See you in two weeks

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As I admired myself in the mirror I was also astonished at how long my parents had let hair my grow this summer without sending me to the barbershop with instructions to get it cut properly. Every two weeks I would be sent to the barber chair where any length would be fastly clipped away.
But for the whole two months since my last cut somehow they had not payed attention to my hair.
And today my parents were taking a day trip out of town so my favorite baybysitter was keeping me for the day and I was excited about her seeing how long my hair had gotten. It made me look older and cooler which I thought she would dig. Trisha was in highschool and I have to admit she had always had my attention. It was an innocent crush, just a young man obsessed with a older beautiful women.
My parents took off in the morning and Trisha took the reigns from them as usual. It was early in the morning when they left so just before noon she suggested we go get an early lunch downtown, plus she had some errands to run that I could tag along on.
We headed downton in her punch buggy convertible and parked in front of the pizza parlor. I really like how everyone saw me riding along with this older beauty.
Trisha was a tall brunette with sharp facial features. She wore her hair in high pony tail that bounced around as she moved fluidly.
Today she was wearing black leather shorts and a old tee shirt. She had great style from the little I knew about it.
We ate pizza and joked about whether I had any girlfriends or not and then planned out the rest of the day.
Trisha mentioned she had a hair appointment for a quick trim and did I mind coming along.
The idea made me a little nervous but to play it cool I agreed.
We left the pizza parlour and headed towards her beauty salon. I admittedly became anxious as we got closer thinking about the feeling of a cape around my neck and how the chair felt inching upwards as a barber pressed down on the lever.
I regained composure as we turned the corner but almost lost it again when I saw where we were headed.
It was a salon called ” Snip” . I had ridden my bike past this place a couple times and always seemed intimidated by what carried on inside and out.
Often there were attractive young barberettes taking smoking breaks out front, one or two had even joked at me before about coming inside and sitting in their chair so they could give me a proper haircut.
I had seen through the window before too that this hair salon had big comfy salon chairs that seemed to engulf any women who sat in them.
They were big black puffy leather chairs, almost retro. The leather was slick and shiny and I noticed women sometimes ashing in trays built in the armrest. Long ago when I used to have a paper route I had to go inside to collect one day and got a first hand look at the atmosphere. I’ll never forget the smell of smoke and shampoo and the sight of those pretty ladies in curlers and the shiny chemical capes covering their bodies.
I was told to wait patiently in one of the styling chairs while the owner fetched her purse, while I sat there trying to go unnoticed a hairdresser came up behind me and threw a styling cape around me. I couldn’t move I was so shocked. She winked at me through the mirror and said ” how about a trim cutie?”
Before I could answer she was raising the salon chair in the air swiftly by stomping down on the hydraulic pedal.
As her fingers ran up my neck into my shaggy hair I realized what was happening and politely told her I had other businesses to get to and simply couldn’t today.
She angrily pulled the cape off my neck and said ” one day then”
As I hurried out I promised I would stay away from that salon.
It was just too much on my senses and made me uncomfortable in away I didn’t understand.
And now today we were headed right back into it.
I looked up at Trisha and said” maybe I’ll go the Arcade”
She looked at me and said” don’t be nervous, these girls won’t bite.” ” and maybe we can get you trim while were in here.”
I was shocked, I didn’t want a trim I especially didn’t want Trisha to see me trapped in a salon chair with a huge cape holding me down while some hairdresser cut away at my prized locks.
It seemed she was calling the shots so I was without escape.
Time seemed to stand still as we opened the door and walked in. It was a busy day in Snip. There were clients in all the chairs with hairdressers working busily over them. The same smell of smoke and hairspray wafted over me as we crossed the threshold . Things hadn’t changed much, the same black puffy leather chairs sat atop a white and black checkered floor and all the clients were draped in shiny chemical capes.
Some of the capes were black and some were silver. The one thing they had in common was they were thick and looked like they were intended to hold you down in the chair.
All of the hairdressers were wearing black all over as if it was required. One of them noticed us once we were inside. She was beautiful and probably knew it by the way she carried herself. She had on black shiny latex leggings with high heels and a black nylon styling gown that hung halfway down her butt as if too tease an onlooker .
Her blonde curly hair bounced as she moved around her client in the chair.
” Hello Trisha, be right with you .” She said as she put the finishing snips on a bob cut .
The waiting area was small and didn’t really have seating so I just stood in the corner trying to go unnoticed as Trisha took a seat in a salon chair that had just become vacant by a hairdresser whose shift was over.
I watched as she sat back in the puffy chair and crossed her tan legs. The bottom of her thighs not covered by the leather shorts squeeked on the leather seat as she moved around. Her shiny brown pony tail hung just at the top of the back rest of the salon chair.
She was beautiful and I started to imagine how amazing she would look under that shiny cape.
