Pari’s Parlour

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Juhi and Yash’s relationship began in college, a sweet romance that blossomed over shared classes and late-night study sessions. Now, three years later, they had both graduated and were stepping into the next phase of their lives. Juhi had an older sister, Pari, who was a talented hairstylist with her own parlor set up at home. Pari, two years Juhi’s senior, was not only skilled but also incredibly attractive, with silky, shiny, long hair that often drew compliments. Juhi’s hair was also dark and strong, but in comparison, Yash had the best hair—thick, shiny, and reaching down to his shoulders.

Yash had been growing his hair since his college days, but now that he was looking for a job and preparing to enter the corporate world, he often heard from Juhi that it might be time for a more professional look. Despite this, he loved his long hair and had been hesitant to cut it.

One sunny afternoon, Yash came over to Juhi’s house to pick her up. He greeted Pari, as usual, who was busy with her clients in her home parlor. Pari had always been fascinated by Yash’s hair, admiring its thickness and shine. Today, she saw an opportunity she couldn’t resist.

“Yash, now that you’re looking for a job, you should really consider a more professional hairstyle,” Pari suggested, her eyes gleaming with interest. “I’ve been telling him the same thing,” Juhi chimed in as she descended the stairs. “But he just won’t listen.” Yash smiled sheepishly. “I will cut it shorter, just haven’t found the right time.”

Pari saw her chance. “Why not let me cut it for you? My calendar is free today, and there are no appointments. My team is busy with facials and threading, so I have time.” Yash hesitated. “But you specialize in cutting long hair. Boys’ haircuts are different.” “Don’t worry, I can handle it,” Pari assured him, her tone leaving little room for argument. “Besides, it’ll be quicker than you think.”Juhi nodded in agreement. “I think it’s a great idea, Yash. Let Di do it.”

Reluctantly, Yash agreed, and Pari’s eyes lit up with excitement. She guided him to her chair, which he found slightly smaller and less comfortable than a typical barbershop chair. Pari, dressed in a black dress and heels, towered over him with her 5’7″ frame. Her presence was both intimidating and captivating. Pari unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt and tucked in his collar, her fingers brushing against his skin. Yash felt a strange mix of discomfort and intrigue, unused to this kind of closeness with anyone other than Juhi. He noticed the chair being pumped up to adjust for his height, making him feel even more vulnerable.

As she caped him tightly and secured a tissue around his neck, Pari smiled. “Time to make you look professional.” “Just a trim, right?” Yash asked, trying to regain some control. Pari chuckled softly. “I get to decide.” She began her work, bringing out her scissors and comb. With Yash’s head pushed down, he felt the first snip of his beloved hair. Pari’s inexperience with short hair was evident as she carefully navigated the scissors over comb technique, each snip deliberate and slow. Juhi watched with fascination. “I’m so happy Di is cutting your hair, Yash. I can’t believe we never did this before.” “Because you were growing your hair,” Juhi answered her own question, “and Di used to just trim mine.”

Juhi watched intently as Pari reduced Yash’s long hair, the locks piling up on the cape. Just as Yash was starting to get used to the idea of a shorter hairstyle, Pari brought out the clippers. The low hum as she plugged them in filled the room. Yash felt a surge of embarrassment. His once long hair was now in clumps on the cape, and he wasn’t sure how much more he could handle being taken off.

Pari, noting his discomfort, gently pushed his head down. Yash’s eyes darted up, trying to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror. The feeling of the clippers, unfamiliar and invasive, made him anxious. He had maintained his long hair with trims for years and wasn’t accustomed to such drastic changes. Juhi found his anxiousness endearing. “You look worried,” she teased softly, loud enough for everyone in the parlor to hear. Yash blushed, feeling shy and embarrassed, especially with others around. He tried hard to appear normal and not anxious, but the attention made it difficult.

Pari, sensing his discomfort, said casually, “I’m running the clippers with a number 2 guard. So don’t worry, your hair won’t be too short. And Yash, you don’t need to act like a girl who’s scared of losing their hair.”

As Pari continued cutting Yash’s hair, a middle-aged woman named Mrs. Sharma, who was getting her nails done at a nearby station, glanced over and snickered. “Well, isn’t this a sight? A man in a beauty parlor! Are you sure you’re not lost, young man? Shouldn’t you be at a barbershop?” Another customer, a young lady named Rina, who was getting a facial, added with a smirk, “Maybe he’s here for a full makeover. Don’t forget to ask for a manicure and some bright nail polish, Yash!” The room filled with amused laughter, and Yash’s face flushed with embarrassment. His cheeks burned. He managed a weak smile.

As Pari ran the clippers over Yash’s head, Juhi got up from the waiting area and walked over to him. She picked up a small chunk of his hair lying lifelessly on the cape. “Baby, I’m already starting to miss your long hair. Now your hair is shorter. Whose hair will I play with?” she teased, her voice tinged with mock sorrow. Yash tried to glance up at Juhi, but Pari gently pushed his head back down. “Yash, please look down and don’t move,” she instructed, her tone firm yet caring. “Don’t worry, Juhi,” Pari added, “there will still be a lot of hair left on his head after I finish the haircut.”

Pari continued to run the clippers on the sides and back of Yash’s head. Juhi stood by, her fingers absentmindedly playing with Yash’s hair that had already been cut. After finishing with the sides and back, Pari stepped forward, asking Juhi to step aside as she changed the guard on the clippers. Yash watched her swap the guard, a hint of hope in his voice. “Pari, I kind of like this look,” he said, indirectly asking her to stop cutting.

