Prepped for Adoption

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Prepped for Adoption

I never expected to be chosen for a program that sent young woman from earth to a new Alien race found in space.

A superior race. They appeared as humans, only stronger, faster, and better in every way. They weren’t little green aliens. Just superior. They were interested in earth. Just as much earth was interested in them. Earth formed a bond.

Ok earth, if we ever got into some trouble with the law, we were sent to a camp. It felt like prison. It was a reformatory. We were being prepped to be adopted by our future husbands or wives.

There were several phases of training. I thought I would never leave.

“Miss Crane.”

My attention pulled from my thoughts as I sat across from a an older woman, sporting a 1950’s tight perm. I could smell the lacquer from across the room. I could never understand why all of the wardens wore a similar look. I hated the conservative nature. I much preferred short cocktail dresses and heels.

As it was, our “uniforms” were unflattering long skirts and blouses.

“Yes Miss Watson…” I meekly said.

“Though your performance here hasn’t been what I would like to stay, stellar. You have been selected by one of the alpha members from New Earth. You are being adopted and are set to go to your new home tonight.”

Finally, I was going to be leaving this place. Granted, my fear of heights would be tested when I joined other adoptees on a shuttle that would portal me not only high into the air but into space.

“Sweet,” I said excitedly.

The warden looked at me crossly.

“I mean… yes ma’am.”

Her cold eyes lingered. “I don’t think I need to remind you how important it is for you to make your good impression. If you don’t, you’ll be returned to earth and spend the rest of your sentence in the prison system.”

I knew that wouldn’t happen. I was a snack for anyone to look at, even if I resembled and Amish woman.

“From here you’ll be escorted to the prepping rooms, and then you’ll be on your way. James, will escort you. He will be with you through the entire process and is authorized to use any corporal punishment to ensure your complicity.”

“Yes ma’am…” I replied, trying to think about what was so bad that I would have to avoid being spanked or having soap shoved in my mouth. I didn’t think it would be hard to get in trouble watching movies to prepare us for life on New Earth.

James led me down the corridors. He was dressed in his normal security attire. I eyed the paddle and riding crops on his waist that replaced a gun or taser like other guards might wear. While the females wore a tight perm with neat shaved back and sides, the men had a shirt crew cut that was never out of place. I was thankful that they had never touched my long wavy auburn locks. I spent lots of time brushing and braiding my hair .

“This room.” James said gruffly as he pointed at a door that said “predatory room 7.” James knocked on the door before opening it. I had planned to see a few rows of tables and a screen to show movies. Instead I was met with a salon like room.

Prepping must have included making us look pretty for our suitors.

As I wondered what my suitor might be liked, James pushed me farther into the room.

Inside were too females with the same uniform perm and white dresses with pink aprons. On one side of the room was a salon chair with all of the supplies, while on the other side a massage table was neatly set up. There was an open shower which upon closer inspection had several attachments for tying people up.

I had seen a shower similar when I was being punished for comments made. I had to stand like a star with my arms and feet latched down  and pelted with cold water.

A gut feeling told me that prepping was going to be a very different experience.

“Hello James, is this Miss Selina Crane?” One of the ladies asked.

“Yes, it is, she’s to be prepped for adoption tonight.” James replied diligently, pushing me forward so I was closer to the females.

“Perfect,” the other lady said. “No time like the present. We shall stop wasting time. Now Miss Crane. Strip down.”

The bad feeling in the out of my stomach continued to form. “ shower? Can’t I do that on my own?” I asked.

“Oh there will be much more than showering. Your hair and body must be prepared to perfection for your suitor. We will ensure you are clean, shaven, and your hair is neat and tidy.”

Neat and tidy.

Those weren’t the words that I wanted to hear.

“Soon you’ll look like one of us and there will be no room for your suitor to send you back.”

“Wait, what?” I asked, confused by what they said.

“I can’t wait to get my hand in that hair. So much of it needs to go,” one of the ladies mused.

“No, no, I don’t think so,” I said rather angrily. “Neither of you…” I was about to continue on my rant when a sharp pain radiated from my cheek as James hand crossed it. His hands then held me tightly, forcing me out of my clothes.

“Such a pity we will be doing this the hard way.” He said roughly.

My struggles were futile as I was stripped from everything that covered my body.

“Where would you like to start?” James asked the woman.

“The table, I think we will start with waxing.”

As I tried to scramble away, James held onto me tightly and my kicks were futile as I was strapped to the massage table.

“Stay away from you Bi—“ as I tried to shout out profanities, a ball gag was stuck into my mouth, rendering me a drooling mess as I tried to scream at them.

I spent the next several minutes having hair removed with wax strips from my legs, mound and embarrassingly my ass.

