Pooja went for bangs

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Pooja is studying 12th std . She is the tall girl in the class.she has long jet black hair reaching hip length. She will maintain her hair very well. She will trim her hair every month. She had a vacation of 10 days. She went to the parlour for monthly trim. . She always wears her hair in ponytail. In the parlour she saw a girl getting her bangs. She too decides to go for bangs . Her stylist came and she took het to the stying chair. Covered her with the cape. Opened her ponytail. Pooja told can I have bangs like her showing the stylist the girl who just received the bangs cut. The stylist told of course and sprayed water over her hair . She combed her hair. Trimmed the hip length hair . She came front for bangs. Sectioned her hair. Took the scissors and cut the hair till nose length. Took the dryer combed her hair well and put her hair back in ponytail. The bangs were sliding across her left eye and she looked cute. She thanked the stylist and paid her. Once she reached home her mom asked her to pack few dresses for a week. As she needs to go to her grandma house. Her mom saw her new bangs combed the hair as it was covering her eyes.. she told it will be always falling into your eyes either you should left it long to tuk in ponytail or it should be short so that it will be out of your eyes. She told and started to pack.she packed the dresses and reached grandma house. Grandma hugged her grand daughter. They had dinner to gether and her mother told i need to go for business trip for two weeks i am leaving in the early morning. Please takecare of pooja she told. Her grandma told oke you go safe i will take care my grand daughter. Next day morning they dropped her mom in the airport . Mom kissed her daughter told be a good girl combed her fingers through her bangs and told do something for this it s covering your eyes. She left. Grandma was driving the car to the downtown to buy few groceries. She was taking to her grand daughter how her studies is going. The downtown came. Pooja and grandma parked the car. Her grandma hold her hands and started to walk. Pooja wa wearing shorts way too high to hide her tigh as she s taller
Her grandma opened a door and took pooja inside. It was barbershop. Pooja asked grandma why we are here. Her grandma hold her bangs and told this s disturbing you often so we will take care. She told ok lets go to parlour and get this sorted she told in crying tone. By the time the barber came hold her shoulder and took her to the barber chair. Her grandma told don’t worry sweetie you will be good. She told the barber to takecare her daughter, she will buy some groceries and come back in few min. She left. Pooja was siting in the chair. The barber took a white cape and tied around her neck. He opened her ponytail and started to wet. Her hair is wet so much than needed her bangs were dropping water into her face. She was thinking wat style he s going to give. Grandma didn’t say anything to the barber. She turned as he s coming her long hair and told only to trim her bangs not to cut any hair. Barber smiled and hold her head. Turned her from the mirror. Combed her bangs brought the scissors and cut her bangs to eyebrows. He combed her hair again brought the scissors and reduced her side and back to nothing. The cape is full of long hair. He s still continuing . Side and back was very close after 15 minutes of cut he plugged in the clippers and without guard ran over her side and back. She was shivering and tears were flowing down. He hold her chin and told don’t cry baby. It will over soon. He took sprayer again wet her top hair. Her top hair was clipped once he opened still it reached down her hip. He made ponytail close to her temple and chopped it. Took wide tooth comb and started cutting her top hair. Her grandma entered and saw her granddaughter. Tears were flowing down from pooja. She came close and told side and back are okey but top s still very long the barber kept the scissors down. Took the clippers. Attachment 3 and passed over her fore head the bangs were falling down. The barber hold her chin and force fully passed her head multiple times. Her grandma rubbed her head and told take it shorter. He took the clippers without blade and gave her a 0 cut in the top and shaved sides and back. Grandma was satisfied. Barber shaved her forehead and removed the cape. Pooja saw the floor and touched her head. Grandma took her and told now only i can see your face yu wer hidings ur face with the hair. Barber applied powder on her head and face. Pooja got down and ran to grandma. She payed to the barber. Barber rubbed pooja head and told see you next week. Pooja s a tall girls and now she looked like a boy. They were doing few more shopping. Grandma bought her new dress. .they both reached home. After two weeks her mom returned. She saw pooja kissed her and told you are looking sweet in this haircut looks like you have taken good decision. Don’t worry i will take you for weekly maintenance. Tomorrow is your school. Pack lets go home. Pooja packed and kissed her grandma and told bye. On the way home she parked in barbershop. Pooja hair was grown little over 2 weeks. She made pooja to sit and told the barber to takecare. Barber shaved her head smooth in 10 min. She told him weekly once she will come please take care. He applied powder and told sure madam. Pooja went school everyone was surprised. Her school uniform was skirt and shirt. She looked cute in that. Her studies improved. Over period of time with weekly headshave she completed 12 . She did not go to barbershop for two months her hair is now in grown boycut. One day before result she was walking in the road. Someone from back touched her head. She turned. It was the barber. Looks like you need to sit in the chair. Took her to the shop made her sit and shaved her bald.

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