Shannon Marks Her Territory

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Cliff, a large brown bull, pushed the barbershop’s glass door open. A chime rang out through the room. “Shannon,” he called out.

A voice responded “Yeah?”, and out of the back room sauntered a curvaceous rhino. She met Cliff’s eyes, looked him up and down, huffed. “About time. I was thinking you were about to be late.” She had tattoos down one arm, and a heavy steel septum piercing dangled down from her nose. Her chiseled muscles rivalled even Cliff’s sculpted figure.

Not that Cliff’s muscles were visible under his current layer of fur. Which was why he was here in the first place. “I wouldn’t be late,” he replied with a confident smile, and approached her. The two of them exchanged a firm handshake before Shannon guided him to a barber’s stool, which gave a little creak when he sat down on it. He looked back at her, taking care to make eye contact. “Just a trim, alright?” He kept his expression firm, held her gaze. “I’m not gonna go short after it’s all just grown out. Don’t cut any more’n you have to to make it look tidy.”

Maybe some bulls let their fur and their hair grow wild, but Cliff liked to look neat and put-together. About twice a year, he buzzed himself down to the skin and let it all grow back, but between those shaves he liked it long and even. It had been about a month since his last buzz, and his fur was just about getting to the point where it needed a little line-up – so here he was at the barber’s. If he got through this without her trying to pull one over on him, he’d be a happy man.

Shannon snorted. “Someone’s touchy, ain’t he?” She shoved Cliff’s head lightly forward by his left horn and let out a bark of a laugh. “You get what you get. I’m not one to drive away all my customers, though – you’ll leave here satisfied. Trust me.”

“I’d better,” said Cliff in the same firm tone of voice as earlier.

He watched as Shannon wheeled her trolley of barber’s tools over – a pair of clippers, a comb, cutting and texturizing shears, a spray bottle, the works. She wouldn’t be using those clippers today, Cliff thought. His head hair was shaggy, coming down the sides of his face and threatening to cover his eyes. By the end of the cut, if Shannon did her job right, it’d be neat and out of his face but not shorter than it had to be.

Shannon got her trolley where she liked it, then pulled the spray bottle from it and spritzed it once, releasing droplets of water vapour to float in the air. Satisfied with how the spray came out, she started wetting Cliff’s hair with one hand, and picked up a comb to start brushing it through with the other. “So why don’t you just get trims all the time, huh? You seem awful protective of your hair right now. It’s strange to me that someone who could be so touchy about ‘just a trim’ could turn around and shear himself to the skin a couple weeks after.”

“Well, it won’t be a couple weeks,” Cliff rumbled, holding his head still so that Shannon could do her work. “Last buzz was a month ago – ‘s only just grown out past how I like it. And I don’t need you for that part of things, anyways.”

“You could always come here for it, though.” Shannon kept working through Cliff’s head hair with the spray bottle until it was all evenly wet. Then, she got her shears out and started to snip at the ends vertically, shortening them in a way that felt natural. She was good at what she did – she had to be, otherwise Cliff wouldn’t keep coming back here. She’d started in the back, and was working her way around to the left side of Cliff’s head. As she worked, she said “It’s hard to do all that shaving yourself – and hard trying to keep everything even, since it’s your own eyes checkin’ it. I’ve been there – patchy buzz, having to drag myself into someone else’s barber chair and get fixed up.”

She leaned down close to Cliff’s ear, her lips brushing the soft fuzz that lined its edge. “You come here for it, that doesn’t ever need to happen.”

“Doesn’t need to happen anyway,” grumbled Cliff, “‘cause it doesn’t get that way in the first place. I’m not some twelve-year-old who nicks himself when he shaves, y’know, I’ve been doin’ this for years now. You don’t need to worry about anything being uneven.”

“Yeah?” Shannon came around to the front of Cliff’s hair, still snipping away. “I don’t know about that, big boy. I mean, look at your hair right now.” Shannon paused for a moment, and lifted up the left half of Cliff’s fringe. She pointed the tips of her scissors at different tufts. “That bit’s a lil’ shorter than that bit, which is shorter than that bit.”

With each ‘bit’, Cliff tried to look closer, but he didn’t see any difference beyond the usual layered appearance of hair that hadn’t been cut in a little bit. However, Shannon’s front seemed to be getting closer to him. Her tits slowly encroached on his field of view, to the point that it was hard to see what she was talking about. “I don’t know how you got it this way,” she continued nonchalantly, “thank god you came to me when you did. Should’ve come sooner, honestly.”

And she just kept getting closer. She pulled a lock of Cliff’s fringe right up above his head, and while she was trimming it, her breasts made contact, sandwiching Cliff’s nose right in between the two of them. “This isn’t at all short enough to just need a trim,” she said, and pushed her chest a little further forward. All Cliff could see was darkness, with a few streaks of grey skin around the edges. “It’s all overgrown, and there’s split ends all over the place. I think,” she said, “we’re gonna have to buzz it all off and start over.”

“What the fuck?” said Cliff, but with her chest right on his head it came across as nothing more than a muffled burble. He definitely didn’t want his hair buzzed, not so soon after he’d done it himself. If anything, his wife Stormy was allowed to buzz it down ahead of schedule – but only every so often. “I’m fucking paying you – listen to me. You’re not buzzing anything off, you hear me?” Shannon was a fucking bombshell, sure, in a different way to Stormy – but she wasn’t his wife, and he wouldn’t let her shear him willy-nilly.

“Ah-ah,” Shannon said. “What I say goes around here. You’re so deep in my tits that I can’t tell what you’re saying, but it sounds like you’re angry. Nobody takes that tone with me.” She put the shears down on the counter with a ‘clank’, then took the back of Cliff’s head with one hand, and sounded like she was rummaging around in her trolley with the other. Cliff bellowed and tried to jerk away. What the fuck? He came to get a trim, Shannon had promised him he’d leave here satisfied, and now here he was, being told he was going to be buzzed down. “You fucking bitch! Let me go!”

“Uh-uh – you don’t call me that. Not ever.” Shannon seemed to find what she was looking for, and suddenly there was something stuck to the top of Cliff’s wrist, and it was being pulled right down against the arm of the barber chair, and another layer – duct tape. She was duct-taping him to the chair. Cliff mooed and tried to buck her off, but it seemed like her muscles didn’t budge an inch. There was a moment where Shannon let go of his head, but her other hand came around a second later, and his other wrist was taped down just as quickly as the first.

Shannon finally pulled off of Cliff, and his anger was intense. “Let me go right now, or you’ll regret doing this.”

He tried to stare her down, but all she did was scoff. “You think you can scare me? I’m getting what I want from you – and what I want is to buzz all that shag right off of you.” She reached into her trolley and plucked out a big green pair of clippers at a leisurely pace – only to dodge as Cliff’s leg shot out towards her. She smirked. “You think you can hurt me? Think again, stud.” It only took a firm grip and another good bit of duct tape, and in short order, Cliff’s ankles were taped down to the chair too. She taped his neck to the headrest as well, seemingly just for good measure.

“Now,” she sighed, putting her hands on her hips. Her fingers indented the thick layer of fat where they held onto her waist. “I’m not going to let a little tantrum interfere with you getting the haircut you sorely need.” She took her sweet time walking behind Cliff, and the bull could feel her eyes on him with every step. Goddammit, what was going on here?

“This is a terrible fucking way to run a barbershop,” he growled. “You keep doing this, you’re gonna end up out of business – and sued, probably.”

“You think so?” Shannon smirked. “I think you’re gonna come right back once you’ve grown your hair out a little. You’re gonna like this, promise.” She stepped forward, and Cliff felt warm flesh moving over the sides of her face – one look in the mirror, and yep, it was her tits again. Goddammit. She was too sexy for Cliff to stay mad at her for long over a haircut. Even if it was a haircut he’d been wanting to put off for another long while.

She flicked the clippers on, and as soon as Cliff moved to buck her away, her other hand came around and grabbed his chin. “Uh-uh,” she said. “I want you somewhere, you’re staying exactly where I put you. When I’m done with you, you won’t have a hair out of place.”

Those clippers had no guard on them, Cliff realized, but it was too late for him to stop her as she barreled them mercilessly down the center of his head. He could hear their sound changing as they hit the dense thicket of his hair, but they were powerful enough to clear an easy path where they went. She had enough trust in them to move them fast, scooping his hair off as if it wasn’t even attached to his head, flicking it casually onto the floor. “Fuck.” There wasn’t any stopping her anymore, he thought. Even if she agreed to knock it off now, he wasn’t going home with a bare patch in the middle of his head, so it was all coming off.

Cliff tried to struggle once more, just to test Shannon’s grip, but her hand was like welded metal – it didn’t budge at all. Honestly, Cliff thought? Fuck it. This was kind of hot. There was a big-titted, fat-assed rhino lady buzzing him down, shoving everything she had in his face while she did. If he couldn’t get out of it now, he may as well enjoy it.

He let out a long, low moo, and Shannon took notice. “You excited there, boy?” She grinned, in a way that might look cruel to someone that didn’t know her, and plowed her clippers down another strip of Cliff’s head hair next to the first. “I fucking knew it. You were long overdue for a proper shearing, and I’m not about to let that slide, not when you waltz right into my barbershop and ask for a haircut.” She stuck a finger out from the hand holding the clippers and ran it over the newly-bare skin on top of Cliff’s head. “These are good clippers, aren’t they? It’s not gonna be long before all this shag is off your head and on the floor. As it should be.”

She kept her grip on the bull’s chin steady as she raked the clippers down his head again, this time to the left of the original strip. She seemed to be taking her time deciding where she was going to buzz – or maybe she was savouring the experience. Strip by strip, she was reducing a curtain of shag that nearly covered Cliff’s eyes to a severe buzz that more or less showed all his skin. Cliff could feel clumps of clippings landing on his shoulders, brushing the back of his head as they fluttered down to the floor. Maybe it was just that he had a big head, but he’d never noticed quite how much hair came off with each buzz before.

Shannon didn’t give Cliff any room to move as she kept buzzing piles of hair off the top of his head. He was looking more and more like he had male pattern baldness, even though he’d started off with a lusciously thick head of hair. At least it wouldn’t last long. She let go once she buzzed the last strip of hair off the top of Cliff’s head, slightly to the left side, and he looked at himself with some chagrin. The hair to the sides of his head seemed bushy, over-full, now that the top of his head had been flattened to a zero buzz. “Look at how overgrown that hair of yours is,” she said. “You telling me you really came in asking for a trim, of all things? No, sir. You speak up loud and clear and tell me you’re sorely in need of a shearing.”

“Fuck you,” said Cliff.

Shannon grabbed hold of one of his horns and pulled his head all the way back. Cliff gasped – goddamn, this lady was hot.

Fine. He’d get into it. “Fuck – I’m sorely in need of a shearing,” he mooed, feeling his cock throb. He could see her point, although he hated to admit it. She’d better at least get him off after this was over.

“Good boy,” said Shannon with a smug smile, and Cliff wanted to gore her with his horns, but resisted. He wasn’t the kind of bull that killed people willy-nilly – even if said people were doing humiliating things to him. She kept hold of his left horn with one hand, and brought the clippers to the right side of his head with the other. She carefully positioned the clippers between his horn and his ear, and pushed them back into his head – once she was past the front, she moved the clippers up to meet the bare patch she’d created earlier, widening it neatly, methodically. Thick, dense hair fell onto the armrest and into his lap, onto his still-furry arm and his clothed leg, tickling him where it landed.

She kept on with the method she’d established, buzzing the edge of the patch she’d made with the first stroke, until Cliff’s hairline started to taper into the back of his head – then, she let go of his horn and used the other hand to press his ear down onto his scalp. Gentler now than she’d been before, she ran the clippers firmly but not painfully over the thin skin of his ear. The sound was noticeably different, now that she’d gone from the thick plumes of hair on Cliff’s scalp to thinner, silkier stuff. She started with the center, then went over the edges, and finally buzzed off any remaining patches of fuzz, until his ear was as bare as the rest of the right side of his head. Just to make sure that there was no hair at all left there, Shannon pushed the clippers carefully around the base of Cliff’s horn, then moved on.

With one side of his head clear, Shannon moved around to the back. Cliff felt the warmth of the clippers as Shannon pushed them up the sensitive nape of his neck, the hair falling onto his back and shoulders. He suppressed a shiver – he didn’t want to move and get nicked, not when it could mean his hair didn’t grow back properly. He had a lot of hair and he didn’t want that to change if he could help it. Shannon buzzed up his nape again, all the way up to the cropped top of his head, and Cliff kept himself from mooing – the heat of clippers that had been running for a while, the vibration of the base of the blades, it all came together to create a pretty pleasurable experience. Pity he hadn’t wanted the buzz in the first place.

The barbershop AC sent cool gusts up the back of his head as Shannon cleared the hair there pass by pass, keeping a firm grip on Cliff’s horn the whole time – eventually, she finished there, flicking the last tuft off the blades onto the floor. She moved on to the left side, which was done quickly and thoroughly in the same manner as the right. Shannon’s clippers ran through the last tuft of hair on his left temple, and now Cliff had a fucking buzz cut.

