One Last Summer

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One Last Summer


By Shorngirl


Sabrina Walsh was one of those girls that everyone looked at with a certain degree of envy. She was bright, attractive, and had landed the hottest guy in the senior class. Other boys lusted after her, imagining what it would be like to sink their fingers into her waist-length blonde hair, or run a hand down her waist to settle between her legs.

Of course, Jack Capen knew exactly what he had and was quick to stifle any ideas his friends or others might have about his girlfriend. He knew Sabrina was the catch of his young life. He wasn’t sure if he actually loved her, but whatever you might call a relationship at that age, he was hooked.

Of all the things that Jack treasured about Sabrina, it had to be her glorious mane of blonde silken locks that intrigued him the most. He always dreaded when she would tell him she was going with her mother to the salon to have a trim. Jack imagined some overzealous hairdresser having at her hair either through envy or misdirection, and Sabrina coming out the other end without her hair.

Sabrina, on the other hand, found the constant maintenance of the look both tiresome and at times, almost too much. It was a pain in the summer when the heat would force her to pile the voluminous locks atop her head. She would envy Jack when he would visit the barber at the beginning of the summer and have his chestnut curls pared down to a crewcut. Even though she loved the look on him, he would always grow it out as the summer progressed.

And so, as they passed graduation and made preparations for their last summer together, Sabrina prepared herself for Jack’s inevitable summer buzz. She loved the way it felt under her fingertips, the raspy stubble at his neck. Most of all, she secretly yearned for relief from her slavery to her hair. As much as she loved the way her hair looked, she imagined following Jack to his barber, and allowing him to rid her of it.

They had always fantasized about going away to the same university, but their varied interests made that unlikely. Jack had been accepted to Auburn on a football scholarship and Sabrina was destined to attend Cal Tech. The two schools could not have been more diametrically opposed, geographically.

As attracted as they were toward each other, they were realists and knew that long-distance relationships at their age were nearly impossible. So, they were resigned to spend their last summer together as happily as they could, trying to put the inevitable end out of their minds.

One week after graduation, Jack made the announcement that he was going for the chop. “Say goodbye to these, my love.” Jack teased, tugging at the hair that fell over his eyes and ears, plentifully.

“I suppose you’re getting your usual buzzcut?” Sabrina asked, lifting the hair away from her neck, wearily. The June heat was already upon them, and the temperature that day was pushing ninety degrees.

Jack noticed the beads of perspiration that dotted Sabrina’s forehead. He smirked, “I bet you wish you could come with me, huh?” Jack chortled. “My barber would make short work of those locks.”

Surprised by the comment, Sabrina was caught off guard and her response was equally off the cuff. “Oh, you have no idea.” Realizing what she said she quickly qualified her remark. “Of course, I would never do that.”

“Why the hell not?” Jack said, intently. “You’ve got no one to impress but me, babe. You should go for it.”

“But, I thought you loved my hair.” Sabrina pressed. “You always complained when would get a trim.”

“Sabrina. Haven’t I always said I’d find you irresistible, with or without your hair?” Jack pointed out. Many of his friends joked that he was dating the hair, not the girl. Maybe it was time he proved them wrong.

“I mean, I couldn’t just waltz into a barbershop… could I?” Sabrina questioned.

“I’ve seen girls in there before. I mean they were probably batting for the other team and all, but they do cut girl’s hair.” Jack insisted.

Sabrina was immediately taken back to her freshman tryst with a certain Madeline Brooks. She didn’t deny that she was Bi, but didn’t exactly publicize the fact either. Maddy always wore her hair painfully short for a girl, skinned up the back and sides, with a shock on the top. It was one of the things that Sabrina loved about her.

“Yeah, I suppose. Why turn away the business, right?” Sabrina reasoned, nervously. “You’d hate me with short hair, Jack.” Sabrina thought back to the pixie her grandmother had inflicted upon her one summer. To be fair, it was the only summer when she was comfortable with the heat. She had hated the way her ears popped out, she remembered. Sabrina supposed they hadn’t gotten any smaller with age.

“You should go for it.” Jack urged, almost egging her on.

“And what if I did? I suppose you’d drop me like a ton of bricks?” Sabrina supposed.

“Not on your life, Sabs. Think about how easy it will be. No more long sessions in front of the mirror, combing and drying, conditioning and brushing, think of…”

“Alright, already.” Sabrina huffed. “I’ll go with you… but no promises. I’ll have to see how I feel when I get there.” She couldn’t believe she had actually agreed to it. Did she have the guts to go through with this? Sabrina swallowed hard, imagining what lay before her.

They made love that afternoon under the shade of an old oak, shading their naked bodies from the sun along the banks of Harrison Brook. They’d been going there since they were first together. It had been her spot; a place to get away from everything, but it had become theirs.

