Permanent Vacation

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FYI – This is a dark story that has defeminization and sexual content.  If this does not suit you please move on.


I was in a state of amazement as we stepped on to the private jet.  Here I was a skinny girl from rural Nebraska soon to be on my way to Malaysia.   I have been dating my boyfriend Charles since right after my first semester at the University of Nebraska.  I was there only because I had good enough grades in High School to get several decent scholarships and would be taking on a massive amount of student debt.  Charles was on the other end of the spectrum, a pretty boy who just wanted to party through college, but comes from a family who had buildings at the college with their name on them.  We had met at a party, and even though we were from different worlds, we just hit it off.

His parents were friendly towards me, although the reception was a little cold.  His father was making the trip for his business, but we were looking forward to a week at a 5 star resort.  Surprisingly the 10 hour flight went by quickly and then we were taken to go thru customs.

I was the last person called to the counter, as everyone else finished they were led to another area.  Charles smiled at me and said “I’ll see you in a minute Carly”  That was the last time I would ever see any of them again.

As I was being interviewed by the customs agent a group of 6 uniformed officers surrounded me.  I was taken by the arms and led to another room.  All of a sudden I was asked a series of rapid fire questions about my luggage.  I didn’t think anything was wrong, so when they asked me if the bottles of shampoo and conditioner were mine, of course I said they were.  It was then that they emptied the bottles out on the desk, and out came the heroin.  I was in a state of shock as they handcuffed me and led me out of the airport.

I was locked in a local jail for several days before anyone came to explain to me what was going on.  I asked the woman if I could call my boyfriend so he could explain that he had put the bottles in my luggage, and my heart just about stopped when she told me that everyone else had flown back out the next morning.

The woman told me her name was Mahsuri and she told me that I would be sentenced for drug trafficing in a few days.  I asked why I was going to be sentenced when I haven’t had a trial, or had even spoke to a lawyer yet.  Muhsuri told me that because I admitted that the drugs were mine that there would be no trial.  I tried to explain that I thought it was shampoo in the bottle and had no idea it was drugs, but she said it didn’t matter.  She then told me that the manditory sentence for drug trafficing was 25 years in prison.

If I wasn’t shocked enough by the sentence I was going to receive, what she told me next put a cold chill thru my body.  Muhsuri told me that I would be sent to the womens prison farm, and I would work in the fields for 10 hours a day.  The alarming to me was that due to constant problems with lice, all inmates have their heads shaved for their whole sentence.

I was a thin, medium height girl with small boobs, but the most feminine part of me was my long wavy hair.  I begged her let me go anywhere that I didn’t have to have my head shaved, but Mahsuri said that I would be taken there the next day.  I broke immediately broke down, realizing that my life was now over.

Mahsuri then told me I had one other option, without even hearing what she said I quickly said I would accept it.  She told me to hear what she had to offer before making my decision.  Mahsuri then went on to tell me that her man-servant had left working for her, and she needed a replacement for him.  I quickly said that being a servant sounded way better than 25 years in prison and told her I would gladly agree to it.

Mahsuri then place a big stack of papers on the table for me to read and sign. She went on to tell me that I was not in the USA anymore, so once I signed the paperwork it would mean I was signing over any rights and freedoms I had to her for the next 10 years.  I quickly turned to the last page and signed my name.

It was a couple hours later when we left the jail.  Mahsuri said nothing as we left, and after a short car ride we arrived at a modern looking medical building.  We were called into the exam room, then I was told to strip for the doctor.  I was given a thourough exam, and after the doctor started talking with Mahsuri.  I overheard her asking him how quick she would see results and him telling her he would give me high doses every week, and she should see changes in a few month’s.  I was then given a shot in each arm and told to get dressed.When we returned to the car I asked Mahsuri what the Doctor said about me, but she quickly told me I needed to learn my place.

Things stayed pretty quiet for the next several weeks.  I was staying in a luxury compound, and had everything I could want, they only thing i didn’t like was not being able to shave.  When I asked to have a razor and shave cream I was told that “women here do not do such things”, so after a few weeks I now had a full thick bush, plus furry legs and armpits.  My days consisted of cleaning my room to a spotless condition and spending at least 3 hours per day doing a workout program that the doctor gave for me.  The building I was staying had a full gym and I didn’t mind because it helped pass the time.  I made weekly return trips to the doctor, and every time was like the first, strip down, he work check me over, then would get a shot in each arm.  I thought that the doctor was just a bit of a pervy old man who liked the look of my 20 year old body.

It was about 4 months in when Mahsuri called me to the front house, this always meant we were going somewhere, so I quickly got ready and went to meet her.  She told me she was taking me to get my hair done, then to get my new servants ID card.  It was a short ride into town, and I was led into a fully open store front.  Inside there were long wooden benches against the side wall, filled with about a dozen or so men and women.  The right side had 8 large styling chairs, each one with a man wearing a white smock.

I watched as each one of the others on the benches were called up for their turns.  I saw that none of the women ended up with hair past their shoulders, and assumed that mine would fall to a similar fate.  It was now my turn, and as I sat down the man turned to Mahsuri, knowing that it was up to her what he was going to do to me.  I still didn’t understand the language, so I still had no idea what was going to happen.