“…Fuuuck.” He looked himself in the mirror, and yep, there was nothing on his head except for stubble that he could only see when he squinted. He was used to seeing his head like this when he buzzed it himself, but it was a lot different when it had been forced upon him somehow. It seemed more intense. “It’s all gone.” He couldn’t stop staring at his own head.

“Yessir.” Shannon tapped the clippers on his head a couple times, which stung a little. “We’re nearly there with your head, at least.” Shannon suddenly met Cliff’s eyes, seeming to look for something in them, then smirked and brought out her shears. She cut each piece of duct tape a little, then ripped them open the rest of the way, freeing Cliff in a matter of seconds. “Let’s get the rest of you in order as well. Strip for me, stud.”

Cliff smirked at Shannon – she knew he was with the program by now. He was glad she hadn’t gone the way of cutting his clothes off, because then he’d have to leave the shop naked. He tugged his top off, a simple black graphic tee, then off came his jeans as well, and finally his boxers. He left them in a haphazard pile on the table. “You gonna buzz everything down?” He raised an eyebrow.

“You betcha,” she said.

Cliff snorted. “You fucking bitch,” he said, leaning on one of the armrests from where he stood.

“You watch your tongue, or I’ll bring out the Nair,” said Shannon. “All your hair’ll be gone, and you’ll fuckin’ stink, too.” She put down the green clippers and selected a smaller black pair. These packed a punch too, if Cliff remembered right. The only difference was that they’d be easier to maneuver for the precision work to come.

Cliff scoffed, but didn’t insult Shannon any further as she turned the clippers on. Her eyes went straight to Cliff’s chest as she held the clippers up – seemed like that was her first target. Cliff felt a solid shove to his front, and he realized he’d been pushed back into the chair. And now Shannon was climbing up onto his lap. “I could make a pillow with all this hair,” she said, raising an eyebrow. Forcefully, she pushed the clippers up from the bottom of his pec, and they went up, up, all the way to right under his chin.

There was a particularly thick ring of fur around the front of Cliff’s neck. When Shannon reached it, the clippers noticeably slowed – hair fell from the blades onto the floor with each inch, and as soon as they’d passed, Cliff felt the loss of the hair on the newly-buzzed patch. Because of how long the stroke as a whole was, hair was tumbling down her arm, piling on the now-bare strip of Cliff’s chest, falling over itself with just how much there was. At the end of her stroke, she flicked the hair remaining on her clippers off onto the floor, brushed the rest of it off Cliff’s chest, and started again.

“You’ve gotta take better care of your own grooming – especially with how thick it all is naturally. You’re like a fuckin’ thicket.” Shannon started widening the bare patch she’d created, the hair she was buzzing off just as thick as the first time. It was relatively normal up until the patch on his neck – then she slowed down out of necessity. And so it went. “Ever heard of texturising shears? Even if I had given you a real conservative trim, you would’ve needed about a third of this off, because it’s so goddamn bushy.”

She leaned forward, and Cliff could feel her weight shifting onto the middle of his thigh, going from feeling her tailbone on his leg to feeling her entire vulva pressed up onto him. He laughed out loud – that was quite something. Seemed like it wasn’t just her ass that was juicy. “Those are the thinnest pants I’ve ever seen you wear,” he scoffed. “Were you planning this?” He shifted the thigh that most of Shannon’s weight was on, pressing the upper end of it a little more forcefully against her clit.

“Nf– cheeky,” growled Shannon, although she had a grin on her face. She grabbed a tuft of Cliff’s remaining chest fur and yanked, and he grunted in pain. “Don’t make me tie you down again.” She chuckled as she buzzed off the clump she’d just yanked. His upper chest had been done with his neck, so she started between his pecs, and on the sides, which she’d left off the first time. She bent the clippers around the contours of his muscle, needing to press somewhat firmly to get through the sheer mass of his hair. Soon enough she was done with the rest of his chest too.

There was already a surprising amount of hair piled up on the floor, even though she’d only finished less than half of his body. Cliff was used to it, but Shannon didn’t seem to be – she looked down at it, and gave a low wolf-whistle. “I should do this more often. Could probably sell all this and make some profit – you have so much goddamn hair on you.”

She leaned close, belly-to-belly with Cliff by now, her pubic bone nudging against his half-hard cock, and moved on to his shoulders. This felt a little different – Cliff felt the clippers bumping up against the bones in his shoulder when she turned the corner. She was careful to avoid cutting him, but even so she didn’t leave a single long hair behind, moving meticulously around each angle multiple times until they were all buzzed down to her satisfaction.

After that, she leaned even closer, to the point that his cock was being pressed up against his own belly, and lifted his arms. “Everything’s so shaggy and overgrown,” she said, running her clippers up Cliff’s underarm all the way to his wrist. “You clearly don’t buzz yourself as often as you should. Every week might just be enough – twice a week, maybe. Even that’d be enough to sell.”

“You do this every time, free of charge, and I’ll consider it,” Cliff said with a laugh. Truth be told, even then he’d probably tell her to fuck off the second time – he’d gone along with it this time because there was no stopping it, but he liked his schedule usually, and he wasn’t going to go against that for some tits that weren’t even his wife’s. While Shannon was in cock-crushing distance, though, he thought it was best to at least entertain the idea.

Shannon finished both of his arms pretty quickly, then stood up off his lap, to Cliff’s mild disappointment. The movement sent a little gust of air over his bare chest, and he had to suppress a shiver at the sudden cold. The next thing she did, though, was reach under his chair and pull a lever, then shove his shoulder back. Cliff jumped as the chair suddenly started reclining, down, down – until he was almost parallel with the floor, with his legs straight out in front of him. “I didn’t know your chairs could do that,” he said. “Why don’t you do this normally, give me a relaxing time while you’re giving me a trim?”

“I don’t like bending down that long,” she said with a shrug. “The way I’m planning, though, it’s not that bad.” With one swift movement, she swung her leg over Cliff’s abdomen and sat on his chest, then leaned forward to start shaving his legs. She lifted one leg at a time as she worked, keeping them bent as she needed so she could buzz down the insides.

Hot damn. Cliff had been right about those pants – they were thinner than he’d ever seen Shannon wear. She was bent double while shaving his thighs, so one peek down and he could see the outline of her asshole on full display. Far from a mere pucker, it looked like there were two layers of sphincter on the outside rather than just one. Like some kind of donut. Even though her pants were pretty thin, though, the mere presence of them made it hard to tell anything beyond that.

Cliff itched to just yank those pants down and get his hands all over her – but just as he had that thought, Shannon moved from Cliff’s outer thighs right to his pubes. “Boy, you don’t do anything to these,” grumbled Shannon. “I bet Stormy’d like it if you shaved her name into these – maybe I’ll shave mine in. See if I get a call from her tonight.”

“Don’t you fucking dare,” said Cliff with a growl that surpassed his previous anger.

Shannon waved her hand with a sigh. “I won’t if you’re gonna be a pain about it,” she said, and just buzzed down the middle of the tuft, from where she’d finished shaving Cliff’s belly all the way down to his cock. She grabbed it casually, and Cliff stayed very still as she buzzed down the hair on either side of the shaft, then ran her clippers carefully over each ball. The vibrations were doing good things to him – but no, he was going to save his loads for Stormy when he got back home tonight. Even if he hadn’t been able to save his hair.

Shannon was pretty quick with the rest of Cliff’s lower half, and Cliff realized with a glance that she’d shaved his legs front and back. As he moved each one, hair fell off the top of them to leave only stubble. “Alright, sit up,” she said, slapping one of his bare thighs. Cliff let out a hiss, but she ignored it, continuing “Your back’s still all hairy. I’m not gonna leave you looking like a turtle or som’n.”

Cliff did sit up as she told him to, and Shannon came around with the chair still reclined and buzzed his back down as well. He looked in the salon mirror when Shannon finished, and thought – well, that he looked just like he usually did after a buzz. Even stubble all over. Despite Shannon going off the rails this time, she was a good barber as always. Shannon looked down at the floor and chuckled, putting one hand to her hip. “There’s so much goddamn hair on the floor. Might fill up a whole garbage bag. Just goes to show you left it too long.”

Shannon reached down and readjusted the chair’s position, and Cliff sighed and made to pick up his shirt, but she grabbed his wrist. “Ah-ah,” she said. “You’re not going anywhere until I’m done with you – and I’m definitely not done with you.”

Cliff snorted with annoyance, turning around to face Shannon. “What else is there to do? You said I was overgrown – now it’s all over the floor,” he said. He stepped toward her, grabbing her by the bicep. “I don’t like when people waste my time.” He shoved forward, bumping his chest into hers.

The struggle didn’t last long. Shannon stepped back, kicked and sent Cliff flying back into the barber chair. His grip was yanked from her arm without her so much as twitching, and his back landed hard on the seat and sent the breath right out of his lungs. “Easy there, stud,” she said, with the same cocky smirk as earlier. “There’s still plenty to do.” She went over to the wall and brought back a small metal box. It was a well-polished silver colour, and had a button on top and a small nozzle in front. She set it down on the table and pushed the button with one hand – a steady stream of steaming shaving cream came out into the other.

Her hand stayed below the nozzle until it was piled full, and then she spread it open-handed all over Cliff’s buzzed belly. It was warm, half relaxing and half uncomfortable, and Cliff wondered for a moment if Shannon was scalding her hands doing this. Nah, probably not – either her hands were calloused from long years of doing this, or it just wasn’t hot enough to be unpleasant to her. As he pondered, she went back to the dispenser again and again, getting an even layer of lather all over Cliff’s chest and then down his legs and crotch. After his body, she started on his cheeks. “You didn’t think I forgot your face, did you?” she said in her sultry way, then moved on to the rest of his face. “Nothing gets past me.”

Cliff’s entire front half had now been covered in warm shaving lather, and he felt himself being lulled into relaxation. He still knew in the back of his mind that he should have been leaving by now – he’d been buzzed down evenly, and he didn’t usually take it down farther than that. There wasn’t any unevenness he needed to sit through this ordeal to get rid of. But just as he shifted again, Shannon returned with a straight razor. “Well now,” she sighed, a satisfied look in her eyes. “If you stay very still, I might not nick you.”

This time, her razor went to his left cheek first. She laid the blade on the skin, then started smoothly shaving a stripe down to his jaw, applying just enough pressure that no trace of stubble was left. Cliff wanted to curse, but he wasn’t going to move his mouth with a knife right next to it. Cliff didn’t like being clean-shaven, ever (his usual buzz left him enough hair that he didn’t look like a plucked chicken) so he’d have an unpleasant half-day while some stubble grew back in. His dislike didn’t stop him from realizing that Shannon was damn good at this. She ran her razor down his cheek stripe by stripe, clearing it all the way down to his jawbone, then turned the corner and got the edge of that too.

She continued down the bridge of Cliff’s nose, right down to the black part where no hair grew anyway, and then over to the other cheek which felt about the same. When she stretched the skin of Cliff’s forehead out with her fingers, though, the razor almost felt like it was running over each little crevice in Cliff’s skull. God, he was going to be so bald after this.

She finished off his face in short order. When she pulled away, Cliff blinked, completely unused to the air on his cheeks. Before he could comment, the blade was already pressed to his neck, going down to Cliff’s collarbone and scraping a pale path into the slowly settling white lather. She paused to wipe the razor off, then continued – Cliff’s neck, arms, chest, and then it was time for his crotch again. His stomach tensed as the razor neared the remains of his pubes, and Shannon snorted. “What, you scared again? At least these ones aren’t powered – just really, really sharp.”

As if to make him cower further, she grabbed his cock and pulled it all the way down, shoving the meat into his balls and taint. Cliff hissed – she hadn’t been gentle with her fingers. Fuck, if he’d been any kind of hard just now, it was gone. “There. Now it won’t get nicked,” she snickered, either ignoring his plight or actively enjoying the pain on his face. She continued shaving Cliff’s pubic mound with her other hand – the upper bit was done reasonably quickly, and then Cliff had to endure more pulling as Shannon shaved either side of his cock and balls. She stretched the loose testicle skin taut for each stroke of the razor, and while it did leave Cliff feeling very clean, all the tugging left his ballsack humiliatingly sore.

Luckily, shaving his legs went a lot more smoothly, and then his entire front half was done. Shannon ran her eyes down his body, grinned, and then whipped out a towel. She wiped the excess shaving cream off, and Cliff jerked with surprise when he realized just how rough a towel felt on smooth-shaved skin rather than skin that had just been buzzed. It was bizarre, and he didn’t know if it was something he’d ever want to experience again.

“Now for the back half,” said Shannon with a firm nod. “Flip over, or I’ll do it for you.” She adjusted the recline angle of the chair, and Cliff grunted and flipped over onto his stomach. He was more into this than he thought he’d be at first. Shannon wasn’t visible from this angle, but he heard her pumping out the shaving lather, then felt its warmth on– his head. Oh, right. Cliff abruptly realized that no, having his face or balls shaved wasn’t going to be the worst part of this – it was having a completely bald head. Hopefully Stormy would be intrigued by it rather than seeing it as a bad thing, but it wasn’t a sure bet.

