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By Shorngirl


The Consult


I’d been fighting the inevitable for far too long. Nothing between my husband and I was as it should have been. Our sex life was non-existent, we barely spoke and to top it off, I was supporting him.

I suppose it should not have come as too much of a shock when he filed for divorce a few months ago. It was a quick and relatively painless event, he took what was his and I took what was mine, and the rest we split down the middle. Having never reared any children made things even more simple.

What had come as a shock was the alimony he was demanding, having lived as a homebody for years. It wasn’t his fault, really. It was mine. As a successful physician with my own practice, there was no reason for him to work. So, he chose not to.

Fortunately, the judge saw fit to award him a modest sum, which barely bit into my substantial income; mostly due to his choice not to work not his inability to do so. He kept the house, which I was well rid of anyway; too many shitty memories, to be fair.

And so, at the tender age of thirty-four, I was single, alone, and admittedly depressed. Set up in my shiny new townhouse, and surrounded with furnishings that would have driven my ex mad, I should have been content. I wasn’t.

My friends were all as supportive as they could have been, but without the constant companionship in my life, however superficial it may have been with him, my life felt empty.

Of course, that all changed when I ran into Sally. Sally Driver, a blast from my past that I had pretty much forgotten about until she appeared in my waiting room one Thursday afternoon. I thought I recognized the name on the appointment screen but I just hadn’t made the connection.

As soon as I walked into the exam room, I was taken aback. There was that brief moment of recognition, on my part, as she knew exactly who I was. “Sally? How are you?” I smiled, trying to keep a professional distance from her when she obviously wanted to be more cozy.

“I’ve been fine. Just here for a check.” She admitted. “My previous doc retired, so I was left searching. That’s when I saw your name on the internet.” She explained.

The awkwardness on my part resulted from a relationship I had had with her in college. It was my only dive into feelings I had suppressed for my entire childhood and did again shortly after entering medical school. Being gay, and a doctor, at the time, was awkward and possibly a detriment to my future career. Of course, times had changed, drastically since then, but at the time, it seemed wiser to set my emotions aside.

To say it was awkward performing a physical on an ex-lover would have been an understatement. I did my best to remain calm and professional, but when she requested a pelvic exam, I knew I was going to be in trouble. I could hardly refuse her request, so I had my nurse set up.

It was routine to have someone in the room during a pelvic, even when both parties were female. I requested that my nurse stay as I did the exam. I suppose I should not have been surprised to find that Sally still shaved down there. The thing was, it didn’t feel shaved, it felt devoid of hair altogether. Even through my gloves, it was apparent that she had had the hair permanently removed.

I had long since allowed my thatch to get entirely overgrown, although as a couple we both enjoyed a hair-free muff. Everything checked out, but as an aside, I did question her. “Any problems with things since you’ve depilated?” I asked. It was a legitimate question, as the hair did serve a purpose after all.

“No, none whatsoever.” Sally offered, slipping her feet from the stirrups as I dismissed my nurse. After the door closed, she continued. “I love it this way. I suppose you’ve quit shaving altogether?”

“That’s hardly appropriate considering our professional situation, Ms. Driver.” I chided, placing her chart on the counter before losing the gloves and washing my hands.

“I’ve always wondered what became of you, Lisa. You always were destined for greater things, I thought.” Sally lamented. We had lost touch after our junior year when I grew more serious about pre-med, and all the commitment that entailed.

Allowing myself a little curiosity, I continued the conversation. “So, what do you do, Sally?”

“I own an upscale spa and salon. Meridian. You should pop by sometime.” She suggested, resting her card on the counter next to my hand.

“Do you enjoy what you’re doing?” I asked.

“I do, very much. How about you? Are you happy being a doctor?” Sally asked, expectantly.

“You know, I used to. Now, sometimes I feel as though I’m just running through the motions, if you know what I mean.” I admitted, sadly. “I just went through a divorce, so things have been a bit up in the air.” Having no idea why I had even shared something so intimate, I blushed.

“I’m sure she’s regretting having lost you.” Sally sighed.

“He. And he is probably happier than he has been in years.” I smiled.

Sally grinned. “Seduced by the power of the dark side?”

“It seemed better for my career, at the time. I know that all sounds silly, now. But at the time…”

“I understand completely. No need to explain. At least you’re free to explore your true nature now, yes?” Sally said, suggestively, a knowing look in her eye.

