Out of Town Guest Part 1 – an ode to SecretShaver

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Out of Town Guest – An Ode to Secret Shaver

I wrote this is a story as a shout out to author Secret Shaver since we have not heard from them in a while. Here is hoping they read it.



Martin’s wife, Genelle, was out of town for the weekend, so he was perusing the local mall. He saw a new store called, “A New You.” He saw wigs in the window and immediately got excited. He always had a thing for wigs and other hair related sexual experiences with women and he was sure buying something here would spice up his sex life. As he went inside, a bell rang. He heard a voice come from the back of the store, “Take a look around, I’ll be out in a minute if you need anything.”

Martin was intrigued. Inside the store were rows and rows of wigs, but also various haircutting and hair care items as well as dental and oral care products. Signs and brochures advertised custom vacuum seal wigs and dentures. Martin found one item that particularly intrigued him. At first glance it appeared to be a tube of toothpaste and a bottle of mouthwash, but upon further inspection, it was advertised as a product called “Secret Shaver Formula” made by Hardison labs in China. The back of the label read, “Permanent Hair and Tooth removal formula.” Martin’s mind went to another place. He thought of all the possibilities. With this, Genelle would not only have a perfectly smooth head, but also a perfectly smooth mouth. He had never thought about the benefits a toothless wife would have in bed.

While Martin enjoyed fantasizing about what this change in his wife’s look would lead too, he knew he couldn’t impose it on her without her consent. They had been married 10 years after all. He started to put the product back when a voice piped up from behind him. “That’s actually our newest product. If you are looking to seriously change your look, it is quite effective.” Martin turned to see a red-haired woman standing right behind him. A closer look revealed that she was missing her eyebrows, which Martin found quite curious. Before he could ask her any questions the  “Actually, I tried the product out myself and found my haircare and dental bills have dropped dramatically.” Martin felt his cock stir as the saleswoman grabbed her hair, pulling it off her head, while plucking dentures from her mouth. “As you can see, it really is quite effective.” Martin swallowed, hardly aware he was sporting a massive erection. “My name is Susie,” she continued, “and you are welcome to take me out to dinner if you would like to see all the benefits of this new look.” Susie said as she winked at him. “I am free after 7 when I close the shop for the day.” “Oh, I’m so sorry,” Martin said, his face turning bright red, “I’m actually married.” Susie laughed, “Not a problem at all. So this formula would be for you or your wife?” Martin was completely embarrassed by this point, but he couldn’t stop himself from responding, “My wife.” “Well,” Susie said, “Make sure you buy her a wig and some dentures to complete her new look. I’m sure you don’t want every man looking at her like you are looking at me.” Martin couldn’t help but smile sheepishly. “Right, any wigs you recommend.”

Susie led Martin to a wall full of wigs. “These are our vacuum wigs. They aren’t custom designs, so they don’t have a completely perfect fit, but they are the best wigs for fitting on a completely smooth, hairless head. However, if for some reason the wearer has hair, they don’t offer as good a fit as a standard lace front wig.” She then led him to another section where the shelves were lined with different sets of dentures. Susie picked up a particular set, “I’ve had good luck with these. Again, custom designs will fit better, but these are great if you are not willing to financially commit to a custom set. Also, as you can see, they come in all sorts of designs and colors, etc., if you want a certain look.” Martin could see that there were various sets, some with simple designs like a gap-toothed look, while others had most fantastical designs like vampire fangs or rainbow designs. “Well, I’ll let you browse the store. Let me know if you need anything, or change your mind about wanting my number.” Susie winked again as she walked away.

Martin looked down at the bottle. Now that he had seen the results he couldn’t put the bottle back. He grabbed some other supplies from the store a blonde vacuum wig that matched his wife’s hair, a blonde lace front wig, in the likely event she wouldn’t shave her head for him, some hair clippers, and hair removal cream, just in case she would shave her head. Martin didn’t put the “Secret Shaver Formula” back though, in fact he grabbed some dentures to go along with it, because after seeing Susie and feeling his dick grow hard just looking at her, Martin knew he had to buy it.

After making his selections, Martin continued to the front of the store. Susie rang him up, still rocking the bald and toothless look. Martin tried hard not to look at her, so he could save himself the embarrassment of popping another boner, but his cock seemed to have a mind of its own and sprang to life anyways. “The total comes to $376.97, would you like to add on a complimentary happy ending to that?” Martin looked up at her and felt like his jaw was on the floor. “I’m just kidding, geez, you’d think with a guy getting his dick hard all the time he would be able to laugh at a joke or two,” Susie said. Martin laughed awkwardly and paid for his products. As he gathered the bags to leave Susie said, “Anyways come on back here if your wife says no to your little fantasy, I’d be happy to oblige.” Martin chuckled and said “thanks again,” as he quickly walked out of the door.

