Radha’s bum long hair gone for good – Part-4

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Rukmini, Radha and her mom are all boy cut ladies

Everybody was super happy at my decision to do gundu.  Even little Dyuti also expressed happiness that her pinni would be a baldy like her amma.  I informed my mom and she was also very happy.  She immediately announced that she and dad also would get a Tirumala gundu a few weeks later, as promised by her during my ‘girl seeing’.

Around that time I asked Rukku akka why she was so happy in getting a gundu.  She said “I do not know, Radha.  Ever since I did my first gundu after Plus2, I am fondly attached to a Tirumala gundu.  If somebody says get it done once in three months, I will happily do it.”  She liked frequent gundu so much.

Saturday morning we were in Tirumala.  Three ladies, three gents, a 5 year old girl and a 2 and half year old boy – all became baldies in Kalyanakatta.  Being the first time that my hair was being sheared in my adult life, I felt highly elated.  The four minutes of scraping off of my wet bum long hair with chrr… chrr… noise, the tickling feeling of the razor on my head, the final reverse shave to make my dome smooth, the feel of my smooth bald head, all were some of the finest experiences that I had.

After darshan and prasadam, I felt so joyous that I hugged Rukku akka and thanked her profusely for showing me this part of Heaven.  After all, it was her machinations that has brought family gundu to this family.  From one who almost hated a bald female, I started loving my own bald image complete with ear hangings, nose stud, bindi and saree – a beautiful bald girl looked at me from inside the mirror.  Even Rukku akka looked gorgeous with her bald head.  I had arrived as a lover of the beauty of bald females.  I dropped plans to grow my bum long hair.  I would happily fulfil Sumant’s and now my own dream of conceiving three kids with Tirumala gundu head.

Back home, while a bald Jayant fucked a bald Rukku akka for their third child, a bald Sumant fucked a bald me for our first child.  At home, my dad and mom were extremely happy to see me with a smooth and beautiful dome.  As mom had promised, two weeks after our Tirumala gundu, they also went to Tirumala and both became baldies, mom second time in her adult life.  Now she looked superb to me in her bald avatar.

Pranati, who was there in my house to celebrate mom’s second gundu, told her “Aunty, in my house they don’t allow any haircut for me except Tirumala gundu.  Otherwise, I also would have started getting a boy cut like mom.  Aunty, why don’t you get a boy cut like my mom once some hair grows on your gundu head?  I feel you will look gorgeous in short boyish hair!”

By now, I had become enamoured of my m-i-l’s boy cut.   So, I supported Pranati and said “Yes, mom.  Pranati is right.  Once some hair grows, you should get a boy cut like my m-i-l.  And you can get a Tirumala gundu more frequently, say once in two years” and I giggled.  Pranati now supported me.  So, three months later, mom got a barbershop boy cut with clippered back and sides.  She looked superb in that short style.  Dad also liked it and mom stuck to the style.  Thereafter, mom got her barbershop clipper boy cut once a month.

Nine months later, Rukku produced her third child, a female and I produced a baby boy.  My son was born a few hours after Rukku’s new daughter.  We named Rukku akka’s daughter as Rashmi and my son as Venkatesh (in memory of my Tirumala gundu).  Rukku akka closed her baby factory.  She was elated that all her three kids were conceived when both were bald.  My first one was also conceived similarly.  I had already resolved to conceive two more like Rukku akka in bald condition.  Sumant happily agreed.

In office, everyone giggled looking at my bare bald head.  But I gave a damn for it and enjoyed going around bald, like Rukku akka.  Coincidentally, I had been assigned cash counter and I handled cash with bare bald head with a smiling face.

Three months after the two new kids were born, we had the next Tirumala visit.  Initially the decision was that all would shave barring the two new kids, Rukku akka and myself.  But a week before the trip, m-i-l said “Rukku and Radha, why don’t you two also shave off every year and keep a boy cut like me?” Rukku said “Oh, attagaru, thank you very much for the suggestion.  I will happily agree”.  If Rukku agrees, what big deal is there for me to think?  I also happily agreed.  M-i-l hugged both of us and said “Welcome to the boy cut world, girls!”  Each of us had about ten inches of hair at that time.

So I had my second Tirumala tonsure a year after the first one.  I and Rukku were very happy.  Three months later, m-i-l got her brand clipper cut.  Two days later, we two went together to the barbershop and got identical clipper boy cuts.  Oh! What a nice feel that the clippers gave me!  The bzzzzz…. noise of the clippers, the tickling sensation it gave on the skin, hair peeled off to skin around the ears, kach.. kach… noise of scissors trimming the top hair – all another set of great feeling for both of us.  We decided that we would keep a boy cut henceforth and an annual gundu.

In her parental home, Rukku’s brother, Janardan married Kumuda two years ago.  Rukku cajoled her mom to introduce family gundu there also.  So similar to Rukku herself, her parents, Janardan and Kumuda got Tirumala gundu a month after their marriage, and Kumuda was super happy with her first gundu in her adult life.  Kumuda and Rukku’s mom will do a four yearly family gundu like Pranati with long hair in between.

Annual Tirumala gundu has become a way of our life.  In the five years of my marriage, I produced three kids, Venkatesh, Lakshmi and Padma – each one conceived when I and Sumant were bald.  Venkatesh had been delivered with a nine month growth of hair on my head.  Rukku bought some haircutting equipment to tend to my hair during my further pregnancies.  She quickly became adept at using them.  During Lakshmi’s pregnancy, she gave me a clipper boy cut once a month from third month onwards and a fresh clipper boy cut a day before I delivered her.  It was almost same for Padma’s pregnancy except that I became fully bald with zero clippers a day before I delivered Padma.

Now, we are in Tirumala for the annual gundu, three months after Padma’s birth.  I have just three months’ growth.  Barring that kid, all will become baldies tomorrow morning.  Dyuti, who has completed 10 years will be having her last annual gundu.  All these years, in between annual gundu, she used to have a either a short mushroom cut with clipper on back and sides or a short clipper boy cut.  Henceforth she will have gundu once in three or four years.  In between she will grow hair long.  Same rule will apply to Rashmi, Lakshmi and Padma.

But all others, f-i-l, Jayant, Sumant, Prakash and Venkatesh, m-i-l, Rukku akka and myself get annual gundu.  We three ladies continue to enjoy clipper boy cuts in between.  My bum long hair is gone for good.

And my mom is now the Principal in her school.  She is very proud that she is the first female principal with a boy cut and the first female principal to sport a Tirumala gundu.  In the five years since my marriage, she has shaved her head in Tirumala thrice so far, about once in two years, as suggested by Pranati.  She and dad are very happy with her biennial gundu and monthly clipper cut.  She is very happy that her mid back hair is a thing of the past and she proudly caresses her clippered nape after a fresh boy cut.


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