“You realize, that as your doctor, we could never…”

“I wouldn’t worry about it, Lisa. I can always find a new doctor.” She chortled, slipping on her top and buttoning the front to the collar. “You look like you could use a spa day. Stop by and I’ll make sure it’s on the house.”

“Oh, I could never.” Embarrassed by the prospect of her doing something so intimate with me.

Looking down at her card, and then back at her face, I was suddenly taken by the attraction I still felt for her. She had changed to be sure. Her once long blonde hair had been cropped into a pixie and her face just a little less full, but that did nothing to detract from what once drew me in. “I’ll think about it. okay?” I offered.

“Good enough.” Sally slipped on her jacket. “I take it I passed?”

“You’re in excellent health, Ms. Driver.” I mused as she walked out of the exam room, leaving me, chart in hand. Looking back at the counter I quickly pocketed the business card, not sure whether I would ever use it.


Crossing the Meridian


A few weeks passed, and I very nearly forgot all about my old lover, that is until I received an email inviting me to an open house. It was, of course, for her salon and spa. Feeling particularly lonely that afternoon, and having finished with my patient load for the day, I decided to check out ‘Meridian’ online.

From the pictures and reviews, it looked very inviting. Checking my schedule, I discovered that I was not working that day and made up my mind to take Sally up on her offer.

I wasn’t sure whether it was nerves or just plain excitement that had me in such a twist that morning. It was only a spa, and I might actually enjoy the experience, I told myself as I slipped into my car and navigated to the location.

I was expecting there to be a bevy of women lined up outside the place but was pleasantly surprised to find no line at all. When I walked into what appeared to be a rather docile scene, I began to get the idea I’d been duped.

Sally appeared from the back, diverting me away from the counter and into the bowels of the spa. “I thought you were having an open house?” I asked, suspiciously.

“We are.” She smirked. “For you.”

I tried to find humor in her words, but I could help but feel a little betrayed. “Sally, I…”

“Oh, come on, now. I had to get you in here somehow, and if a little tomfoolery was the only way, then I’m not ashamed for having stooped so low.” Sally grinned, steering me into a rather posh locker room. “You can get undressed in here, and I do mean undressed. Leave it all behind, Doctor Frears.” And with that, she was gone.

For a moment, I sincerely thought about turning tail and running out of the place. But then, what harm could there be in a sap day? I methodically stripped out of my clothes and placed them neatly in the carved oak locker, locking it with the provided key, which I placed around my wrist. I had to admit that the robe was luxurious, a far cry from the terrycloth ones you find in hotels.

As soon as I emerged, I was met head-on by a cute little redhead. “My name is Sophie, and you must be Lisa.” She exclaimed, her bubbly personality well matched to her flame red hair, styled quite similarly to Sally’s. Did everyone that worked there have the same hairstyle?

“Hi, Sophie. So… what’s first on the agenda?” Wanting to remain upbeat, even though my heart was beating like a drum.

“Well, let me take you to my suite and I’ll explain everything.” I followed Sophie who was a good six inches shorter than I was, and I wasn’t overly tall. As soon as we entered, I noticed the unmistakable scent of hot wax.

“Oh, my. You aren’t really going to…”

“It’s a full Brazilian for you, Lisa. Sally insisted.” She smiled, patting the cushioned table enthusiastically.

“But, I’ve never, and I’m really sort of…” Embarrassed by my admission, “… hairy down there.”

“Come on now, Lisa. Pain before pleasure is our motto around here.” Slipping behind me she slipped the robe from my shoulders before I could object, leaving me naked as she hung it well out of reach. “Oh, my. Are Hansel and Gretel hiding in there somewhere?”

“Pubic hair is healthy and natural.” I protested, blushing I was certain.

“Well, you ought to know, you’re the doctor,” Sophie smirked, helping me lay back, having already submitted to the treatment in my mind. “Let’s just get this trimmed up a bit before the fun part.”

I heard the hum of clippers, and before I could even look down, felt them traversing my mons. Thick curls of dark brown pubes rolled away from the advancing blades, resembling tumbleweeds as they escaped between my open thighs.

After what seemed like less than a minute, the machine fell silent and I was met with Sophie’s smiling face as I stared down at my butchered thatch. Instead of the lush full forest of curls, half-inch stubble remained. It wasn’t as though I’d never shaved my bush before, but to have it taken from me was a new experience.

