Ritchie’s Barbershop

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Mr Jones walked into the barbershop with his daughter, Rebecca, who was 17 and in college, one Friday evening. She had long blonde hair, down to her hips. She didn’t appear to be at all nervous. She simply sat down on the sofa and looked at her phone.

“Morning, Ritchie, how are you?”

“Good. Hop in the chair”

Mr Jones laughed. His head, aside from a faint trace of stubble on the sides, was completely bald, with the top of his head shining like a cueball.

“You booked an appointment, Dave, I agree it appears a bit stupid but you ordered it”

“No, no, i’ve booked this appointment for my daughter”

Her daughter dropped her phone in horror

“Dad, you never said I was having my haircut”

“No, I didn’t, knew you’d chicken out otherwise. But you need a haircut”

“I want to the salon last week with my mum, it doesn’t need cutting”

“Yeah, no, your hair wasn’t cut then, it was just washed and combed, never cut”

“Does my mum know about this?”

“No, I want to surprise her”

“Dad, I’m not getting my haircut here”

“Yes you are, otherwise I’m not giving you your allowance”

Rebecca sulked into the chair, and Ritchie put a cape on her.

“What are we doing today”

Before Mr Jones could speak, Rebecca chimed in

“Ritchie, cut about three inches off. Its a lot of hair”

“Rebecca, your dad is paying, he should choose your haircut”

Rebecca shuddered.

“Barbers choice first, then I’ll see if we need to go any shorter”

“Ritchie, OK, you can cut four inches off. That will make my hair shorter than it has been in years, means that I look smart for school and means my mum won’t be upset. Please!” begged Rebecca.

“How about six inches”



“Ok, do six. But no more, I’m already unhappy with how short you plan to cut it”

Ritchie got out a pair of sharp scissors. He straightened out Rebecca’s hair, measured six inches then cut in a straight line, causing six inches of her long blonde hair to fall to the floor.

He then brushed Rebecca’s hair.

“There you go, that wasn’t so bad”

“I guess not” said Rebecca. “I love my long hair, but I can cope with this length”

“What do you think, Mr Jones”

Mr Jones looked up.

“It needs to shorter. Much shorter. I’m going to run some errands now, by the time I come back I want her head sorted.”

Mr Jones stomped out.

“So, Rebecca, you heard that, I’m going to have to cut more of your hair off”

Rebecca shivered.

“How much more”

“I was doing your dad’s hair the other day …..”

“My dad goes to the barbers? He’s fucking bald”

“Yes, Rebecca, he enjoys a hot towel shave now and again. He mentioned you, and what he’d like your haircut to be. I offered to do the haircut, and now I’m going to give it to you”

With that, Ritchie grabbed Rebecca’s hair, put it in a ponytail and with one quick snip, cut Rebecca’s hair to shoulder length.

“That will takes ages to grow back, its too short” wailed Rebecca.

“Maybe you’re just going to have to live without your hair.”

Suddenly, Ritchie flipped on the clippers, lifted Rebecca’s fringe up and plunged a Oster Clipper with a #0000 clipper blade over her head , replacing her blonde hair with grey stubble a fraction of a millimetre.

He then shaved another strip next to it.

Rebecca’s mouth dropped open in shock, before quickly shutting, and she quickly tensed up in shock as Ritchie shaved another strip down her head.

Ritchie made a few more swipes, each time with Rebecca’s long blonde hair flying off her head and onto her cape. When Rebecca saw the hair on her cape piling up, she began to tear up.

In less than a minute, the barber had shaved the entire top of Rebecca’s head, leaving only the faintest hint of stubble, Given how light her hair was, from a distance you could just see Rebecca’s white scalp rather than the thick mop of hair she previously had.

“Head down” said Ritchie firmly. Knowing her long blonde hair was ruined, she quickly abided, and the barber ran the clippers down the back of her head multiple times. In seconds, she was almost bald on the sides.

Then, Ritchie pushed her head to the left side, and shaved all the hair on her left side off, leaving only the faintest trace of stubble, before pushing her head to the other side, and quickly clearing that sides as well.

After a running over the entire head twice more to get rid of any hair longer than a millimetre, Ritchie turned the clippers off. Rebecca, who came in with long blonde hair, now had a Paris Island haircut, with her hair buzzed down like a marine.

Rebecca sat quietly, thinking her haircut was over. She was too scared to speak, and her newly buzzed head was feeling cold.

Ritchie walked off for a few seconds, with a hot towel, and wrapped it round Rebecca’s head. It burned her newly shaved skin, and Rebecca started to audibly cry.

After about a minute, Ritchie took the towel off, and rubbed shaving cream all over her head. She was about to get a full headshave.

Slowly, Ritchie dragged a straight edge razor down the middle of her seat, just like he had done with the clippers, leaving just smooth soft skin.

He took another stroke, and another, shaving all the faint stubble off the top of her head.

He then carefully moved his razor up the back of her head, making it as smooth as the top, before carefully shaving both sides of her head.

After he had finished shaving her head once, he applied yet more shaving cream on her scalp, still warm from the hotel towel, and shaved everything once again.

By now, there was so little hair on Rebecca’s head she heard every scrape, and felt the cold metal on her head where the hair she treasured so much used to be.

But she still wasn’t bald enough for Ritchie, who decided to go over her head once me with shaving cream and the straight edge razor. All the while, Rebecca sat there emotionless, watching with tears in her eyes as she saw herself without a trace of hair.

