Rukmini makes Ramya fully mod

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“Thwakkk..” the slap I received from my mom was resounding and painful.  Though warned several times not to, my tongue had slipped again and said a bawdy work – the equivalent of penis.  I had just entered BE then.  After this slap from mom, I took extra care to never utter such things at home.  But I did enjoy it with my friends outside.

I completed BE in IT, joined a well-known IT company and did well there.  Unlike many girls of my age, I did not pick up any ‘mod’ habits like drinking, smoking, eating non-veg on the sly or getting into sexual relations with boys, in spite of a lot of peer pressure.  Many teased me for my traditional image on one side (waist long single braid with flowers, bindi, nose stud, bangles, saree, strict vegetarian and teetotaller) while talking dirty most of the time, the two not matching with each other.  I used to retort with a smile “All people are born because a man’s dick fucks a woman’s cunt and if a birth is a happy thing to talk about, the process of fucking, the dick and the cunt that initiated the birth are also happy things to talk about, not dirty.”  The good thing was a few girls and boys of my batch merrily reciprocated my ‘poli’ language for a good laugh almost daily.  But I proved to be a good IT engineer and for that, most respected me.

At 24, my parents chose a boy for me and the alliance was almost settled.  But in the one-to-one meeting with the boy, I told him frankly of my habit of talking dirty.  He took time to decide and his parents vetoed the alliance.  I got roundly scolded at home for revealing my ‘weakness’.

A few weeks later, another alliance came.  Dad had warned me not to tell anything like last time and I had behaved.  The alliance went through.  A week before the engagement function, the boy’s mother walked in and told my mom, “I know that your daughter Ramya is otherwise a very good girl.  But I overheard her talking extremely dirty with her colleagues with lot of giggles and gestures.  Such talk is a strict no-no in our house.  I am sure that she will not be able to kick that habit.  So we are cancelling the alliance.  However, a distant relation of us is there.  In their family, such talk is common and Ramya will suit their family.”

My shocked mom was in tears.  Dad contacted that ‘poli’ talk family.  The boy Pradeep’s parents made it very clear to my parents – “We are very mod, though we retain many traditional things.  It is good that your daughter is a pro in bawdy language and it is that much less trouble for us teaching her to be like that.  But on other things she will have to change to our mod culture and you should not object to it.  If so, she would be a very good daughter-in-law for us”.

Mom asked what the changes would be.  The bob cut mother of Pradeep, her name Rukmini, said with a bright smile “What else, Arundhanti (my mom’s name)?  Very short hair, occasional drinks, non-veg food outside the house, short trendy dresses, and that is it.”  My parents and I were horrified.  I tried to avoid marriage to this mod family tearfully saying “I don’t want to do all that – short hair, drinks, non-veg and all.”  My parents shouted at me and said “Better you do all this and get married into this family.  If you don’t accept this match, then stay unmarried.  Who else will accept a foul mouthed girl like you?”

A few friends of mine said “Ramya, what the heck?  You can enjoy royally in a rich and mod family.  You can openly and happily talk dirty at home.  Just agree happily, change yourself and enjoy.”  So finally I agreed.  My parents were also happy.  And here I was, married and about to leave my parental home.

My tearful mom hugged me and said sternly but lovingly “Ramya, just because they accept your way of dirty talk, don’t allow your tongue free.  Have some sense about what to talk and when.  And don’t say ‘no’ to this and that – drinks, short hair, non-veg or whatever.  They are a mod family and do happily whatever your m-i-l says, okay?”  I nodded a tearful ‘yes’.

The day after the marriage, the first night happened at m-i-l’s house.  I was very happy to have got a well-endowed husband.  After some 20 minutes of foreplay, his 8 inch long dick tore my hymen in one stroke in the missionary position and later he fucked me in doggy style for some 15 minutes before both getting into almost simultaneous orgasm.  The whole thing was quite noisy with all sorts of noises and bawdy words coming out of our mouths.

At the breakfast table, the next morning, all hell broke loose.  F-i-l, m-i-l and Pradeep’s boy cut sister Pranati were competing with each other trying to get the minute details of our fucking the previous night.  With lot of giggles, both of us enumerated the details in straightforward words without masking anything.  Discussion veered around to the penis sizes of my f-i-l, Pradeep and Pranati’s husband and all had a good laugh.  With such free sex and bawdy talk, I felt like released from a prison!  I would do anything happily to be in a family like this!

Sex talk apart, in-laws looked after me well.  Though my in-laws appeared to be highly modern and open in many things, they were also traditional in other things.  I started liking them and the atmosphere.  Another thing that I was surprised about was that m-i-l and Pranati wore just shorts and tank tops at home exposing their navels!