“There. Now I’ve got something I can work with.” She pulled over a mayo stand, the aromatic wax in a pot at its center. As she applied the almost too-warm wax to my remaining hair, she spoke as if to distract me. “You know, with your dark hair, you’d be perfect for our laser treatments.” I hadn’t realized she had applied the thin white cloth, and very nearly came off the table as it was ripped from my pubis.

“Jesus Christ!” I yelped, looking down to see Sophie depositing a long strip laden with my hair into the trash. At the same time, I was amazed at how smooth the one-half of my sex was, and I couldn’t resist reaching down to touch it. I could barely feel my fingertips, the skin was still so numb from the insult, but the silky-smooth skin was lovely.

“Nice, huh?” Sophie smiled, revealing the telltale pink wad of gum between her teeth.

“It’s certainly hair free.” I managed, still a bit breathless.

“Three more strips should do it, then we’ll get the back.”

Now, I could swear she said something about my ass, but the remaining depilation had my head swimming. Before I even knew what I was being asked to do, I was kneeling on that table, with my face buried in my hands and my ass high in the air. Of course, that was when Sally decided to join us.

“How’s it going, Fifi?” Sally mused as she took a good look between my legs, surely admiring the hairless sweep of skin that was now my sex.

“Just finishing up.” Sophie giggled, applying a warm coating of wax to the right side of my nether cleft. I felt the unmistakable caress of my sex from behind, and although I knew I should have protested, all I managed was a moan.

“Make sure she’s good and smooth. Besides…” Sally mused, her finger suddenly between her lips. “… I think she’s enjoying this.”

Once we were alone, I opened my mouth to dispel anything Sophie might have been assuming, when the wax was ripped unceremoniously from my ass. To my utter embarrassment, all that escaped was a muffled “Oohhmm…”

“One more strip, Doc.” And with that, the last strip of hair came away from between my legs. I was utterly hairless. The cool cream that Sophie spread over everything only served to arouse me even more than I already was, and I swore I pumped my ass in her face as she toyed with my rosebud. “You make sure to set up an appointment with me before you leave today. I’ll have the laser all hot and ready for you, next time.” She slapped my buttocks playfully and handed me the robe.


Shears to you, Dr. Frears.


Humiliated, but not unhappy, I exited the depilation suite, only to be met by another pixie sporting woman. She was a bit older than me, but still very attractive. The expectant frown on her face certainly meant that she had been waiting for me. “Lisa? I’m Bella, from hair and nails.”

I hadn’t changed my hair in years, the mousy brown locks hanging in a longish lob to the center of my shoulder blades. “My hair. I really hadn’t planned on…”

“Come on, Doc. Let’s not waste time mulling over what’s already been decided for you.” Bella turned, flipping my hair with her fingers. “This is hardly professional, Lisa. Time to grow up, little girl.” The woman said as she turned and walked away. I was so shocked by the way the woman had addressed me that I finally stood my ground.

“I’m not having you cut my hair.” I spat, almost surprised at the venom in my tone.

Bella stopped in her tracks, motionless for a moment before spinning in place, the pleasantly terse countenance long gone. “You are a spoiled little turd, aren’t you?” She growled. “Sally has gone out of her way to give you this day, and all you can do is complain?”

I hadn’t been dressed down so thoroughly since I missed a question in gross anatomy. My resolve seemed to melt as she grabbed ahold of my wrist, pulling me to a row of chairs. “Now. You will sit, and allow me the pleasure of cutting this off, in silence, if you please.”

Once again, Sally appeared, probably having witnessed the entire scene. “Giving you trouble is she, Bella?” My old lover accused.

“Nothing I can’t handle, Sally,” Bella assured her. “You’re going to be a good girl and sit there quietly, aren’t you Doc?”

Figuring silence was my best answer, Sally finally leaned down and laid a kiss on the corner of my mouth. “I think a little shorter than we talked about, Bella.” And with that, Sally was gone once again. Once again, my pussy was betraying me, the little peck from Sally all the enticement I needed to resign my fate to this woman.

She roughly brushed out my mane, taking little care with it as she did. I took very good care of my hair, and was often complimented on it at the clinic. Now to have this woman tear into it so egregiously was almost painful. Having finished with the brush, I felt her latch onto it from the back, her grip gathering it into a too-tight ponytail.

