Princess Prison Headshave

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I was supposed to get up and make sure that I was getting ready for our delegates that afternoon. But I was so tired that I ended up sleeping, right on my bed, which isn’t what I should have done in the first place. I was princess, the heir, yet I was tired of being perfect; I needed a nap.

I woke up in a bed that was not my own and felt my phone in my hidden gown pocket. I had slept for only half and hour, but where was I? This wasn’t my room, and I know Prince Maxon, my husband to-be, wouldn’t kidnap me just to say hi. I saw 2 doors; one was open and I saw that it led to a bathroom, the other was closed and I assumed it was a closet. There were a set of large, double doors, which I assumed was the door to a hallway or something.

I heard footsteps coming from a hallway, so I faked sleeping.

The door opened and a guy walked in, no older than me, maybe 15 at most. He sat on the bed, next to me. He shook me awake. I acted as if I just woke up.

“Pardon,” I said, “but could you tell me where I am?”

“Ha,” he laughed. “I’m Cole, love, don’t you remember?”

“Remember what?” I asked. “I also do not think that I am your ‘love’ Cole because I have never met you.”

“Why, don’t play your games sweetheart, you are mine now. You have met me. You fainted when I proposed to you. Just and hour ago. Dear, you don’t remember?”

“What I remembered is that I was taking a nap for half and hour,” I said, sitting up on the bed. “What I do not remember is ever, allowing anyone to kidnap me just to have an affair with me.”

Cole was silent for a moment and I was afraid I had gone too far with my commanding skills. I had learned them in these cases; to show people that they should look down on their decisions and be sorry. After a moment or so, Cole scooted up close to me, near where my hidden pocket for my phone was. Instead of touching my ball gown, however, he started fiddling around with my hair. It was long, as I was to grow it long to ‘make me look more proper and perfect’ and ‘allow for more diverse styles’.

“Good gods!” Cole said as he undid my bun. “Your hair seems like such a beauty to maintain.”

I blushed as he played around with it for a while. He was ready to say something, but I saw he wanted to take his sweet, sweet time. I took deep breaths and hoped he would leave soon.

Out of the blue, Cole said, “Well then, accept my offer dear. Be mine, and you will be my most prized, the kingdom will love you. I will love you. You will be more adored than all adoring fans combined.”

“No! I am not yours. NOT now. Not EVER. I was supposed to see Maxon today, and you STOLE me! DO YOU THINK I would even CARE about what you WANT!?!”

Cole wasn’t mad. He simply left the room and said, “Well, you’ll be stuck here for a while love. Make yourself at home. IF you change your mind, hit this button and I’ll come.”

Once he left, I whipped out my phone texting Luke, my guardian.

Me: Luke, I’m in another situation.


Me: Another kidnapping…you really think I can get out of this mess?

Luke: Sorry, didn’t know that before. Kingdom?

Me: I don’t know. But I know the prince is Cole.

Luke: I know now. Your in the Anagatha Kingdom. Not that far from us in Winchesterdom. I think I may have to pull some strings, but I’ll round up Jayden and Gavin and we’ll be there in about 1 hour. Meet me in the throne room.

Me: I don’t know where it is though.

Luke: Listen, be obedient. Submit to Cole as if you were to want to stay there. Let him do whatever. Wait, what does he want with you?

Me: He wants me to be his bride. OR his to be lover, like an arranged marriage.

Luke: Ok, act as if you are submitting to him, but no hanky-panky. NO sex otherwise Maxon might not feel you love him, even if it was FORCED sex.

Me: Okay. I will.

Luke: Be careful and make sure to meet in the throne room, which is where you’ll be presented to Cole’s family.


I clicked the button Cole mentioned. He came in 5 minutes with a butler. The butler carried a plain, black bag that I didn’t pay any attention to.

“So, dear, have you changed your mind?”

Bowing to him, I hoped it looked like I was being obedient.

“I am sorry for my previous actions. And should have accepted the offer the first time. I hope you will accept me and my apology. I will be yours. If you will be mine wholeheartedly.”

