One Stop Barbershop

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In Moon Devil Stadium an outdoor football stadium on the campus of Valkyrie State University, in Tempe, Ariz an

It’s a hot day in summer, it was sultry and scorching. It is full of sweat and perspiration. The atmosphere is sick and stuffy. The sun is bright and burning. It is as hot as the fire itself.

The Audience felt the scorching heat and were sweating profusely making the atmosphere stuffier, even so they were cheering vigorously for their respective teams and some were shouting at the top of their throat showcasing their enthusiasm for the match and voices of commentators filled the court.


And the Beautiful Cheer girls with their tight fitting clothes and short skirts with props in their hands were doing their captivating performance to cheer for their teams, as their cheerleader was Isabel who was dancing in the forefront skillfully showcasing her lustful body with her juicy ass and plump tits, and her movements made her curves stand out more and one of the most striking feature was her was luscious dense honey-blonde hair which is pulled back in neat ponytail and pink ribbon in bow shaped was tied around at the base of her ponytail, her ponytail was wavy at the base and rocked back and forth because of her enthusiastic moves. She knew that she was prettiest girl here and she was enjoying every second of it. While her friends followed her lead.

After a loud blow of whistle and announcement of the Winning team and after a lot of celebration the match came to an end, and audience started making their way out of the stadium.

Isabel changed her clothes to a sleeveless floral top with a revealing back and loose front which just allowed a perfect view at her ample breasts and a short white skirt which just barely brushed her knees and she was wearing a shiny blue high heel shoes with pretty stones decorated it, and big round black stud on her ears and she had several other piercings on both of her ears, As she was in hurry to leave, she forget to change her hairstyle which is still pulled back in a ponytail with ribbon tied around it, but on the whole she looked ravishingly sexy and involuntarily made all men walking past her to take a glance at her perky ass which was emphasized by her heels and they were trying their all not to smack or squeeze her ass

Isabel made her way in front of the road and was standing at pavement looking for any available cabs, she waited for around ten minutes and there was no cab to be found, suddenly she felt something sticking to her neck, so reached to her back felt her sweaty and  so she pulled her ponytail forward to her shoulders to find it drenched with sweat and she looked up to blazing sun above her and sighed out loud and she realized she was still with the same hairstyle but she decided stick with it for a while and deal with it later and so she tightened the ribbon at base of her ponytail and flicked her drenched hair back.
After waiting for while she decided to walk some distance to find a cab, after walking for approximately about five minutes she felt like could not tolerate the heat anymore and decided sit in bench near the pavement.

She could not handle this kind of heat as she was not from this city, she was hired to be cheer girl and she had never experienced this kind of unbearable heat before and just as she was dazed out,

she felt like someone was speaking to her, as she looked up find a woman of mid-thirties holding hands together with a small girl.
With a confused expression on her face the woman asked “young lady, I’m talking to you”

As Isabel was dazed, she had failed to hear what women before her spoken to her before

Isabel said apologetically “ah! Sorry mam, I didn’t quite hear you as I was starting to get dizzy because of this unbearable heat”

Hearing her answer, the women said while indicating the pony tail lying on the shoulders of Isabel “Hmmm, then you should consider taking care of that if don’t want feel dizzy”
Isabel followed her gaze to where she was pointing to and she found her drenched ponytail lying on her shoulders.
After that Isabel paid close attention to people before them and found that both of them had similar shoulder length straight brown hair.

Isabel just smiled and said “I don’t think it’ll be necessary, because I’m just staying here for a couple months”

The woman shrugged her shoulders and said “Well it’s your call, but we better take care of our mops first, before we get dizzy” and just as they were starting to walk away

Isabel stopped them and asked “I was searching any available cabs, but couldn’t find any, are there any bus from here that I could board to reach Avalon Street”

The woman said “Yeah, there is a bus but it arrives at 4:00, you’ll have to wait for an hour here”

Isabel frowned upon hearing her reply, she clearly didn’t want sit under the blazing sun waiting for her bus to arrive

The women looked at expression of busty beauty before her and said with a hint of pity in her tone “Don’t be disheartened young lady, if you want you could come with us and wait in the shop across the street, they have air conditioner”

Isabel felt like final something good was happening to her and nodded her head hastily, as if she feared that the women before her would reject the offer if not.
The women and small girl beside her giggled at her response

And the women spoke “Follow me then, by the way I’m Abby and this my cute daughter tris”

Isabel smiled at her and pinched the cute girl’s cheek and said “Hello cutie, I’m Isabel”
Tris just smiled playfully and hid behind her mother’s back

Isabel smiled brightly “quite the shy one, aren’t you”?

