christy followed Ivy reluctantly, with Sandy telling those two that nothing is going to happen to them. However, both Linda and Christy have a bad feeling lingering at the back of their head.

After walking for a few minutes, the girls reached the abandoned warehouse. It is every bit typical of what one expects. Its exterior is completely run down with plants growing along the walls of the building. The girls approach the warehouse with caution and walked through a metal door that was left ajar. Spider webs were everywhere, causing them to scream whenever they accidentally walk through them. The girls split into pairs and explored the warehouse separately. Ivy and Sandy went to the top floor of the warehouse while Linda and Christy stayed at the ground floor.

Ivy and Sandy walked around the entire top floor and found a small room that overlooked the ground floor of the warehouse. From there, they saw Linda and Christy walk through an open shutter door and disappeared from their view. Meanwhile, Linda and Christy saw that a huge room was behind the open shutter door they had just walked through. A roulette table in the middle of the room caught both their attentions. They walked towards it and wondered what it was doing there. Upon closer inspection of the room, Linda noticed something big covered by a big white cloth while Christy saw strands of hair on the roulette table. Linda walked towards the object covered in cloth to satisfy her curiosity while Christy wanted to have a closer look at the hair strands on the table. But both were rudely interrupted by Ivy and Sandy.

“A large roulette table in the room, that’s a surprise! But I have a bigger surprise for you!” Ivy took out a deck of cards that she stole from the hotel and threw it on the table and laid down a proposition. “Let’s play some cards, something exciting, like Strip Poker! Are you up for that, girls?”

Sandy nodded her head in agreement while Linda and Christy contemplated but eventually agreed to play since the place is already set with the table and cards ready. Surely it is harmless, they thought. The girls agreed that losers will have to strip and their photo taken while stripping. After several rounds of stripping, all four girls were down to their underwear and bras.

The girls had so much fun that they lost track of time and forgot where they were. The sky turned dark, and night fell. They were so absorbed in Strip Poker that they failed to hear the footsteps of someone else entering the warehouse. They all screamed in shock when a dark silhouette of a man appeared at the doorway, shining a torch at them.

“What are you girls doing here?! You have trespassed this private property! ” The booming voice echoed within the building. All four girls were frozen in shock. As the man walked towards the girls, he noticed that all four girls were under-aged and nearly naked. Linda and Christy, the emotional ones, started to tear up.

Ivy and Sandy walked towards the man and realized that he was a security guard. Immediately, they pleaded him to let them go since this was their first offence and hopefully he could turn a blind eye to them.

“Please sir, let us go just this once. We are students and cannot afford to have a black rap on our records. We will do whatever you want us to do.” Ivy and Sandy pleaded and cried at the same time.

The man hesitated for a while and then replied with an evil glint in his eyes. “Do whatever I ask you to do, you say? Alright then. If you do whatever tell you to, I can assure you that I will not hand you over to the police.”

All the girls are now too terrified to even shout and run away. They just want to get this done and over with. Ivy was the first to speak out with a trembling voice. “What will you have us do, sir?”

The girls did not know what to expect and were overcame with fear. The man ignored them and walked towards the cloth-covered object in the corner of the room. He pushed the object – still covered with a white cloth – towards the middle of the room, and left it right next to the roulette table. The man then pulled away the cloth, unveiling the object while filling the room with dust in the process. The girls coughed from the dust. When all the dust had settled, the girls saw that the object was a slot machine. The security guard then explained the history of that slot machine and told the girls the events that happened there not too long ago.

The girls were trembling with fear as they listened to him. Linda whispered to the others, “So the rumours are true. Something did really happen here!”

“In exchange for your freedom and a clean record, let us play this little harmless game. First, call me Sam. Second, you girls are to cut your hair according the results from the slot machine.” A sly grin appeared on the man’s face.

“No way! We won’t cut our hair!” Ivy exclaimed.

“If you don’t, get ready to go to juvenile prison. Do you value your hair more than your clean slate?”

With that, Sam pulled the lever on the slot machine. Ding! Ding! Ding!

