#quarantinechallenge part 2

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#quarantinechallenge – part 2

It was going on two months since Shannon had buzzed her long blonde hair to nothing but stubble. Since then, her parents had kept her shut up in the house. Even when restaurants and stores started to open back up, Shannon’s parents still wouldn’t let her out of the house. Shannon, however, had been unphased by her parents’ discipline. After her first brush with a tik tok challenge, Shannon had a burning desire to try another one; one that was even more drastic.

Shannon kept seeing more and more drastic makeovers on tik tok. Not only were more and more girls shaving their heads, but they were shaving their eyebrows, and getting even more wild with piercings and tattoos. Each person trying to upstage the others with wilder and wilder ideas. Shannon was especially drawn to videos of teens trying new or experimental beauty products from China. Some blackened their teeth, some caused their eyebrows to fall out. Shannon saw one girl who soaked her hair in a Chinese nair product and watched as it all fell out. A few days later, the smiling girl announced her hair would never grow again, much to the shock of all the viewers.

Shannon began to think down similar lines. She began going deep into internet rabbit holes, looking for the craziest beauty product she could find. After a few days, she found one. An obscure  website advertising a trial for a product invented by a Dr. Emma Hardison. It was called the “Smooth All Over” pill.  “Guaranteed to make the user permanently hairless and smooth all over.” “Say goodbye to your long locks and say hello to a new smooth look.” “You may even be smoother than you bargained for with this formula.” Shannon got hung up on the “permanently bald part.” She loved her buzzed head, and was certain she never wanted to have long hair ever again, but being bald permanently? She didn’t even process the rest of the ad.

When she went to bed that night, she couldn’t sleep. All she could think of was having a perfectly smooth, bald scalp. “My parents will only know if I decide to take off my wig,” Shannon thought. The first thing she did when she got out of bed, was to place an inquiry with the website for the Smooth All Over Pill. A few hours later, she received a link for a survey and a . She filled it out without even reading the terms and conditions she was agreeing too, she was so excited to experience this change from a Blonde beauty to a smooth, sexy, beauty that she didn’t care what she was agreeing too. Plus, she would be the envy of all the others trying to become tik tok famous.

2 weeks later, while Shannon’s parents were out, the package arrived. Shannon heard the ring at the door bell and excitedly went downstairs. She opened the door to see a small package on her doorstep. She quickly grabbed it and took it upstairs. Inside was a bottle of pills labeled “Experimental: Smooth All Over Formula.”

Shannon quickly shut her door and locked it. She couldn’t risk her parents coming in to ruin her video again. Then she set up her phone. She popped the pill in her mouth with a swallow of water, and waited.  The pill bottle said “10 Minutes and you will be SMOOTH ALL OVER!” Shannon certainly hoped so!

After 10 minutes, it was time to see what the pill did. She clicked on the camera and began recording her reaction. Slowly, Shannon began to run her fingers through her hair. Each time, more and more wisps of hair were collecting in her fingers and cascading to the ground. Slowly but surely her short blonde hair was getting thinner and thinner. Shannon grabbed a brush from her nightstand. She began brushing her short blonde pixie from her forehead backwards. She watched in the mirror as each pass of the brush removed more and more hairs from her head, leaving the middle of her scalp thinning until it looked as though she was suffering from male pattern baldness. On the top of her head, it was nearly gone, only a few wisps remained. On the sides, the hair was thinning, but it was at least still there. Shannon’s hair looked like that of a 40 year old man. Shannon was getting wet thinking about all her hair falling from her head. It was arousing watching her hair float off her scalp in the mirror. She felt herself grow wet as she watched herself be rendered bald with the stroke of a brush.

Soon, all that was left on Shannon’s head was wisps of hair. Her pussy was soaked as she brushed these last few hairs off of her head. Her smooth bald scalp looked perfect in the mirror. Running her heads over her slick bald head made her drip down her legs. She felt a tingle on her eyebrow, so she reached up to scratch it. She watched in amazement as her eyebrow disappeared under her finger, turning into nothing but hairs floating through the air. She instinctively touched her face where her other eyebrow was. It too disappeared. Her clit was throbbing as she realized she just made herself a bald, browless, smooth headed chick.

Shannon knew she had to post a picture of her new change. She grabbed her phone and opened Snap Chat. She knew she was gonna send a picture of herself winking with her tongue sticking out. As she went to push her tongue out, she realized that her front right tooth was wiggling. She snapped the pic and rushed over to the mirror. She reached up with her hand and grabbed hold of her front right tooth and began to wiggle it. Without a sound, the tooth came out right into her hand. Shannon was shocked. Staring at herself in the mirror with a gap in her mouth where her right tooth used to be. She tried to push her tongue through the gap, but when she did so, her left front tooth tumbled out of her mouth. Shannon was unsure of what was going on, but somehow, her teeth falling out of her mouth was making her even more aroused. She slowly reached up with both hands and pulled on her incisors. With very little effort, they too came out in her hands. Ecstasy flowed through Shannon’s body as she systematically pulled every tooth from her mouth. As she rubbed her bald head and sucked her juices off her fingers with her newly toothless mouth, she made her way over to her desk. She opened her hidden door and took out her vibrator. She made her way over to her bed and plugged it in. instantly it hummed to life. Shannon leaned against her headboard and moaned as the vibrations flowed through her body. She began rubbing her slick, bald,  head furiously as she pressed her pussy into the toy. “Oh my god! I’m tho wet!” She was so aroused she didn’t hear the footsteps coming down the hall. Just as the vibrations brought her to ecstasy, she took out the vibrator and shoved it into her toothless mouth, gumming the vibrating dildo and licking all of her cum off the length of its shaft. At she gummed her dildo, she turned in shock to see her crush, John at the door.

“Holy thit, John, what are you doing here?”

To be continued…

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