Abby smiled at both of them and they crossed the road and just after a minute or so they reached the shop with huge window and large pole with red and blue stripes. And had board with artistic bold letters stating “One stop Barbershop” Isabel find the name quite peculiar.

Isabel had never visited a barbershop before as she had always visited expensive spas and saloon for anything regarding maintaining her appearance and she was also curious and at the same time as she didn’t know why after standing before the shop she started feeling nervous, but disregarding her nervousness,

Abby just pushed the door open and she followed behind her, just as Isabel entered a bell chimed and a faint scent of cosmetics reached her nostrils, contrary to her expectation she liked the scent and cool air of air conditioner made her feel more relaxed and looked at her surrounding, it was neat place with snippets of hair and lots of magazine and decorative pictures adorned the wall and there was two huge barber chairs with striking red leather and chromium foot rest and handles, which had stripped capes hanging on them and there was large bench behind them and perfectly oval shaped mirrors before both the chairs.
Abby called out “Hey, Karen you in there”
Abby waked Isabel from stupor and said “You can wait there” she pointed to bench and walked past both the chairs.

Isabel sat down on the bench and looked all pictures in wall which mostly had women sporting very short hairstyles and suddenly she stopped at a particular picture and gawked at the picture before her, the picture sported a beautiful girl in a bikini, but most peculiar thing about picture was that the girl had no hair on her head, like literally shaved down to scalp, she had smooth and perfectly shaped head, Isabel was amazed at picture and looked at it intently. When she heard someone approaching she decided to stop looking at the picture and picked up a magazine beside her

Abby returned back with middle aged women with ginger hair which was styled in a Chin length short bob

Isabel looked up at the middle-aged women with Abby and smiled at her and she returned her smile, after she made her way to first barber chair and said “So who’s first Abby, you or your daughter”

Abby said “tris first” Abby smiled and said “Tris be a good girl and get over to the chair”

Tris seemed reluctant at first but after her eyes met Abby’s, she jumped down from the bench and made her way to and chair sat down. Karen took the stripped cape on her hands and flicked it open and fastened it around her neck and asked nonchalantly while browsing through her things “So Abby How short”

Abby said while glancing through her magazine “Just buzz it down to No.2 all over”

Isabel was stunned at vague question for discussing hairstyle, now she wondered what was no.2

Isabel placed her magazine on her lap and looked at Karen who was plugging something on the socket and then Karen picked up her white Whal Clippers and oiled it and flicked it on. And room was filled with buzzing sound.

Karen went behind the chair, lowered the chair to meet to her requirement and placed the clippers at her forehead, while tris closed her eyes, Karen pulled it back and the clippers mowed through her hair and in its wake was at strip of bristles of hair with no more than one inch of hair and she just did the same for every part of her head and turned the clippers off. And finally, she rubbed her hands against tris’s head and released the cape. While she dusting snippets of hair from tris, she caught Isabel taking glance at the picture of the women with bald head and smiled and said “you like what you’re seeing there girl, if you want I can make that happen to you”

Isabel was stunned and asked “are you suggesting that I should get my head shaved”

Karen continued “yeah, if you want to be bald we gotta shave it”

Isabel gawked and said “BALD”

Karen smiled and replied, “yup,that’s exactly what I’m saying, good ol bald head, shaved right down to the skin”

Isabel was caught off guard, and her mouth went dry, and couldn’t talk for a split second and but somewhere in her mind she repeated Karen’s question and find it as exciting thought but she couldn’t fathom why.

Isabel manged get hold of her thoughts and said while swirling the ends of her ponytail “nah, I couldn’t pull off something like that, I was just amazed by how good she looked with it in the picture”

Karen kept smiling and said “I bet you would be even more gorgeous than her, just hop in here, I’ll just show it you” and turned her barber chair facing towards Isabel and tapped the chair lightly and gestured her to come over with a cape in her hands

Isabel was dumbstruck at the situation she was in and thought “are we really talking about shaving my head bald” but she could not bring herself to outright reject her offer of shaving her head bald, she didn’t know why, so she he decided upon an excuse and just as she was about say “Maybe another day…”


Abby didn’t know that they were discussing about shaving Isabel’s head bald because she was immersed in reading her magazine without even minding what they were talking about, but she was somewhat annoyed by their chit-chat, and thought that girl was hesitating for haircut and she decided to give her stern push