“Let’s wash her next.” One of the woman said. As I was released from the table I once again tried to fight back, managing to kick one of the woman in the sides, send her to tumble to the floor.

“The more you struggle the worse this will be James said,” and single handedly strung me from the shower, removing the riding crop and paddle from his waist.

“Ten from each? Should that help your compliance?” James asked and I grudgingly took the pain that radiated from my behind as the battle left ten red spots and small pink welts wear the riding crop collided with each of my breasts.

The woman that I knocked down had no hurt feelings as she washed every crevice of my body, leaving my hair to be tied back and un touched by the water.  I knew it’s fate.

With my arms tired from Being held above my head, I was finally sat, in the salon chair in nothing but a towel that had been wrapped snuggly around my body. They took no chances and made sure ever part of my body was strapped to the salon chair.

The gag from my Mouth was removed, and before I had the chance to speak, James looked at me with a stern face. “You will be compliant. If you aren’t, I will tell the warden that you are not fit and will ensure you spend the next forty years in a prison cell.”

I knew it could happen. It still didn’t mean that I wasn’t upset about the situation.

“Now, this hair,” Mandy, the shorter woman said. I had learned that Lauren was the other woman’s.

Mandy didn’t waste time by covering me in a thick pink cape. It tightly fastened around my neck. “Personally I think that all the woman and men should have their hair cropped while being at the reformatory. I don’t know why they make you wait until Prepping.”

Mandy roughly brushed through my hair that reached the lower part of my back. “Let’s just get rid of the bulk,” Mandy said, reaching for her sheers to mercilessly hack through my hair.

Snip, snip, snip.

Chunk after chunk of hair fell to the floor as she sawed through my hair, refusing it to a roughly cut Bob. Years of care had been stripped away in seconds. Mandy made sure to taunt me by dangling the hair in front of me, letting it fall on the front of my cape and then the floor.

“Such thick hair is going to bring a wonderful perm.” Lauren mused, taking over for Mandy. I watched as she with comb in hand and the horrid scissors continued to reduce the hair I. My head.

Snip, snip, snip.

Lauren stroke after stroke reduced my hair to only a few inches all around. I could tell she was taking her time, making sure to let as much hair as possible to fall in front of my face.

When it had been reduced to the length that she wanted, I was then subjected to the long process of rolling my hair in perm rods. Mandy and Lauren did this together, not caring that I whimpered they were rolling them too tight. I knew they were using the smallest rods possible.

At least the cutting was done. I didn’t think anything could get any worse.

The process of having my hair permed was long. Cotton was placed around my hair like and then I went through the nasty process of smelling the perm solution and sitting under the heated dryer for what felt like an eternity.

While under the dryer, the ladies polished my fingers with a light pink and did the same with my feet. Had it not been from being stripped of my pride and joy, I could have come to enjoy this, instead I wailed that I wanted out from underneath the dryer.

Finally my hair was met with the neutralizer and then washed out. Mandy delicately removed the towel from my head revealing a tight set of auburn curls.

Lauren and Mandy used a diffuser to dry my curl, leaving me with an Afro.

“This looks hideous….” I muttered.

“That’s because it’s not done,” Lauren replied. “Chin down,” she instructed and I did as told.


A hum filled the air and the chin that looked at my chest shot up as I realized Lauren was holding a pair of oyster clippers.

“I said chin down,” she said sternly and forced my head to my chest. “You need a clean

Back and sides.”

The hum of the clippers came closer to my nape and the hungrily buzzed through the new curls.

“Make sure to get over her ears. “I think we should take her shorter for the way she acted, don’t you think?” Mandy chided. In no time, the hair on my back was reduced to stubble. Lauren forcefully pushed my head to the left so the clippers could run over my sides, tidying my hair so I looked just like one of them.

Lauren did the same with my left side, making sure to fold my ears down so nothing was missed. The final touches were the shaving cream to make sure that I had a very neat and tidy neck.

“You’ll learn to enjoy having weekly sets. Minimal work, all so you can focus time in your suitor. I hear the salons are much fun in space.” Mandy said.

I had been reduced to silence. I had shed tears through the entire process. The worst was when my hair had been shorn, and finally the clippers at the end.

“I dare say she’s ready,” Lauren said to James.

Replicating the ladies, I had a tight perm that smelled of hair spray and Gel. I smelled like a grandma. I looked like a grandma. I had been aged twenty years.

I was then dressed in a conservative polka dot dress. It was paired with a headband in my hair and a low pair of heels.

“Have fun in the new earth,” the ladies said before James led me out of the prepping room and onto wards the next phase of educating me of who my suitor was.

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