One of Those Days

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It’s amazing how a wonderful day can suddenly go sideways.

It was Super Bowl Sunday and JJ and I had a few friends over to watch the game. Nothing fancy, just the two of us and 5 other couples. A beer and BBQ

Gathering while we waited for the big game to start.

So, there I was, hot dogs and burgers on the plate and ready for the grill and can you guess what happened?

NO FIRE. Yup, JJ forgot to fill the tank like I asked her to. “No biggie, We’ll just cook ’em in the stove” or so I thought. I throw the frying pan on the

burner and…NO FIRE…AGAIN!

“JJ!” I shout into the other room where she’s playing on the X Box.

No answer.

So, I wonder on over and…


“What?” she says in that bratty voice that grates on my nerves.

“Sweetie, did you by any chance remember to mail off the gas payment?” I say in my sweetest voice.

“Oh shit! I totally forgot! It’s in the car, I’ll drop it off tomorrow.”

“Well, I hope our guests like raw hamburger and hot dogs ’cause…the gas is FRICKIN OFF!

She flinches just a bit as I yell that last bit and actually takes her eyes from the game to meet mine.

“Sorry.” she replies with that sweet little sheepish smile she knows I can’t resist.

“That’s OK sweetie, I’ll just order pizza. You coming out soon?”

“Yeah,” she says as she returns her gaze to the screen, “As soon as I finish this game.”

“OK sweetie, hurry up now, it’s impolite to keep our guests waiting,

I return to the party and explain the situation to our friends and neighbors. “Hahaha!” they laugh, “Same old JJ.” they answer. “She’d forget her

head if it wasn’t attached!”

“That she would” I replied.”

Good thing I bought the beer.

The party heats up, plenty of suds and the pizza ain’t half bad either. JJ joins us ind pretty quickly everybody’s buzzed and talkin’ football.

At last, it’s time for the big game! Everybody heads for the living room and we all take our seats in front of the big screen. The pregame warm up show is as lame as ever but, we suffer through it . Here’s to Tradition, right?

Any way, time for the Big Game to start.

Coin tossed, goal selected, ball down and set. The QB calls his signals and…the lights go out.

“What the fuck!” My buddy Dennis says.

“What happened to the TV?” asks Mike in disbelief.

“Is there a black out?” inquires Rosa as the looks out the window at the neighborhood.

All up and down the street we can hear the announcers talking, the fans cheering. Powers on everywhere except our place.

“Um…JJ? Where’s the check I gave you for the power bill?”

JJ shrinks down in the sofa and swallows HARD.

“Um…” she begins looking around for a possible route of escape. There is none.

All eyes are on her an she very quietly answers my question.

“Um, with the gas bill…in the car.”

In response, the room gives a collective groan of disrepair.

“Ladies? Would you mind please leaving the room?” I ask

They all get up.

“No, no JJ, not you, you stay right where you are.”

The wives and girlfriends all file out. Each giving JJ a hard stare that pins her in place. Man, are they pissed! The six of us are none too happy either as we sit in cold silence and listen to the neighbors cheering on an exciting play that we can’t see.

“Well?” I ask sternly. “What have you got to say for yourself?”

“I…I…I forgot!”


“Um, I’m sorry?”

Eyes roll in unison.

“We wait all year for this party JJ,” The guys nod in solemn agreement. “and every damn year you manage to screw it up!”

“I said I was sorry!”

“That’s just NOT good enough. This is the last straw.”

“But, I said I was sorry!”

“No JJ, I’m sorry. This time there has to be some sort of consequences for your actions. Something to help you remember to NOT do this again!”

“Yeah!” the guys agree with nods all around.

“Consequences? What do you mean.”

“JJ, Our friends came for fun and excitement and I mean to see that they have it. This year, YOU will be the entertainment.”

“You mean like I got to sing and dance or something?”

“Or something” I reply sternly.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Stand up” I order.



She practically jumps off the sofa and stands stiff with fear. I never yell at her.

“Thank you” I say softly. “Now…undress.”

“What?” she says in confusion.

“I said undress.”



The sound of my voice makes her jump and her tits jiggle enticingly under her shirt. I bet she’s wishing you wore a bra today.


Her trembling hands cross over her belly and she grips her shirt hem. Slowly, nervously, she pulls the shirt up and off and tosses it on the sofa.

“Go on.”

Blushing deeply, JJ glances around the silent room full of guys. Friends and neighbors who have never seen her naked body. She can’t even

meet their eyes.

She slowly reaches down and begins to unbutton the tight jeans, The zipper falls and the jeans follow. A moment later they join her shirt.

“The panties too”

“Please…” she pleads, “This is so embarrassing.”

“Maybe next time you will do what you’re supposed to do rather than embarrassing the both of un in front of our friends.”

“Please, I said I was sorry…”

“The panties.”