Shannon was pretty quick getting the lather over the rest of his back half, so that the shaving cream at the top of his head was still warm by the time he heard her razor come out. “You ever been bald before? As in bald-bald, like this?” Cliff opened his mouth to answer, but Shannon interrupted him, “Whoever might have done it, they’re not gonna shave you quite as bald as I’m going to now. So keep that in mind, and don’t move.”

Something about the way Shannon said that made Cliff almost look forward to this – not the end result, but the experience, the fact Shannon had taken what she wanted with both hands. He suppressed a shiver as Shannon put the razor to the nape of his neck, and shaved a long stripe up against the grain, then did it in the opposite direction down from the top of his head. She paused – a moment later, he felt a puff of air on his newly-bare scalp. “Ya see? Bald as a baby’s butt,” she chuckled. “You won’t get that anywhere but here.” She said it as if he’d chosen to have this done to him – it was almost funny.

She pulled the skin taut with her thumb each time, then carefully scraped the hair off, going slower than she had for the rest of Cliff’s body. “What, are you collecting my head hair to put in a jar?” Cliff joked, but it was clear even to his own ears that he was no longer interested in fighting back. Shannon just snorted and carried on, and the bald patch widened from the nape of Cliff’s neck to the back of his head, to the sides and front as well. She scraped off one of his sideburns, and that was it – he was completely bald, in both head and face.

While he was sitting there wondering just what he was going to look like, Shannon went over the rest of his backside with relative ease, and soon his back was as smooth as his front. She wiped him off again, then gave his newly-exposed butt a resounding smack. Cliff grunted in surprise, and she laughed, saying “You’re all skin! First time I’ve seen you like this – and I’ve gotta say, I don’t regret it at all. Gonna remember this for a while, I think – go on, get up. Look in the mirror and see what you’re gonna look like for the next half day or so.”

Cliff slowly pushed himself upright, giving himself a little time after how long he had been horizontal, and then dared to look into the mirror.

It was… skin. Shannon had been right. He reached up and touched a bare cheek, and it felt surreally smooth, like no hair had ever grown there. His hand travelled up, over his forehead, between his horns – nothing. “You had it right when you said you were good at this stuff,” he said in a low voice. “Hot damn – feels like I got made into a leather car seat or something. No hair at all.” He’d gone from annoyance to begrudging appreciation – and, well. Amazing skill aside, the whole situation was fucking hot.

He felt his cock twitch, and as he looked down, he realized Shannon’s eyes had been drawn to the same thing. He looked back up – she raised an eyebrow at him, and he smirked back. “You know,” she said. “You haven’t paid me for today.”

“Yeah?” He cocked his head, one hand on his hip – oh, boy, that felt weird. He shook it off. “You asking me to pay extra for this?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think I want your money for this.” While Cliff’s eyes were fixed on her, she sauntered over to the barber chair, put it mostly upright, and settled into it, one leg over the armrest and one elbow on her knee. “Instead, you’re gonna do me a little favour. How’s that?”

She reached out a hand and beckoned him closer, and he came. When he was within reaching distance, she took his arm and tugged him in, then placed his hand on her inner thigh. “I want you to take my pants off,” she said softly, “and then you’re going to put that bald head as deep between my thighs as you can get it, and make me cum until I’ve decided you’ve paid me for the haircut.”

Cliff scoffed, but cocked his head. “Sounds good,” he said, regaining some of his stride after being forcibly shaved. This was something he was a little more familiar with – he knew how to pleasure a woman with his mouth, and in a way that kept him mostly in control, too. “I hope you know I’m not some blushing amateur. I’ve done this plenty of times.”

“Sure, sure,” said Shannon with a dismissive wave. She kept her cool even as Cliff took her thighs in both hands, started undoing her fly. “To Stormy, I’ll bet. She’s nice and all, but I’m not her – you’re gonna have to try harder than your usual.” Despite her outward nonchalance, Cliff could feel her eyes on him, his bent back over her legs and his hands steadily pulling her pants off. He realized how this looked. Him, completely hairless, bowing to the person who had taken his hair from him and preparing to service her with his tongue. Or at least that was probably how Shannon was gearing up to look at it. But if he had his way with it, he’d have her falling apart before long, which would be a nice little consolation prize.

He yanked her pants off with one final motion, tossing them somewhere on the floor, then took care of her panties in a second and settled his knees on the footrest.

Hot damn. The waistband of her pants had been holding in an ample roll of fat, leading down into tantalisingly full buttocks that were squished down where she sat on them. That initial impression he’d gotten of Shannon’s asshole had been right, too – it was a juicy, luscious donut, with a plump sphincter and a winking hole in the very middle. It was more than he could have imagined while he’d been looking at it through her pants. Her pussy, just above it, didn’t fall to the wayside either. It was already glistening wet, with thick lips and a clitoris poking out at the top. A thick bush of hair covered the top of it, spreading down around its sides, framing the asshole, as if it was the ribbon on a gift. The smell of it drifted up to his nostrils, slowly, almost teasingly – the musk of a full-grown woman, biting, mature, with a hint of salt. He was going to have fun with this.

He leaned in and pressed his tongue to the whole vulva first, his top lip placed just above the clit, and gave it a wide, flat lick. As he moved in, his nose buried itself in her bush, the smell of it going right to the back of his throat. If it had been present when he’d first taken her pants off, it was inescapable now – it felt like the aroma was going right up to his brain through his nostrils, pressing up behind his eyes, his tongue. The salt and iron of her juices filled his mouth, and he felt her legs shift above him, meaning he wasn’t doing a bad job. He readjusted, then flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue, and then brushed it just a little with his teeth, eliciting a hiss. It was impossible to eat her out in any capacity without his mouth being filled with her pubes, brushing against his lips, sticking to his tongue – but he certainly didn’t let that get in the way of what he was trying to do.

He kept going, running his tongue over the sensitive inside of her vulva, letting it venture into her hole every so often, paying plenty of attention to her clit. The taste and smell started to blend together, complementing and becoming indistinguishable from one another. He could feel her warming up, but just kept lapping up the stream of juices that trickled out of her. Her coarse hairs scratched at his nose, which only made the whole thing more intense.

Once he felt she was well on her way, he pushed away the bush surrounding her clit with his cheeks, then put his lips around the button nestled within – and sucked. He heard the leather of the seat shift as her back arched, and she let out a cross between a grunt and a moan. He imagined steam coming out of her nostrils and chuckled to himself – it was pretty clear he knew just what to do to get her there.

But he didn’t want to leave it with just her pussy. No – she seemed like she was going to cum soon, and Cliff wanted to taste everything that she had to offer for himself. So he moved down and took a lick of her asshole, which was already winking with the pleasure her pussy was receiving. It wasn’t quite as hairy as her pussy, but she had enough of it that it still surrounded his face with every move he made. It tasted different, too – it wasn’t covered in the same juices as her pussy, tasted more like the sweat of her skin. The smell of her pubes was slightly less prevalent here too, creating a substantially different experience. By her response, Cliff could tell Shannon hadn’t been expecting that – she gasped, stiffened, and her hand moved to rest on his head. It still felt strange, having someone touch him on bare skin like that, but he continued.

He ran his tongue in a circle around the center of the donut, then pressed it into Shannon’s pucker, to which she let out another grunt. It was warm inside, and he could feel her sphincter pressing in on the edges of his tongue, making him work to keep it in there. He yielded to that pressure, letting it push him out, then pushed back in, and then out again, flicking his tongue against the rim with each go. He took a moment to run his tongue over the surface again, using the flat of it for a moment, then dived right back in. “Fuck,” he heard from above. “You’re an ass man, huh?”

“You know it,” he grinned into her hole, then went right back to it. He kept up his work, feeling her build and build toward her climax – at one point, he held off, just to tease her. She growled, her hand finally exerting force, and shoved his whole face into her crotch to the point that he had no space to move his tongue. He huffed, using what little room he had to poke her asshole with the very tip. Eventually, she relented, and let him go so that he could keep going like she so clearly wanted.

“You’re a strange little bull man,” Shannon grunted, half a laugh. “You have my juicy, hairy pussy right in front of you, and you’d rather spend your time, hh, licking my asshole?”

“Then you’re strange too,” Cliff purred, “because it’s working.” He dug his tongue right into her pucker, and that was enough for Shannon to gasp and stiffen. Smirking, Cliff tongue-fucked her all the way through her blooming orgasm, not once stopping to breathe. He only pulled away when she started to relax. When he did, he was panting, the base of his tongue achingly sore. Naturally, he didn’t regret it at all.

“Ohh,” Shannon breathed. Cliff looked up to see she’d thrown her head back against the chair, and her chest was heaving. It looked like he’d done a good job. “I’m gonna have you do that to me more often. Beats my usual price for a trim.”

“I wouldn’t mind that, certainly,” chuckled Cliff. He leaned on one elbow, enjoying the fruits of his work. He licked his lips and didn’t feel any of the usual fur surrounding them, just freshly shaved skin – and Shannon’s pussy juice, which is what he had been looking for in the first place. It tasted like satisfaction.

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself down there,” said Shannon. She’d been watching him as he did that, he realized, and now she was looking at him with hungry eyes again. “I think I’m gonna have myself a taste. You get up here.”

Shannon pushed herself off the chair, her buttocks springing up as they unstuck from the leather, and gave Cliff a hand up.

He accepted it, but looked at her skeptically. “I’m planning on spending some time with Stormy tonight,” he said, his eyebrows slightly furrowed. “I don’t want to spill all my loads with you and have none for her later. You hear me?”

“You know, I don’t think I give a shit,” smirked Shannon, and shoved him into the chair. She pressed a button on her belt, and restraints snapped shut around his arms and legs. “Stormy has you more or less every night – I only get you once in a while. You’d best believe I’m going to take all of you when I can get it.”

Cliff growled and pulled at the restraints, his nonexistent eyebrows raising. “What the fuck? Your chair can do this? Why didn’t you do this the first time instead of the duct tape? Could’ve saved me some pain.”

“I would’ve,” chuckled Shannon, “but as it turns out, these things clog when hair gets in them. Was a real pain in the ass to get them working again when I first found out – and, you know, I can handle you easy with a little duct tape,” she chuckled lowly. “Now that you’re like this, though, I won’t have to worry about hair on you for a long, long time.”

She smirked, and Cliff just grunted, tugging on the arm cuff one more time. It held fast, though. And as he kept trying, Shannon was moving into position below him. From this angle, it was easy to see just how thick she was – her ass was visible in every direction behind her torso, with hips to match. Maybe Cliff could get used to this every so often.

Shannon leant down and just looked at his crotch first, her eyes resting pointedly on his cock. “People say it’s meant to look bigger if you shave it,” she said, her lips pressed together. “I guess that’s true. Or maybe it was already plenty big enough as is. Either way – doesn’t matter how big or small it is if it doesn’t taste good.” She leaned down and took a broad lick of the head, and the warmth of her tongue sent pleasure right up Cliff’s spine. He could see her horn bobbing up and down as she made several smaller licks, flicking her tongue against his urethra every once every few goes. Fuck – maybe this was alright. His struggling subsided a little, and he looked down at Shannon, fixated.

It seemed she wasn’t going to tease him for long. Once she was content with the taste, she opened her mouth wide and took him as far down as she could in one go. “F-fuck,” Cliff said, grabbing one armrest. It wasn’t the intense heat of Stormy’s mouth that he was used to, but a more moderate warmth. Not that Shannon’s sucking technique was at all moderate. She shoved him into her throat, all the way down to the base, and then sucked hard as she moved her head up and down. He threw his head back and hissed as she brought her tongue back into action, pressing it to the bottom of his shaft with each stroke. She was good.

A devilish look came into her eyes, and she pulled herself off Cliff’s cock. ”You know,” she said. “It is getting hot out.” She ran a finger down his cock, not nearly enough stimulation to keep him going, as she continued “I can see why you wanted a trim. I don’t have another client for a little bit – maybe I’ll just give myself a little clean-up now.” Cliff growled at the lack of contact, but could do nothing to grab her back with his arms restrained.

She reached up to the table and grabbed the clippers from earlier, flicking them on with a practiced motion. Instead of turning them towards Cliff, though, she brought them down towards her armpit. “Now,” she said, just as the blades hit her coarse hair. “Where was I?”

She brought her head back down to Cliff’s cock, taking the tip into her mouth once again, and Cliff thanked God. “Took you long enough,” he grunted, gently pushing his hips up into her but not enough to jostle her hands. “Talked about how you wanna have a taste of me – locked me down like this, even – are you gonna do what you said you were gonna do, or nah?”

