Sandy Is Not The Smartest…

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For most of my life I have been quiet. Even when I was just a little girl I barley ever cried or screamed about anything. That’s just how I was.

My name is Rachel. I’m considered a “quiet kid” at school. I’m pretty shy and don’t talk very much at all. I don’t really have any actual friends and it kind of bothers me because I don’t really have anyone to talk to. But I just can’t quite muster the courage to just walk up and start a conversation with someone. My mother is a famous painter named Shelly and she makes loads of money so we’ve never had financial problems. I like movies and video games. I’m not really into the stuff other girls at school are into like makeup and being into boy bands. I usually don’t wear any makeup. I have pale smooth skin with no blemishes or anything. My hair is waist length and black. I consider myself pretty as is. So I think putting makeup on is a bit unnecessary. I dress fairly conservatively but sometimes I go casual. Especially if I’m home.

That leads us to now. I was sitting in the cafeteria eating my salad I usually have when something new happened. I usually sit by myself and no one else comes to me because nobody really knows me. But all of a sudden a woman sat next to me.

She had Orange hair in a loose ponytail. She had white skin that had freckles on her red cheeks. She had a very cute face and especially cute smile.

“Hey there!” She said a little bit louder than I expected.

I looked at her still puzzled that someone sat next to me.

She scooted closer and held out her had for me to shake it.

“Me name is Sandy! What’s yours?” She said with a goofy smile on her face.

I looked at her in a quizzical way at her broken English before saying “My name is Rachel…”

She smiled wider and hugged me out of nowhere and said “Me happy to meet you Rachel!”

“Uhhhh Thanks…?” I said patting her on the back.

“What are you eating?” She asked

“Uh I’m just eating a little salad.” I responded

“Yuck! Salad is nasty!” Sandy said with the reaction of a toddler.

She unzipped her dirty lunch box and took out a bag of Skittles.

She immediately started to ravage the bag like a wild animal. As I sat in awe with my mouth agape.

After she was done she looked at me a smiled widely and said. “Me Sandy think we could be great friends!”

After that me and Sandy became just that.

We would meet during lunch and talk about our day and some of our interests. For two completely opposite people we got along pretty well. I never asked her about her abnormal speech because I came to the conclusion pretty early on that Sandy wasn’t too bright…

Not to insult her but it seemed she had the brain and behavior of a child. I’m pretty sure she isn’t legally disabled but if she is it wouldn’t surprise me. Bless her soul.

Things went like this for awhile. Me and Sandy would meet and talk then leave to go to class.

But one night things went differently.

We and my parents were eating dinner like usual but then my mom dropped a bombshell on me.

“I want you to go camping with us” she said.

I immediately was flooded with the memories of the terrible camping trip we were on before. I’m already not much of an outside person but I had figured it was a good idea to try it out.

Boy, was I wrong.

It was way too hot and extremely boring. So when my mom tells me she wants me to go on another camping trip I already know I’m going to dislike it.

“Mom please don’t make me go!” I pleaded.

“You need to get out of your shell Rachel!” She responded.

“I already have!” I said “I recently made a friend at school!” I told her.

“You have?” Dad questioned.

“Yeah! Her name is Sandy and I would really rather do something with her instead of the camping trip idea!” I said.

My mom seemed to think it over for a bit. And eventually said “Okay if you can schedule a sleepover here me and your father won’t make you come on the trip and we will be gone while you and Sandy stay here.”

I thought it over for a second and came to the conclusion that I would rather do literally anything with Sandy instead. “Sounds good to me.” I replied. Now all I have to do is get Sandy to agree to staying over.

When I went to school I was only focused on if it will be difficult to convince Sandy to come over and spend the night. But it turned out to be pretty easy. All I had to do was tell her I was going to be making spaghetti and she jumped at the opportunity.

The day finally came. My parents told me that they would be back in a few days and to make sure I have fun with Sandy. I waved goodbye and an hour later there was a knock at the door. I opened it and saw the big smile of Sandy.

She immediately hugged me and said she was so excited to spend the night with me. The thing is that Sandy is quite a bit shorter than me. So when she hugged me her face went right in between my breasts.

I gasped at this because I wasn’t really expecting it. I sat there awkwardly looking down at her as she snuggled even further into my chest while her arms were around my lower back. I blushed heavily as Sandy stepped away from me and walked into my house like nothing happened just then.

I awkwardly closed the door while secretly hoping the the neighbors didn’t see us.

Sandy and I spent the evening watching movies and playing bored games together. I heard Sandy’s belly rumble quietly and asked her if she is hungry. She licked her lips and nodded quickly.

I started making the spaghetti as Sandy continued to watch TV in the living room. Eventually I was finished with it and plated the spaghetti and called for Sandy to come over to eat. She rushed over to the dining room in her socks like a little kid and instantly started digging into the spaghetti. I sat down and started eating as well. Only more properly.

As we where eating however I noticed that Sandy was getting progressively more annoyed. I saw that her hair was constantly getting in the spaghetti and falling on to her face even though she had it in a ponytail.