Mark quickly drove home. As he parked in his garage he could think of nothing but making his beautiful blonde Genelle a hairless and toothless goddess. He grabbed the bags out of his car and went into his house, digging through his purchases to find the Secret Shaver Formula. As he dug it out from beneath some wigs, he unwrapped it from the packaging and a piece of paper fell out. “Directions. Use root destruction paste as both a shampoo and toothpaste. Apply liberally through hair. To ensure clean, spotless removal, scrub into scalp thoroughly. When applying to teeth, brush thoroughly for at least 2 minutes to ensure full coverage. After application, user may feel a tingling sensation in areas where the solution was applied. After 5 minutes, user can drink 5 oz of activator formula. User may experience numbness in mouth, this is completely normal. After 5 minutes, user should notice the beginning stages of root removal. It is highly recommended that the user save any hair and dental extractions to send to Hardison labs for Custom Prosthetic creation. Enjoy your new permanent look! NOTE: Failure to consume the activator formula will render application of the root destructor useless.”

After reading the instructions, Martin went into the master bathroom. He grabbed a bottle of shampoo that his wife had yet to open and squirted half of the tube of root destroyer into it. Then he grabbed an extra tube of toothpaste and squirted half of it into the trash. He then carefully filled the tube with the remainder of the root destroyer. Finally, he grabbed a bottle of blue PowerDrink from their outdoor fridge and emptied half of it out and filled the rest with the activator. Then he hid the activator in the back of their linen closet and tossed the root destruction tube into the trash.

Over the following days, as he waited on his wife to get home, Martin began to realize his plan was a complete fantasy. He could never force his Genelle to change herself. What if she hated the look? With that he hid the vacuum wig and dentures in the guest room closet, along with the instruction page from the Secret Shaver Formula. He put the toothpaste, shampoo, PowerDrink, and mouthwash behind the spare linens in the guest bathroom. He decided that if his wife would agree to shave her head, or even just wear the lace front wig, that would be enough for him. Maybe he could talk her into a more dramatic change later.

Unfortunately, that time never came. The next day when he came home from work, Martin discovered Genelle packing her things. While she had been in Europe, she had had an affair with a young Italian business magnate named Giovanni. She was going to live with him, Martin just could not satisfy her anymore. Upon hearing this, Martin was not even that mad. After all, he knew all he needed was one trip to “A New You,” to land a girl friend who could satisfy his every fantasy.

Over the next few months, as they began to divide their assets, they agreed to register their home for “GuestHouse,” an app that connected people with houses to stay in for vacation or work trips. As they packed the house, they left everything in the guest bedroom and bathroom to help satisfy their guests.

Stephanie was looking for a getaway. Work was turning into such a slog. The customers were complete ass holes from time to time, and her boss was driving her crazy. Not only that, but she was getting bored with cold calling people all the time. The corporate ladder, though, was proving impossible to climb, even after 5 years with the same company. Stephanie was finding herself engrossed in more and more elaborate sexual fantasies on her off days as she tried to overcompensate for her lack of interest at work. She would fantasize about men taking advantage of her, shaving her bald, tattooing her, or even sometimes making her lose her teeth so she could suck their cocks toothlessly. She began to think that these things were really getting to her, so she took a step back and planned a trip to a beautiful home that had just been placed on the app “GuestHouse.” The description only offered a guest bedroom, as the divorcing couple had secured their master bedroom as a court order prevented them from taking some of the more valuable belongings out of the house until divorce proceedings were over.

Despite this, the house looked perfect. It offered a pool, hot tub, and even had an exercise room. Moreover, it was close to bars and restaurants and had a great view from the porch looking out onto the city. Stephanie was convinced. She sent a message to the lister, Martin, to see if it was available. Sure enough, it was, and he even included his and his girlfriend, Susie’s, numbers in case she experienced a problem or had a question about the city during her stay.

With that, Stephanie booked her trip and within a week she had arrived at her dream getaway home. The first night she got there, she realized that she had forgotten her toiletries. She quickly discovered some toothpaste, shampoo, and mouthwash behind some spare linens. There was also a bottle of PowerDrink, which she figured the owners had just forgotten about. She put that in the fridge and arranged the other toiletries around the bathroom. After that, Stephanie settled in for the night and watched some tv. Maybe she would hit the town tomorrow. She ordered a pizza and found an app that offered beer and wine delivery. She settled in for the night lounging around in her pjs, putting her waist length black hair up into a ponytail, and letting her b-cup breasts breathe without a bra on.

By the end of the night, she was tipsy off all of the wine and using the internet feature of the TV to search up more videos of her favorite new fantasy: giving men gum jobs. She watched as toothless women sucked cocks and began stroking her pussy. Soon she was furiously masturbating as another video came on. This one showed a bald, browless woman, with a split tongue, deep throating her husband’s cock. When he exploded on her head, Stephanie came loudly and fell asleep soon after.