The hairdresser looked over at me and said” whose your friend Trish?”
” Do you think he would like a quick trim too, sure looks shaggy”
They both laughed and Trisha said ” maybe we can talk him into it”
I just ignored the banter and stared away for a bit.
It was Trisha’s turn in the chair now and as she sat back in the salon chair I was again captivated. As she sat back into the deep black chair I stared at her.
The hairdresser turned the chair to face the mirror and through the silver cape around her body. It settled over her and covered her completely except her heels resting on the footrest below.
The barberette undid her pony tail and her brown hair hit the shimmering cape with a thud at her shoulders.
Then the sound of the salon chair going upwards completely hypnotized me. The way she stepped down on that lever and worked the chair up was so sexy. Her thighs rubbed together as one leg kicked down against the other continuously. And Trisha sat still under the cape as the salon chair inched up with her in it.
At that point I noticed the barberette looking at me through the mirror.
She spoke up,” why don’t you come have a seat honey over here” she motioned to the empty salon chair Trisha had moved from.
I started to stammer something out when she said ” we won’t bite”
I gathered my bravery and walked over to the empty salon chair.
I sat down into it and immediately noticed how comfortable it was. The plush leather welcomed my small frame and seemed like an easy place to be taken advantage of if I wasn’t careful.
Once Trisha’s stylist had her caped and at working level, the cut started.
Her stylist was just trimming the ends off. She fingered through the long strands and snipped methodically at the split ends. Little tiny pieces of her hair were gathering on the floor under her. Trisha fished through her purse and pulled out a cigarette. I had never seen her smoke and was suddenly surprised to see her with that white cigarette between her slim fingers as she put it to her thick lips and lit it.
I knew I was staring but I couldn’t look away. She smoked it casually while the barberette cut away at her hair, not getting in the way of her working movements.
Her lips pursed as she exhaled long slow drags and every now and then ashed in the tray built into the armrest.
Just then the door opened and another stylist walked in from a shift break.
This stylist was drop dead gorgeous. Her outfit absolutely blew me away.
She had on pink latex leggings with black high heels and black t shirt that was cut above her belly button. Her perky tits bounced around and her long blond straight ironed hair hung freely above them.
She had on black lipstick that made her pouty lips look evil.
As she walked over towards us she looked at me curiously and asked ” is he here for a cut?”
Trisha laughed and said ,” see if you can talk him into one”
The stylist walked up behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders.
She started playing with my hair and running her nails through the shaggy mess of hair I had grown out.
” some one has been avoiding the barbershop” she said as she flicked my bangs around.
I was in am all out panic as she examined the bunches of hair I could see she was eager to trim away. I squirmed anxiously under her in the chair.
” well I kinda like it long” I nervously offered up.
It must of happened fast because next thing I knew she was throwing a thick black vinyl cape out in front of me. I watched helplessly as it settled down over my body. She was now snapping the ends shut around my neck and I hadn’t even had a chance to protest. Her nails scratched my neck as she fastened the cape tightly shut and trapped me where I was sitting.
Then I felt the chair going up and up and up. I was motionless as she boosted the salon chair upwards with each stomp on the lever. The hydraulic of the chair gulping as it sent me higher and higher.
And suddenly I was sitting high enough for her to start whatever she had planned.
I peered over to Trisha to see her smirking as she took her last drag and put the butt in the armrest tray.
This was not funny, my masculinity was being dismissed right here in this salon in front of these ladies. The stylist pulled a pair of silver shears out of her black leather apron and began looking for her first cut.
I couldn’t see what she grabbed on the back of my head but it felt like a lot. She pulled hair away from my scalp and began snipping and snipping until the sound of the shears opening and closing was all you could hear in the salon. I saw long strands of hair gathering on my caped shoulders and under the chair.
She spun me around to the side and began cutting above my ears and that’s when I saw how short she was going. She was cutting inches from my hair. I wanted to cry but knew that would imply make it worse.
How could Trisha my favorite babysitter do this. Drag me to a hair salon and trick me into getting chaired and caped. Now worse a short haircut by a dominant barberette.
She spun the chair to the other side and now cut above my other ear.
And then bumped the chair with her slick thigh and had me facing the mirror again. Now she was behind me and had my bangs in between her fingers all the way touching my scalp. And then snip snip snip and they rolled down over my nose and into my lap. I saw the pleasure in her expression as she chopped away at her victims hair.
Every snip was decisive and forceful. She ran her fingers through it often checking for evenness and cut more and more accordingly.
Now she was cutting on the crown of my head and more hair fell to my shoulders. She took her hands and swiped it away onto the floor and then wiped the bridge of my nose with her thin finger to remove the itchy hairs. I could smell cigarettes and perfume on her hands.I was for sure the haircut was over until she said” now we got some of that messy length out of the way we can get it shaped up”
She walked in front of me to the counter and all I could look at was her perfect ass in those shiny pink pants. The light from the salon gleamed in them and I didn’t even notice she was prepping her clippers.
