Shampoo Swap and An Unexpected Barbershop Visit

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(Sorry if this story isn’t as good as the others, I just got back from Spring Break and I’m in a bit of a dry spell). (The next one will probably be better). (If you guys like this, thanks. If not, it’s ok).

It was a mostly sunny day in the small city of Bannister in Saginaw County, MI.

At Peter Wilkins High School, Jenny Johnson, Kimmy Stevens, and Lindsey Kerrison were all waiting to use the showers after their Soccer elective.


While Harper Colins; their academic rival and overall popular girl, replaced their regular shampoo with a mixture of shampoos to give busy women curls, spikes, and straight hair all at the same time while in the school shower!


Since it was 15 minutes before class; they all squeezed in, took the shampoo and used large amounts of it to clean themselves in a hurry. After five minutes, the girls got out, noticed their hair and panicked. Large sections of their hair were crimped and curled, while bunches of long and pointed strands stood up in different directions. The few strands that weren’t curly or spiky stood straight down. They all had long Rapunzel-like hair that went to their ankles. Jenny’s hair was brunette, Kimmy’s hair was ginger, and Lindsey’s hair was bright blonde. They had to get off school property and get their hair fixed! Luckily, the window next to the stalls of the girls’ changing room had given them an opportunity.


They got dressed and they went through the window. After they got their bags through the window, they ran to the street and looked for a nearby salon on their phones. The nearest salons just closed, and they had to find an alternative solution. Lindsey pointed across the street to a barbershop. Jenny and Kimmy were extremely nervous but went anyway.


As they entered, two barbers were working on their clients. The barbers were about 20 and 40 years old named Justin and Chris.


The three ladies sat down in the waiting area and within a few minutes, Justin asked who was next and Lindsey stood up. Lindsey sat in the chair, facing away from the mirror. She told him kindly to fix her hair as well as her friends’ hair, too. She showed Justin a picture of her from last week and he got to work. He put a towel around her neck and reclined her to the sink to wash her hair. After a couple minutes, he used the towel and held it in place with a couple metal clips. Justin caped her with a red-and-white cape and dried her hair.


Her feet barely touched the footrest, which her black canvas shoes poked out of the cape. Lindsey’s hands clenched the cold metal of the armrests as her hands barely poked out of the cape.


Justin then picked up a comb and a small pair of shears to start the haircut. He combed Lindsey’s hair and cut it to just below her shoulders. Semi-long ribbons of blonde hair fell on the cape as Justin was evening up the back.

After 10 minutes, he put the shears down and clipped up the back of Lindsey’s hair. Justin took out and turned on the clippers, which Lindsey’s eyes widened from the sound of the machine. He took the clippers and cleaned up the back of Lindsey’s neck. Justin unclipped and finished up by blow-drying her hair.


He then turned her around. She was incredibly happy and got uncapped. Kimmy and Jenny asked for the same haircut. Chris helped by taking Kimmy, while Justin took Jenny.


Within 20 minutes, the two ladies joined their friend from looking like shredded, electrocuted mops to young women with chin-length haircuts.


They all paid and went home.



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