Eventually Sandy had enough and said “Ugh! I can’t handle this anymore!” She stormed out of the dining room. I heard her bumbling around in the bathroom so I decided to see what she was doing.

She was digging around in the drawers underneath the sink. “What are you doing?” I asked while watching her from the doorway. “Where are you Clippers?” She asked. “Um right there…” I said as I pointed at the smaller drawer.

Sandy opened it up and looked at them in her hands with a giddy smile on her face. She clicked them on and immediately smiled wider. She undid her ponytail and turned the Clippers back on.

She immediately put the Clippers to her hairline at the center of her forehead while still smiling. “Wait you’re not planning o-” she cut me off as she drove the Clippers right through the center of her head while giggling.

I stood in awe as I looked at her. Those Clippers were the ones my dad uses to shave his head every time his hair starts to grow back. To say they cut close would be an  understatement. The row of shaved skin she left left in the center of her head had absolutely no hair left whatsoever. Not even a bit of stuble. Just pale smooth skin.

“Sandy what are you doing!?” I shouted startling myself in the process.

“No more hair no more problem!” She cheerfully said as she drove the Clippers in a second time right next to the first row.

“Well you didn’t need to shave it! You could have just gotten it cut!” I said.

Sandy looked at me with a look of confusion on her face. “But I am cutting it aren’t I?” She said while still holding the humming Clippers as she had a finger on her bottom lip like she was thinking.

I signed and walked away. I could still hear her shaving away as I sat in the living room thinking about what to do in this situation. I realized that I should probably put the spaghetti away if I didn’t want it to go bad.

After putting all the leftovers in the refrigerator I picked up the plates. But as I turned around I bumped into Sandy and the plates fell on the ground and the spaghetti sauce splashed all over me.

“Whoops!” My newly bald friend said as she looked at my shirt. “Sorry! Me didn’t mean to!” She said.

I should have been upset but I was just to focused on Sandy’s bald head.

She looked oddly good. Her head was the perfect shape and while her ears did poke out a little it wasn’t too much. Also the fact that her hair was gone made me realize just how beautiful her eyes were.

I realized that I should probably say something instead of just staring at her shiny and smooth head. “Oh uh it’s ok Sandy.”

“Here let me clean up for you!” She said as she bent down and started picking up the broken plates. “Me think me is going to go to bed after me clean. Is it still ok if me sleep next to you?” She asked while cleaning.

“Uh yeah sure I’m just going to wash up first…” I said as I started to back away.

I went upstairs and turned on the shower. I started washing myself when I realized that I didn’t bring any extra clothes with me. I stopped the shower and wrapped a small towel around my chest that only barely held anything in. I opened the door and went to my room to grab something quickly. As I entered I heard “Oh hi Rachel!” I turned around and saw Sandy walking towards me. I paniced and tried to cover myself more but as Sandy was walking towards me she accidentally tripped on the carpet and fell on me.

Luckily we landed on my bed but when I looked down at where Sandy was she was laying on my chest… Just like at the doorway but this time I was naked as my towel fell off when I tripped. I felt Sandy’s bald head rest perfectly in between my breasts. “Mmmmmm” she moaned. As she moved her head around my cleavege.

I could feel my face was as red as a tomato. “U-Uhhhh” I moaned. Suddenly I heard a little muffled giggle come from Sandy. She lifted her head out of my breasts and said “These boobies sure do feel good!”

She went right back to fondling them and rubbing her head on them as she continued to giggle. “U-Uhhh S-Sandy…” I moaned out.

Even though it was pretty weird situation it felt really good…

Her pressing up against my body… Feeling her warmth all over me… Her smooth head right in my cleavege…

“What’s this?” Sandy said as she looked down at my pussy. She bent down in between my legs. “Why are you all wet down here?” She said as she stared at my pussy with a confused expression.

She scooped up some of my juice with her finger and put it in her mouth thus getting another moan out of me. “Wow this sure does taste yummy!” She said.

Suddenly I felt a weird but really amazing sensation on my pussy.

I looked down and saw Sandy rubbing her head on pussy. She stopped and looked at me her face and scalp covered in my pussy juices.

She smiled and said “This juice sure feels good on me head!” She continued to rub her head on my pussy in a up and down motion. Soon her whole head was covered.

I kept moaning loudly until I eventually climaxed.

I closed my legs around Sandy’s head and squirted everywhere but mostly on Sandy.

I fell completely limp on my bed gasping. That was literally the best climax I’ve ever experienced. Sandy climbed back on top of me and rested her head in my boobs again.

When I woke up in the morning I had a puddle of drool forming on top of me as Sandy snored away.

I carefully released myself from under her and got dressed. I cleaned up all my leftover juice and went downstairs. Eventually Sandy woke up and went downstairs too. “Uhhhh hey…” I said awkwardly.

“Was that a dream?” She asked.

I realized that she thought that she dreamed up what happened last night. Because I didn’t want to mess up our friendship and go through an awkward conversation I just asked her what she was talking about which convinced her that she did just dream up last night.

So neither of us brought up what happened last night as she thinks she was just dreaming. She ended up leaving in the afternoon as I watched her walk away I could see the sun shine off of her head brightly.

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