Quite a Night

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Katie was busy working on Paula’s perm.  Katie was a young trendy stylist, she had jet black hair, long, but had a short side shave that she loved showing off to people.  She was very popular with the college girls in town.  Paula was a senior in college she was very mature, and beautiful.  Paula had lovely long red hair, and she was the captain of the volleyball team so she was very fit.  On this day she had just come from a very important meeting and was wearing a sun dress and some flats.  Katie was just starting to roll Paula’s hair for her perm when Tessa and her little brother’s came walking into the shop.  Tessa was a freshman at the same college as Paula and knew who Paula was but Tessa was very shy and had never spoken to her.  Tessa was very short, she was the setter on the volleyball team and she was an awesome runner she could run for days.  Tessa had long jet black hair that was perfectly straight with no layers, very dull.  On this day she was dropping her little brother’s off for their haircuts and she was going to go for a run.  She was in short shorts and a yellow tank top.

Tessa and Paula exchanged a smile but that’s when Katie spoke up, “Hey Tessa I see you brought the boys in for their summer cuts.”  Tessa smiled and ruffled their hair while saying “Yea I hope you don’t mind I’m gonna run while your working on them.”

“I don’t mind at all but I have to warn you, Paula’s perm is gonna take a minute.”

“I don’t mind at all.”  Tessa slowly walked over and started to talk to Paula, “I can’t believe that’s you I didn’t recognize you.”

There was alot of red hair on the white cape and on the floor.  With a big perm cart parked right next to her.

“I know I’m so nervous, I’m graduating and getting a full time job now and Katie talked me into going much shorter and getting my first ever perm.”  Her red hair had been cut up to just off her shoulders.

Tessa said, “Don’t be nervous you look so cute and beautiful sitting there in the chair.”

Paula said, “I didn’t hear your conversation with Katie what’s up today with you and the boys?”
“Oh I’m gonna go for my run and the boys are gonna get their summer hair cuts which I think means a bowlcut and a flat top.”
Paula said “You should go short like that”

Just then both Paula and Katie saw Tessa turn very red and blush, she looked away at a picture on the wall of a boy with a bowlcut.  There was a long pause as she stared at the picture and then waved at Katie saying she would be back soon.

Katie resumed rolling Paula’s hair as the boys looked on.  Katie was really good at reading people and knowing exactly what they feared and enjoyed.  “You know every time I even mention going short or those short cuts she gets super scared and gets that look on her face, I think she wants one.”

Paula said, “I hear stories about her in the locker room that might have something to do with that.”
“What?, please tell me”
Katie stopped rolling her hair and came round to face Paula face to face
“She is bi and terrified that people will know and find out.”
“Well let’s talk to her when she gets back and see if we can help her come out, because I don’t think she realizes we’re both lesbians.”

Time passed as Katie kept rolling Paula’s hair, Paula absolutely loved the way she looked with the rollers in her hair and the towel on her shoulders.  She was embarrassed the boys were staring at her but deep down it added to the thrill.  Once she was done rolling her hair, Katie asked if she minded if she got one of the boys done with.  Paula said she didn’t mind at all so Katie moved her to the chair most exposed to the window so everybody walking by would see her caped with rollers in her hair.  Katie knew this thrilled Paula.

Paula proceeded to give Timothy his summer flat top.  Paula had alot of fun doing those cuts and loved doing short clipper cuts.  Before long Timothy was all done with his new summer flat top.  He hoped down from the booster seat and headed back to the waiting chairs.  Katie walked back over to Paula and asked if she thought it was ok she started on Kevin’s summer cut.  Paula didn’t mind at all.  She was busy texting friends and trying to find out which party she should go to that night.

Kevin hoped up into the chair on the booster seat and Katie proceeded to give him his summer haircut, a bowl cut but halfway through the cut Tessa came back from her run.  She slowly walked in covered in sweat head to town with huge sweat stains all over her.  She looked over at Paula and smiled, but when she saw Kevin she absolutely froze.  She was shocked at this bowl cut.  Katie and Paula exchanged glances they knew what was up right away.  Tessa walked over and sat in the chair next to Paula.