Then she turned around and held them up as she walked back behind me.
With another boost upwards of the chair which I didn’t think could go any higher she kicked down on the lever.
I gripped the soft arm rest of the salon chair as it galloped upwards. She held my caped shoulders while stomping down as if to keep me from leaping out of her trap. Through the mirror I could see Trisha peering over at me approvingly.
” Make sure it’s nice and short around his neck and ears” she said.
Then I heard the flick of her lighter and soon after smelled the smoke being exhaled in my direction.
The barberette standing behind me now was holding up the clippers with one hand and with the other pushing my head forward so my chin touched the slick cape.
” Here it comes” I thought to myself right before she flicked the clippers on and the hum shook my body to the core. She held my head in place as she touched my neck with them and ran them up the back of my neck.
I felt the cool air of the salon on my neck as she mowed away at my hair.
Pass after pass upwards and then she spun the chair holding me sideways swiftly so I was facing Trisha.
She still looked beautiful in the salon chair with the cape covering her from neck down. She raised her hand to her mouth and took a drag from her cigarette as the stylist snipped away behind her. I almost whimpered as I felt the barberette fold my ear down and buzz above it. It felt like I was getting a high and tight as short and high as she was working with the clippers. I didn’t even know they gave those in beauty salons.
” Thats much better” Trisha said as she flicked her ash onto the salon floor into a pile of her snippings.
” I don’t want to have to take him for another haircut for a while which is apparently my new job” she said as she admired herself in the mirror she was facing.
” And I think I’m gonna get some clippers so I can do it ”
I gulped at the thought of Trisha behind me with that power. As much as I loved the idea it truly frightened me.
Then my hairstylist said” nonsense, bring him back to my chair. I love giving these types of cuts.”
I just sat and listened as the future of my hair was decided in front of me.
My hairstylist spun me back to face the mirror and that’s when I saw how drastic a turn this cut was taking. A little mound of hair sat atop my head that hadn’t been buzzed and my shoulders were covered with tiny hairs from the clippers.
She walked in front of me to the counter and put the clippers down. She turned back around and pulled the shears out of her tunic pocket. Then she stood in front of me caped in the chair and fingered through what was left on the top of my head. There weren’t much of my bangs left but she found them with the scissors and with a brisk snip reduced them to spikes. Her slim fingers sectioned through my hair and cut away until she grabbed the chair and spun it away from the mirror so she was behind me now. She continued to cut and shape the little hair I had left.
Little strands fell over my face down into my lap.
I was facing away from the mirror and into the salon now. There were women under the dryers and in other styling chairs watching the whole thing take place. I must have looked so helpless from the very point when it began with her caping me against my will.
I heard the hair dryer turn on next to me as Trisha’s hairdresser cleaned her off with it. The warm air hit me too and carried the smell of cigarette smoke and hairspray with it.
My hairdresser was still cutting away at what I don’t know because there wasn’t much left. Her pointy fingers scratched all through my scalp as she sectioned and snipped.
Then suddenly I was spun back to face the mirror and there was the finished product staring back at me. I was now the sad owner of a salon given crew cut. I hated it .
I held back tears as I looked down and saw my hair covering the floor under me. The stylist brushed my face off and used the hairdryer to blow the hairs off the shiny cape . Then as I figured she was about to uncape me and release me from the chair she squirted something into the palm of her hand and said” one finishing touch”
I knew it was gel. I hated gel.
She massaged it into my hair and spiked what was left upwards. She slowly spun me around examining her work and showing off to rest of the salon what she had just done to this innocent victim. It was the ultimate act of humiliation.
Trisha, who now was being uncaped said” so much better, I’m definitely bringing him back to your chair.” My stylist stomped down on the chairs lever and I dropped to the floor . She wiped her gel covered hands on my caped shoulders and unsnapped the vinyl cape that had held me like chains to the chair.
She whisked it off of me and said ” hop up, that’s all for today.”
I stood slowly and tried not to look in any more mirrors as I headed to the door.
Trisha walked to the counter and I heard her say to the receptionist, ” let’s go ahead and get him on the books for two weeks from today.”
I looked back to see my stylist sitting back into the salon chair she just released me from. Before I could avert my stare she held up her shears and snapped them open and shut several times as if to say” see you in two weeks.”

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  1. Cute story! I always look forward to your stories and the predicaments the boys get into. Hopefully he will have many more trips to her salon chair in the months ahead, too bad he didn’t get a shampoo in front of all the ladies! You do a great job with all the descriptions and I especially like the gelling he gets.

    Thanks for sharing, keep it up!

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