She frowned and grumbled something back at him, but nothing intelligible, given that she had Cliff’s thick cock in her mouth. She just pushed her head the rest of the way down and kept sucking, buzzing right down the middle of her armpit at the same time. Her armpits were usually as wiry and thick as the bush between her legs – it was almost a pity that she was getting rid of them. Cliff liked hair on a woman, especially hair that was kept deliberately. Honestly, though – watching her trim it all the way down while she sucked his cock was pretty damn good too.

She kept on sucking at a steady pace, nothing fancy, probably so that she could put most of her focus into giving herself an even trim. She finished up the one armpit with a few strokes, then moved over to the next. The clippers crunched through the biggest center part of the thicket, and she kept her movement slow, presumably so that it didn’t pull. Her second pass sent tiny sprinkles of curly hair down onto her bare thighs, and her third added to it. When she brought her clippers away from her armpit, both of them were completely bare.

Instead of putting the clippers down and getting on with making Cliff cum, though, Shannon pulled off of his cock again. He growled and bucked his hips, impatient for a climax, but she simply smiled and shook her head. “All you’re gonna get is whatever I want to give you,” she said, “so you’d best be polite. Now, if I can get on to what I was actually meaning to say… I just buzzed my pits down, but I don’t think just that will be enough for the heat outside.” She tapped her clippers against her cheek, her eyes resting on Cliff’s cock. Which was getting ever more deflated as the seconds passed, to his annoyance – but he didn’t want to piss her off and have her call off her blowjob entirely.

“Now, what else can I cut down?” Shannon drew her eyes away from her quarry and down towards herself. Her empty hand roved over her breasts, down her belly – then stopped. “You know,” she said, “my bush has been getting awful unruly recently. Not that I mind usually – but I figure it’ll help me cool down a little if I cut it down to size.”

She flicked the clippers back on, and turned them down at her crotch. “Oh,” she chuckled, “right. I was sucking your cock too. Can’t forget to get a proper taste of you.”

“Took you goddamn long enough,” breathed Cliff, but even then he kept his voice low. Shannon leaned down again and wrapped her lips around Cliff’s tip, then started suckling on it gently while the rest of her body rearranged itself. Her knees, supporting her weight, spread wide enough that her pussy was an inch or so from the floor – then the clippers plowed into her bush.

She went in short strokes, starting from the top of it and gradually moving down between her legs. The hair was packed in where it grew. It was so compressed together that it seemed to expand slightly each time Shannon flicked it off her clippers. Cliff related that in his head to just how much hair he’d gotten while he was eating her out, and chuckled to himself, but his attention was quickly brought back to his cock by a particularly strong suck from Shannon.

Cliff’s eyes went down, then kept flicking between Shannon’s bush being buzzed away by the clippers and her mouth on his cock. She was bending over to reach him, so he had to bob and weave a little to even catch a glimpse of the falling hair. It was pretty great, honestly – a feast for his eyes, his ears, and of course his penis, all at once. The sound of the clippers changed as Shannon reached the thinner parts of her bush, and she leaned further down, her back arching as she maintained access to Cliff’s cock and her own pubes at the same time. Her mouth went down, further than his tip, down the shaft, until his cock was entirely enveloped by her throat and her nose was pressed to his freshly-shaved skin.

She exhaled hard, her breath warming up skin that had just lost its insulation. Her horn ghosted against the space under his belly button, then pressed against it as she leaned forward even more. Cliff could feel her huffing and grunting as she maneuvered both of her tasks at once – her hand all the way between her legs as she shaved her ass hair, her tongue working magic on the underside of Cliff’s head, teasing the little divot in the center, pressing itself flat against the shaft. Despite all her teasing, Cliff felt himself go from hard to extremely hard to leaking from his tip – no doubt with how far his cock was in Shannon’s throat, though, she wasn’t getting a single taste of it just yet.

That wouldn’t be true for long. He felt Shannon slowing down on his cock as she contended with the fiddlier parts of her pubes, getting all the edges and stray tufts, feeling for them and buzzing them off with one hand as she continued to suck on Cliff at a steady pace. He mostly heard the clippers run with nothing between their blades, with an occasional crunch or deepening of their sound as she found something. Finally, though, she inhaled deeply and pulled herself up closer to Cliff. She drew her torso right against the leg-rest of the barber chair, pressing her chest (tits included) against the leather for Cliff to see, then redoubled her sucking efforts.

Cliff mooed as she brought her head up and down with the force of a pornstar, her hands coming up to grip his calves, the clipper in one hand pressed against his bone. God, fuck, this had gone from a feast in all of his senses to an overload in one of them – he felt his orgasm being drawn out of him. Even if he had wanted to stave it off, to keep this going longer, he absolutely would not have been able to – and he came. He threw his head back and bellowed – as soon as she realized, Shannon pulled off his cock until only the head was in her mouth. Her eyelashes fluttered as she drank down ropes of his cum, as Cliff came and came, as he gripped the armrests of the chair with the intensity of his orgasm.

It felt like it went on for minutes, but finally it was done. Cliff started to pant as he came down from that high. If he’d ever felt that way before, he’d forgotten about it, and that wasn’t the kind of thing you forgot about. “Fuck,” he breathed, tapping his fingers against the armrest. “You think I can pay extra for that when I need a trim and Stormy’s out of town?”

Shannon pulled her lips off of Cliff’s cock. To Cliff’s awe, she actually swirled it around her mouth for a moment, tasted it, and then swallowed. She licked her lips, then let out a little sigh. “Not bad, stud. As for that offer – If I feel like it, I’ll do it. And if I don’t, you couldn’t pay me to.” She leaned down and gave Cliff’s cock a finishing lick, making him narrow his eyes a little with the sensitivity that came after an orgasm.

Shannon pushed on her knees and stood with a contented sigh, then stepped over to lean against the table. Almost as an afterthought, she pressed the button on her belt again, and the restraints keeping Cliff in place popped free. He grunted and stood, giving his legs a stretch. Fuck, that had been good, even if he’d wanted to avoid it at first. Time to go, get back to Stormy, back to hopefully growing all this hair out again. But something gave him pause.

He turned around. “You know,” he said. “You speak an awful lot about how you want me while I’m here, how Stormy gets me every night, but you only get me right now.” He walked up to Shannon, slowly, deliberately. He crowded her against the table, put his hands either side of her hips. Fuck it. He hadn’t been able to save all his loads for Stormy tonight, so there would be no point in saving any more – whatever he did right now, she wouldn’t notice the difference. “There’s still things we haven’t done. You know it, I know it.”

Shannon seemed content already. She let herself be nudged toward the table without a large fuss, her eyes low and seductive as she gazed at Cliff. But when she’d watched long enough, when she’d simply stayed silent and enjoyed it long enough, she smirked. She grabbed Cliff’s biceps, and they shared a look – then slowly, with mutual understanding, Shannon eased Cliff back onto the barber chair.

He sat down, then reclined, about at a 45-degree angle. He was propped up enough to see Shannon in all her glory, as she slowly, finally pulled her top off to reveal each of her voluptuous tits, bouncing down one by one, the nipples perky and inviting. “You better not bore me,” she chuckled, climbing up onto Cliff’s lap. “I know what good sex is – being decent at eating me out is one thing. Having a nice enough cock to make this worth my while is another.”

Cliff, to neither of their surprise, was already hard. She grinned and grabbed it at the base, just hard enough to make him hiss. “I know I’m worth it,” she said. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, she edged forward until her pubic bone rested against the base of his cock – little by little, she pushed forward even further, pressing against his shaft, sliding onto it. Her clit nudged against it, then the two fat lips of her pussy, warm and wet, her sensitive parts pressed up and moving against his. She started moving up and down, gyrating her hips. She was grinding her clit against him, in a way that pleasured her but only really teased him.

“Come on,” said Cliff in a low, slow voice. “You don’t think you can go a little faster than that? I’d rather get back home before it gets too dark out.”

Shannon just barked out a laugh. She edged away from Cliff’s head so that she was grinding against the very base of his cock, which felt even more dilute somehow. He grumbled, but didn’t make any further protests – despite him having been the one to initiate this, she was very much the one in control still. “You get your cock in me when I want your cock in me,” she purred, confirming his thoughts. “And you’d better hope I don’t get bored before then.”

She slowed down even more, seeming to relish teasing him, locking eyes with him as her cheeks started to darken again. One minute passed – then two – then, as she panted and gripped the armrests, she seemed to decide she’d tormented him enough. She lifted her pussy off him and sat up on her knees, shuffling up so that she could line herself up properly. His cock was hard and straining, and more stimulation was long overdue. He wanted something tight, hot and wet around him, and it looked like he was going to get it.

“I was thinking of just leaving you like this,” she said. She reached down and put a single finger to Cliff’s tip, and it visibly twitched, because fuck he needed more of that. “Do I really want you in me? God knows I’ve had better – God knows I could have better right now, honestly. I got a phone with a lot of numbers on it.” She smirked down at him, and he scowled back up at her. It didn’t feel like she meant all the things she was saying. In fact, Cliff was pretty sure she was just trying to get a rise out of him. But he couldn’t be sure.

“But,” she continued, “I guess I may as well. You have a big enough cock that even if you don’t know how to use it, I can at least get a lil’ something out of the experience.”

Cliff raised an eyebrow. “Size quee–”

Shannon shoved herself down onto his cock, and he choked. He could have cum right there – he honestly didn’t know how he hadn’t. She was warm, and moist, and so fucking tight, and all that was in her was the head of his cock. She kept sinking down, her breath gently landing on his face with each exhale, and he had to clench and inhale deep to keep from going over the edge. He grabbed her thigh, his nose ring fluttering with the force of his panting. “I didn’t know you were this good of a fuck,” he said breathlessly.

“You should’ve,” she smirked, tamping down a huff herself. It was clear she was into this. Her hair was starting to fall in her face, her breath was getting warmer by the second, and her thigh was burning hot where Cliff was holding it. “Look at me. You think someone that’s this hot could ever be bad in bed? No. I’m– hh– the best fuck you’re ever going to have, and you’re never going to forget that.”

“Oh, sure,” smirked Cliff. A good fuck was one thing – was one very obvious thing – but the best? No way. He was married, for one thing, and his wife felt like she was made for him in bed.

He’d prove her wrong. Keeping his teeth clenched and his breathing deep, he bucked his hips up without warning. His stiff head pushed into her G-spot, and her eyes blew wide, her nostrils flaring. She looked down at him with some alarm, and he only smirked back at her. “I know– nh– how this works too,” he said. “Don’t you go letting your guard down around me.”

Shannon snorted with laughter, even though she was clearly further along than she’d been just now. Her pussy was twitching and clenching around the base of Cliff’s cock, as though unable to stop itself from eventually tumbling down into an orgasm. “You think I need to keep my guard up, huh? I can do that.” In one smooth move, she pulled herself entirely off Cliff’s cock.

Cliff just stared down at it. He expected it to slam back down again any minute now – but it just stayed there. He looked up at her, and Shannon just shrugged. “What? I’m just drawing back, regrouping. Figuring out what to do next. You know, like you said.” Fuck. Cliff sighed and leaned his head back against the headrest – fuck, he hoped he still got to cum after this. There was no telling if Shannon was going to just up and leave.

But you know what? Cliff had pushed back against Shannon’s power play bullshit before – in fact, it had worked pretty well. He shuffled up on the seat, leaned up on one of the armrests, dragged his eyes up and down Shannon’s bare tits. Shannon had had her turn – now it was time for him to have his.

He grabbed her by the hips, and before she could catch on, spun their bodies around and slammed her down against the chair, belly-up. He straddled her, one leg on either side of the leg-rest. She jerked when he started to move her, and started actually struggling when he grabbed one of her legs. Luckily, he’d taken her by surprise, so he was able to grab each leg and hoist them up over his shoulders.

Shannon, still panting from the earlier pleasure, looked up at Cliff with a strained expression. “That’s a hell of a stretch,” she said, already looking unenthused. “What is this? You think you’re gonna be able to get me anywhere close to cumming by yourself?” She raised an eyebrow, tapped her heel on the back of his neck impatiently. “When I’m the one on top, making sure everything goes where it needs to go, I can get something out of that cock of yours. I don’t know what you think you’re gonna be able to do all on your own like this.”

“You go ahead and get what you can out of this,” huffed Cliff with a smug smile plastered over his face. He would give Shannon’s pleasure a decent shot, but honestly, it always felt like she was the one in control, even if he was her paying customer. It was kind of refreshing to be on top calling the shots like this for once. “But I’m gonna cum when I cum, so if you’re not done by then, tough luck.”

He grabbed both her thighs, just below the knee, and aligned his cock with her glistening pussy. He kept his eyes on it – and eased himself back in, little by little, watching each shift of the lips, each little trickle of her slick as his cock displaced it. He was savouring how her pussy felt around him, he was deciding how much of her he wanted at a time. He’d thought he wouldn’t want this from Shannon, only Stormy, but there was something addictive about the contrast of it.