After shaving three times, Ritchie wiped a towel over Rebecca’s completely smooth head, and examined it closely for any stray hairs. When he found none, he sprayed three different  lotions onto Rebecca’s head, and gently wiped each of them all over her scalp.

When he was finished, Rebecca’s head shone like a billard ball.

Then, Ritchie rubbed some white lotion all over her newly bald head, which tingled on her hair quite a bit, and was left on for about a minute, before being rubbed off with a towel again. Little did she know that this was Nair, designed to keep her bald for a week until she came back to the barber to have another head shave and more nair applied.

Ritchie unclipped the cape, and shook all of Rebecca’s blonde hair onto the floor. Rebecca remained in the chair, white with shock.

Finally, Ritchie, who had quiet the whole way through the haircut, spoke up.

“There you go, nice and shiny like a cueball, what do you think”

Rebecca scowled

“What the fuck did you do to my hair, why have you just shaved my head completely bald!

“Do you know how long it will take to grow back?”

“Well, Rebecca, your father has arranged you keep your head shaved for the new couple of years, till you go off to university. But you look so cool bald, I hope over the next couple of years you embrace your baldness and keep it shaved for many years to come”

“What am I going to tell Kyle”

“Whoever he is, if he doesn’t accept you for who you are, he’s an asshole”

“How will school accept me, I’ve gone from long hair to being fucking bald”

“How many girls have long hair at school? Probably all of them. You’ll really stand out and look so cool with your shiny bald head, wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other girls decided to shave their head”

“I don’t f**king care if two old bald men think I look ‘cool’, I just want my hair back”

Just then, Rebecca’s dad came back in

“Wow, she looks awesome, thanks so much Ritchie”

“Dad, why the f**k did you want me bald”

“Many reasons. Think hair is dirty, messy and ugly and needs to be shaved off. I despaired at how long you took doing it, rather than studying or living life, now you only need to towel it. You’ll be much cooler in the sun. You’ll be able to show off your earings and makeup off better. You’ll look like a badass at school. Looks fresh and clean. Most of all, a bald head feels amazing to touch, go on, touch it”

Rebecca moved her hands back over her head. It was a real shock just feeling smooth skin, having had hair for as long as she could remember. It felt cold, but with all the blood rushing to her head it felt nice to touch, albeit a bit sweaty due to her trauma.

She moved her hand across her head a few times.

It was a nice feeling, she thought, but she still hated it.

She stood up.

“Wow, Rebecca. I didn’t think your hair did much to you, rather than hang down your back like a foxes tail, but now with your dress and earrings on display alongside your shiny bald head, you genuinely look amazing”

“Buy me a wig, you sick f**ks”

“Here is £50 for the headshave, Ritchie. It’ll be £20 every week now”

“I put some Nair on. Nothing permanent, but it’ll keep her bald next week until I can shave her head again”

“You did WHAT” shouted Rebecca.

“Sounds good, I don’t want a single hair on her head while she’d still living with me. If she wants to grow that shit out later, she can, but for now, she’s my little bald girl.”

“See you next week, Mr Jones”

“See you next week, Ritchie”

Rebecca left the shop in tears, hands covering her bald head all the way to the car.

Next week

Rebecca walked into the shop again, alone. Rebecca looked more like a boy now. She still had some notable female features, but she was now dressed in a black hoodie and jeans, and unlikely last week where she had long hair, she now had a thin layer of grey stubble over her head, less than a millimetre long, ready to be shaved off again. She looked like she had been crying all day.

“Hey Rebecca, how are you”

Rebecca burst out in tears

“After you shaved my fucking head, my mum said she liked the look on me, and said she wanted to keep me bald. I ended up buying a wig off Amazon, and wearing it to college each day so I didn’t have to show my head to anyone, especially Kyle. I hated it, it was fucking itchy as hell. I just want to grow my hair out”


Rebecca gasped in shock. Her boyfriend Kyle turned his head to see her, his head shaved completely bald. Kyle was always particular about his hair, so seeing him bald was shocking

“But why, Kyle?”

“Oh Rebecca. When you came into college on Monday with much shorter hair, I was sceptical, and at one point you scratched your head under your wig, which let me know you were bald. I don’t love you less, and want you to feel confident however you look, so I decided to shave my head as well. If you have to be bald, I will be too”

Rebecca and Kyle stood up and cuddled each other, and Kyle affectionately rubbed the stubble on Rebecca’s head. Rebecca got very wet

“Kyle, you’re warm hands my head feel incredible”

She felt Kyle’s head

“Love that babe” said Kyle

“Well, I’m sure it would feel even better without the stubble, lets get it off”

Unlike last week, where Rebecca reluctantly walked to then, she ran to the chair with a smile, and Ritchie quickly caped her up and rubbed shaving cream over her head.

Like last week, Ritchie shaved Rebecca’s head three times, making sure every bit of stubble got shaved off and her healthy pink scalp was on full show. To finish, he added the three lotions and some Nair on her head, to give her a shiny bald head that would last till next week.

“Much better, I honestly prefer you bald to having hair. And I prefer being bald, its nice and cool and feels amazing to touch” said Kyle once the headshave had finished rubbing his head.

After Rebecca was released from the chair, she gave Kyle a big cuddle and kiss, and went on with their day.

Rebecca and Kyle kept themselves completely bald, never covering their gleaming scalps up again. And every Friday, they went to Ritchie for a headshave, every time with pleasure.

Rebecca ultimately was glad her father had made her go bald.

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