Pari smiled but shook her head. “Yes, but it’s not complete. Look down for me,” she said, pushing his head back down. “Don’t be paranoid, Yash,” Juhi said, her tone light. “Just let Di do her job.” She placed her hand on his head, pushing it down further until his cheeks touched his chest. Pari was surprised by Juhi’s action but liked it nonetheless. “Just cut his hair, Di. He won’t say anything,” Juhi assured, keeping her hand firmly on his head.

Pari continued to run the clippers, now using a number one guard to give a faded look. Finally, she removed the guard altogether, using the clippers on the sides and back. The sensation was scary for Yash, and he tried to move his head, but Juhi held him firmly in place. After finishing with the clippers, Pari brought out her scissors and comb. She moved to the crown of Yash’s head, pulling his hair slightly. She kept only an inch of his hair between her fingers and began cutting it slowly but with deliberate force. Yash watched as the first inch of his top hair was cut and fell onto his head, his heart sinking.

Pari continued, her comb moving with slight force as she held his hair tightly between her fingers before chopping it off. She repeated this action across the crown, evening out the length. Small hairs fell on Yash’s head, face, and cape. Juhi watched intently, finding the transformation fascinating. Seeing Yash sit helplessly in the chair, transforming from a college boy into a man, she found the sight unexpectedly attractive.

Pari, after cutting off an inch from Yash’s crown section, took another inch and repeated the process. She meticulously combed his hair, held it tightly between her fingers, and snipped it off. The small pieces of hair continued to fall, covering Yash’s cape and face. Juhi, watching closely, felt an unexpected surge of excitement. “Di, looking at you cutting Yash’s hair, I feel like cutting his hair too,” she said, her voice filled with curiosity and eagerness. Pari smiled, pleased by Juhi’s interest. She continued to cut Yash’s hair, this time taking three inches and repeating the process. The longer pieces of hair falling onto the cape made Yash feel even more humiliated, the drastic cuts happening against his will.

Pari then sprayed Yash’s hair to dampen it, making it easier to manage. She combed his hair forward, letting it cover his eyes. Yash closed his eyes, anticipating the next cut. Pari contemplated cutting his bangs shorter but decided to hand over the responsibility. “Juhi, do you want to try?” Pari asked, offering her scissors. Juhi was taken aback. “Di, I don’t know how to cut hair.” Yash, sensing the potential disaster, echoed her concern. “Pari, please, let Juhi not do this.”

Pari reassured them both. “Let me handle this. Trust me. Juhi, just cut his hair from the forehead level.” Despite her initial hesitation, Juhi took the scissors. She approached Yash, her excitement mingling with nervousness. With a slightly shaky hand, she made the cut. Due to her inexperience, she ended up chopping a little higher and unevenly. The uneven bangs fell over Yash’s face, making him look even more worried.

Juhi giggled at the result, unable to hide her amusement. “Oh my God, Yash, you look like a kid who just got his first haircut from his mom!” Yash, feeling humiliated, could do nothing but sit there. His new, uneven bangs were a stark reminder of his vulnerability in that moment. The snipping sound echoed in his ears, each cut a blow to his pride.

Pari stepped in, taking the scissors from Juhi. “Well, that’s a unique look, Juhi,” she said with a chuckle. “But let me fix it.” With practiced ease, she began evening out the bangs, carefully blending them into the rest of his hair. Each precise snip from Pari’s skilled hands restored some semblance of order to the mess Juhi had made.

As Pari took the scissors back from Juhi, she reassured Yash, “Don’t worry.” She came closer, noticing Yash sitting with his eyes closed. She began snipping off even more hair, much shorter than Yash had anticipated or than Pari had originally intended. Yash felt slightly uncomfortable with her proximity but knew he couldn’t do much about it. Once she finished with the scissors, Pari gently wiped the hair from his face. Yash felt a bit more at ease with this tender touch. Pari then picked up the clippers for the last time, carefully shaping his nape and sideburns, giving him a polished, professional look.

As Pari was finishing up with the clippers, another regular, Mrs. Kapoor, who was having her eyebrows threaded, couldn’t resist a more cutting remark. “Oh dear, look at him! Maybe next time he should come in for a waxing session. After all, men need to keep up with grooming too, right?” Pari chuckled at the comments but focused on her work, while Juhi, noticing Yash’s discomfort, squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. Despite the degrading jokes, she gave him an encouraging smile.

Pari blow-dried his hair and styled it with wax, making sure every strand was in place. She released the cape, letting it fall, and threw the tissue on the floor. With a final touch, she pulled the collar of his shirt back out and buttoned him up again. Yash felt awkward but managed a smile as he stood up from the chair. “Thank you, Pari,” he said sincerely.

Pari admired her work, pleased with the outcome. “You look ready for the professional world,” she remarked with satisfaction. Yash nodded in agreement. “I think so too,” he replied, feeling a newfound confidence.

Juhi also complimented Pari. “You did an amazing job, Di. We’re off to lunch now.” But as they turned to leave, Pari stopped Juhi. “Wait, only half the work is completed.”

Juhi and Yash looked at each other in confusion. “What do you mean?” Juhi asked. Pari smiled knowingly. “It’s not just Yash who has graduated and needs to join the corporate world.”

Juhi’s eyes widened as she realized what Pari was suggesting. Pari gestured towards the chair, indicating that it was now Juhi’s turn. Yash and Pari both looked at Juhi, who stood there, caught off guard and unsure of what to say next.

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