Jack swept Sabrina’s hair away from her face, pulling it back deliberately as he thrust his last within her, finally collapsing on top of her moist frame.

“What was that?” Sabrina managed, still glowing, but not unaware of his actions near the end. “You were seeing what I’d look like without my hair, weren’t you?”

Jack blushed, but confessed. “I was, and it was so hot. I think you’ll look fabulous without… this.” He hefted her lengthy mane which fell all around her on the grass, allowing it to slide through his fingers.

“Playing around and reality are two very different things, Jack. You have to promise that you won’t dump me.” Sabrina pouted. “This whole thing is turning you on, isn’t it?”

“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t.” Jack sighed, rolling to the side to cool off.

“I’m not sure how I feel, but I’ll confess that this isn’t the first time I’ve thought about it.” Sabrina sat up, gathering her clothes from the scattered piles around them.

“What’s up?” Jack asked, wondering why Sabrina was in such a hurry. They usually lolled about for a time after sex.

“If we’re going to do this, I want to get it over with.” She announced, boldly.

Jack quickly followed suit, and in very short order they were making their way down the main street, hastily approaching Benny’s Barbershop. They stood outside for a moment, as Jack assessed just what might be going through his girlfriend’s mind. He didn’t have long to ponder, however, as Sabrina pushed boldly through the door and into the shop.

Being a weekday afternoon, the place was nearly deserted, save for an elderly man reading a newspaper, his one foot propped up on a knee in one of two swivel chairs. He slowly dropped the paper to observe the two teenagers that had burst in. “Can I help you two?” Of course, his eyes immediately went to the tall blonde girl, whose hair fell nearly half her height.

Jack lifted two number plaques from a small rack beside the door and smiled. “We’re here for a haircut.” He handed the larger of the two to Sabrina and directed her into a row of chairs that lined the one wall.

“Both of you?” The old man questioned. Seeing them both nod, he shook his head. “Crazy kids these days.” He muttered. “Alright, who’s first?”

“That would be me.” Jack insisted, sliding into the chair the man had just been reclined in.

The barber wrapped a tissue around Jack’s neck while Sabrina looked on intently. Next came the cape, which enveloped him quite thoroughly. She noted how her boyfriend’s head looked a bit like the cherry on top of a sundae. She chuckled.

As the old barber started coming out the brown curls, Jack quickly commented. “No need for all that, just buzz it off.”

“One summer buzz, coming up.” The barber commented as he grabbed some clippers from beneath the counter. He never asked Jack how short a buzz he wanted, but simply attached the number one blades on the Oster 76.

The whir of the clippers coming to life seemed to affect Sabrina in a very strange way, so as the machine slid effortlessly up the back of her boyfriend’s head, she knew exactly what she was feeling. Seeing the shaved skin of Jack’s scalp exposed so suddenly was turning her on, and fiercely.

She watched in awe as the clippers worked their magic; mounds of hair falling over the cape and onto the checkered tile floor. All around his head, the barber was showing no mercy, clipping Jack shorter than she had ever seen before.

As the clippers fell silent, the strange mop of hair which still remained on the top of her boyfriend’s head was looking a bit silly. Then the barber looked over at her, expectantly.

“How short should I take the top, young lady?” His eyebrows raised, expecting her response.

“Uh…” Sabrina knew what she wanted, but didn’t know just what Jack might think. In for a penny, she thought. “Just keep going.” She immediately regretted having said it, but as the clippers began to peel away the rest, she quickly recanted her hesitance. Sabrina couldn’t believe how hot she was, seeing her boyfriend skinned down to essentially nothing.

Jack, seeing himself in the mirror for the first time, blew out through his lips, forming a perfect ‘O’. “That is short.”

“You said whatever the young lady wants.” The old barber kidded, brushing the clippings away from his shoulders before whisking the cape away. “I’m guessing your next, young lady?”

Sabrina swallowed hard and audibly as she stood, her legs almost stiff with angst. At the same time, her hidden arousal had driven her to accept whatever was about to happen.

“So, what exactly am I going to do here?” The barber asked, lifting Sabrina’s long mane to allow for the cape. He looked up at Jack who was still examining his next-to-bald head.

Jack’s eyes caught Sabrina’s in the mirror, and there was suddenly an understanding. Her meek but determined expression told him that she was ready for whatever he desired. He knew she wanted this. “Well, what’s good for the gander…”

“You honestly want me to give this lovely girl a buzzcut?” The barber asked, running a comb through her luscious locks, which required him to bend at the waist to reach the ends.

“Whatever the young man wants.” Sabrina managed, the anticipation almost overwhelming her.