Isabel was interrupted by Abby mid way “Oh, just do it already, you till have a half an hour before the bus arrives, so get your perky ass over to the chair young lady”

She didn’t know what it was, but she felt panic, she felt trapped, she decided to leave because these crazy people trying shave her beautiful blonde hair, but she got up from the bench placing down the magazine beside her, she knew she did, she could see herself in the large oval shaped mirror. She could she her sultry image in mirror and her luscious Blonde hair flowing past her shoulders, surprisingly she could she herself not walking to exit but towards the barber chair, But even more surprisingly she sat down, it was like watching someone else with neat ponytail with cute ribbon at base, she sat back and crossed her slender legs, she looked almost relaxed because of how comfortable she felt in the chair and gripped the chromium handle tightly with her fingers and looked at perfect image in the mirror and her ponytail was lifted from her shoulders and placed it on top with a clip and very quickly a stripped cape was draped around her neck and was fasten tightly around her neck, and Karen removed the clip and dropped the ponytail.

Karen ran her fingers through wavy ends of the ponytail and looked at the nervous Isabel in mirror and said “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure your head ends up real smooth and shiny”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better” Isabel thought in her head, but suddenly she realized she was really going do it, she is going be get her blonde hair shaved bald just the thought it made her “Oh my god what am I doing”

While this was happening on her head, Karen already took scissors from her pocket placed it just above the bow shaped pink ribbon and started closing the scissors with “Snick…snick…snick…snick” Isabel felt the tug on her hair and heard the peculiar the sound and just when the sound stopped her blonde hair ended up with a wavy ragged bob and it started framing around her face.

Karen lifted the thick ponytail like it’s a trophy and wagged it around and gave it to tris to play around.

Karen looked at Isabel who was looking at her ponytail longingly and smiled and ruffled through her hair with her fingers and said “Don’t worry all this will be coming off too”

“what is wrong with this woman” was her thoughts but contrary to her thoughts she smiling wide from ear to ear.

Karen picked clippers and removed the guard and flicked it on filling the room with buzzing sounds, which made Isabel jump in her chair, but Karen grabbed Isabel’s cheek with left hand and made her look straight in mirror, Isabel looked at buzzing clippers in Karen’s hand, and time seemed to slow to crawl as she saw the cutting machine approach. Closer, closer until it was resting on her forehead.

The reflection in the mirror still looked like someone else but the vibration was real. Then sense of excitement, anticipation, fear were all very real, she even started to wonder how her head shape would be after removing all the hair in her head.

And then it started. The clippers were hauled slowly back through her hair-coughing and choking on its thickness until, like a engine racing out of gear, it completed the final pass of it’s journey.
In the mirror she saw the familiar sight of her luscious blonde mane framing her face…except neatly bisecting it was a skin with minuscule of hair, The clippers laid the area bare and denuded without hair. Karen didn’t stop there and placed clippers on her sideburns mowed through the hair from right side to left and which caused large lumps of hair falling down oh her lap, where there was already a pool of blonde hair gathered there and after several more passes she was practically bald from the front and sides but there were some clumps of hair in her back, Karen placed her fingers on Isabel’s bald spot in front of her head where she used have bangs, Isabel felt the touch on her denuded scalp and she felt it was strange and had peculiar feeling to it, Karen pushed her head downwards and placed the clippers on the base of her nape mowed down what was left of her hair, Karen looked at the sexy women who came in her all fancy in here with her sultry looks and now here she sitting in the chair having her luscious locks sheared like a sheep and now her head resembled a cueball

Karen rubbed Isabel’s head just like she had done with tris head, Isabel loved the touch on her denuded scalp and smiled wide and Karen removed the cape placed around and shook to let the locks blonde hair fall on the ground

Isabel looked at her reflection, she couldn’t bring herself to imagine what she had done to herself, the reflection portrayed a woman with big round black stud with multiple piercings on her ears which was now much easier to notice as it was not covered with strands of her before and most the striking part of her transformation was her hair, which was no were to found on her head, but with scalp full skin.
But she sill felt that she looked gorgeous with it just like Karen said, the lack of any hair covering her face made her subtle features stand out more made and made her beautiful and mature. Isabel didn’t know why but the more she looked at her reflection the more she liked what she saw. With her enormous large tits and considerably large ass, she now looked like a MILF woman after her head was shaved, it made her look more mature and sexy, even though she was 23, she now fitted all the description of a MILF. Then she brushed past her bald head with both her hands from her forehead to nape and smiled wide at her reflection and looked around in the floor and was amazed by how much hair she had been carrying on her head head, she continued looking at her revealing features, and she adjusted her eyebrows with her fingers.

