Out of boredom

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She lay on the couch, mindless television bombarding her with ads of false hope.
Alison switched off the device and flopped on her side.
“I’m So Bored!”she called in the empty house.
Her folks had gone for a date night and left their daughter on her own for four hours.
Suddenly, Alison had to take to the loo for some “girl time”.
Flushing down the waste, Alison was about to leave, when scissors on the sink counter caught her eye.
Its silver gleam seemed blinding to the young girl.
Then it clicked:
Alison grinned,”I’m going to give myself a trim”.
Taking every beauty magazine, she flipped through all the pages, trying to decide upon an easy but gorgeous haircut she could preform on herself.
Alison had thick, brown hair down to her waist.
From when she was old enough to style her own hair, she chose to let it grow without trims.
She was way overdue for a haircut.
Her hair is nice, she wouldn’t deny that fact, but this is her choice.
No one is gonna stop her!
Tucking a towel into her shirt collar and tying a shower curtain around her neck, securing it with a hair clamp.
She was ready:
Alison had chosen a few styles to emulate, she sat on a chair she had brought in and brushed her hair.
(From root, to end. In long, continuous strokes)
Parting her hair in four ponytails at her mid-back line and taking up her shears, Alison was about to bite the bullet.
Holding her breath, Alison began chopping off the medium, sectioned part.
It was tough to cut, thick strands are like branches.
One, easy to break.
A lot, strong.
Bundled up together gave Alison a workout but eventually, the ponytail yielded.
She laid the severed braid on the sink counter, maybe she would donate it.
After another came off, Alison dusted herself off and went to the kitchen.
In her makeshift cape, she made herself something to eat.
Some hair made their way into her mouth but were quickly spat out.
After the meal and back in the loo:
Alison plucked back up her tool and started skimming off the sectioned off ponytails.
She redusted herself off and removed the cape, leaving on the towel.
Alison put the severed braids in a shoebox.
“If I can’t sell them, then at least I’ll have souvenirs”
She laughed at what she just said and went on to brush out her hair.
“I didn’t take much off and did a decent job, not to mention it’s even”
A joke popped into Alison’s head:
Taking a ponytail out of the shoebox and chopping it, the young lady fashioned herself a paintbrush.
Alison took up her easel and began painting.
She painted herself in the last hour, cutting off the sectioned ponytails.
“Just like Pablo Picasso”,joked Alison, imitating an Italian accent but failing at it.
She signed her painting and let it dry.
Still, Alison felt dissatisfied with her hair and returned to the bathroom.
Parting and sectioning off four more braids at her shoulder blade, Alison reapplied her cape and tightened it with the hair clamp.
She was dareing, too dareing.
Taking up her scissors for the third time, she snipped one, two, three, and all four braids with care.
“More trophies for the collection”
She was hysterical with joy, laughing at herself manically at his much hair she had just willingly cut off.
Storing away the braids, Alison sectioned off and then cut off her front hair.
The bangs were jagged but after trimming it, it slowly became acutely even.
Alison looked at herself and smiled at how much she had cut off.
Brushing it took less time than it ever had been.
Should she go shorter?
Shrugging her shoulders, Alison tied off four more short braids and chopped them off.
She finally had bobbed hair but her soul still wasn’t satisfied.
Chop, chop! Snip, snip!
Alison cut around her ears and tidied up her neckline.
She now had a long emo pixie but still she wanted to cut more.
“Now, where are those clippers?”
She went into her parents bathroom and opened almost every drawer.
Her dad’s clippers were found, along with awry of guards.
Back in her loo:
Alison tinkered with the device and experimented with attaching guards.
She decided on the biggest guard, a number #6 and flicked on the device.
Alison shut it off for the loud humming noise scared her.
She began to pray and then, she flicked it back on.
Alison buzzed her her nape and sides but little came off so she resorted to the next number number down.
That guard took more off but kept the length some.
“F it”
Alison picked up a number one and applied it to the tool.
The moment had arrived, Alison, without hesitation, plowed up her sideburn. The shock/joy she felt, her eyes lit up more and more as she buzzed down her right and left side.
Tilting her head down, she mowed down her nape, all the way up to her crown line.
She was pleased with herself and she smiled wildly into the mirror.
Alison felt up her back and sides with affection.
It was prickly but nice.
Removing the guard, the self-made barberette rebuzzed her sides to even smaller stubble.
Without stopping, Alison buzzed atop her crown, making as short as the rest of her head (except her bangs).
Alison was bald, except for her bangs, and she was digging this new her.
She went back to her parents bathroom, dragging her hairy remnants all over it, and took her father’s shaving cream and razor.
With these, Alison dusted off herself, cleaned up her messes, flung her dead stubble into the trash, and put the itchy garb into the hamper.
Naked but certainly not afraid, Alison ran the sink for the shave.
Once full, Alison put a lot of cream on her palm and spread it over her shaved dome.
A towel round her neck, Alison rinsed her hands and grabbed the razor.
It wasn’t a masculine razor but suitable to her.
Around ears, over the stump of her neck, and over her crown, the razor stripped away the stubble and left a clean scalp in its wake.
“Good God, that feels good”
The sink of cream and hairy floaters was drained and Alison looked at herself.
Should she finish the job?
She put that thought on the back burner and ran herself a shower.
The warm water flushed over her with such force.
Alison couldn’t help herself!
She scratched her bald head so sweetly that she nearly slipped in the shower.
With her shower done and she, wrapped in a towel about the waist, Alison dried her remaining hair that lay on her hairline.
Dried, Alison teased it and trimmed it with her scissors.
A final tease later, Alison dusted herself off for, hopefully, the last time.
Alison went to her bedroom and dressed herself in a sundress (of all things) and tied a bandanna around the circumference of her bald head.
What would mother or father say?
She didn’t care, this is something she did for herself and herself only.
Then, the door, its knob turned. Mr. and Mrs. parent entered.
“Welcome home”, said their nearly bald daughter

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