He started speeding up slowly, pumping half his cock in and out of her. He stayed mostly silent, apart from the occasional grunt when his head hit something nice. He was using her, more or less, putting aside all of her expectations for him. He didn’t care how she was feeling right now. She could be reading a book for all he cared, as long as he got off. Despite that, though – despite everything that he kept telling himself, he felt his eyes drifting up to Shannon’s face.

She seemed kind of bored. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been expecting that kind of reaction from her – but he found himself speeding up his strokes a little bit, rolling his hips rather than thrusting them, trying to work her G-spot rather than just using her as a fleshlight. He wasn’t doing it for her sake, of course. He was just trying to get the satisfaction of seeing her be pleasured by him. That was it.

But it wasn’t really working. Even though he was actively trying to pleasure her now, her eyes still seemed a little listless, a little amused – as he watched, she even yawned. Just as he was about to say something, she looked at him. “Now, we’re really far away from me getting absolutely anything out of this. But you? You’re tellin’ me this is enough for you to get your rocks off? Are you sure Stormy isn’t decorating y’all’s house in her head while you fuck her? Feels like you’re just going through the motions – I guess it’s fine if you’re trying for a baby or something,” she snorted. “You’ll shoot your load eventually like this. But if this is how you fuck, no wonder you wanted my pussy so badly.”

That got Cliff seeing red. “You can’t be serious,” he seethed. There was no way Shannon was feeling nothing from this. Maybe it wasn’t her style, sure. But nothing? That couldn’t be true. “You’re just windin’ me up.” He wasn’t bad at sex. Stormy thought he was more than enough – they got it on often enough that she’d get bored if he actually was bad at it. But still – maybe because he wanted to prove himself – he pulled out of Shannon all the way. “Maybe you’re the one with the problem here,” he said. “Had so much in you that you can’t feel a normal cock inside you – you need to work it a certain way to get anything out of it at all, kind of thing. Like a Bop It.

He was about to just give it up and leave, but then an idea came to him. “Or maybe,” he said, and grabbed Shannon’s hips again. “You need something to look forward to.” He rammed himself back inside Shannon, and set the same steady pace that he’d been going at so far. But there was a different glint in his eyes. “You said my way of doin’ it was fine if I was tryin’ for a baby,” he smirked. “You ovulating right now?”

Shannon let out a surprised laugh, her eyes meeting Cliff’s for a second. “Why do you wanna know?” She still seemed mostly aloof about being fucked, but now she was getting a little intrigued.

Cliff leaned down, putting the two of them chest-to-chest, and whispered in Shannon’s ear. “‘Cause I’m gonna cum deep into your pussy,” he breathed, “and if you’re anywhere near getting pregnant, my little swimmers are gonna do their job and get you knocked up.” He was already leaking pre – he knew some people got pregnant just from that. Maybe it had already happened.

Shannon was trying to hide it, but Cliff felt her shiver under him. “You fuckin’ try,” she laughed in a low voice. “I’m no virgin, and so far I haven’t had any scares or nothing.” She inhaled, seemingly trying to steady herself despite the way Cliff’s thrusts bounced her up and down. Then, she leaned in to Cliff’s ear. “But if you must know,” she whispered back, “I had my period a week or two ago. And with the way I’ve been feeling lately, I think I’m about due.”

Cliff’s nostrils flared. Fuck, was this really happening? He was fucking Shannon, raw, while she was fertile – and he was about to cum into her? He knew Stormy wouldn’t mind per se, but it’d still take a while to explain if a half-rhino came up to him calling him Papa. The thought thrilled him. “Alright,” he rumbled, deep in his chest. “I’ll visit, but I’m not having the kid live with me and Stormy, alright? It’ll be yours, mainly.”

“Fine by me,” scoffed Shannon. “I could raise a kid better than you anyway.” She seemed just as into this as he was.

Cliff could feel himself getting close, half from the fucking and half from the idea of putting a baby in Shannon. He sped up, the thrusting of his hips becoming erratic, and dug his fingers into the thick flesh of Shannon’s sides. “You ready for this?” He whispered into her ear. “You ready for me to knock you up?”

“Do it,” purred Shannon with just as much courage. “Give me a kid with three horns.”

Somehow that thought was enough to push Cliff over the edge. He threw his head back, mooed and rammed his cock as deep into Shannon as it went, and his load shot out all the way inside her. He could just barely feel the tip of his cock brush against her cervix as ropes of cum spurted out of it. It filled her up fast, welling up around the sides of his shaft, then eventually spurting out of her vagina and dripping down onto the chair. He kept cumming for five seconds, ten seconds – when he started nearing twenty, his geyser of cum finally tapered off. He let go of Shannon, and rested his hands contentedly on his hips.

Shannon smiled, her hands laced behind her head. She seemed faintly out of breath, but… that was it?

As soon as Cliff was lucid enough to see again, he noticed Shannon’s nonchalance. He took a second to catch his breath, then stared dead into her eyes. “What the fuck?” He looked down at his cock, at her pussy, then back up at her face. “I just came inside you. You might be pregnant – most people would have a bigger reaction to that.”

“I know,” Shannon said, and shrugged. “I enjoyed that, more or less. I’ll need to wait until next month to see if I need to start sending you Father’s Day cards – you’ll need to wait until then to see just how much I’ve ended up enjoying this after all.”

“Wh– Fuck you.” Cliff snorted hot air out of his nose. He couldn’t believe Shannon could really be that impassive about all this – he’d fucked her to his own satisfaction, after having already eaten her out, and he’d even cum inside her. What living being could possibly respond the way Shannon was acting right now?

He reached down and grabbed her hips again – he was getting somewhat desperate to prove to himself that the problem wasn’t with him. “Maybe we need to try the back door. Are you just as numb in there too, or is it a little more sensitive? For your sake, I sure hope it is.”

“You shut the fuck up,” scoffed Shannon, but Cliff was already flipping her over, belly going down onto the leather of the barber-chair, arms flailing around and eventually reaching around to grab the back of the head-rest. “If you can’t even get me off by shooting your load in my pussy, you think you have any kind of shot with my ass? Your thighs will be sore and I’ll still be down here waiting to feel something.”

“You go ahead and talk,” said Cliff, taking the time to scope out his territory. He pulled her hips up, settled her knees in a groove on the chair – that lined her asshole up nicely with his hips. A marbled mixture of Shannon’s juices and Cliff’s cum had dripped down from that last round, so her donut looked wonderfully wet, and it still seemed loose from when he’d eaten her out earlier.

Unlike when he’d eaten her out, though, all of her hair down there was gone, replaced by an even layer of buzzed stubble. Cliff couldn’t help admiring for a moment just how good at barbering Shannon was – even when she’d been sucking him off, she’d still managed not to leave any stray hairs, or even leave some parts shorter than others. Although he supposed he had enough evidence of her skill on his own body.

Well, then. Time for him to see what that donut felt like on a part of his body that wasn’t his tongue. Tightening his hold on her hips a little, Cliff touched his tip to the very middle of the pucker – yep, it was wet enough that he could skip any prep. He kept her body right where it was, stared at her ass until he got hard enough, then shoved his cock all the way in.

“Fuck!” Clearly Shannon had felt that, one way or another. She thrashed and jerked, kept in place only by Cliff’s grip. “What the fuck was that? Punch me in the face while you’re at it, why don’t you.”

“You’re fine,” smirked Cliff. “I thought you said you needed more to feel something. How’s that?”

“Not like that, you fucking idiot,” said Shannon, although it was clear she meant to express her annoyance at him rather than genuinely thinking he was stupid.

“Sure. How about this?” Cliff started pumping in and out of Shannon. Holy cow, was she tight here. Her sphincter was death-gripping all of Cliff’s shaft every time he pulled in and out. The rest of her hole was nearly as tight, too, and pleasantly warm to boot. Not quite as warm as Stormy, but hey, Cliff didn’t expect this rhino to be a better fuck than his wife.

He set a good pace from the beginning – when he’d established a good rhythm, he let go of her hip with one hand. He reached up to grab a fistful of her hair, pull it towards him gently, arch her back little by little. Her hair was longer than shoulder-length, waves covering her collarbones and tickling her shoulder blades, so he had an easy time of it. “How long’s it been since you got fucked this hard in the ass, huh? I bet you’ll be walking funny for a little while.”

With Shannon face-down, he couldn’t see her expression, but her chest was going in and out fast, her arms gripping hard. “Hh– you really think you can brute-force me into squealing and squirting all over you?” She barked out a laugh. “If you try this on every woman you want to fuck, you’re going to end up injuring half of them and pissing off the other half. Just slow the fuck down and admit you don’t have what it takes to make me feel good.”

“Say whatever you want,” Cliff panted, “‘s not gonna change the fact that you’re barely handling my cock up your ass.” He tightened his grip in her hair, entwining it between his fingers until there was an even pull across her whole scalp. Her hair was thick and the individual strands were pretty coarse, but despite that, it felt smooth and untangled – seemed like Shannon took pretty good care of it. Makes sense for a barber, Cliff thought to himself.

Even though she was apparently experiencing a lot of sensations from Cliff fucking her, it didn’t seem like they were taking her anywhere near a climax. That bothered Cliff – he wanted to prove he could get her to cum despite the big game she was talking. But hey. At the end of the day, if he shot his load in her, he shot his load in her. That was enough for him to feel good about this whole thing.

He kept pumping in and out of her, focusing on that tight heat around his head. At the start of this, he’d been pretty close to cumming already, but thinking hard to counter everything Shannon was saying had cooled him down. When he had that unpleasant realization, he sped up a little, shoving the tip of his cock into the upper wall of her asshole and more or less using her as a fleshlight.

But for some reason – maybe the blood was going into his full-throttle thrusting muscles instead of his cock, maybe he was too angry about Shannon’s goading to be properly horny – he just wasn’t getting there. He could feel his cock starting to lose a little bit of interest, even, going from leaking pre to just being hard inside her. He grunted, and just tried hammering it in even harder like his instincts were telling him to do.

Through all of this, Shannon was just lying there getting fucked. Even with his focus on his cock, Cliff vaguely noticed her going from bored to annoyed to almost pissed. When he sped up, she snorted. Her hands went up to her head, untangling his fist from her hair – then, she reached her hand back, put it on his solar plexus and shoved him away. Cliff staggered back, unsteady on his feet. “Fucking shit,” she sighed, and flipped herself back around on the chair to face him. “I’ve given you a chance – I let you fuck me in both holes. And it’s extremely fucking clear now that you have no fucking idea what you’re doing. I can’t take any more of this,” she sighed.

Cliff searched her face. If he knew her like he thought he knew her, he realized, she didn’t seem genuinely pissed with him. Maybe a little confused, but mostly just entertained. Neither she nor he knew what the hell had happened there, but they were both at least faintly aware that they’d need to try something different if either one of them wanted to cum this time. Even Cliff had been running out of ideas just now. He raised an eyebrow at her, silently asking what she was suggesting, if she was this unsatisfied with what had been going on.

“Alright,” she sighed, and stood. She flattened the reclining chair, then grabbed Cliff’s bicep and dragged him over. She gave him one strong push, and he half-lowered himself into it, half fell into it face-up. He could feel his cock slowly softening, but his curiosity was still keeping it half-hard. Not to mention the fact that Shannon was naked and walking around in front of him. Her bush had been buzzed down, so her pussy-lips were just barely visible from this angle. Plus, her tits bounced and shifted with every step – it was nice.

She walked back over to Cliff, then slowly, deliberately, swung one leg over him. Now she was straddling him, facing away. “You’ve wasted a decent chunk of my goddamn time,” she huffed, “so I’m gonna get at least one more of my orgasms from you, if not two.” She sat her full weight down on Cliff’s mid-thigh, the warmth of her legs enveloping his, then shuffled back little by little. Her donut was on full display, flanked by two bulging buttcheeks, as she found Cliff’s tip by feel. Then, she lifted her hips, got herself lined up for it. “May as well take care of some other things while I’m at it,” she breathed, “considering how long that just took. It’s getting fuckin’ hot in here – I don’t think just taking care of my pits and pubes was enough for this year.”

She put a hand on Cliff’s knee and leaned toward his feet, exposing her inner thighs and the lower edge of her pussy. She grabbed the clippers from the table – this time, the bigger ones she’d used to shear Cliff’s head hair off. “Not to mention you got your hands all over my hair just now. I think it’s about time to buzz it off for the summer.”

Cliff raised an eyebrow. He’d been wondering where she’d been going with this, but now he was intrigued. Not to mention pretty into the idea, given what Shannon had just done to him. “Really? You don’t do that regularly, do you?” Cliff didn’t think Shannon had a growing-and-mowing schedule like he did – she just did what she wanted to with her hair, when she wanted to. He didn’t think he’d ever seen her with a buzz cut before, either.

“I do it when I feel like it. It’s been a while – maybe the last time I did it was before you met me,” she shrugged. “Or maybe you’re just dumb and forgetful. Could be either.” Mid-sentence, she pressed her donut down onto the tip of Cliff’s cock and breached her own hole with it.