Just as she was about get up from her chair, Karen placed her hands on her shoulders pushed her back to chair and smiled
Karen smiled “We are not done with the cut sweetie” and placed white towel around her neck and Isabel started feeling a Warm sensation spreading across her scalp, as the shaving foam was applied on her scalp ,and Karen was spreading it all over her head without leaving any spot, after that Karen picked up her straight razor from the shelf, and she placed her fingers on Isabel forehead and pull her head back and placed the placed the straight razor in the middle of her crown and started removing the minuscule hair leaving behind bare soft skin just like baby’s feet, Isabel felt cold blade on scalp and cold air assaulting her neck, she was feeling relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of both vibration of clippers and cold metal of the straight razor against her scalp and she didn’t want any of it to ever end . After scrapping all the shaving cream from Isabel’s head.

Karen shook shaving cream can took some cream and applied it on Isabel’s eyebrows and shaved it off.

Isabel opened her eyes and this time she couldn’t even recognize her own reflection, her head was more smoother and looked more pale and was glistening and now she had no eyebrows which made her look like a alien.

Karen laughed said “I Thought you were dissatisfied with your eyebrows, so I decided to shave it off and we can always draw a new one right”

Isabel thought “I just adjusted my eyebrows for a while, and this decided for her to shave it off” and gave a bitter smile at the thought

Karen opened her shelf and brought her cosmetics and took a glossy red lipstick and whipped off Isabel’s already light pink shade on her lips with a tissue and applied the new glossy red one. And She drew a perfectly thin shaped eyebrows which just changed her look completely.

Karen looked at final result and was more than satisfied with it and looked at the victim Isabel who was had flirtatious smile on her face and tried pouting her lips and giggled.

Karen said smiling “Hey, do you want to try the earrings on the picture it would look complete with the bald look”

Isabel nodded with a grin on her face, she changed her look totally why not try that too.

After that Isabel removed her big round black stud and replaced it with large golden hooped earrings.

Isabel looked at her reflection with earrings dangling around her ears and rubbed at the back of her head and felt the slight bulge behind her head

Karen smiled and said “Oh, that’s your noggin, but I have to say you look totally gorgeous, you totally went from Highschool beauty to busty bald bitch”

Karen continued “but I don’t why but you look more aged now with your hair shaved bald, well you still look hot baldie”

Isabel smiled wide at her compliment and ignored the insult and stood up from the chair stretched out her arms and looked at Abby who was still immersed in her book.

Isabel smiled and asked “Abby, I can still catch the bus right”

Abby looked up from her magazine and looked at the bald MILF women in front of her and asked “Sorry, do I know you”

Karen started laughing out without any restraint and Abby started to realize who had previously asked about info about bus and said with her eyes wide “Oh my god Isabel, is that you, what happened to your hair, your.. are BALD”
Isabel said while smiling “I was taking a glance at the picture of a model with bald head, and I thought how it would look on me, and you gave me a push and I sat down in chair and after five minutes this happens…” she caressed her smooth bald head from the forehead to the nape

Abby smiled brightly and said “oh my god you look so gorgeous, but it makes you look more aged all of sudden and has feeling as if you were matured women now, did she shave your eyebrows too” and rubbed her hands against her scalp and felt it smoothness and exclaimed “It’s smooth and looks like you won’t be getting dizzy ever again, and it’ll be more convenient for you during this whether”

Tris looked at Isabel with curious eyes and said with weak tone “can I touch your head”

Isabel smiled and bent downed and presented her bald head for tris to touch it and tris extended her hand rubbed against her scalp, she started giggling and said “It feels funny”

Isabel just smiled warmly and said “If you want touch it daily, ask your mom to do it too”

Abby was taken aback at the statement dismissed thought immediately but Karen said while “Abby hop in here, lets make you smooth and shiny all over like Isabel there, I know you want it”

Abby was annoyed and glared at Karen who was still shamelessly standing with a cape in her hand.

Abby made her way to the chair and sat down without saying anything about what haircut she wanted or anything and closed her eyes with wide smile on her face and cape was draped over her

Karen smiled at Abby and took the guard less clippers and flicked it on as buzzing filled the room once again,

Isabel took her ponytail from Tris and  looked at her luscious blonde detached wavy ponytail with a pink ribbon holding it together she tossed the ponytail across to trash can, looked at the already half bald Abby in Karen’s chair and smiled and made her way to door
And Isabel heated Karen saying “come again” and smiled at her

The End

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