Stephanie awoke on the couch, with the TV still playing porn videos from the night before. This time, there was a bald woman getting a tattoo on her head. Stephanie felt herself grow wet, but she clicked the TV off. She already knew what happened anyway: blow job and then a cum shot on her bald head. Stephanie let her hair down and ran her fingers through it. No man on the planet would love her if he knew what she was into. She sighed, putting her hair back and up and heading into the bedroom to start her day. She decided to pay for her sins from the night before by heading down to the gym to tone her sexy fit body. Besides, if she could not live out her own fantasies, she could at least make sure her looks were good enough to get a normal fucking.

She dressed in sports bra and short shorts as she hit the workout room for 2 hours. She tried out all the machines, even though they had them at her local gym. She figured it would be one of the only times in her life she got to work out in a home gym that was as big as this one.  After her long workout, her long black hair was drenched in sweat. She went upstairs to take a shower, brush her teeth, and get ready to go out somewhere for lunch.

As Stephanie stripped, she looked into the mirror. Her long black hair hung down to her waist, enveloping her body. She closed her eyes and thought of what she would look like if her fantasy came to pass. She ran her fingers through her long black locks, fantasizing about them being on the floor, wishing her head was smooth and bald. She found her fingers touching her wetness, as she imagined her teeth disappearing and a hard cock massaging her smooth gums. She grabbed her breast and twisted her nipple as she guided herself to orgasm.

Afterwards, she stared at herself in the mirror. “Get a hold of yourself Stephanie,” she thought. “This fantasy is never going to happen for you!” With that, she turned on the water, and stepped into the shower. With the hot water running over her head, Stephanie grabbed the shampoo and began working it into a lather. She began massaging it through her waist long locks, working from the top digging her fingernails into her scalp. After that long workout, she wanted to make sure she got all the sweat out of her beautiful hair, even if she did not want it on her head. As she continued washing her hair, she began to feel a slight tingling sensation on her scalp. Without any face wash, Stephanie used the shampoo to wash her face as well, rubbing the shampoo lather over her forehead, eyebrows, and the rest of her face. Usually, she wouldn’t use shampoo to wash her face, but her skin felt dirty from all the sweat and she had nothing else to use.

Finally, after washing off all the lather, Stephanie stepped out of the shower. She applied some of the toothpaste she had found to her finger and began scrubbing. Since she did not have a toothbrush, she scrubbed for 6 minutes, just to make sure she satisfied herself that her teeth were nice and clean. About halfway through her brushing, her teeth began to have a tingling sensation that matched her scalp. It was awfully strange, but Stephanie figured the shampoo and toothpaste must have been old or something.

Stephanie left the bathroom and went to get dressed. She slipped a short black dress over her head and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Then she slipped on some shoes and grabbed her phone to call a ride. As she waited for the driver, she popped into the kitchen and grabbed the PowerDrink out of the fridge. She figured she would take a few sips while she waited for her car, after all the workout did not get rid of her whole hangover and blue PowerDrink was her favorite hangover cure. She chugged the first half of the bottle and sat down on the couch, turning on the TV only to be reminded of her porn choices from last night. She felt herself growing wet and became extremely aware that she had forgotten to put on panties. She thought about changing that and the decided that she would wait until the driver arrived to choose whether to put them on. As she kept drinking the PowerDrink, she began noticing that her head and mouth were starting to go numb. It was totally weirding her out. She had already had 3/4ths of the PowerDrink bottle but decided to put it back in the fridge.

About 10 minutes after she called the driver, her phone notified her that he was 2 minutes away. She got up and went to the mirror to do some quick makeup, not that she really needed any. As she stood up, quite a few long black hairs tumbled to the ground, far more than Stephanie was used to losing. “What the hell,” she thought.

When she got to the bathroom, she was shocked. Her hairline had pulled away from her forehead significantly. In fact, it looked like most of the hair on the top of her head was not even attached, it was just staying bundled because of the ponytail. Stephanie rubbed her hands over her forehead into her hairline. The hairs immediately pulled away, causing a bigger and bigger hairline the farther back she pushed her hands. Stephanie quickly removed her hands from her hair. Her pussy was soaking. Was her fantasy being answered? Was she really going bald right now? She reached back and grabbed her ponytail, pulling it over her shoulder. With a consistent pull, she watched as she pulled all her hair from her head. There was barely any pressure as Stephanie rendered herself bald.

Stephanie stared at herself in the mirror, her pussy dripping down her legs as she looked at her new bald head and the remnants of her waist length hair dangling from her hand. There were still a few loose hairs that had escaped the ponytail hanging lifelessly from Stephanie’s head, but as Stephanie because exploring her new smooth scalp, her gentle touch removed those as well.

