School principal investment Pt 3

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Punjab, India 

Mr. Pinleba and I landed in India, we took a car and drive off for a long ride to Hoshiarpur. Mr. Pinleba handed me the reports of his shampoo product being sold in India. As expected from him, sells exceed my expectation. At this rate, our shampoo company is going to be hit mult-million dollar business.

After we arrived at Hoshiarpur, we stop at a all girls school. Mr. Pinleba bought the school using company name and ungraded the school The school looks amazing, as we arrived at entrance, and I was greeted by Dorjee the school principal. Dorjee is a good looking woman in her early 30s, light brown skin, slender body, her face looks like she’s in her 20s. I like how her traditional Indian hair bun style is tied up. It has flowers covering her bun with nice pin in the sliding through her bun.

We have a nice small conversation before heading to the auditorium for the opening ceremony. Students and teacher were gathered for the ceremony. Mr. Pinleba made a speech in Hindi that got him a standing ovation because of his fluent Hindi. How I wish I could be like Pinleba who is polyglot.

Next was Dorjee turned to speak, she thanked me for taking good care of the school and the upgrades of the facilities. She then called out 3 young girls on staged. To show appreciation, 3 young girls willing to donated their hair for the company. 3 of these girls had long hair touching their butt and I would love to cut them off.

Mr. Pinleba handed the scissor. I walk towards one of the girl and slowly snipping off their braids. I held the braid up high and students were cheering. I went to the 2nd girl lop off her braid, then the 3rd girl I did the same. 3 thick braids more than 20 inch long each being hack off, and the girls are left with a short bob that touches their chin. I put the braid aside and make a short speech and end the ceremony.

In the car on the way to the hotel, I told Mr. Pinleba that was some nice gifts I got there, while examining the braids on my hands. 3 braids I got were very healthy and in good condition. I was happy about it, but there’s still an urge for hair. I feel that somehow I’m not truly satisfied just yet. Or maybe I’m just tired from traveling and should take a short nap at the hotel.

Once I check in to my room, I head straight to bed and dozes off. I woke up after hearing knocks on my door, when I check the time I realized I had slept about 3 hours. I rushed to the door and when I open it, there standing Dorjee the school principal. Dorjee told me that Mr. Pinleba wanted her to take me around Hoshiarpur. I gladly accept her company because I was hungry too, nap time made me miss my lunch.

Dorjee and I had a wonderful time traveling around Hoshiarpur. We went to street market, temples, and enjoy traditional Indian street food. Dorjee is very friendly and we instantly connected. We shared about our personal lives, family and so on. We went to popular Indian restaurant for dinner, had a bit of wine, and head back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel

I invited Dorjee to my room. She stood there for moment and smiled. Dorjee said she thought I would never ask her in my room. She walked in and hugged me. At the same time, I could feel her messaging my crouch with her soft hand. She whispered to my ears and said that I’m also her surprised from Mr. Pinleba. With that I knew what she meant, who knew that a school principal would like sexual stuff like this was a big surprised.

Dorjee turned around and asked me playfully would I mind to help undo her bun. I smiled and took out the flowers that covers around her bun. After taking out the flowers from the bun, I noticed her bun was extremely big, and what holding that massive hair was a big pin. I reach to the pin and pull it out of her bun. Dorjee shook her head to reveal her long hair as it came tumbling down and down until it covers the floor. I was in shock! That might be the longest wavy hair I ever seen. Not only that, its in superb condition, black and shiny, and the ends is thick! That’s 7 feet worth of hair as she finger comb it to loose the knots.

I instantly grab her hair and examined the thickness and sure enough that a lot of real hair. Dorjee held my hand and guided me to the bathroom. We undress ourselves took a bath together. I couldn’t hold my excitement, having a beautiful super long hair lady in my hands, I penetrate her inside the bath tub as I couldn’t wait. We washed her hair using Pinleba new hair product, it smells amazing like sweet mango with lime, it took the whole bottle just to wash her 7 foot hair.

We come out of the bathroom. I blow dry her 7 feet of hair, it took more than an hour to blow dry this thick hair. Then I brushed her hair till its all smooth, and carried her to the bed for another round of sex. Dorjee thick long hair is everywhere on the bed, its so long and thick it could cover my entire body.

I got out of the bed for a short break. When I came back, the image of Dorjee on the bed was spectacular, just like the movie rapunzel her hair spreads around the bed and touches the floor. I was loving the view that I took photos of it for memories. I got on bed but Dorgee told me to wait ,she wants to give me a surprised gift. She blindfolded me using her frontal hair, and after few minutes, I could feel Dorgee wrapping her long hair round my dick. When she’s done, I was asked to removed her hair from my eyes, I was truly surprised.

Dorjee hair was tied in a big bun with 2 big scissors holding it. She messages my dick with her hair and told me to do as I please and she starts blowing. I took out the 2 scissors off her bun and her long hair fell covering my lap and her body. Dorjee held her frontal hair up with one hand and then other still giving me a hair/blowjob, I place one of the scissor near her scalped and *SCHHIINKKK*  *SCHHHIIKKK* *SCHHHIIIKKK* 7 feet worth of hair off her head. I could now see her face blowing my dick. She hang her hair around my neck and continue doing her job.

With 2 scissor on my hand, its time to get to work. I snipped off her hair left to right and right to left close to her scalped. I was thrill to the max, as heavy load of hair falling all over my lap and the bed. I never cut this much of hair before, and it feels amazing, hair covering Dorjee and I on the bed and the snipping almost never stops. As soon as I finished hacking all 7 feet of her hair, I ejected on her. Dorjee gather her hair and toss it in the air happily, and we slept together that night under her hair.

At the airport

Dorjee now spotted with her bald hair, she shaved it herself in the morning. I kissed Dorjee on the head and told it that was a wonderful night. She smiled and kissd me on the lips, and hope that I will come back and do it again. Mr. Pinleba and I hopped on the plane and off to our next destination.


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