I was looking straight at Mahsuri when I heard the clippers start up.  I guessed that he would use them to quickly take my hair to my shoulders.  They were placed right behind my ear then quickly moved up the side of my head.  I could not see what was happening, but Mahsuri was starting to get a big smile on her face.  The chair was turned 90 degrees as he moved to the back of my head and continued the assault on my hair.  Once he had finished with the back it was another 90 degree turn.  I looked straight ahead and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, there was only the shortest of hair on the side of my head.  My eyes were now flowing with tears, and all I could say was “why?”  The barber then proceeded to made the sides even shorter from nothing at the bottom to maybe 1/2 inch at the top.  He then cut the top of my head down to a couple inches in front, but shorter in back.  I was still in tears when he started to shave the bottom half of my head, but for some reason I kind of liked the feeling.  He finished the cut by coating the top of my head with some kind of liquid, and combing it through. As Mahsuri paid for his services, she also bought a bottle of the oil that was used on my head.  I guessed that I would be using it for a while.

I asked Mahsuri why I had to have my hair cut off, but she cut me off reminding me it was “how she wanted it.”  I cringed when Mahsuri then told me that it was now my responsibility to go to the barbershop every week and keep my hair like this.  We headed to the doctor next, and as I was standing in the exam room, naked of course, he and Mahsuri began talking about my body, but I still wasn’t sure what they were saying.  Mahsuri kept pointing to my small boobs, and I thought I heard her say boobjob to the doctor.  The visit finished with my weekly shots in each arm, and as I went for my clothes Mahsuri gave me a bag and told me to put on my new clothes for my ID photo.

I was surprised by the clothes in the bag.  A pair of black dress pants and a white dress shirt were nothing strange, but there was a pair of boxers and a heavy duty sports bra.  Once I put the bra on my little b-cup breasts seemed to flatten out against my chest.  As I finished with the pants and shirt, I noticed that in my new outfit and haircut I looked just like a boy.  When she saw me in my new outfit Muhsuri got a big smile on her face.  “Okay time to go get your ID card”

When we got to the government building Mahsuri again spoke for me.  The only time I had to do anything was when we were given some forms to sign.  I noticed right away that my name was spelled wrong, the form said Carl, but when I tried to say something I was quickly told to remain silent.  A few minute later I was given my new ID badge with the name Carl on it, and instead of my last name on it it had Mahsuri’s last name and the word servant in bold red letters.  I felt like my whole identity was just taken away,

The following week we were back at the doctors office, and as I stood there naked I realized that the workouts in the gym were really starting show.  My shoulders and arms seemed to have bilked up quite a bit and my thighs looked somewhat muscular.   I was told to lay on the table for my injections which was different than normal, but I knew not to ask.  The next thing I knew I was very groggy as I seemed to have been asleep for a while.  I noticed that I had bandages on my breasts, but I certainly hadn’t been given implants.  A short while later Mahsuri entered the room with the doctor and started discussing my treatment.  It was the first time that the whole conversation was in english, and with what I heard I wish it wasn’t.  I found out that the injections I was receiving were high dose testosterone, which is why I have been gaining so much muscle mass in my chested and thighs.  The most shocking part was he told Mahsuri that what ever was left of my breasts would flatten out to chest muscles, and due to my small nipples, my chest would look just like a mans chest.

After several days of recovery we went back to the doctor again.  I was unhappy when we were sitting in the waiting room and the receptionist came out and said “Carl, The doctor is ready for you.”  Mahsuri had seen fit to make sure that everyone I dealt with used my new name.  I could have passed out when I saw my chest, my pert B-cups now looked like they did when I was 13 years old, just a couple small bumps.  The doctor said it was one of the best boobjobs he has done.  The visit of course finished with my weekly t-shots.

The ride home was exceptionally quiet, until we pulled up in front of the barbershop and Mahsuri told me she had spoken with the barber, and he was waiting for me.  I had gotten used to going myself, so I didn’t know why she would have called him.  It didn’t take long to understand as the barber took no time at all to tun his clippers over my head, leaving nothing but skin.  That was followed by a complete head shave.

Mahsuri smiled as I walked thru the door “Carl, you look wonderful.”  I was happy when she told me I didn’t have to keep my head shaved, but if I missed another trip to the barbers she would make me permanently bald.  That evening Mahsuri called me to her room.  I had never been there at night, and when she opened the door I was surprised to see her in a lace negligee.  I had never even thought about being with another woman before, but she kept me there until morning.

The next morning I was again shocked as Mahsuri told me that she decided I was ready to start seeing some of her female friends.  I asked what she meant and Mahsuri said it was “time I earned my keep”  I was now her little dyke boi, and I would soon be her top earner.  I soon began sleeping during the day as every night was now for the pleasure of the local lesbian community.  The only time I was up during they day was when I went to the barbershop.  I knew if I missed even once I would never have hair on my head again.

It was 2 years later when I met another young american girl at the barbershop, she to was a servant for another one of the local lawyers, and like me she looked like a boy with a flat chest and butch haircut.  The shocking part was when she explained how she got to where she was.  She said she was on a trip with her boyfriend Charles and his family, and drugs were found in her luggage.  She too agreed to 10 years of servitude rather than 25 years in prison.

Her story made me start to wonder how long I would spend in jail when I eventually got my revenge on Charles and his family.





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