Parineeta and Vasanti are boy cut ladies Part-2

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Malini and Mangala become boy cut ladies

In Oct 2013, Mangala said on a Friday with a giggle “Pari, tomorrow after school is out, I am taking my m-i-l to beauty parlour. Would you like to come?” I was surprised.   She had once said in 2011 that their tonsure was a onetime affair and would grow their hair long again. So I asked her why she was taking her m-i-l to beauty parlour.

Mangala said “My m-i-l says that she was very comfortable with short hair after the family gundu. She wants to cut her hair and keep it short henceforth. And my f-i-l has no problems with it. A few months after that family gundu, my m-i-l looked very beautiful with short hair. I secretly wished she kept it a boy cut forever. I also started getting a desire to keep my hair also short. But that thought also I kept it to myself. Now that my m-i-l has openly come out with her desire, I said that if she wants it cut short why not a boy cut? She has agreed and will be getting her boy cut tomorrow.  It will be I who will chop off her braid.” She again giggled. “It will be nice if you witness it.”

Malini aunty has a special love for me. I was, in a way, thrilled to be invited for the event. I asked “Did she not ask you also to cut your hair short?” Mangala said “She did tell me that and I also like it. But having tasted the joy of Tirumala gundu of long hair, I said that I would like to do it again with full hair a few years from now. I will get a boy cut later, I said. She is not agreeing. She says ‘you can have gundu as often as you like, but no more long hair for you, dear’. She will manipulate me now. It was she who said before our Tirumala gundu that we should grow it back. But now suddenly she has become a short hair enthusiast.”

I said “My m-i-l may not approve me of entering a hair cutting place in the afternoon. But I will tell you after going home”. Back home I told my m-i-l about Mangala’s invitation. She was, in a way, pleasantly surprised. “Oh, Malini is getting a boy cut, is it? Ok, go and witness it. And can you video it with her permission? It will be a nice giggle for me to watch her braid getting chopped off. Do not worry. After coming back you can have a bath. Tell Malini to come home once with that haircut” she said with giggle. I was bowled over with my m-i-l’s newfound attitude for female haircut.

The next day I went to Mangala’s house from my school around 3 pm. After some minor fresh-up and some coffee, we three went to the nearby beauty parlour. Both Malini aunty and Mangala were clad in saree and blouse. Malini aunty happily gave me permission to video her detressing. Mangala told the stylist Radha that her m-i-l needs a boy cut. “What type? Long or short? With only scissors or with clippers?” Radha asked. Mangala straightaway fished out a photo of a foreign lady with a short haircut – clipper on back and sides and combable like a boy on top – which they call a pixie cut. She showed the same to Radha saying ‘something like this’. And said ‘machine cut till here’ showing a place about one and half inch above Malini aunty’s ears. She continued ‘bald on back and sides and just combable on top’ and giggled looking at her m-i-l. Malini aunty was horrified and said ‘no, no, no. Not that short!’ Mangala said “amma, do not worry. It will be very comfortable. A boy cut is not a real boy cut without close clippering on back and sides. You should get a real boy cut. You will look fine and get used to it.” Malini aunty sheepishly smiled and shrugged.

After seating Malini in the chair, covering her with the cape, combing her hair and making a braid, Radha asked Mangala to cut it off with the scissors. Mangala gleefully accepted the scissors and cut off Malini aunty’s 18 inch long braid close to her scalp. Seeing that braid-cut made me pretty excited. Everybody including me giggled. Mangala playfully dangled the severed braid in Malini’s face making the ends brush her cheeks. Malini aunty was very happy to see her severed braid dangling in front of her, that too from her d-i-l’s hand. “I will cut off your long braid also  like this, dear Man-ga-la!” she commented with a mock retaliatory tone. The two are close, love each other and so pull each other’s leg often. An upbeat and smiling Mangala put the severed braid in a cover.

Then Radha combed the remaining hair, made partitions with clips, took no. 2 clippers (quarter inch hair length) and machined Malini’s back and sides to the level indicated by Mangala. Malini was very joyful. Then Radha trimmed the top hair with scissors and a beautiful boy cut resulted. Then she took zero clippers and made the back and sides bald to about an inch above Malini’s ears. She then blended the different regions suitably with comb and clippers. Finally Malini had a short clipper boy cut and she was all smiles looking at her image in the mirror and also caressing her bald nape and sides. She got up from the chair and asked Mangala to take the vacated seat. Mangala tried to dodge her. Malini aunty said with a mischievous smile “Mangala dear, be an obedient child and get seated. Only a little trim.” Saying this, she pushed Mangala onto the chair. Everyone around knew that Malini was pulling a fast one on Mangala.

Mangala finally settled in the chair saying to the stylist with a smile “Radha, cut just half inch from the end only. Not more.” Radha giggled covering her mouth. Malini asked Radha to comb and braid Mangala’s hair which the latter did. Then Malini took the scissors in her hands, held up the braid, placed the scissors close to her scalp and mockingly said “Mangala, I am cutting off just half an inch” and started severing the braid with a gleeful smile. Mangala said “Oh amma, this is cheating” but giggled and happily accepted her fate. In a minute the braid was in Malini’s hands and she dangled it in Mangala’s face saying in a dramatic tone “M-a-n-g-a-l-a de-ar! No more long hair for you!” and dropped it in a cover. Mangala smiled happily but said “Ok, you had your way”. Then Malini said to Radha “Give her a cut similar to mine but the bald portions on back and sides about quarter inch higher and the top hair about quarter inch shorter”. Mangala started protesting “Oh, not that short”. Malini said “Do not worry. Your f-i-l, husband and even your principal has agreed. Just enjoy the clippering, dear”. Mangala simply smiled.

Now, Radha repeated the procedure on Mangala’s head. The top hair was cut about a quarter inch shorter than for Malini, yet nicely combable into a boyish style. The back and sides were clippered pretty high up with a no. 2, about a quarter inch higher than for Malini. Of course, a good gradation was put in place with the top hair. Then zero clippers were used to bald the back and sides to about one inch above her ears with a small dip at the back. The cut looked a bit severe, yet looked very cute and modern on Mangala’s head. She also came down the seat happily caressing her bald back and sides.   Malini aunty said, jokingly of course, “Pari, you also get a cut like us. It will be so nice to see both Mangala and you with similar boy cuts”. I had a good laugh. Malini aunty, who is 5’10”, fair and very beautiful, looked absolutely gracious and gorgeous with her boy cut, saree, nose stud and bindi. I suddenly got a wish to see my m-i-l also like this in short boy cut and saree. How nice it will be if the Head Mistress m-i-l of mine goes around in her school with a nice clipper boy cut and a well-worn saree! My m-i-l also is just as tall, fair and beautiful as Malini aunty.

Back home, my m-i-l saw the videos and she really appreciated the beauty of a boy cut for a tall and elderly lady. She could not wait to caress the nape of her dear friend Malini. She telephoned her and invited her to our house, preferably the same evening. Malini aunty and Mangala promptly came to our house later that evening. My m-i-l caressed the bald portions of both and said that both look extremely beautiful with this type of haircut. Even my f-i-l told the two ladies that they looked good. Malini said to my f-i-l “Brother, now I feel relieved. This short hair is so nice and comfortable that my long hair is gone for good and I will maintain this style henceforth. I wish that Vasanti also gets a haircut like me one day. She would look more beautiful than me.” And she giggled. My f-i-l smiled it away. I could see real appreciation and a hint of jealousy in the eyes of both my f-i-l and m-i-l. I thought that my time to strike had come.

(To be continued)

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