“Sure– fuck,” said Cliff. Instantly, warmth enveloped his head. He’d tried to be dry with it, but that was hard to do when someone was riding your dick. He breathed, “Think you’re gonna shave it clean?”

“‘Course not,” scoffed Shannon. Her free hand leaned on Cliff’s shin as she bottomed out – then she started to lift herself again. “Fuck, that’s the stuff. You can’t just ram it in me like a woodpecker – you gotta know how to take your time. Anyway – no, I’m not gonna go smooth. That’s reserved for big burly customers that get too uppity for my taste. Buzzed is just fine for me.”

“Oh, uppity? I’d hate to see someone who’s humble enough for you, then,” chuckled Cliff. He would have been madder at Shannon for insulting him a couple times in a row, but she was riding his cock right now, and seeing her buttcheeks tense and twitch with each little movement was doing wonders for his mood. “Probably a spineless– mh, spineless little idiot.”

“Better than what you’ve got going on right now,” breathed Shannon in turn. She was pacing herself, getting familiar with his cock, finding a comfortable rhythm. She sped up gradually, getting Cliff back to the edge little by little. Once she settled into a steady pace, she flicked the clippers on. They let out a low hum, the same one he’d heard when she’d shorn him down just now. “Make sure you don’t breathe in any stray hairs,” she smirked.

Cliff realized there was a show about to start, and it was further up than he’d been looking. He glanced slightly to the side – luckily, he was just about able to see Shannon’s face in the mirror. The back of Shannon’s head was right in front of him for his viewing pleasure, too – no mirror needed for that.

Shannon brought the clippers right to the center of her hairline. She caught Cliff’s eyes in the mirror. “What?” she chuckled. “You want to watch me give myself a haircut? I work fast, you know. I do this for a living.”

“Thanks for the heads-up,” replied Cliff. “I don’t see why I shouldn’t be interested. You know how to do this stuff.”

“Alright,” scoffed Shannon lightheartedly, and pushed the clippers into her hair.

The clippers’ sound went from smooth to crunchy as they hit hair. Shannon’s was coarser and silkier than his, but more importantly, it was longer. Each quarter-inch the clippers moved sent a cascade of hair tumbling down onto Cliff’s knees, with a portion sliding off them and onto the floor. She pushed her clippers back slowly, carefully, wanting to make sure she got an even buzz on her own head. It was working – she was going at so even a speed that the buzz of the clippers barely changed, even as she moved across the slightly contoured terrain of her skull.

Once the clippers had reached the top of her head, Cliff could see a buzzed patch of skin, as clean and even as the sound had suggested. Then they continued, down around the curve to the back of her head. The well-buzzed stripe got longer, and instead of falling forward, the hair started falling right into Cliff’s lap.

Cliff reached forward, took a lock of it between his fingers, rubbed it. It separated into long individual hairs, and slipped back down onto his belly in a pile of squid-ink spaghetti. It had been just as smooth as it looked – made it seem like Shannon took pretty good care of her hair, which starkly contrasted how easily she was buzzing it off right now. “Fuck, that’s a lot of hair you’re getting rid of,” he said. “How long you been growing it for?”

“Growing it is probably the wrong word,” said Shannon with a shrug. Said shrug didn’t interrupt her buzz, but did bounce her hole up and down on Cliff’s cock a little, which made him hiss with pleasure. “I just haven’t felt like cutting it. It looks damn good when it’s long, too, so that was no obstacle.”

“You’re damn right,” he replied. “Well, not like you can go back now, but you could always put it up or sum’n instead of buzzing it all off like this.” While she worked the clippers, her lower half had stopped moving – she was just sitting on his cock at this point. He rolled his hips a tiny bit, trying to get himself there while she was doing her own thing.

Shannon swatted the side of his hip, and he stopped with another hiss. “Don’t you dare move,” she said. “I’m getting this all even, and I damn well won’t have you messin’ that up.” She took hold of his knee again, and finished up her line down the middle of her head. She’s damn flexible, Cliff thought, as she pushed the clippers all the way down past the nape of her neck and then pulled them back. The bare stripe was mostly the grey colour of her skin, dappled with small black flecks of stubble that blended together to create an overall darker hue from afar. She brought her clippers back to the front of her head, thought for a moment, then pressed them to her temple and drove them into her hair again.

This time she went a little faster, and started moving her hips a little as well. The buzz of the clippers went a little lower in pitch as they chewed through all of that long hair, even though the hair on the sides of her head wasn’t quite as thick as the hair on top. It slid down the left side of Cliff’s thigh, ghosting across his skin for the faintest hint of sensation. Meanwhile, Shannon’s head was getting greyer and greyer. She pushed her clippers back until they were just past her ear, then turned the corner and started buzzing down towards her neck, using the mirror to make sure she was keeping everything neat.

She finished off that line with a little push, making a second little pile of hair that folded in the same pleasing way as the first. Now she had two long buzzed stripes on her head. She placed her clippers right between them, then started buzzing a new line that split the difference, leaving thin stripes of hair either side where the first two areas didn’t quite reach. The clippers ate through her hair easily as she went back, then down once again. When she was done with that, it was a trivial matter to clean up the little bits she’d left in between, and then she had a wide bare patch of scalp.

“Look at that,” she said. “Consider yourself lucky that you have such a good barber – I’m not even sitting in a proper chair, and this is so even that it looks like it was painted on.”

“You’re not sitting in a proper chair, and you have a cock up your ass,” huffed Cliff. Normally he might have been having trouble staying hard without moving at all, but considering his cock was being warmed by Shannon’s ass, and he got to watch Shannon buzz her own hair off, he’d stayed at pretty much the same hardness the whole way through. If anything, he was getting further along just from the sight of it.

“I think I’m gonna try out a side shave before I go full buzzed,” she hummed. “Well, sort of a half-head shave, I guess. First pass was a bit too far along for a real side shave.” She carefully lifted her other hand, making sure she was well-balanced on Cliff’s legs, then took hold of her ear. This time, the clippers’ crunching came in short bursts as she carefully shaved around it – first above it, then in front, then behind, then below, making multiple passes each time to make sure there was nothing left.

After that, she took care of any residual hair in front of her ear – then, the rest of the hair behind her ear was short work. She buzzed it off in two quick strokes, taking the bulk off with one and cleaning it up with the other. She turned off her clippers then, and looked at the results. “You know, that doesn’t look half bad,” she said, admiring her half-shave in the mirror. “Maybe if I feel like keeping some hair next summer I’ll try this.”

“But not this time?”

“Not this time,” chuckled Shannon. “‘s all coming off this time. Lucky for you, I don’t feel like stopping halfway right now.”

She turned the clippers back on, and without hesitation, dug them into the top of her head again. This time, she took shorter strokes, buzzing a couple of inches and then flicking them back over her head. They were landing on Cliff’s chest now thanks to her vigorous approach, lock after lock of long hair fluttering down to rest on his skin. She had remarkably good aim, Cliff mused, as Shannon cleared the top of her head with the last few strokes.

She continued the same approach down the back of her head, tidy patch after tidy patch, the clippers’ pitch alternating in a rhythm that was almost hypnotic. By the time she finally finished off the back of her head, around half of the surface of Cliff’s torso was covered in hair of some thickness or other. With every little move he made, he could feel it all shifting on his skin, some slipping off his torso, some sliding down his belly or up his chest. He savored the experience while he could.

As she moved to her other side, Cliff raised an eyebrow. “You gonna use me as a dustpan or somethin’? Pick my whole body up from this chair and shake the hair offa me into the dumpster?”

“I might,” Shannon hummed, carefully buzzing a line down behind her ear. “You haven’t paid a penny for your haircut – may as well put you to good use.”

“You’ve done plenty of that already,” grumbled Cliff. “I made you cum once with my mouth, at the very least. Don’t forget that.”

“Sure, like you didn’t enjoy that even more than I did,” chuckled Shannon, clearing up a little tuft in front of her ear. “At least double, by what I saw.”

“As if that matters,” retorted Cliff, but Shannon had already returned to her mission. She buzzed down behind her ear, clearing the hair in careful small strokes – after not too long, she was done with that, and with her buzz cut as a whole. Her head was narrower than Cliff’s, with less scalp overall, but the buzz had done a lot to change how she looked.

Shannon turned her head, admired herself – she’d exposed the smoothly-curving line of her neck, muscled but simultaneously elegant, contradicting the gruff way she carried herself. Her ears were fully on show as well, long and soft and flicking slightly with every thought she had. The darker colour of her buzzed scalp was neatly shaped on the top of her head, fitting her just as well as her long hair had. Somehow, though, she felt more feminine like this than she had before she’d changed her hair.

Cliff, in contrast to Shannon’s new neatness, was now covered in messy strands of hair. It was in little piles all over his chest and belly, some larger than others, to the point where he felt like he’d tip them off of him if he moved the wrong way. “You took your sweet time with that, huh? Thought my legs were gonna go numb.”

“You say that as if you weren’t enjoying every second,” laughed Shannon. More feminine or not, Cliff thought, she was still exactly the same person she’d been before the haircut. “I’ll bet that made your week, huh? Just lying there with your cock in me while I buzzed all my hair off.”

“Sure, it was nice, but making my week is a real stretch,” said Cliff with a raised eyebrow. “Not least because you haven’t been moving since you started.”

Shannon looked down at her own crotch, as if she’d forgotten what she’d just been doing. “Oh yeah,” she said. “I haven’t been moving, have I? Well,” she said with a little smirk, “I s’pose you do owe me another orgasm or two. And you’re in here anyway…”

The longer Cliff heard Shannon’s goading, her little put-downs and excuses for why he was still fucking her, the more bullshit he saw in them. She was fucking with him, or trying to convince herself she wasn’t enjoying all this as much as she really was, or both – it reassured him a little to come to that realization, made him feel less like he was failing to pleasure her and more like she was in a battle of wills with him. And given that realization, he felt a wave of satisfaction when Shannon shifted her hips again.

“You’re going to lie nice and still for me,” Shannon breathed, “so that you don’t fuck anything up while I get myself off on your cock. You move too much, I’ll go jack myself off and leave you high and dry. Got it?”

Cliff huffed a little sigh out of his nose, but humoured Shannon – she was the one taking his cock up her ass, after all. “Got it,” he said, and gave her hip a little smack for good measure.

Shannon grabbed his hand, raised an eyebrow and warned “You watch it,” but she didn’t get off him. She shifted her hips, rolled them, sent warm pleasure up Cliff’s spine. He noticed that she had some stray hairs stuck to her back, too – one or two on her upper back, a few more as his eyes went down her spine, but a thin lock pooled where her lower back met her plump ass. The round muscle had inadvertently acted as a shelf – thin, silky locks of her own hair dangled down against her skin, where they now swayed, falling down onto Cliff’s hipbones bit by bit.

Shannon took Cliff’s thighs with both hands, then slowly started pulling her asshole up. She rose about an inch before reversing course, pushing down until she bottomed out yet again. Then she went back up, not resting at all, and back down, this time just a touch higher. With every movement, her hot walls pressed against Cliff’s tip and shaft, her sphincter squeezed his base. It was good, and made all the better by how long he’d been lying there waiting for it. “Fuck,” he said, quietly enough that he wasn’t sure if Shannon could even hear him. “How are you this goddamn tight?”

Shannon shrugged. “I work out,” was her simple reply. “All my muscles down there are in good working order. Besides – I do this rarely enough that I never get bored with it, so consider yourself lucky,” she mouthed to him. She’d started out at a normal volume, and gotten more and more quiet as the sentence had gone on.

Just as Cliff was starting to get properly hard again, Shannon ramped up the pace. She switched up her angle every few strokes, starting to pant, her hips twisting a little with each thrust. “You see?” Cliff was panting as well, his eyelids fluttering – Shannon turned back and caught his expression of slowly building ecstasy. “Knew it. You’re feeling good, I’m feeling good – this is how it’s done.” She let out a steamy exhale, rolling her hips, throwing her head back. “You have a decent cock, you know. You should really fuckin’ learn how to use it.”

“You shut up,” breathed Cliff, but he couldn’t muster up any power in his voice because of just how good this felt. He leaned back, entwined his hands behind his head – seriously, this felt damn good, and all he had to do was sit there and watch it happen.

The back of Shannon’s neck started to glisten with sweat, and she went higher, rising almost entirely off of Cliff’s cock, then slamming back onto it. Cliff’s breath hitched, and he let out a low moo. “Keep doing that,” he rumbled, “feels fuckin’ amazing.”

“You don’t need to tell me,” panted Shannon. “I did it because I wanted to. Glad you’re enjoying it, but I don’t really care either way.” Despite her words, she rose up again, then rammed her pucker all the way back down to Cliff’s base. He couldn’t help it – he let out another moo, head thrown back in euphoria. “I’m gettin’ close,” he said. “You better get ready for another load in you – you’re gonna get double-pregnant.”

“You fuckin’ dumbass, that’s not how that works,” snorted Shannon. Still, she clenched around Cliff’s cock and started going as fast as she could, her cheeks reddening. “Admit it,” she said, “you’re better off leaving the reins to me. When I take the lead, we both get off so much better than when you do.”