“Are you sure, kid? We’re not joking around here. You’re gonna be bald with that blonde hair of yours.” He warned.

“Positive. A summer buzz, please.” Sabrina bravely demanded, pushing the hair out of her eyes for the last time.

The barber fiddled with some attachments on the counter, but Jack was quick to chime in. “Whatever you used for me will be fine.”

The barber’s shoulders fell a little, reattaching the number one blades to old Osters. He looked at the girl in his chair, trying to imagine just what he was about to do to her. For a few seconds, he delayed, trying to find the best way forward, when Sabrina made a simple motion with her hand, sweeping it back to front over the top.

As her hand slipped back under the cape, she was powerless to keep it away from her sex, even if it was covered by her jean shorts. The moisture was seeping through the fabric and she wondered if she would escape the shop without embarrassing herself utterly.

There was no need for her concern because she would humiliate herself long before then. As the clippers slowly moved over the top of her head, she was powerless to stop the labored gasp escaping her lips. Jack knew that expression all too well and couldn’t believe that his sexy girlfriend had just orgasmed in a barber’s chair.

Sabrina looked up at the mirror, a white stripe of skin two inches wide replacing her perfect center part. “Oh my… god.” She managed as the second pass widened the strip irreversibly. She expected to find the stubble that now covered Jack’s head, but found nothing that resembled hair at all. In fact, in the four-inch-wide swathe, her scalp perfectly reflected the fluorescent lamps which ran front to back in the small shop.

Pass after pass the clippers created waterfalls of silky blonde tendrils, spiraling lifelessly to the floor. Sabrina found the process mesmerizing, as each sheet of platinum slid methodically over the cape. When she finally looked up again, the entire top of her head was bald. The barber hadn’t been lying.

When she heard the clipper by her ear, she suddenly remembered. Inwardly, she winced, knowing that in seconds those ears would be exposed to the world. She felt the clippers rise into her sideburn ascending to her crown, and there it was. Like a clamshell, her ear poked out from the side of her head. But as the hair was removed from behind it, the true reveal was upon her. Naked, surrounded by a sea of shaven skin was her left ear in all its protuberant glory.

For whatever reason, she couldn’t stop herself from giggling at the sight of it. Memories of her pixie summer, with all the taunts and prods from the other kids. She tried to put the comments out of her mind, but they were shouting at her, ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Dobby’ being the most popular.

Sabrina was shaken out of her unpleasant reverie by the process repeating itself on the right side of her head. In no time at all, they were both out there, and bigger than she ever remembered them being. Of course, with a pixie at least there was a little hair to temper their size. Now there was nothing, nothing at all.

Sabrina slowly looked back at Jack in the mirror, wondering what he might be thinking. To her surprise, he was smiling. He didn’t seem put off at all, at least she couldn’t see it in his expression.

As the clippers made their final passes up the back of her head and the last of her hair was peeled away, Sabrina felt an exhilaration that she had never felt before in her life. As hideous as her ears were, and they were ridiculous, she realized that she had wanted this more than she could ever have imagined.

She reached up and felt her head for the first time, the rough sandpaper stubble tickling her fingertips and she caressed it, over the over. “This is amazing.”

The barber chuckled. “What’s amazing are those…”

“Beautiful ears!” Jack shouted over the barber’s intended insult. He stepped forward, taking Sabrina’s face in his hands and kissing her, still sitting in the chair. “You are absolutely stunning.” He added, wading in a sea of blonde and helping her down from her perch. The darkened crotch of Sabrina’s shorts had not gone unnoticed, however, and he smiled knowing she had enjoyed her shearing even more than he had.

Again, Sabrina ran her hand over her head, pausing to test the outline of her ear and knowing that Jack was only being kind. Surely, he must hate them. As they walked down the street, garnering stares from passersby, she couldn’t help but say something.

“I should have told you about my ears.” She managed, her face glowing red.

“What do you mean? I knew about your ears, silly. How could I know you as well as I do without noticing them?” Jack explained.

“But before… well, they were in disguise.” Sabrina sighed.

Jack leaned down and suckled one of the shell-like fronds into his mouth, running his tongue around the edge. He moaned as he did, waiting for his lover’s response.

Sabrina, knowing they were very much in public, gently pulled away, but with a sudden understanding. “You actually like these?” She asked, tugging unforgivingly at the moistened flap and garnering a giggle from a passing boy.

“Now there’s nothing to hide them, my little elf.” Jack nuzzled against her, rubbing his lips against her stubbled scalp.

“Elf, huh?” Sabrina mused. “I guess I can live with that.”

It was late in the afternoon, and the hairless couple wandered lazily in the low angles of the remaining light. They had the rest of the summer together, and what a summer it would be.

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