Head down with shame she hooks her thumbs in the waist band and begins to pull her panties down.

“Look at us while you do that!”

Tears run from her eyes as she meets out gazes. The panties join the rest of her clothes on the sofa.

“Here are the rules of your penitence. You are going to give each and every one of us a blow job. We are going to cum in your mouth BUT…you

are not to spit it out or swallow. Hold the cum IN YOUR MOUTH. Understand?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes sir.”

“Dennis you’re up first. Then Pete, Ray, Mike and Ron.

I wont bore you with the blow by blow (pun intended) but, suffice to say, We all got off and had a blast watching jj do her best to wrap her lips

around six hard cocks without spilling. Every time she lost a drop, I made her go back and collect it. That was quite entertaining as well.

For the grand finally, I slapped a piece of duct tape across her mouth and warned her again not to swallow a drop. Of course, we knew she

wouldn’t be spitting!

I can’t lie to you, the sight of jj standing buck naked, hands clasped behind her back, and cheeks puffed up with six hot loads of cum did my heart

good. It almost made up for missing

the game…almost.

Up ’til now, the girls had been very patient but, they too had missed the game. So, it was only fair that they got some pay back too. My buddy Ray

headed to the kitchen and soon fetched ’em back. You shouldda seen the looks of surprise on their faces when they saw what we’ed done to jj!


Any way, I sat them down and told them the score and they agreed, the punishment fit the crime.

“But…” asked Dennis’ wife Lou, “What about OUR payback? So far you guys are the only ones having any fun.”

“Ladies…THAT, is up to you.”

While jj stood quietly before us (and we enjoyed ourselves pinching her nipples and slapping her cunt, the ladies took a few minutes to huddle in

the corner and come up with a plan.

Ray’s wife Grace headed off towards the front door while Lou, Barb, Rosa and Michelle spoke to us.

“Well boys, we love what you’ve done so far but, we just don’t think this is enough to break jj of her bad habits in any meaningful way. Therefore,

we have decided to do something to remind her EVERY DAY of the coming year to do as she is told and not to procrastinate.”

It was right about this time that Grace returned with a plastic bag full of…something.

“It is our opinion that since jj behaves like a child, she should be treated like a child.”

Barb and Michelle took jj by the arms and escorted her to the chair where Lou had taken a seat. They proceeded to bend jj over Lou’s lap before

stepping aside.

“To that end we have decided…jj needs a good spanking. Since we are missing Super Bowl 50, jj will receive 50 swats, 10 for each woman she

has disrespected.”

“Now normally, I would have her count them out but, since her mouth is otherwise engaged I guess I’ll just have to do it for her.”

“One!” jj jumped at the sharp pain. Two! Only the duct tape kept her from spraying everyone with cum. Three…”

“29!” Grace’s hand feels like a branding iron as it comes down upon jj’s reddened ass. “30!” Tears roll down her face and she fights the urge to


“39!” Damn that Michelle is strong. “40!” Her ass cheeks feel as though molten lava has been poured over them! Time to switch partners again!

Barb is batting clean up but, as she examins jj’s battered posterior she hesitates. “Looks like her ass has taken about all it can tonight. I don’t

think it’s wise to spank it any more.”

“Thank god” she thinks. “A reprieve!”

WHAM! The powerful slap nearly knocks her out with pain! WACK! The second swat catches the poor girl just below where the first had impacted.

SLAP! The third smack hit square upon her clit and nearly knocks the breath out of her. Her poor cunt is screaming in agony. SMACK! She

can feel the tender flesh of her labia swelling and pulsing. By the time the 10th blow lands jj is writhing in agony. She rolls to the ground

and checks to see what damage has been done to her poor punished pussy. Everything appeares to be intact but, from clit to asshole

everything is angry red and swollen. She won’t\ be able to fuck or even masturbate for a week, maybe more!

The ladies roughly drag her to her feet.

“Had enough?” Asks Lou, jj vigorously nods yes.

“You wish!” says Grace with an evil smile.

“You mean there’s more? I ask in disbelief. I’m not sure her slight body can take much more punishment.

“Of course there more silly” replies Lou. “Like I told you, she needs something to remind her EVERY DAY to do what needs to be done and to do it

on time. How is a little spanking going to do THAT?”

“What you got in mind?” asks Dennis.

“Well, you remember what your parents used to do when you got out of line as a kid?”

“Sure!” says Ray, “They grounded me. Took away all of my favorite things for a long time. We gonna ground jj or something?”

“Or something…yes.”

“You see guys,” says Grace, “we are going to take away ALL of her favorite things for one year. If she’s learned her lesson by next Super Bowl,

then she can have them back.”

“GREAT! Where do we start?”

“Well first off” I say, “That game deck has gotta go.”

“And her TV privileges too!” adds Ray.

“You boys…you think so small!”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, of course all that small stuff and…EVERYTHING ELSE as well.”



