Samira receives severe punishment for venial offence (Episode 1)

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Samira was a sweet 17 year old Indian girl. Her biggest asset was her silky straight thick black hair. For her they meant all the riches in the world. She took real good care of them. Brushing them for hours and sometimes putting them up and sometimes leaving them open to leave people around spellbound in admiration.

Samira’s parents decided to shift to USA. They had finalized their jobs there but were leaving Samira at her aunt’s place as the future was uncertain and they also didn’t want Samira’s education to get affected so she would continue her college here in Mumbai, India. Samira wasn’t too happy with this decision as she didn’t get along at all with her aunt’s daughter, her cousin Natasha who was still in school 9Th grade. She also found her aunt too stern and always against her as her aunt was too attached to Natasha and thought she was always right. Natasha was pampered by her mother as she didn’t have a father. But Samira’s parents didn’t have any other option but to leave her at her aunt’s place and requested her to adjust as once they would settle in there, they would call Samira there. Samira agreed.

One afternoon, a few months after Samira’s parents had left for USA, Samira entered her room in her aunt’s house and was shocked to see Natasha sitting on her vanity chair and brushing her shoulder lenght hair with Samira’s brush. Samira hated anyone using her brushes as she was so particular about her hair. Samira immediately rushed towards Natasha and snatched the brush from Natasha’s hands.

Samira: “How dare you use my brush to comb your unhealthy hair. You have lice in your hair and you want to pass them on to me. Get out! You will never have hair like me.”

Natasha got extremely offended with Samira’s statements and left the room crying searching for her mother to complain about her cousin’s rude behaviour. Seeing her daughter bitterly cry and hearing what Samira had to say about Natasha’s hair, Samira’s aunt really flaired up and stormed into Samira’s room with Natasha following her. Samira sat there brushing her silky beautiful hair.

Auntie: “Samira!” she screamed. “What do u think of yourself? You are some princess with that silky hair of yours and my daughter your servant?”

Samira: “No no auntie. i just told her not to use my brush as she has lice” she said politely, quite taken aback and scared with her aunt shouting.
Auntie: “Who said she has lice. You are obsessed with your hair. I need to punish you and teach you a lesson today, a lesson you will remember all your life.”

Samira: “Please dint punish me, I m really sorry. I will apologize to Natasha right away.”

Auntie: “Nothing doing, you will pay a heavy price for your words. In any case you are wasting too much time everyday on that thick mop of hair,” and she starts dragging Samira by pulling her hand towards natasha’s dressing table in natasha’s room. By now natasha’s tears had converted into smiles, hoping her cousin is taught a good lesson today.
They reach Natasha’s room and Samira still pleading, “Please give me another chance, i will never be rude to Natasha. Please let me go. Don’t punish me, i will do whatever you say.”

Auntie:”Its too late now, you don’t deserve another chance and you don’t have to do anything sweety. What ever has to be done now I will be doing it” she said smilingly and tightly holds Samira back on the vanity chair and asks Natasha to take some ribbons and tie Samira’s hands and legs to the chair. After natasha finishes the task assigned to her, the aunt checks again and ties one more knot to leave no room for her to move.

Samira tries desperately moving her hands and legs but to no avail. “Please untie me, i will not run. Its really hurting me.”

Auntie: “The hurting part has not even begun honey and i have to make sure you are tied up and stationary with the punishment i ve thought for you.” she said with a smirk.

Samira: “Please tell me what is the punishment” , she said with a lot of fear and anxiousness.

Auntie: ” Just be patient sweety. You will know it soon. Whats the hurry,” and left the room.

Natasha was very pleased by all the proceedings and pulled Samira’s cheeks telling her, “This is what you get when you act too smart with me Samira didi” emphasizing on the word didi* to indicate Samira might be the elder sister but its the younger one who is in command of the situation now.

Auntie in the meanwhile comes back with a small silver suitcase and says, ” You know before marriage i had done a haircutting and styling course but didn’t get to pursue it. Its been a long time since i practised my haircutting skills and today you are my model” looking at Samira and laughing.

Samira couldn’t believe what she heard. “What did you say? Your haircutting model? No way, you cannot do this to me.”

Auntie: “Yes you heard right. You are going to pay for your words with your HAIR Samira. Is it clear to you now,” she said loudly and firmly. Then looking at Natasha she says, ” Go and call your friends from the opposite house, lets have some audience for this fun.” Before her mother could finish her sentence Natasha ran to call her friends in great excitement.

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