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Here I am in Jules’ house, on her floor, reflecting on what got me here. I’m waiting for her to come out of the bathroom and it feels like an eternity but it lets the anticipation build. She’s finally opening the door to let the light come into the candlelit room where I am waiting patiently. She has no right to look so good. She is backlit by the light spilling from the bathroom and pauses a moment in the doorway. She is unapologetically beautiful and unrepentant in her sensuality. She has clipped the remains of her once-brown hair to the top of her head exposing the undercut she got earlier. Silently she pads closer to me across twelve feet of bare floor wearing her ribbed tank top and panties. She wears no bra and I can see her arousal as she slowly approaches. She takes her time and lays facedown with her head in my lap exposing her nape for what comes next.

I met her online which turned into a chat, then texts, phone-calls, then video-chats, and now I find myself in her presence consumed by naked lust and a full heart. I met her on her birthday which, in retrospect, seems more like my birthday now that she has changed everything. I never thought I’d be able to share my darkest desires with anyone and now I have a partner laying her head in my lap that shares those desires. She has pulled a sensuality from me that I didn’t know I possessed merely by the gravity of who she is. It has been so much more than I expected. It was sweet at first with the first hug lasting so very long, the first kiss so deep, the first…well, my passion for her kept building with each adventure we went on until i could hardly bear it.

She was in charge of the agenda for the last days and as we were walking hand-in-hand downtown she simply stepped through a doorway with me in tow. I found myself in a somewhat industrial but elegant salon. She was greeted by the receptionist and taken to a station where her usual stylist, Allison, was waiting. By some act of grace I was positioned to see and hear everything. Jules was caped and the usual discussion of “What are we doing today?” ensued. I saw Allison’s eyes go wide as Jules told her what she wanted. Allison immediately piled Jules’ waist length brown hair atop her head leaving her nape and quite a bit more down and exposed. Allison produced her clippers, popped on a #2 guard and pushed Jules’ head down until she was chin to chest. Without preamble Allison began divesting Jules of her long locks from the base of her neck up to the occipital bone. Jules was gripping the arms of the chair she was in for dear life but I could see the pleasure coursing through her with each pass Allison made. Jules closed her eyes and bit her lip, the effect of the sensation clear in her expression. I had never seen anything like the display I was witnessing and my engorged manhood testified to my own arousal at what was transpiring. The sight of her hair raining down and the sound of the clippers denuding Jules were almost more than I could take. Allison finished with the back of Jules’ head and unclipped the rest of her hair which spilled down her back in the most beautiful brunette waterfall. Scissors were produced and Allison, beginning at the right side of Jules’ head, began snipping the long locks at chin level all the way around her head to produce an incredible bob, the sound of every snip sending Jules elsewhere. Allison was not finished and, once the bob was complete, proceeded to dye Jules’ new haircut a gorgeous shade of pink. The whole process took quite a while but felt like only minutes to me. I was silly with arousal but also so proud of Jules for finally doing what she always fantasized about.

We left the salon and had a late lunch at a local ramen bar. She was sitting next to me in a corner booth and I barely ate because my hand kept exploring her new undercut. I felt fifteen-years-old again and had a hard time believing I was sitting next to this beauty who had just been so radically transformed, but the surprises were not over.

We left the ramen bar and walked a little further until, once again, I was ushered through another doorway this time belonging to a tattoo shop where she had booked an appointment without me knowing. We were taken to a private room where she greeted the artist, Shannon, with whom she had obviously discussed the design prior to our arrival. She lifted her sundress so Shannon could apply the stencil to her upper right thigh. I almost lost it then and there as the sight of her black panties outlined her womanhood so exquisitely and she was being stenciled to be permanently inked once more. The session lasted about four hours and we left with Jules now sporting wildflowers on her thigh that were much larger, more intricate, more beautiful, and more colorful than Jules had anticipated.

We made it back to her house, held each other, and simply talked about all that had happened that day. After dinner she had one last surprise in store. She requested that I complete the job Allison started and shave the back of her head bare. I knew this was a gift for me as we had discussed our preferences before. She preferred some hair to be left, albeit very short, whereas I preferred bald. This was an act of sacrifice on Jules’ part that I cherished greatly.

So, here I am on her floor with her head in my lap. A tub of hot water, shaving brush, soap, razor, and barber’s towels sit next to me. I soak one of the towels and apply it to her head. She gasps and then moans at the sensation. I leave it there long enough to soften the stubble. I then soap the brush and begin applying it to her readied head. I take my time to soften and lift every hair and to give Jules a moment to truly experience the sensation and anticipate what is coming. I take the razor and begin my first pass from the base of her neck all the way to her occipital bone. I use my fingers to make sure everything is nice and smooth. I take pleasure with every stroke and it is abundantly clear she does as well. I complete the first round of shaving and then apply another towel and repeat again and again until she is glass smooth. One last towel to clean her up and she finally lifts her head, sits up, unclips the hair from the top of her head to let her pink undercut bob be revealed in all its’ transformational glory, and kisses me with a passion that is indescribable.

She takes my hand and silently brings me to her bed. Jules gets on the bed, hands and knees, and positions herself so I stand behind her at the base of her bed. I gently remove her panties, grab her hips, and enter her with passion and purpose. She has positioned herself in this way so I may see her new haircut in its’ splendor with each thrust. The sight of her hair and the scent of her arousal coupled with my desire for her and, I am sorry to say dear reader, I was unable to last very long. I release my passion with clenched teeth and a growl. Thankfully, I have been blessed with skillful hands and tongue and used them with grace until she was spent and quivering.

I find myself on my back staring at her ceiling now with Jules’ head on my chest and her body snuggled next to me. We are tangled body and soul and I spend the next few moments contemplating her and the joy she brings me as she breathes slowly and sweetly in her sleepy contentment. I have no way of knowing she has booked some appointments for me the next day where we will get to indulge our shared desires and fantasies once more. I finally drift to sleep myself with the scent of her hair and body carrying me to a land where contentment is found. I float through the night peacefully with Jules by my side.

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