“Whole head, Nape, Clippers!”

The girls’ jaws dropped, thinking that they were all going to get shaved! But Sam was just toying with them then.

“Don’t worry, this is just a trial run! Now you know how drastic it can be!” Sam smirked.

“First up, you,” Sam pointed towards Christy, who was still shocked at the trial run result. She feared the worst for herself.

Slowly, Christy walked towards the slot machine. It was only a few steps away, but it felt like a mile. She ran her fingers through her beautiful red hair, for what could be the last time. Christy took hold of the lever, and hesitated. She looked back at her friends, and said to them, “Wish me luck!”

Christy closed her eyes and yanked at the lever. Ding! Ding! Ding! Seconds felt like hours and everything around her went slow motion.

“Fringe, 8 Inch, Scissors.”

Christy heaved a sigh of relief. She was only getting her fringe cut; nothing major. She walked to the chair that Sam had placed beside the slot machine and sat down on it for her cut. Sam took out a pair of scissors and comb from the back compartment of the slot machine.

“You, the blondie, come over here and cut your friend’s hair.” Sam barked at Sandy and passed the hairdressing tools to her. Sandy was shocked at this unexpected turn of events, and reluctantly obeyed.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes. Just do it, Sandy!”

Sandy carefully sectioned a triangular wedge from Christy’s forelocks, and tucked the rest of her hair behind the ears. The curtain of hair covered Christy’s face, the ends reaching nearly to her breasts. Sandy placed the comb exactly 8 inches from the ends. Using the comb as a guide, Sandy inserted the scissors into the silky red hair below the comb and closed the blades.

“Snip, snip, snip!”

The scissors slowly sliced through Christy’s hair covering her face. The chopped hair cascaded down to her lap, with some strands stuck in her cleavage. Before this, Christy’s fringe was the longest amongst the four girls; it was down to her bra strap, same length with the rest of her hair. Now her fringe reached just below her eyes. Christy grabbed the 8 inch cut locks from her lap, intending to save it for memento.

“This length looks a bit ridiculous. I will trim off more of it to give you a blunt cut across your eye brows.” Sandy whispered to Christy. She shifted the comb higher till to the eyebrows and trimmed off the excess length to complete the cut. The smaller cuttings tickled down her cheeks onto her cleavage and lap. The three girls were flabbergasted by Christy’s new look. The blunt eye brow bangs gave her a supermodel look!

“Your cut is done, now the next person to cut the blonde girl’s hair is you, brunette.”

It was now Sandy’s turn to decide on her haircut. Linda, her barberette, gave her a tight hug and kissed her cheek to support her friend. Sandy went up to the slot machine and promptly pulled the lever. Ding! Ding! Ding!

“I hope I’m as lucky as Christy!” she thought to herself.

“Whole head, 12 inch, Razor.”

All the girls gasped in horror! Sandy could scarcely believe her fate. 12 inches would mean losing her long hair! But a deal is a deal. Sandy walked towards the chair and wept uncontrollably. All the other girls felt bad for her, but were powerless to do anything, for they must all honour the deal. Sam passed two rubber bands and a cut-throat-razor to Linda.

“I’m very sorry, Sandy! Please forgive me.”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Please, just get it over and done with quickly.”

Linda tied Sandy’s hair into a tight ponytail with the first rubber band. Then, she measured 12 inches from the ends and tied the second rubber band there. The razor, usually used in a barbershop for men’s hair, felt so foreign to Linda as she placed it on Sandy’s hair, between both rubber bands. With one hand pulling the ponytail taut and the other hand pressing the razor against it, Linda began to saw through the thick blond ponytail. It did put up a good resistance because of it thickness. Linda pulled the ponytail so hard that Sandy thought the roots were going to get pulled out any moment! The metal blades eventually won and the thick ponytail is finally cut off. Sandy’s head jerked forward at the release of tension. Linda placed the severed ponytail in Sandy’s hair, causing her to sob even more. Linda then removed the rubber band that was holding onto her remaining hair, causing Sandy’s shorn hair to swing forward in an uneven long bob.

