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I’ve been confused about hair fetish from my childhood..I used to hat getting my hair cut but loved the voice of scissors cutting through hair, I liked watching others getting haircuts I even choped a girls hair while playing. I have imagined many sinarios where my hair gets shorter and shorter by force. Here’s one of them

I have firzzy curly hair till my back , a little more than shoulder length. I was taken to a salon for a trim by my mum. I asked if I could get more than a trim for the first time, my mom lit up and said “yeah honey, ofc u can”  I sat on the brown leather chair and the stylist came tied me tight with the cape(so tight it was uncomfortable) checked my hair and asked “how much are we cutting?” I said “something short, quite short honestly”
My mum came in “give her what she wants, Don’t go too short tho..Definitely not shorter than neck length, I have to go do some work will be back in 30 mins”
The stylist starts wetting my hair, I get nervous and aroused at the same time, he starts cutting through my hair snip snip snip , long locks fall on the ground, as I get a little wet under the cape. Snip snip sip snip snip snip hair keeps getting shorter and shorter as he goes on and on cutting so much of it, at last he dries hair n asks “is it fine? ”  I don’t know why but I said
” I want shorter sir, this is totally not what I asked for”  the man started wetting hair and cutting again.. a lot this time snip snip snip snip snip snip it was shorter than neck length already…almost a boy cut✂️
He kept going…after a while he asked “this is QUITE short huh…or want it shorter?”
I said “a little more shorter sir” my mom arrived and was shocked looking at my pixie before she could stop him , he quickly started snipping more hair snip snip snip snip snip snip  my mom yelled ” I told not to go THIS SHORT??!” man said ” she wanted shorter maam” mom was in disbelief and scolded me for doing it. As I was leaving the stylist gave me a smirk.
I left with a almost buzz cut- caused by scissors.

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