“Remember, little girl, not a peep.” She reminded, as she slipped a pair of scissors from her apron and opened them against the skin at my nape. “Time to say goodbye.”

I knew my mouth hung open in shock as the scissors hacked and crunched their way through my treasured hair. The sound began as an insult, the blades indifferent to my slavish devotion to my locks. By the time they had worked their way through to the last few strands, my indignation had changed to an intense feeling of submission. I felt powerless.

That sensation was only amplified as the woman released the hair before me, letting it fall like so much confetti down the front of my half-open robe. I saw Sally in the mirror, smirking, and that was all it took. Opening my mouth to speak, I was met with a stern expression, Bella placing her finger over my lips.

“How much shorter?” Bella questioned, realizing I had spied Sally behind me.

“I’ll leave that up to you.” Sally eyed me, seeing that same helpless expression she had come to know back in college. You see, ours was not your ordinary lesbian fling. She loved taking control, knowing how successful I was and how smart I had always been. Dominating me back then stroked her ego, and I saw that same look of contempt as she turned and walked away. Nothing had changed.

“Well, Doctor Frears. It seems as though your prescription for long hair has run out. Time for some alternative therapy.” Bella mused. I thought I might actually vomit when she lifted the Wahl clippers from their hook and flipped them on. Was she actually going to use those… on me?

I didn’t have to wait long for my answer. I felt the cold metal slip beneath what remained of the hair at my nape, plowing unabated up the back of my head. I swallowed hard, assured that Bella had heard the strangled gulp. “Don’t be afraid, little girl. I’ll try and leave you something to style.” The sinister grin on her face only served to strengthen her power over me.

The way her clippers worked the entire back and sides of my head, I’d lost faith that she was serious about her last promise. But, it hadn’t been a promise, had it? She only said she’d try.

When I finally caught sight of what remained above my ears, my heart practically sank. Had it not been for the dark color of my roots, I may as well have been shaved to the bone. ‘Was the back the same? My god. What would my patients think? Oh… what would my colleagues say?’

         “You know, I was going to scissors cut the top, but I think I’ve changed my mind. What do you say to a number four… like… all over?” She looked at me expectantly but then chuckled. “Oh, that’s right.” I watched, wide-eyed as she switched the blade on the clippers. “At least you’re good at following orders. Sally wasn’t lying about that.”

My mind screamed. Who else there knew about my relationship with Sally? Did they know everything? My racing thoughts were rudely interrupted as the clippers met the top of my forehead, detaching the mop of hair that still hung there with forced aggression. I could feel that Bella wasn’t allowing the machine to cut efficiently, the hair pulling as she roughly clippered my crown.

When she finally stepped out from in front of me, I was met by my own reflection. She had deliberately hidden the mirror from me, I think to garner the full reaction for her own enjoyment. My mouth hung open in disbelief, as the masculine-looking figure stared back at me. Had it not been for my makeup, which still clung to my face, despite the rigors of the day, I would not have possessed the faintest scrap of femininity.

I paid no mind as Bella blended the sides into the top. But as the figure before me began to settle into my mind, all I could do was sink even lower in the chair. I felt like Sampson, powerless and defeated.

As if to strike a final blow to whatever dignity I still clung to, Sally appeared, roughly wiping away my makeup and mascara, stealing the earrings from my lobes and the streak of lipstick she had left on my mouth.

The marine crewcut I now sported was now fitting my face more perfectly. Without the graceful fall of brunette curls, my face looked older, much older. There was nothing to hide the slight sag in my cheeks or the exaggerated bow of my ears, now that there was nothing to hide them. I was completely and utterly humiliated.

Sally spoke from behind me, now that Bella had moved on to preen over a younger woman who seemed shocked by my stark appearance. “Come now, Lisa.”

Obediently, I stood, attempting to close the robe which had begun to fall open. To my surprise, Sally slipped the covering away from my shoulders, tossing it into an available hamper. “Sally, I…”

“Sush, now. Follow me.” I began to walk, naked, through the salon, eyes staring at my form, hairless and shorn. When we finally reached what appeared to be her office, I very nearly collapsed from shame. When she pointed at the floor, my first instinct was to resist. But, just as it had so many years before, my perverted lust returned, and I fell to my knees at her feet. “I’m so glad you’ve seen the error of your ways, Pussi.” Sally mewled, slipping the heels from her feet and pressing her toes to my open mouth.

The old name only made me yearn for that release I once felt, when there was nothing more important than serving my Mistress.




