Proper girl meets a wild card

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Agnus was a straight A student, not one to get into a fight or conflict for that matter. She was on the debate team but her quick wit as made her come out on top. People seemed to have no problems with Agnus but there will always be someone that hates your guts.

And for Agnus, her foil was another proper girl like her named Penelope. The girl did give Agnus a run for her money but Agnus would always win. And that string of victories angered Penelope, the envy in her continued to grow til she just… snapped.

One day, as Agnus was walking her usual route to school, a group of girls, headed by Penelope, surrounded her halfway. They pushed the girl, punched her, kicked her, and dragged her by her twin braids. They drug her to Penelope who stood a block away. Agnus was bruised and crying, which made her tormentor smile, Penelope came up to the girl and started to slap her. When Agnus begged her to stop, Penelope began to laugh; she reached into her pocket and took out a pair of scissors. She took one of Agnus’s black braids and cut it off at her earlobe.

Agnus cried as her tormentor started hitting her with it, when she was done, Penelope then grabbed the other braid. Before she had a chance to start hacking it off, a voice roared,” Let her go!”

In seconds, Agnus saw a girl walking towards the crowd of girls gathered. She held a baseball bat over her shoulder and as she walked, the bruised girl slowly recognized her. It was the loner girl that she passed in the halls at school; Rena was her name.

Penelope scoffed and ol Rena to get lost but the disheveled, punk girl wasn’t known for following orders. Instead, one girl after the other, Rena beat the snot out of them all, with her fists, til all that stood was Penelope. The tormentor chose to run rather than get her butt handed to her. Agnus looked up at her savior and Rena looked down at her, extending her hand.

“Um… thank you”, said Agnus, accepting the help up,” Rena is it?”

“Roma”, the punk girl replied,” You okay?”

“Yes”, Agnus returned, noticing her loss, she said,” Actually, I’m not okay”

Seeing Agnus upset, Roma surveyed the damage,” They really did a number on ya, babe”

At that, Agnus panicked,” I can’t go to school looking like this”

Roma grasped Agnus’s hands and said,” Hey, hey. It’s okay, I am here to help”

Agnus paused,” You know how to fix this?”

Roma looked her dead in the eye,” I will try”

The punk girl invited Agnus to follow and she did. Roma took Agnus to a building, not to fair from where they started, it was a brick and mortar building that was more spacious on the inside. As they entered, a bell signaled their arrival. A woman came out to greet them from the back. “Roma”, she said, surprised,” Why aren’t you at school?”

“Um… there was a change in plans”, Roma smiled. Her mother gave her a look before she addressed Agnus,” And who’s your friend?”

“I apologize, ma’am”, Agnus said meekly,” My name is Agnus Betters and frankly, your daughter saved my life”

“Really”, the woman replied,” And pray tell, who did this to you, my dear?”

“A b by the name of Penelope”, cut in Roma,” Someone needs to clobber that son of a b-”

“Alright”, her mother interjected,” I get it. We will all go to the school and make a report but for right now”, she looked at Agnus,” Miss, may I?”

Agnus looked at Roma’s mom and asked,” Can you fix this?”

The woman nodded and gestured to the only chair in the shop, Agnus slowly walked towards it. Roma stood by as her friend boarded the chair and watched her mom cover her torso with a navy-blue cape. Her mother looked over the damaged and sighed,” I’m sorry, hun. This might take some time and I don’t know if you’ll like the result”

Agnus took a deep breath and said,” Do your best”

The barberette nodded and retrieved her scissors. She started cutting of the other braid, when it came loose, she handed it to the girl. Agnus took it and her stylist started to even out the remaining hair. What was left was very short hair that clung limply to her scalp. It was a mess and her barber knew it, she asked,” I know it looks bad but-”

“Do whatever you have to”, Agnus wasted no time in saying.

Roma and her mom smiled warmly as the latter continued the cut. She took up her clippers and attached a guard to it. Using a comb, she started reducing the back and sides to fine stubble, with her technique, all the hair she cut blended into each other. Some of the hair was taken down to the skin but Agnus did not complain, she just wanted a decent hairstyle. Working on the top her head, the hairdresser gave it a bit of volume and used gel to slick it back.

“How did I do?” the barber asked.

Agnus looked at Roma,” How do I look?”

Roma blushed,” Better than me”

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