Paula began the conversation.
“Oh my god I’m so nervous, I hope she didn’t make the curls to tight.  I bet I look like such a loser sitting here like this”
“Oh sweetie you look so cute, and with your figure your curls will look amazing, I wish I had the guts to do something like that.”

That’s when Paula went in for the kill.  She reached out from under the cape and reached for Tessa’s hand and said very softly
“You should really get a cut like that sweetie”  she said turning her head to Kevin getting his bowl cut finished.
Tessa said, “Oh my god no, I could not never do that with my short stubby body.”
Realizing that wasn’t a complete dismissal Paula kept going, meanwhile Katie was listening as close as possible will snipping Kevin’s bangs to match his bowl line.
Paula said, “Sweetie are you bi and afraid of coming out?”
Turning completely red and blushing big time Tessa could only nod she was to embarrassed her brother’s would hear her admit it out loud.

Paula kept going even further
“You should get a bowl like your brother and Katie and I would help you come out, we’re both lesbians so we know how scary it is.”

Tessa didn’t say a word she was trembling with insane fear.  She reached up and grabbed a magazine of little boys haircuts, both Paula and Katie noticed this.

Katie was done giving Kevin his bowl cut and he hoped down from the chair that’s when Katie walked over to the girls and asked, “So what was all that chit chatting about I heard you two up to something.”

Still terrified and scared beyond belief.  Tessa just said, “Boys why don’t you guys walk home, I’m gonna be awhile I have to help the ladies clean up and do some chores.”  The boys groaned loudly but quickly left the shop.

That’s when Katie was very determined to find out what’s going on, “So what’s up?”
Paula knew that Tessa was about run away and hide so she spoke up, “Hey Katie, Tessa is going to come out tonight that she’s bi, we’re gonna help her, and she’s gonna get bowled just like Kevin so why don’t you go lock up we’re gonna be awhile.”

Katie walked over and locked up.  Tessa stood up out of the chair, Katie came back over to her, “Is all of that true honey?”

Tessa nodded still very nervous,  Katie said, “I’m so happy for you, Paula and I will make this a night you’ll never forget but first a couple of things to make this the greatest night of your life, first you are not getting into my chair looking like that dripping sweat all over my good chair, you are going to strip completely naked.

Tessa stood there completly stunned as Katie said “Arms up”.  Katie knew that she was in total control and that Tessa was going to do exactly what she commanded.  Katie lifted her top and sports bra off and then abruptly stripped her shorts and panties off.

Katie said, “Oh my god you stink so bad, almost like a boy.”

Tessa blushed embarrassed standing there naked in front of those two beautiful women.  Katie walked over and patted on the booster seat. “Ok time to hop up sweetie and get bowled.”

Tessa came over and climbed up into the booster seat, embarrassed she needed the booster seat and letting out a slight smile that felt just like one of the boys in the chair.  Katie quickly caped her up and got the cape situated perfectly.

Katie said “Since we’re gonna be here awhile I’m getting comfortable myself this is the end of a very long shift, I had to cut half of campus today.”  She walked into the back room and came back moments later wearing very short shorts, no shoes or socks just bare feet, and a super thin white tank top with no bra on.  “That’s much better.”

She walked over and stood in between her two clients and took stock of things.  “Ok Tessa we’re gonna bowl you up just like one of the boys, give you a nice bowl line with the bluntest bangs you’ve ever had and turn you into the cutest boy ever, but first there’s something I need to do to Paula.”

Katie proceeded to walk over to Paula, kneel down in front of her lift up the cape and slowly pull her blouse off.  Tessa couldn’t see what was going on but she heard sounds and could tell Paula was in total bliss!!!

End of Part 1, Part 2 coming if you want it

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