Looking in the rearview mirror, I fretted one more time over the wig. I was pretty sure everyone knew it was a wig, despite my spending a fortune on it. The bangs helped, something I had never experimented with in my life.

I think it was the time a pediatric patient got ahold of it and pulled it askew. The mother hadn’t said anything as I excused myself quickly to adjust it. The thing was, after that, the staff all treated me differently; almost worried. Did they think I was sick and had purchased the wig to hide an illness?

For now, I was happy to let them think that. Of course that worked with the nurses and patients, but had never sat well with the other physicians in the practice. Finally, Matt Barra sat me down in his office. As the CMO of the clinic, everyone answered to him, including me.

“What’s with the wig, Lisa.” He asked, not beating about the bush, not that I had one to beat.

“Matthew, really. I’d rather not discuss it.” I said, putting up a good front.

“I insist. It’s been six months and you’ve got the entire staff sick with worry. My god, poor Rachel, she was in tears the other day in my office. You know how much she respects you.” He stood reaching out to snatch the last shred of meager pride from my head.

“Alopecia.” I shared, regretting my lie almost at once.


“Universalis,” I answered for him. I slowly pulled the wig from my head, revealing the utterly bald scalp beneath. I colored hotly as he perused the skin for any sign of hair. He would never find a one.

Sophie’s appointments had been weekly and excruciatingly thorough. Sally, being who she was now, was never going to be satisfied with only my pubes being removed. She had Sophie painstakingly remove every hair on my head, including my eyebrows. I had never felt so low, or so aroused when she finally announced that I was done.

Of course, being the thorough diagnostician that he was, my brows were the last place he looked. Satisfied that they were indeed, drawn on, he motioned for me to don the wig.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll go along with sharing the diagnosis with the rest of the staff. I have to say, I’m relieved that it’s nothing life-threatening.” He smiled. “You’re an excellent practitioner, Lisa, and I’d hate to lose you.”

“Thank you, Doctor Barra.” I left the office, dreading the idea that I would have to come clean to practically everyone I knew. It all happened that afternoon during lunch.

“I’ve got something that I want to share with everyone.” I managed, garnering the attention of the entire staff, who had been informed of some sort of announcement. The look of absolute fear on the faces of my closest colleagues was indicative of what they expected. “I just want to set everyone’s worst fears aside, if I could. Six months ago, I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis.”

I could hear a collective sigh of relief as the words were spoken. “Everything went pretty quickly, as you all know it can.” And with that, I spared them the asking, pulling the wig from my head and revealing my shame to them all. I could hear my mind screaming, to tell the truth; to tell all of them that I was nothing but a hairless slave. Fortunately, my sane mind still ruled at work.

That night as I massaged Sally’s feet by the side of my pool, well… her pool now that she’s assumed power of attorney, I relayed my experiences at work.

“What did you feel when the nurses rubbed your head?” Of course, she would go right to the most embarrassing moment of the day. Being a good slave, I could hardly have refused them, even if they were ignorant of the fact.

I knew what she wanted to hear, so I admitted it. “I felt lower, Mistress.”

She smiled, running her wet fingers over my glass smooth skull. “Good. You are you know.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I sighed, feeling the moisture building under my carbon-fiber chastity.

“Fifi is coming over later, Pussi. I thought I felt a hair back there.” She ran a finger through the crack of my ass.

And so, the treatments would continue, a talisman against my ever being anything but bald. As I rose to prepare, Mistress grabbed my hand, looking at me sternly. “What are you, Pussi?”

“I’m your slave, Mistress.” I groveled.

“Good. You may pretend to be a doctor, but we all know exactly what you are, isn’t that right?” Mistress pressed.

“I’m your hairless Pussi, my Mistress,” I said, with as much enthusiasm as my addled ego could muster.

“I think it’s time to invite one of your nursey friends over. I’ve decided you need some supervision at the practice.” Mistress said, sending my mind into overdrive. “You pick, Pussi, but make sure it’s someone who looks up to you.”

My cunt wept inside my chastity, begging for attention. I knew exactly who I would choose and knew my life was about to get incredibly complicated. Nurse Rachel was in for the shock of her life.

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  1. I really like the detail of the nurse keeping an eye on her at work, especially with the angle of her being someone who looked up to her. And we have no idea how Rachel would take it… just a great setup/resolution. 🙂

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