Priya dragged for a Summer haircut

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Ravi got a message from Priya . Privya texted Ravi 
Priya : Ravi are you free …
Ravi  : yes Priya telme 
Priya : i wanted to cut my hair . 
Ravi  : why al of sudden 
Priya : sent a pic of her hair length . 
Ravi : Looked the picture priya sent .

Priya was wearing shorts and and sleeveless tshirt . She was brown skin tone . She left her hair open it was jet black .reached all the way below her hip .and the volume is very thick.Center Parted. 

Ravi texted back what length you wanted to go for . 
Priya : i have no clue 
Ravi : Ravi texted Priya get ready i will come and pick you . we can get this done today .
Priya : okie

Ravi knocked priya Door . priya opened the door . she was wearing shirt and jeans . 
Ravi asked priya to show your hair length . Priya turned . She tied her hair in high pony tail . it reached till her hip . Ravi asked this is very long . Priya smiled .Ravi took Priya to near by shop . Priya asked what style you have in mind . Ravi opened the door and asked priya to get in . 

Priya entered the shop 
the shop was empty . one old guy in age of 55 was reading the news paper . Once priya entered the shop he greeted them both . 
Ravi told Priya to go and sit in the chair . 
Priya walked to the chair that the barber pointed .it was warm as the barber was siting on the chair before priya went and sat on the chair . 
Barber removed couple of button from the shirt and tied a large cape around her .
He removed the rubber band from the pony tail and started to spray water . Priya hair was completely wet in 5 min . he sprayed more water so that water was dipping from priya face . 

Barber asked Ravi what are we doing . Priya wanted to say something to below shoulder level . 
Ravi told its very hot outside and the summer is here . we wanted to reduce the length to manageable length . give her something short . 
Priya was shocked . Barber pushed priya head down and took comb and scissors . 
He combed her hair nicely and started to snip all around her head . Once he reduced the length in 5 minuted Priya took a look in the mirror . she was seeing someone with hair chopped close to her scalp here and there uneven . 
Ravi was smiling by seeing priya . 

Barber took clipper and started to bend priya head and started to pass all over her head . barber made sure its passed all over her head making sure nothing is left . he passed multiple times  .
Once he felt satisfied . he told done how it looks . Priya was sad . barber rotated priya to face ravi . lifted her face and showed to Ravi . Ravi was smiling at Priya and asked the barber what number was used for Priya . barber rubbed Priya head and told used 4 all over her head .
Priya took her hand from under the cape and started to rub her head . she was feeling to cry . she could feel only bristles of hair like brush . nothing to comb or style . 

Ravi was thinking for a while . Priya told the barber yes this is fine in the low tone voice  . barber was rubbing her head . he took some powder and applied over her neck and dusted her neck and removed the cape . Priya saw the floor . the floor was completely filled with long hair. priya was rubbing her head and was in very sad face . 
when priya was about to get up .Ravi asked barber to hold her . Priya raised her head and looked at Ravi .barber holded priya and pushed her behind the chair .
Ravi told the barber get her back in the chair and reduce the sides and back .Priya was sad looking at Ravi face . Ravi was watching the barber . he took the cape back tied priya was very sad . barber took the clippers and started to pass on the sides and back .

Ravi asked what number u are using .barber replied 3 . Ravi came near priya head rubbed her head and told use 0 for the sides and back . 1 on the top. Priya started to lift her head . this time Ravi holded priya head and bent down . barber went to change the clipper .Ravi was rubbing priya buzzed head . barber came immediately and pushed priya head down so that her chin touches her boobs. and passed the clipper with 0 . he cleaned the sides and back .

Now Ravi nods looks good for summer . Priya was about to get up . Barber holded her head agin and passed the clipper with 1 attached on the top . Ravi was satisfied . and told the barber definitely we cleaned a lot . barber asked Ravi do we need to smooth the sides and back . Ravi asked Priya . Priya told lets leave . Ravi smiled and told it will over in 5 min . lets do it . Barber took hot lather and spread al over priya head sides and back . and started to take the razor and cleaned her head .
Ravi got call so he went out answer the call . Barber took the lather again and this time lifted Priya face . and started to apply .he sharpened the razor and came back . cleaned priya face .he thinned priya eyebrows .once done sprayed water al over and applied powder and made priya to get down .

Ravi finished the call and came paid the barber and they both left . Priya was sad . Ravi took Priya to ice cream shop and got her ice cream and told her don’t get upset . this will keep u cool in summer . this haircut is what u needed . Priya was 30 slim body after the haircut she looked like school kid . Ravi after dropping priya in her home told her to take bath .priya went home and took bath.
Ravi reached his home .he got text from priya .

Priya : you idiot why did you shave my head . and set her image with angry face .the same outfit with shorts and sleeveless T-shirt but the only difference is her hair 

Ravi : last time he saw her with head full of hair . now only hear big head is visible and replied this will keep you cool in summer sweet heart .

Priya : i have no hair to comb 
Ravi : you will get used to it .you wont have any hair problems till next summer .
you can grow your hair and next summer i will again take you for the same cut . 
Priya :no i’m not getting anymore haircut 
Ravi : will see .

to be continued…

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