Second day evening, as I started arranging for dinner, m-i-l brought wine bottles and wine cups!  I was shocked for a while!  But I had agreed to change.  The four of us – f-i-l, m-i-l, Pradeep and I – sat around the table.  M-i-l said “Ramya, you are starting today to take drinks.  Don’t worry.  As long as you maintain a strict discipline, this will not harm you” and held a glass of white wine to my lips and advised me to sip it slowly.  With nervousness, I did as told.  But I found the taste and the effect on the body very good.  I began enjoying the drink and was happy that I had broken a ceiling.

Third day morning, m-i-l took me for shopping and she bought me shorts and tank tops for wearing at home!  She said “Ramya, henceforth, you will wear these at home most of the times, even with visitors around.  You can wear saree to work and on special occasions at home.”

On the way back home, she took me to a posh restaurant for lunch.  I asked why? She calmly replied “To start you on chicken. I want you to start relishing it at the earliest.”  I nervously started eating chicken biriyani.  But strangely, I liked what I ate.  And m-i-l was all smiles at my comfortable consumption.  I had become a ‘non-vegetarian’ and happily at that.

Back home, she forced me to wear the short dress and move about. Initially though embarrassing, I found very ‘liberated’ and very happy with it.  That night I was introduced to whisky which I liked a lot.

Fourth day morning, she asked me to wear a saree and took me to a beauty parlour!  I asked what for.  She coolly replied “What else? To get your hair cut!”  I knew that this would come some time but not so soon!  I tried to wriggle out saying “Why not a few months later?”  She firmly but with a smile said “We all want you to be fully mod before Pradeep fucks you in your honeymoon.  So forget postponing such things.”  I said defensively “I don’t mind cutting it short but being religious I would like to tonsure the whole thing once in a religious place and then grow it to a short style.”  M-i-l was happily aghast at my saying so. “Oh is it?  I am very happy to hear.  Anyway, I had vowed to tonsure my head a few months after Pradeep’s marriage.  So you can also do it at that time.  But that is different and this is different.  If you like, we will save your braid and drop it in the hundi when we go for the tonsure.  But you have to get your braid chopped off today.  This long braid does not suit in our house.”

I had no other choice but to nod yes with a smile.  I asked her “How short will be my hair after today’s makeover?”  She giggled and said “Wait and experience!”

First m-i-l sat in the chair.  The left handed female stylist Geeta reduced her shoulder length bob to mid-ear level with a clippered nape.  Next I sat in the chair.  M-i-l told her “Geeta, give her a short clippered boy cut.  Save maximum amount of hair.  We need to drop it in temple.  Let the back and sides be bald to about an inch and a half above the ears.”  I was aghast.  Boy cut with clippers!  Bald back and sides! I tried to protest.  But m-i-l cut me short saying “Ramya, you will find it highly enjoyable, don’t worry.”

Geeta, herself a boy cut girl like Pranati, washed and dried my waist long hair, sat me on the styling chair, caped me and combed the hair thoroughly with a left parting.  She took a vertical section from my right side temple and with clippers in her left hand cut it from top to bottom leaving about two inches on top and some quarter inch at the bottom.  She laid the cut hair on the table neatly.

This she repeated all around my head and all the cut hair was neatly arranged on the table.  My hair had acquired the shape of a longish boy cut.  Geeta bound the arranged long hair with cotton cord, put it in a plastic cover, wrote my name and date on it with a permanent marker and handed it over to m-i-l.  I was already feeling light in the head.  Though I was reluctant in the beginning, I thought I looked fine with this short hair.

Next Geeta took the clippers she had used on m-i-l’s nape, changed the attachment to a no. 2 (which leaves quarter inch hair in its wake), bent my head to the left and ran the clippers up my right temple.  I could see in the mirror that the hair cutting monster travelled high up leaving a black pelt of quarter inch long hair to some two inches above my ears!  But I felt the feeling really awesome.  For the first time I started enjoying my haircut very much.

Geeta clippered my right side hair like this.  Then she bent my head forward and I felt that she clippered my nape high up, may be to the same level as the right side.  Then she did the same on the left side.  I was feeling exceedingly happy with the feel of clippers and the short hair on the sides.  Next, she wetted the top hair, combed it and with scissors trimmed it very short to comb it neatly like a boy.  I was looking like a college boy and giggled to myself.  Then, Geeta took out the black guard on the red clippers, bent my head to the left again and ran it on the sides to an inch and a half above the ears leaving a bald patch!  But I felt extremely happy with the feel.

In the next five minutes my back and sides were rendered bald to skin with the zero clippers and the areas were smoothly merged.  I looked like a male NCC cadet!  But I really liked my image – bindi, nose stud, bangles, saree but a short clippered boy cut!  Even with such short hair, I did look feminine!  I really liked it!