Linda did not want to leave Sandy in the sorry state, so she proceeded to even up the ends with scissors. She trimmed off an inch of rugged ends and left Sandy with a gorgeous one length long bob just grazing her shoulders. Satisfied with her creation, Linda brushed the fine hair off Sandy’s body and helped her up on her feet. By now, Sandy had stopped crying. Feeling extremely grateful for the good haircut that Linda gave her, Sandy gave her another hug and this time kissed her friend’s lips passionately.

“The girl with the long black hair, it’s your turn to give your brunette friend her makeover,” Sam pointed at Ivy. But this time, Sam took it to himself to pull the slot machine lever! Linda could not believe that Sam did not give her the opportunity to pull the lever herself!

“It’s not going to make any difference. Doesn’t matter who pulls the lever.” Sam retorted.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

“Sides, 12 inch, Clippers”.

The slot machine’s bell resounded in Linda’s head. She could not believe it. Linda takes very good care of her hair, and 12 inches is longer than her own hair length! This means she is going to get undercut on both sides. She cried at the prospect of having shaved sides; she won’t be able to wear her hair in ponytail anymore or risk exposing the shaved undercut. Ivy, who was also shocked by the results, immediately turn towards Linda and gave her a hug and words of encouragement.

“Let’s get this over and done with quickly so all of us can go home,” Ivy spoke reassuringly.

Putting her faith and her hair in the hands of Ivy, Linda wiped away her tears and sat down on the chair. Sam passed Ivy two rubber bands to help section the hair at the crown and the back of her head. With the help of a rat tail comb, Ivy sectioned out Linda’s brunette locks carefully, leaving the sides loose and the crown and back tied tightly. Sam then took out a cordless electric clipper from the compartment behind the slot machine, flicked the switch on, and placed it in Ivy’s hand. A jolt of energy went through Linda’s body when she heard the humming of the hair shaving machine, but Ivy immediately went to her side and whispered to her,

“I have used a clipper before, so don’t worry.”

With her words of assurance, Linda resigned to her fate and shut her eyes, awaiting the dreaded moment. Ivy placed the blades of the clippers on Linda’s cheeks first, causing Linda to shudder at the foreign vibration sensation. Then, Ivy slowly dug the clippers into Linda’s brunette locks. Like a lawn mower cutting grass, the clippers made short work of the hair. Chunks of big brunette curls slowly cascade down onto the ground, revealing a patch of pale milky skin. Ivy shaved all the way till the temple then stopped for a moment to allow herself recover from such an intense shave. Then, with another few passes made on the right side of Linda’s head, an undercut of exquisite precision was completed. Ivy brushed off the shaved hair on her arms as well as those on Linda’s body before walking to the opposite side to work on the undercut there. Again, huge locks of curly hair tumbled to the floor before the merciless clippers.

After Ivy was done, Linda touched her newly shaved sides. It was a strange foreign sensation, feeling stubble where long magnificent locks used to be. The feeling and touch was something she had never felt before in her life. Ivy then took removed the rubber bands that sectioned the crown and the back. This sent the untouched hair tumbling over Linda’s shoulders and back. The hair covered the shaved sides; yet another alien feeling to Linda! The hair on Linda’s crown was thick enough to completely conceal the undercut. No one would have known unless she tied her hair up.

Finally, it was Ivy’s turn to pull the lever. She was the last girl to receive her punishment. The girls all gathered around Ivy. To giver her support, they all placed their hands on Ivy’s and pulled the lever down together


“Whole head, 20 Inches, Bald.”

The whole room went silent, so quiet that a drop of water could be heard as clear as day. Everyone were too stunned to utter a single word. Ivy, the bravest of the four, accepted her fate and just took her seat.

“This time, I want all three of you to cut her hair off,” Sam looked at the three shocked girls and made his demanded.

The three girls pleaded with Sam not to make them cut off Ivy’s hair, because they do not want to be the ones responsible for shaving her hair off. Ivy’s long black silky hair was her identity and life. Taking all that away would be like cutting off a limb. They could not bear doing this to their dear friend.

