Piece by Piece

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Piece by piece

As my kids, one girl and two boys grew up they would get two haircuts a year. One summer cut the day school let out for break usually a burr or crew cut. Then a trim up about Christmas time. Yes the girl too. Fair is fair.

As they turned sixteen I let them do their own thing. The girl grew her hair out long and nasty the two boys keep it short almost doing the same tradition.

I missed doing the haircuts so I ran an ad in the local paper.

“I do free summer cuts the first week of break and I also buy hair if the parent is interested.”  I received  several responses but one caught my eye.

“I’m a single mom. Three kids two boys and a girl. How much is their hair worth?”

I replied “ Nothing but how long is your hair?” She sent me a family picture. The girl 14 ish had longer mid back brown hair. The two boys had shaggy single mom letting them do what they wanted hair but her hair was a beautiful natural red cut into a nice v shape in the back almost to her waist line.

I replied “I’ll pay you $250 for the ponytail”

“$400” she replied.

“I can’t sell it for that and I have to break even.” I informed her.

She sent back “I have to have $400 at least to make the house payment this month”.

I offered “$500 for all her hair and summer cuts on the kids”.

“All of my hair?” she ask

I simply said “yes”.

About a day went by and I figured she was done with our conversation.

Then she replied to my offer with an “ok but the girl would not be participating in the cuts.”

Sent back “all or nothing”

She begged “$450 no girls haircut. Please?”

  “No, all or nothing”. Was my reply.

I figured this negotiation was over I had some fun. Now I could walk away. An hour later just “k”Popped on my phone. Then a question “where and when?”

We decided the next day, a hotel room with a crowed parking, lot and a back exit would be a great place to perform the cuts. The local casino would be perfect. I had free rooms and she could leave without notice. I spent that night getting all my stuff together, sharping my scissors and checking the clippers.

We both arrived at the casino about the same time but I had the advantage because I’ve seen her picture but she had no idea who I was. I introduced my self and ask if she was ready.

“No” she replied.  But wanted to proceed anyway. I had pre-checked  so I picked up my keys and we headed up. I got two adjoining rooms. Gave her a key and took one for myself. I went in one and she took the other. I settled in and then knocked on the door between the rooms. I ask “If she was ready to get it started?”

Her and the oldest boy 15 or so came to the door. “Who’s first?” she ask.

“He is” I said 

I showed him over to the mid back office chair that substitutes for a stylist chair. He nervously sits down like his mother instructed. He was staring at the clippers and scissors sitting on the table in front of him with a puzzled look. I turned to his mother and ask”did you tell them they are here to get a haircut?”

That got his attention. As I cleaned the clipper I ask the mother what cut he wanted she just said a summer cut. He started mumbling no mom. I continued with oiling and adjusting the clippers. Clicking them on and off several times. The mumbles got louder. No mom and do I have to mom. The tears were flowing as he knew what was coming.

I picked up the clippers and turned towards him. Snapped them to life and he looked down. I walked around behind him and placed my hand under his chin that was wet with tears and lifted his head up level. Combed his bangs down over eyes then took the clippers and made a sweep side to side releasing them to slide down the cape. The mumbles became words begging his mom to stop what was happening. She ask me why I did that. I said “so he could watch his hair being shaved off.” I turned the clippers to the side and ran them down the middle making a perfectly bald strip pushing the hair off the front and down to the cape. Then another strip towards the front just so he realized he was moments from bald.

He stopped the objection and started with insults as sad turned to mad. This stopped as I reached into my bag and set a can of shaving cream an razor on the table. I told him to focus his attention on the cream and razor because if I heard another word it was going to be a smooth shave. I clicked the clippers back on and ran them down the right side over the ear letting the shaggy brown hair drift down to the floor as the boy cried but made no sounds. Then running the clippers on the left side as slowly and methodically as I could. Flipping as much hair as I could forward for the boy to see. His mother watching as her son was shaved nearly bald. Just as an added touch it went ahead and reran the clippers several time back and forth to make sure I didn’t miss anything. When I was done both he and his mother was out of tears. I took the cape off and his mother sent him to the shower as the other boy probably 10 ish was summoned.

As the younger boy stepped up the the chair that was surrounded by hair he ask how short his brothers hair was and did he have to do the same. I put  the cape on and then Started cleaning of the clippers whileHe watched.
Then said to him “say goodbye to this shaggy mess.”

 Snapped on the clippers and plowed down the middle just one strip with a number six guard. That’s not to bad I said. His mom ask if I could leave his this length. I said sure it’s all or nothing you can stop at any time. She just nodded to go ahead. So I tilted the boys head down ward removed the guard and started up the back flipping the severed hair to the front.  Leaving the boy with the impression some of his hair was still intact. But strip after strip was exposing skin to the cool air. I know he could see that long sandy blond hair on his cape but not a word was spoken. I had shaved my way around the bottom half of his head. I lifted his head so he could see the mirror but his uncut hair fell down coving most of the clippered  portion. I turned to the scissors to give the clippers time to cool. With the comb I lifted the uncut hair on the left and started slicing though it. With each crunch he seen more of what hair was remaining.

His brother had finished the shower and returned to the room standing silently next to his mother at first then speaking up that ain’t fair he still has some hair. I looked up at him and pointed to the shaving cream he was ever close to experiencing. He stopped talking immediately.

My attention turned back to the subject at hand and seeing as the boy had let the cat out of the bag. I picked up the clippers clicked them on and pushed down the middle shaving the strip I had left earlier. The boy now began to cry as his future hair cut was revealed. He watched me in agony as I made Pass after pass. Seeing his hair drifting down to the floor. He started moving and jerking his head side to side. I just continued to run the clippers over his shorn head several more passes making sure it was as smooth as possible. 

As I was taking the cape of I ask the Mother to take a seat it was her turn. Reluctantly she walked over to the chair and sat down. She ask if I was going to take all her hair. I didn’t answer. I placed the cape around her pulling her hair up and putting in in a clip then snapping the collar tightly on her neck and whispering to her gotta keep all that falling hair on the outside. I let the clip out then started brushing her hair out. Then I picked up the scissors. Asked her again if she wanted to continue I picked up a handful of hair from the top of her head as she said yes I crunched though the hair at the base removing a large chunk then releasing from my hand piece by piece in front of her face.

To be continued….

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