“No car, no dining out, no jewelry.” says Michelle.

“No perfume, no fancy food, no dining out.” adds Barb.

“No bed, no blankets, no eating at the table like a human being.” declares Jenny.

“No fancy clothes. In fact, no clothes at all” Grace adds with a grin.

All eyes turned to Lou. What’s left to add to the list?

“You’ll see” she says with a wink.

They spend the next hour going through jj’s things. I give each of them what ever she wants and the rest is boxed up and put out on the curb

for Goodwill. As luck would have it, there is already a truck in the neighborhood and half an hour later, jj doesn’t have a single possession to her


All jj can do is stand in the corner, cheeks still bloated with salty cum, and watch as all of her worldly possessions are distributed to other,

more deserving souls.

“Well?” I say to Lou as we all reconvene in the living room. “Your turn. What do you got in mind?”

“Yeah, what the hell does she have left to take away?”

As we speak Lou moves behind jj and slowly scratches her deep red nails up and down the poor girl’s body.

“”Plenty” is her only response.

The fingers of Lou’s right hand languidly trace their way down jj’s belly. As they entwine in her auburn pubic hair the naked girl shudderes either in fear or pleasure, I can’t tell which.

Meanwhile the fingers of her left hand busy themselves with jj’s beautiful red tresses. Lou just stares at us and smiles while we dumbly smile


I think the notion hits me about the same time it occurres to jj.

“You wouldn’t!” I exclaim.

“Oh yes…I would and I will.”

The poor girl glances from face to face as the answer comes to each of us.

You mean…” asks Ray, awestruck at the audacity of the move.


“A whole year?” asks the incredulous Dennis.

“A whole year.”

“The only question is, how far will you go? says Pete.

“As far as we deem fit.”

Since the power is out, they have to do it the old fashioned way…with scissors.

The ladies take turns. Two holding and three cutting at any one time. After a few minutes they are more or less holding the poor girl up as she

has lost any fight she may have had left in her.

“Snip snip here, snip, snip there and a couple of tra la la las…” I swear to god that stupid song from the Wizard of Oz keeps running through my

head as the ladies devastat jj’s once gorgeous red hair. In just a few minutes time her perfectly groomed and styled coif is an uneven mess.

Stepping back they proudly unveiled jj’s “new look”. It’s ridiculous. I mean, I’ve seen circus clowns with better hair!

We’re laughing so hard that we’re rolling all over the place.

Ray is of the opinion that it looks like she’s had her hair cut with a weed whacker. I myself think it looks like some animal had been

chewing on it. Dennis and the others are laughing so hard they can hardly breathe.

While we we’re rolling around Rosa brings up the idea that it isn’t good enough. After all, she could always cut it all even and it would actually

look trendy.

That takes the laugh right out of me. How in the world am I going to maintain this look for an entire year?

“I need something easy to care for.” I tell them. “No fuss, no muss!”

“I was kinda hoping you’d say that.”

Lou reaches into her bag of tricks and hauls forth the biggest set of battery operated clippers I have ever seen.

“This ought to do the trick” she says as she flips the switch. Poor jj’s eyes bulge in horror as the clippers roar to life. She makes her first (and last)

serious attempt to escape but, the ladies hold her fast.

Lou grabs her by the jaw and holds her head still s she plunges the clippers straight down the middle of jj’s scalp. The clippers chew away at jj’s

hair as what’s left of it rains down around the poor girls feet. Strip after strip of white scalp is exposed as the clippers inexorably remove her hair.

In moments jj’s once luxurious head of hair is reduced to the finest stubble.

“Man, she looks freaky with a bald heah and pubic hair.” says Pete.

“Don’t worry Pete, I can fix that too.”

The poor girl’s pubes don’t stand a chance ind in moments jj is de-pubed.

“Oh my god!” says Mike, “she looks hideous!”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet! Rosa, your turn!”

SLAP! A wet and very hot towel of placed on jj’s head. A few minutes later, it’s replaced with a healthy helping of shaving foam. Rosa expertly

razors off all that remains of jj’s hair.

Quickly she shifts around. More foam, more shaving and jj’s cunt is as bare and smooth as the day she was born.

“Let’s not leave anything. OK?” The foam is applied and moments later jj is robbed of her eyebrows as well. The only hair she has left is her

lashes. The tweezers make short work of them as well.

They all step back and take in the scene before them.

The girl, silver tape across her cum filled mouth stands naked in a pile of her once beautiful hair. On her head it was like a living thing. Now, it lies dead on the ground like so much


She glances up and catches a glimpse of her new self in the mirror that covers the far wall.

“That’s not jj she says to herself. That’s an object that used to be her. Something to be used by others as they wish”

She comes to the realization that this will be the sum total of her existence for the next year. A whole year.

Plenty of time in which to screw up.

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