“Just do it. It’s not your fault. I won’t hold any grudges.” Ivy said to them.

“No, we won’t do it! Your hair is so beautiful!” they replied back.

“Well, since you three insist on that, I will do the honours of shaving her hair myself,” Sam laughed at the pitiful girls, “and I will make you regret your decision!”

“No!” The three girls cried out in unison. But their plea fell on deaf ears.

Determined to savour the moment, Sam grabbed a random large lock of hair and snipped it off 3 inches from the base! He held up the cut chunk for the three girls to see, and then dropped it onto the ground. The three girls just stood watching helplessly as Sam continued to cut off Ivy’s silky mane recklessly at various lengths. Piles of chopped hair start to form around the chair and within minutes, Ivy’s once beautiful long hair was left in a heap of mess. Bald patches could be seen on some sections of her head, while only half the original length was cut off for some sections. And of course, various lengths in between. It was a total hack job!

Sam seemed pleased with his work and then grabbed hold of the cordless clippers. He removed the attachment and placed the blades on Ivy’s forehead, just below the fringe. Sam flicked the switch on and pushed the clippers up Ivy’s head. Ivy tried to maintain a straight face as her fringe was the first to get buzzed off. Sam held her head firmly as he made one long pass from the front to the back, exposing a long white patch of skin down the centre of Ivy’s head. The vibration from the clippers combined with the buzzing sound gave Ivy goosebumps. Sam made more passes on her head, utterly humiliating his victim by mowing away Ivy’s silky black hair that was once her pride. Sam made the final few passes to ensure Ivy’s head was cleanly shaved and then rubbed his hands on her bald head after he was done. The three girls went over to comfort her, but Ivy remained emotionless.

“As I’ve promised, I will let you go this time around. But if I were to catch you here again, I will hand you over to the police immediately. No more second chances.”

All the girls immediately took off with their clothes in their hands, never once looking back into the dreaded room. All except Ivy, who turned to gaze upon her precious locks strewn across the floor one last time.

The girls went home after the incident and did not expose the actual events that led to their unwanted haircuts. They got mixed reactions from their parents. Christy and Sandy looked sassy and beautiful while Linda and Ivy got grounded by their parents for shaving their hair. The girls haircuts had a major impact on their social standing in school. Christy, the redhead who retained her long hair and got a new fringe, and Sandy, the blonde with shoulder length bob, became the new divas amongst their peers. Linda’s concealed her undercut, so only her three friends knew.

As for Ivy, she was forced to wear a wig to conceal her shaved head. But in truth, it was her inner being that changed more than her outer appearance. Little did the rest knew, that humiliation of being forcibly shaved flipped a switch within Ivy. She distanced herself from her three friends and eventually became an outcast. Her three friends tried to console her to no avail and eventually gave up.

One year later…

A year passed since that incident. Sandy’s hair grew to mid-back length from the long bob haircut she received earlier. Linda’s undercut grew out – even though much shorter than the crown – was long enough to blend in with the now butt-length hair. Christy retained her fringe but grew out the rest of her hair to waist length. The trio’s popularity grew and more girls joined the elite group, much to Ivy’s growing resentment.

Ivy’s hair had grown into a long pixie, and she no longer wore a wig. However, on the night of the anniversary of her forced shaving, Ivy went back to that warehouse on her own. This time, Sam the security guard was not around. Everything was still left exactly the way it was from a year ago! The slot machine, chair, table, and even the hair cuttings where still there strewn across the floor. Her pile of black hair was still there. Ivy found the clippers from the back of the slot machine compartment and switch it on.


With an emotionless face, Ivy plowed the clippers into her hair, exactly the way Sam did to her a year ago at the very same spot. It took longer than before, shaving her head herself. Chunks of hair fell all around her, joining the previously shorn hair on the floor from a year ago. After a couple of passes, Ivy’s head was once again devoid of hair. She was bald once again.

A sly smile slowly crept across her face as she contemplated revenge not only on her original three friends, but on the other girls who joined their elite group.

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