Cole smiled. He extended his hand for me to take and I accepted it. He looked at me and said,” You should go to the bathroom. We need to make a few slight changes before my parents see you.

I went into the bathroom and texted Luke that Cole believed me so far and that I was going to be busy for a while but I’d see him soon.

I stepped out of the bathroom and Cole led me to the door I thought was a closet and was right for the most part. There were a few dresses on one side, but most of it looked like it was dedicated to a salon and there was a large mirror at the far end of the closet. Plus there was one chair that looked like it belonged in a barbershop. Leather and such, with a footrest.

Cole turned it around and beckoned me to sit in it. I sat down and Cole turned the chair to face the mirror. The butler that was with Cole put the bag down on the table in front of the mirror, opened the bag, fished out a comb, and handed it to Cole.

He turned towards me and started to brush out my hair, which reached past my mid back. It was so long at that moment and I never thought what would happen next.

“Love,” Cole said, “Your hair might be lovely, but to my family, it seems too long. Would you mind terribly if I had my hairdresser cut it, just a little bit, for you?”

I looked in the mirror. It was long and past the small of my back. I don’t think it would be so painful if a few inches were cut off, even of half a foot was cut, it was still long. So I nodded as the hairdresser got out some haircutting tools on the tabletop. I noticed various haircut scissors, as well as combs, a pair of clippers with various guard sizes, and a straight razor.

The hairdresser was behind me and had nothing in his hands. He was about to pick up something from the items in front of me, but Cole interrupted him.

“I’d actually like it if I could have some time with her, if you don’t mind.”

His butler left us, and Cole began to comb my hair, toying around with it. Cole was enjoying every moment. I was quavering, fearing what he was going to do.

Satisfied, he called the butler back in. I still sat in the barber’s chair. Cole’s butler started to braid a long front section of my hair, tightly. The chair was facing away from the mirror, so it was too late when the butler handed Cole a pair of haircutting scissors and Cole chopped of the braid.

The Cut

It was long and almost an inch thick. Cole loved it and smiled adoringly at me. What was I supposed to do? Before I could reach up to touch the newly cut place, but Cole stopped me. He told the servant, “Just tie her feet together, and make sure her hands are the same. I wouldn’t want emotions to get in the way of your diligent work.”

After it was all done, I felt scissors trimming the back of my head. Suddenly, without any warning, I felt a waterfall of hair falling onto my lap and  looked at Cole in horror. He smiled at me and rubbed my tied hands under the cape. Closing my eyes, I felt tears, stupid tears, run down.

Cole talked to me in a low, quiet voice, saying, “I know you are sad to see it go, but from now on, its gonna be like this. I want you to be perfect. And I’m right here love, don’t cry. Please keep your eyes open so you can see me. And so I can see the eyes I want to see for the rest of my life.”

Opening my eyes, I felt tears streaming down my face. Cole wiped them with his tux sleeve. That was when I heard the sound of clippers. The clippers ate at my hair and spit it out. Much of it fell on my cape, and I saw Cole smiling as I was tortured.

The clippers were continuing to demolish my hair and discarding it on the floor. I saw that I was nearly bald. It passed my my left ear, nearly scaring the hell out of me.

I dared to look at the mirror. The princess I see is NOT me. Her hair is all gone and she’s nearly skinned bald. The shears had done their toll and were done for. Cole had me sit at a vanity with my eyes closed so make up could be applied.

As I felt the blush being applied, I felt a scrape sound on top of my head. There it is again, like ASMR, scrape, scrape, scrape. I opened my eyes in fear, and Cole had a straight blade in his hand, shaving what was left of my stubble called hair. He noticed me staring and made me sit still. The ASMR continued until my head was shiny bald and Cole kissed me everywhere, in front of the servant! He stopped at my lips and French kissed me. I hated him for that.

The Aftermath

My hair’s in a buzzcut now, and it has been 3 weeks since the incident. My brothers and my guardian rescued me in time thankfully. Everything is okay now. Maxon and I are engaged and life was set. But that was until I heard a scrape on my head while in bed…

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