After bath at home, m-i-l took me again outside for lunch.  This time, she made me eat mutton biriyani.  I liked this also.  She told me that in the evening there is a wet party to celebrate our marriage and my parents had been invited!  There would be non-veg, booze of course but also pure veg fare.  So I need not worry for my parents.  But I was expected to take drinks and eat non-veg.  No concession on that.

In the evening my parents and brother came to our in-laws house.  They all giggled at my new avatar of short hair and short dress at home and I giggled with them.  With lot of affection mom hugged me.  M-i-l had already told my mom that she had ‘converted’ me to non-veg and booze.  Mom had replied ‘no problem as long as she is happy’.  In the party I wore saree, ate chicken and mutton and drank whisky.  I was very happy to have become this mod in such a short time.  We fucked noisily that night also.  My sandpapery nape and sides made me that much more horny.

The next day, Pradeep and I went to honeymoon.  For one week, we made merry, eating, drinking and fucking.  By the time I was back home, I was a pro in eating non-veg food and drinking all type of alcoholic drinks.

When I reported for duty, all hell broke loose with my new appearance.  But everyone appreciated my beauty with boy cut hair.  The back and sides had lost that sandpapery feel and greyish bald look was replaced with a short black pelt.  They were all surprised when I ate mutton and drank whisky in the party a month from then.  Some said “Ramya, now your look, new habits and your dirty tongue match well.” I felt proud.

After some three months, we all went to Tirumala.  I took along the cut hair that had been preserved.  My hair on back and sides had grown long enough to cover my ears.  In Tirumala, all the four of us became baldies.  The feel of the razor on my wet hair was heavenly and I really liked my smooth dome.  In office also, my colleagues said I looked very good as a baldy.  Pradeep wanted to make me pregnant with me being a baldy.  We fucked regularly, both to enjoy and to make a baby.  After three months, I returned to the clipper boy cut which I renewed once a month.  Nine months after the Tirumala gundu, a son was born to me.

It is some five years now after the marriage.  My parents are proud of me that I have entered a home where I am happy and become mod.  They have happily accepted me with all my ‘mod’ habits – non-veg, drinks, short dress and short hair. I have got two kids, a boy Rakshit and a girl Rachana.  Till now I have kept my hair a short clippered boy cut with bald back and sides like the one I got soon after my marriage.  I take a drink once a week with my family at home and once more outside if there is a party or some such thing.  None of us is allowed in our house to drink more than twice a week and more than two units at a time. So m-i-l advised me that it is safe to drink that much even during pregnancies and breastfeeding.  I eat non-veg twice or thrice a week outside, either in parties or with my in-laws.

And bawdy talk?  Almost daily with my husband, in-laws, Pranati and her husband whenever they are around, of course not in the presence of kids.  Once my both kids – Rakshit was two and half years old and Rachana was six months old – had gone to sleep.  During the sex talk that night, f-i-l described how and when he first fucked my m-i-l’s anus.  We had a good laugh.  At the end of the story, m-i-l said that it was high time that Pradeep started to bang my anus.  I was horrified and said no.  But my m-i-l said with a smile “Ramya, one day I will see to it that Pradeep will fuck your anus”.

When Rachana completed 2 years, her first mundan at Tirumala was due.  I suggested that all the six – my in-laws, Pradeep, myself, Rakshit and Rachana – can become baldies.  M-i-l knew how deeply I loved to become a baldy once in a few years.  So she accepted my proposal on two conditions: 1. I must keep my head smooth for two months (!) and she would do the job of keeping me bald, 2. I must start getting banged in the rear by Pradeep.  Over the past year, after repeatedly hearing from m-i-l and Pranati about the pain and joy of getting fucked in the anus, I was longing to try it once.  So, I happily accepted the conditions provided she also keeps her head bald for two months.  She happily agreed.

We returned from Tirumala two weeks ago with the heads of all the six smoothly bald.  I really love this smooth dome of mine and the rest of my people.  The day we returned, m-i-l reminded me and Pradeep of the anal banging.  I smiled and said ‘yes’.  She told us how to go about it.  We did like she told.  I really enjoyed it despite the initial pain.  In the past two weeks, I got it done thrice and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Now, we propose to do anal fucking twice a month as advised by my m-i-l.

In the last two weeks, m-i-l shaved my head with zero clippers thrice a week.  I also did the same to her.  It is really enjoyable to shave a loved one’s head, that too a female’s!  My colleagues were astonished to see me keep my head bald.  I am enjoying it fully!  M-i-l has become a champion of clipper boy cut like what I and Pranati normally have.  So once hair grows, she also will keep a similar machine boy cut.  And I have proposed to keep my head a close military cut for about three months.

I wonder about the changes in me in the past five years.  From a very traditional long haired vegetarian teetotaller young woman I have transformed into a very mod short haired meat loving drink loving young woman, reluctantly initially but very happily now – all because of my bawdy tongue.

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