That rankled with Cliff a little, but he had to admit, she had a point – plus, if he argued that point, he didn’t know if she was gonna let him cum. “Fine– fine, you’re right,” he panted, “you’re better at this’n me.”

“Again,” she said, her head hanging forward, her holes starting to clench more and more. “Say it again– say it.”

“You’re– fuck, you’re better than me at taking the lead in sex,” mooed Cliff – and somehow, he came, while the last word slipped out of his mouth.

It’s not that he hadn’t been expecting to cum – but it felt strange to him, to cum while saying something like that. It was a damn good nut as well. On par with when he’d been fucking Shannon in her pussy, talking about getting her pregnant. He could feel his jizz launching out of his cock, filling Shannon up inside with his usual force. Looking at her back, he swore he could see her insides expanding, shifting to accommodate his load, even if it was just a little.

To be fair, that imaginary inflation was impossible to distinguish from Shannon cumming. She let out a bellow of satisfaction and let her head loll forward. Cliff could feel even her asshole spasming around his shaft, could see her thighs clenching and clenching as she came – her pussy was squeezing so hard that it was squirting out some residual parts of the cum he’d filled her with just now. She evidently knew how to get herself off, both on her own and with other people’s bodies in the mix.

They had both just cum at the same time, so neither had any incentive to move on. Shannon sat still on Cliff’s hips, Cliff lay flat in the barber chair, both panting mutely as they enjoyed the afterglow of their fuck. Cliff could feel the air, heated just now by Shannon’s vigorous movement and his intense pleasure, slowly start to cool around them. A few more minutes passed – then Shannon finally spoke. “You better stop buzzing your own hair down,” she said with a satisfied sigh. “Waste of a fun afternoon – save it for me.”

“Yeah?” Cliff raised an eyebrow – after all that talk, Shannon felt like she was finally admitting that she’d liked what had just happened. “What’s in it for me? I’m not gonna come here and pay money for sum’n that I could just do myself.”

“Well,” scoffed Shannon, “all this, for one thing. Plus, I know I could get a better buzz on you than you could get on yourself.” She felt over Cliff’s shin, as if to remind herself of the ‘before’, then laughed. “Oh, right, I forgot – I followed the buzz up, didn’t I.” She let out a short exhale, grabbed Cliff’s thighs, and hoisted herself off of his cock in one motion.

Cliff inhaled, expecting to be over-sensitive, but luckily enough time had passed since he’d cum that it wasn’t too bad. Cum trickled down around Cliff’s shaft, settling around his crotch before slowly rolling down his sides. Shannon stepped lightly onto the floor, then looked back at Cliff, then down at herself. “You cum like a fuckin’ firehose. Must spend half your salary on tissues.” She stood there for a moment, then decided on something and grabbed one of Cliff’s hands. “Get up, stud. Your job’s not done yet.”

Cliff snorted with laughter, but took Shannon’s hand without protest. Whatever this was, he would probably enjoy it. He cooperated with Shannon as she pulled him upright, then watched as she went over to the chair, sat down in it again, pulled the back up a little straighter. She put one of her legs up onto the armrest, then the other – her knees looked like a mountain range, with a flooded valley in the center. “You made this mess all up inside me, so you’d better clean it up,” she said, her tongue flicking out to touch her lower lip. Her eyelids fluttered.

“Is that what you want me to do?” Cliff licked his lips in turn. This wasn’t an ordeal for him – on the contrary, he enjoyed eating people out, especially when they were already wet. It was a little weird that it was his own cum making her so sloppy, but hey, he didn’t want to cause more trouble with her now. “I guess I can manage.”

He approached Shannon, slow and composed, until he was face-to-face with her– no. He was willing to eat her out, but there was something missing here. He bent down, admired her overflowing pussy. “You know what?” He’d been fucking Shannon for what seemed like hours now – he felt like he could improvise a little and still have her enjoy what he did. He grabbed her ankles, lifted, and flipped her upside down.

“Cliff, you better watch it,” Shannon said, her eyebrows furrowed as she stared up at him. Her head rested on the seat of the recliner now, and her back was pressed against the chair back but in reverse, with her tail sticking up from the headrest and her legs spread either side of it. “I’ll get the fuckin’ Permanair if you cross the line.”

“Relax,” laughed Cliff, and looked down. This was much more comfortable, at least for him – his meal was positioned right in front of his mouth, with Shannon’s legs as convenient handlebars. “I’m doing what you told me to do, aren’t I? I’m just, uh, making things a lil’ easier for myself. Can’t fault me for that.” He was looking forward to this.

“Watch it,” Shannon repeated, but didn’t press things further. If Cliff had to guess, she probably appreciated his enthusiasm.

Cliff leaned down just a little, and gave the entrance of Shannon’s front hole a precise lick. At least a teaspoon of juices collected in his mouth just from that – sweat, slick, cum, all mixed together. It was mostly salty, but had hints of fish and petrol. Unusual but not unpleasant. He licked it again, and felt Shannon exhale between his legs, warming the edges of his knees. The third time he went in, he sucked – anything that was left inside came out like a tube of yoghurt, and he gulped it all down, feeling it invigorate him further.

Now that he mostly didn’t have to worry about spillage, he could start cleaning Shannon out thoroughly. He pressed his tongue flat to her vagina, then dragged it up toward her taint, pressing firmly, only withdrawing it once he reached the end of her vulva. It had been less noticeable when he’d been focusing on her hole, but now it was apparent – the buzz had made a whole lot of difference. Where once he’d almost gotten lost in her bush each time he went down to take another lick, now there was nothing but skin and a little stubble. It was slightly wrinkly rather than wiry, sandpapery rather than cushiony – he tried to decide which one of the two he preferred, but abandoned the thought after a moment. They were both good. He could enjoy this now, and then enjoy that once it grew back.

He dug his tongue into her hole, getting some residual tastes of his cum, and kept pushing it in until it was fully extended. Shannon gasped and moved, but he kept his hands firm on her legs so that her hips stayed still. Then, he pulled it back out, sucked it clean inside his mouth, and shoved it in again, then fucked it in and out, in and out, until it slipped into his mouth again. “Clean enough for you?” he panted. Shannon grumbled but didn’t respond verbally. He went back in, licking at the wall where her G-spot was, then the one to the side, the other side, a different one every time. His tongue didn’t reach all the way inside her, of course, but he was doing the best job he could of getting every little bit of cum out of her.

He kept going that way, digging the cum out of her with his tongue, occasionally breaking the routine to lick up anything that had gathered at the surface – before long, Shannon was gasping for breath, and her legs were flexing. Cliff kept going for a little longer – but then, he went still. “Cliff,” barked Shannon, annoyance in her voice. “Why the hell’d you stop?”

“Oh, nothin’,” huffed Cliff. “Just realized I’m not done cleaning everything up yet – guess I’d better pause what I’m doing and focus on that.” He shifted his gaze to her asshole. The glaze had dried somewhat – it really did look like a doughnut now, he snickered to himself. He got to lick all the icing off. Lucky him.

He brought the tip of his tongue to the uppermost part of her thick rim, then scooped off just a smidge to taste. It tasted more like his cum and less like her slick than the residue around her vagina – still not bad, he thought to himself, with no small relief. He was familiar enough with her asshole now, and the way it tasted, that his second move was to burrow straight in.

He lapped at her insides, curling his tongue up to get at the underside of the sphincter, poking at areas that were nearly never touched. Shannon snorted and arched her back, her tone half surprised and half pleased – the more Cliff licked her walls, the more her asshole relaxed, allowing him easier access deeper in.

Past the sphincter, the inside of her asshole was soft and plump, with traces of his cum still inside. This deep in, it was pungent in a way Cliff couldn’t quite describe, to the point where it almost covered the taste of his own cum. However, the whole experience was rich enough in different sensations that the taste of Shannon’s asshole wasn’t something his brain had much room to process. Right now he was focusing on getting his cum out of her like she’d told him to, and making her feel good along the way.

He started fucking her asshole with his tongue like he had her pussy. He pushed his mouth in a little further, wanting to get in as deep as possible – that dug his chin into her vulva, making satisfying squelching noises each time he shifted his head. It didn’t take long for Shannon’s panting to start sounding shaky, and Cliff knew her orgasm was coming again – he ramped up the speed of his tongue, licked her once, twice, and she gasped. She started cumming.

Cliff took his tongue back into his mouth for a moment, then pivoted to lapping at the surface of her pussy as it spasmed through her climax. Every time he touched her clit, she gasped another time, which kept happening for at least ten seconds before she started coming down from it.

Cliff leaned back, licked his lips. After the workout his facial muscles had just gotten, he needed a few moments to relax. Despite said exertion, though, he was the one to speak first. “You think all that cum was in there long enough to knock you up?” He raised an eyebrow, looking more or less calm. ”As in get you pregnant for real?” He wouldn’t lie to himself – the thought of having a kid out of wedlock, especially with a maverick like Shannon who’d openly acknowledge him as the father, was pretty thrilling.

“I reckon so,” shrugged Shannon. “I’m not on birth control or anything, and back in the old days people’d fuck raw and have accident babies all the time. Don’t see any reason why this won’t have the same result.”

“Right,” said Cliff. “If you’re keeping it, I want to name the kid.”

“You wish,” laughed Shannon. She pulled Cliff’s hands off her legs, and flipped upright again in the chair. “There’s something you forgot just then, sugar. Even when I let you do something you like, while you’re inside the doors of my barbershop, I am in charge. No exceptions.”

“That’s fine,” huffed Cliff, “but my time here for the next few months is nearly over. I’ve gotten my trim and all.”

“Nuh-uh,” said Shannon. She stood, shook herself a little bit to get back to her senses, then nodded toward the chair. “Get back in there,” she said, her voice surprisingly soft. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Cliff liked the way this had been going so far. So he eyed the chair for a moment – then got in without resisting. He peered up at her, part suspicious, part anticipating something good. “Yeah? What else is there to do to me?” He stared at her, trying to read her expression, but found nothing obvious.

She pressed the button on her belt, and the metal restraints closed around his limbs yet again – wrists, ankles, neck. He raised an eyebrow. “You still feel the need to lock me up? I thought we were on the same page by now, more or less.”

“Oh, you’ll see,” said Shannon. She went into her tool trolley, dug around a little – and came back holding a tattoo gun.

Cliff balked at that. “You– what? Why do you even have that kind of thing in a barber shop?” At first, he thought there was no way he was letting Shannon tattoo him. But then, he examined his own reaction, and realized – no. He was actually kind of into this. Goddamn. Well – he supposed he may as well get off on it if he couldn’t get out of it.

He relaxed into the chair, and Shannon smirked. “Good boy. You’ll enjoy this, I promise.”

She plugged the tattoo gun in, flicked it on, filled it up with a little pot of black ink. Then, she approached Cliff. “I want you to remember to come back once your scruff grows out,” she said softly. “Remember that I’m the one that gets to buzz you down from now on.” The tattoo gun buzzed as she approached his cock – a little further up than his cock, actually. More below his belly button. “Mm… something clear. Simple.”

Shannon brought the gun down to his skin. Cliff flinched as it touched him for the first time – it wasn’t painful, per se, but it did sting a little. He looked down, unable to stop the gun as it traced a short, curved line down the side of his abdomen. It turned and extended the line, curving the other way. Shannon lifted the gun, revealing the letter, and Cliff looked down. “Is that an S?”

“Sure is, stud,” smirked Shannon.

“Are you–”

“You’ll see,” she said, cutting him off. Cliff huffed and pressed his lips together, but sat still and let Shannon continue her work. She continued, adding a lowercase H after the S – yeah, she was writing what he’d thought she was going to write. At least she seemed to be good at this. The letters were thin in some places and thick in others in an aesthetically pleasing way, and flowed into each other smoothly. As she added the A, Cliff exhaled. It was hard to stay still for something like this. Not only had it gone from a mild sting to a diffuse burn, but he was starting to get turned on by it. He could feel his cock starting to rise with each stroke Shannon made, with each move Shannon made toward marking him as hers.

Shannon managed to finish writing her name before she noticed. She chuckled, taking a moment to touch the tip with the handle of the gun. Cliff hissed, and his cock just got even more interested – that was sensitive. “You like this, huh?” She got right back to it, forming a P, but glanced at Cliff’s half-chub every once in a while. “That next load is mine by rights – I got you hard again, so I get your load inside me somewhere. Just you wait, stud.” She licked her lips as she curved an R, then carefully dotted an I. This was going to sprawl across most of Cliff’s lower abdomen when it was done, he realized – at least it wouldn’t be visible once his fur grew back out.

The burn spreading across his skin, getting wider and wider, put him in an almost meditative state – dully, he watched Shannon move across his torso, writing letter after letter in an elegant script. She finished the second word, then started on the third – in a few minutes, she was finishing off the loop on a lowercase D. “There,” she said, and pointed a hand-mirror to his groin.