“What the fuck just happened to me,” Stephanie thought. “Is this really happening?” She wondered. There she was, turning on the water and filling her hands with it, unsure if she was about to splash herself out of a dream. Stephanie tossed the water on her face and dried her face with a towel. When she looked in the mirror again, she was even more aroused. Now she was looking in the mirror at a bald and browless version of herself. She could not help but begin furiously fingering herself. Her hairless fantasy had come true. Her waist length long hair was limp on the floor in a bundle and here she was, rubbing her newly denuded scalp and fingering herself, while staring at her browless face and bald head in the mirror. It was what she always wanted. As she shut her eyes and began to climax, she tried to push her numb tongue through her lips, and it was then she discovered the full extent of her transformation.

Stephanie felt her tongue poke through her lips, but not before she heard two “plinks.” She opened her eyes and saw two pearly white teeth heading towards the drain. She quickly pulled the plug and stopped them from going down before her gaze rose towards the mirror. It felt like her mouth dropped to the floor when she noticed a gap in her smith where her two front teeth used to be. She was trembling from orgasm already and her arousal was only getting stronger as she realized how her wildest fantasies were coming true. She sat on the toilet and thrust her fingers inside of her, as she reached up took hold of her a canine tooth with her other hand. As she explored her wetness with her right hand, her canine tooth came right out of her mouth in her left. For the next few minutes, Stephanie was aware of nothing but her own ecstasy, as she slowly removed all the teeth from her mouth. When she was down, yet another orgasm went coursing through her. She closed her eyes and imagined sucking her partner, as she licked her own juices from her fingers.

When she finally got off the toilet, her gaze drifted to the floor where she saw the pile of her waist long black hair. Stephanie rubbed her hands over her slick bald head and looked up to the counter. There she saw a pile of her teeth and her tongue explored her new toothless mouth. Finally, she looked at the mirror where she saw the New Stephanie. A bald, browless, and toothless girl looked back at her. She smiled at herself and ran her tongue over her gums. She screamed in delight as she ran her hands over her bald head. In her wildest dreams this fantasy would never come true, yet here she was, standing in the guest bathroom of a vacation home looking at her bald, browless, and toothless reflection in the mirror.

Stephanie was still stroking her smooth scalp and exploring her toothless mouth with her tongue as she walked out of the bathroom. Her phone was on the counter with 3 missed calls from her driver and a notification that she had been charged $5 for a ride since the driver left after waiting 10 minutes. Stephanie was so excited about her new look, that she did not even care. Going bald was something she had always wanted to do, but never had to courage to do to herself. Becoming toothless too, well, that was just icing on the cake. Something she did not even think was possible, but now was her new reality.

Stephanie figured this had something to do with the owners of the home. She made the bold decision to send a picture of her bald, browless, toothless look in a group chat to Martin and Susie. “Hey guys, I think there is a problem with the toothpaste and shampoo, or maybe it was the PowerDrink?”

As she waited for a response, Stephanie decided to search the house for other secrets. She went into the closet in the guest bedroom. After rummaging around for a few minutes, she found something. Behind some sheets, high on a shelf in a corner, Stephanie found a long blonde wig and an unopened package of dentures. She slipped the wig on her head and felt a suction sensation as the wig sealed to her head. She stepped into the bathroom as she opened the dentures. She popped them into her mouth. To be honest, she looked sexy as a blonde. Sure, she would have to draw on her eyebrows, but that would be easy. “Besides, she thought,  “don’t blondes have more fun anyways? Or do bald chicks have the most fun?”

She smiled into the mirror. The dentures looked better than her pearly whites ever did. Plus, she could not wait to suck a hard cock and experience her fantasies for real. She pulled out her makeup bag and began drawing on some new eyebrows when her phone buzzed. Stephanie answered as she finished drawing on her new brows.

“Oh my god, Ms. Davis, I am so sorry! We never…” Before Martin could finish, Stephanie cut him off. “Martin, its ok, I found some nice blond hair and fake teeth to tide me over. Plus, I find the whole look quite,” Stephanie paused thinking for the right word, “sensual.”

Martin could not believe what he was hearing. Was this 28-year-old girl really telling him that she liked being bald and toothless. Susie was standing right next to him and whispered in his ear, “Maybe we should invite her over to New You and see if she wants to have some fun with us?” Martin looked at his bald and toothless girlfriend. He was about to have one hell of a night.

“Well Ms. Davis, we can help you get some other supplies if you meet us at “New You” boutique in the mall. Say about 30 minutes from now?”

“Sounds perfect Martin,” Stephanie answered, “I hope to see you and Susie then.”


To be Continued….

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