It took Cliff a moment to read the mirrored text, but eventually he managed. “Shannon’s Prize Stud.” There it was – written over his cock, permanently, in fancy writing to boot. It looked thought-through and well-executed, almost like something Cliff would have chosen for himself – except for the words, of course. He leaned back and scoffed in disbelief, trying to play it nonchalant, but he could feel his cock betraying him. It went from half-hard to mostly-hard – and Shannon noticed.

“Looks like someone appreciates a good tattoo,” she chuckled. She rolled her shoulders. Neither of them had gotten dressed again yet, so as Shannon’s torso shifted, Cliff enjoyed the movement of her breasts. She grabbed a roll of cling film from her trolley and covered the tattoo with it, her hands brushing indirectly across Cliff’s sensitive skin as she spread it on. “Or maybe it’s more than that? Maybe someone appreciates being marked as mine – mine to shear down whenever I want, mine to milk whenever I feel like it. You’re the best stud on my farm, and don’t you ever forget that.” She taped the cling film onto his abdomen, took his cock, gave it a few pumps. But then she seemed to come up with a better idea. “Tell you what – you sat so well through all of that, I’mma give you something nice.”

She put down the tattoo gun, then brought her hands up and started massaging her breasts. Cliff’s eyes went wide as she pressed them together, one in each hand, then let them go again. “You’re still stuck to that chair, aren’t you?” She batted her eyelashes. “No matter how much you wanna reach out and feel these, you can’t – not yet.” She leaned over his cock and the freshly-done tattoo, leaned down until the tips of her nipples ghosted over his thighs. “You’re gonna have to appreciate exactly what I give you, sugar – no less.”

Finally, she brought her chest down until her breasts pooled around Cliff’s cock. She pressed them together again with the heels of her hands, her fingers coming around to cup the rest. Cliff’s breath hitched – fuck, they were just as soft as they looked. She smirked. “Like that, stud? I’m no milk-cow, but I can hold my own.” She straightened her back, raised her chest, sent her breasts sliding up and rubbing against Cliff’s tip. He sucked a breath in through his teeth. “Yeah, you like that,” she chuckled. “You’ll be thinkin’ about this for a while after, I can tell.”

She pushed her breasts further forward, until her sternum pressed against his whole shaft. Then, she did body rolls, undulating her chest rhythmically onto his cock. Cliff had skin over bone against one side of his cock, and pillowy breasts surrounding the rest of it. He huffed out hot air, his hips starting to move in antiphase with hers to make each push deeper. It was warm, slightly leathery because of the texture of her skin, and unexpectedly intimate. He could feel himself hurtling toward his climax. He kept his eyes fixed on her nipples, fully erect, shaking with each move Shannon made.

But after a few moments, Shannon started to seem out of it. Her strokes slowed down a little, her eyes drifted to the side. Cliff’s eyes went from her tits to her face. “What–”

“Actually,” she said, “I have a better idea. Yes or no?”

Cliff blinked and kept looking at her, waiting for elaboration. A few seconds passed. “To what?”

“Yes or no?” She raised an eyebrow.

He didn’t want this to end. Whatever her idea was, it was probably sexy. “Yes.”

She smiled, smugly. “Great.” Instantly, her hands came off her tits and she sat back upright.

She stood, giving her shoulders a stretch, while Cliff stared in disbelief. “You meant what you said earlier, right? That you were gonna make me cum again?”

“Sure I did,” she shrugged. “Don’t mean I can’t take my time getting there.”

She walked over to her trolley again, opened up a drawer, and pulled out– a piercing needle. Of course there was still room to escalate, even after a fucking tattoo. “Well,” she sighed, looking over his whole body. “I’m spoiled for choice, ain’t I?”

She moved straight down toward his cock, and Cliff couldn’t hide a grunt of fear at that. No way was he going to have anyone stick a needle through his dick – at least, he didn’t want anyone to. Shannon took his tip with two fingers, pinched it horizontally to get a ridge going. “I think you’d do pretty well with a Prince Albert, huh? You’ve got a nice cock – you just gotta learn how to use it. Or you can get some… enhancements. I think that option’s probably a little more attainable for you,” she chuckled.

Fuck. If he got a cock piercing, it’d be no sex for him until he healed from it, and that’d be pretty hard to explain away. His fear must’ve shown on his face – she smirked. “Relax, sugar,” she laughed. “It’s not that bad, and you’ll thank me by the end of it.”

She brought the piercing needle right to his tip, and his face got paler and paler – then Shannon moved away. “I’m pullin’ your leg,” she chuckled. “You’re not gettin’ a Prince Albert, stud, at least not today.” Cliff frowned, but he didn’t protest out loud. That had been a dick move, but it’d be really easy to annoy her into changing her mind, and he did not want that.

She moved on. “Instead…” She put her finger on his belly button and slowly trailed it up his chest, then to the side – and stopped at his nipple. “I’ve done so much to you today,” she said. “Stormy’ll probably be a little annoyed by how spent you are when you get back to her tonight. I figure I’ll give her a little present.”

With a playful expression on her face, she flicked Cliff’s left nipple with the back end of the needle, then pinched it – Cliff’s brows furrowed, but it worked, and the nipple was upright in a second. “There we go,” she purred. “And one, two…”

The needle went through in one clean motion. Cliff jerked with the sudden pain – only the neck restraint kept him from ripping his nipple right open. Shannon’s eyes widened when he flinched, but she calmed down when she realized no damage had been done. She pulled out the needle, then replaced it with a small gold ring, matching the one in his nose. The feeling of something slowly sliding through his flesh was strange, but not overly painful.

She moved over to his other nipple, flicked it upright, and slid the needle into it the same way. This time Cliff had been expecting it, so he felt it – going through his flesh, parting it. The needle looked hollow, he realized – Shannon was going to have little cylinders of his flesh by the end of this. He hoped she didn’t know voodoo or anything. She put another gold ring through this one.

“Lookit you,” she grinned. “You could make a little chain triangle with your three rings now. Bet it’d be fun leading you around on that – the kind of thing that pulls your nipples together if you lag behind.” She gave the left nipple a very gentle tug, and Cliff had to suppress a snort of pain. Luckily for him, she left it at that and moved up, past his torso, onto his head. “One last thing.”

She reached into her trolley and pulled out– what?

Cliff did a double take. It was an ear tag – the bright yellow kind they put on farm animals. Not something he ever expected to see in a barbershop. “You’re kidding me, right?”

“Absolutely not.” She smiled smugly yet again, and grabbed one of his ears, pulling it taut. “Don’t worry about it. Ear piercings on men are in fashion these days, you’ll be fine.”

Before he could protest further, she drove the needle right through the middle of his ear. She’d speared just outside the place where it started to thicken, where it didn’t go through too much flesh but wouldn’t easily get torn out either. The shaft was noticeably thicker than the nipple rings as it went into the hole, and Shannon fastened the tag part to the inside of his ear with a little pop. “I don’t have one of those industrial clamps, so this’ll have to do,” she shrugged. “Looks just like the real thing.”

Cliff looked at himself in the mirror. Goddamn, he thought, he did look like some breeding stud on a farm. The nose ring he had was a personal choice, but paired with the ear tag it only made the effect stronger – at least it was only from the neck up.

He looked at Shannon, but she didn’t seem to want to pierce him any more, to his relief. He sighed. “So,” he said. “Now that you’re done with all that – you said you had a better idea in mind, at the beginning of all this. Did that mean better for both of us, or am I just going to leave here with more holes in my body feeling unsatisfied?”

“No,” said Shannon, acquiescing with a shrug. “If you’d just been a little more patient, you would’ve seen what I mainly meant by a better idea.”

She took a small pair of cordless clippers off the top of her trolley, put a long guard over them and flicked them on. Needless to say, Cliff was confused. “Shannon… did you forget? Not exactly very shaggy right now. Neither are you, come to think of it.”

“Oh, it’s not for that,” grinned Shannon. “This is a barbershop, so we don’t have sex toys just hanging around. I know how to improvise, though.”

She pressed a button, and released the restraints holding down Cliff’s legs. “You ever had things up the ass before, big boy?”

Cliff had never had things up the ass before. He looked skeptically at Shannon, who just laughed. “Don’t worry about it. It’ll feel good, I promise.” She spat on the end of the clippers, then brought them down to his asshole, pressed them against his pucker. Cliff twitched – the plastic of the clippers was warm from being turned on, and the vibration was low but felt like it went straight through his skin. Shannon’s saliva was warm as well, from the heat of her mouth, but cooled as it was smudged against his sphincter.

“Normally people go in with fingers first,” said Shannon lightly, “but you’re a big strong bull. I think you can handle if I skip a step or two… I’ll be slow, though, so you’ll be fine.” And she went in – slowly. Cliff grunted and squirmed, so Shannon grabbed one of his legs and put it up on the armrest, giving her more room to work with. It felt… strange. Like he was pooping, but in reverse – he wasn’t used to having things go through his asshole in this direction. He could feel the round taper of it spreading him wider and wider, starting a burn in his hole– that was actually kind of pleasant. The vibration seemed to be loosening him up, making it easier to push in.

Shannon kept the pace slow, probably mindful of his lack of experience. Even so, she got the clippers further and further in. Cliff almost wondered if she wanted to push the whole thing into his ass – but she stopped, halfway through. By now, the buzzing was going through the walls of his asshole, sending a pleasant sensation through his lower half that was nice in a different way than touching his cock.

Then Shannon angled the clippers so that the end of them pushed toward his belly button, and he gasped. “Yeah. Feels good, don’t it, sugar?” She grinned, watching his expression. “That’s your prostate. Sometimes I wish I had a dick so I could feel that in my own ass, but for now, this’ll have to do.” She rubbed the tip in little circles right on that spot, and his cock went from half-hard to straining in a matter of seconds. He didn’t know he was able to cum this quickly. Maybe he’d suggest ass play to Stormy.

“You know what makes this feel even better?” Shannon grinned. “Being fucked in the ass is all fine and good, but you do have your main part right here – seems a real waste not to use that too.” She took his straining cock in her other hand, gave it a firm stroke, and Cliff saw stars. Fuck, he felt like he was having a religious experience. She stroked him slowly, in rhythm with her gyrations of the clippers, and he mooed, feeling amazing.

“That’s it, sugar,” purred Shannon. “Remember – you’re only gettin’ this because you sat tight and let me do what I wanted to you. Next time you come back here, if you’re good enough, you might get the same.”

She sped up her strokes just a little, squeezing his tip – and Cliff came. Just as he felt his base flex, Shannon pulled the clippers out, brought her mouth down over his head and drank it all down, every spurt of it. Given how good he’d felt there was quite a lot of it.

His orgasm felt like it had been going for minutes – when he finally started coming down, his head fell back onto the headrest, and he felt dizzy with how fast he’d been breathing. “Fuck,” he said. “Forget being a barber, you should be a prostitute. You’re better at this’n cutting hair.”

“Say that again and I’ll get the Permanair,” cackled Shannon. She pressed the button and opened the rest of Cliff’s restraints, then tossed his clothes at him. “That’s all I feel like doing to you for today. Come back when you get shaggy again.”

Cliff sighed with satisfaction and gave himself a few moments to relax. Then, he dressed himself again. He was used to the feeling of cloth over buzzed skin, but he’d never felt the smoothness of a clean shave over his whole body before, so he made each motion a little slower than usual. It felt kind of good, although he didn’t want to admit that to himself.

Once he was dressed, he stretched, then turned to Shannon. “I take it you’re fine with me not paying anything?”

Shannon inclined her head in begrudging approval, and Cliff felt some relief at that. “Alright. See you next time.”

He turned to leave, but Shannon’s hand landed on his shoulder. “Wait,” she said. “One last thing.”

He turned around, and Shannon captured his lips with hers. She deepened the kiss right away, opening her mouth and pushing her tongue past Cliff’s teeth. Cliff opened up to let her in, brought his tongue out to meet hers. Her mouth was warm and tasted of something slightly bitter and spicy, while her lips were leathery like the rest of her skin. He reached up to hold her shoulder blade. They made out, comfortably, passionately.

They broke apart a minute or so after they parted. Cliff was panting, Shannon smiling. “Just so you know,” she said, also a little out of breath. “My period’s due tomorrow, and normally it comes like clockwork. You probably didn’t get me pregnant.”

“Oh,” said Cliff. He didn’t know whether he was relieved or disappointed – he supposed things would be easier now.

“Also,” she said. “I like to jerk your chain – like to rile you up, tell you you’re worse at sex than you really are. Don’t worry about all that. I was just sayin’ all that, didn’t really mean it. To be honest with you, this was a real treat. You felt fuckin’ amazing inside me, and I want to do it again as soon as we can. You hear me?”

Cliff smiled a lopsided smile. He hadn’t thought all that teasing had gotten to him, but really, being told that she was saying it to get a rise out of him really lifted a weight off his shoulders. “Sure. Thanks for tellin’ me.”

“Only right to,” said Shannon. “Now get out before I get horny again and jump you for another round.”

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