She was too lazy to shave

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My girlfriend Luna and me have been together for almost 2 years. Honestly she’s a beautiful person inside and out. She may be stubborn and kinda lazy but she has a heart of gold and will always help. Her hair is dyed blonde and she loves a bit of tanning. Her vanilla smell is irreplacable.

Not going to lie here. The sex is also kind of vanilla but it’s not boring since I can’t believe I landed such a bombshell. I myself am just an inch taller than her and have dark skin and hair. I’m an average dude but she seems to love that. At least I thoufht so…


Lately she has become lazy with herself. While she puts a lot of effort into her appearance, once her pants are down it’s a mess. Her brown pubic hairs look like a jungle and outside of summer her armpits look even worse. And those legs are a pain to look at. As much as I love her I am disgusted. I never liked hair on women.

It’s something that needs to be talked about soon. I had a hard time approaching her but eventually did.

Her response? She just blankly stared at me and said she has no reason to shave. Shaving is such a hassle and she has other things to do. As her hair was long she used a lot of products to maintain it. Sometimes she would spend hours in the bathroom just brushing, teasing and braiding her hair.

It made me a little annoyed. The sex was unfulfilling at this point so I didn’t give up and asked her to shave for me every day. She refused over and over.

But one day, as annoyed as she was at this point, she snapped and yelled at me. I was amused and grinned at her which made her even more mad. I told her I came home from work every single day for a jungle and it didn’t make me happy.

She rolled with her eyes and said ‘alright. If you want me shaved so badly go on do it yourself’ and threw the pillow at me. I laughed.

An hour later I handed her a contract to sign. I made it seem like a joke. I know my Luna, she would not even read it if it wasn’t anything serious.

She signed it. I told her I can shave her anywhere I want now. She rolled her eyes, annoyed at my enthusiasm. I went to grab the utensils and we went to our basement. Our basement looked simple, sterile and white and the lights weren’t even working properly so it had a kind of scary athmosphere. It had nothing in it besides a chair.

She sat on it. I took off her oversized white pullover and her black leggings. She wore a red lacy lingerie set. It had to go as well. Soon she sat there completely naked with her hair in a messy bun. I untied it and her long, blonde hair fell out covering her perky breasts.

I took some handcuffs and tightly attached them to her hands and the chair. I took 2 other pairs and spread her legs and attached each thigh to the chair as well.

I took a look at this dirty hairy slut for the last time and grapped my electric shaving device and gently shaved her pussy and then her armpits. She was silent all the time.

Her pussy was now bare. I wet it with water and added shaving cream and slowly stroked to spread it. Gentle strokes with the razor followed and soon enough it was perfectly smooth. I washed it with water and added an after shave aolution and kissed it.

I did the same with her armpits. Soon her long legs followed and I shaved until they were smooth, making sure I didn’t miss a spot. At this point I realized she got wet. I smiled at her. She was embarrased and blushed.

Next thing I did was shave her arms. The hair there wasn’t noticable but I still did it since I wanted her smooth everywhere.

I told her again how much I liked it smooth and stroked her cheek and gently kissed her.

‘You won’t like what I’m about to do to you babe’


I said and took out my fully charged clippers. Her eyes widened. She started yelling, telling me to stop. She got loud so I stuffed her mouth with a piece of cloth.

Click, and the clippers were on. A loud buzzing sound could be heard. I hesitated, looking at her beautiful mane that reached her belly button. It was close to perfect with a soft curl. But I wanted to punish her for neglecting my sexual needs so badly.

I pulled her head to the front and started from the back. I sheared and sheared until she had something like an undercut. I stopped the clippers to admire my work. Then I headed to the front and started shaving from the middle of her forehead. I realized she was crying as she saw strands of her hair falling on her lap. I was almost sorry for her.

All her hair was now a stubble. I brushed it all off and started with the shaving cream. Slowly scratching the rest away I realized she shivered so I was extra careful not to cut her.

I made sure I didn’t leave a spot and rubbed her head.

I went back to her face with my razor and pulled her forehead up with my finger and shaved her eyebrow and then the other. Rubbing the remaining hairs off her face she closed her eyes. She looked like a cute little alien now.

I wanted to cut her lashes off too, since they stood out too much. She used lash extensionsso I slowly cut them with nail scissors. It was a little tricky but she had barely a single lash left now.

I took a bucket of cold water and spilled it above her. She was now naked and wet. But most importantly hairless. I freed her from the cuffs. She didn’t move so I slapped her and she fell from the chair. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her upstairs to fuck her smooth pussy

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  1. Tell you what, I started shaving my underarms and pubic hair when I started working at 18. My mother never shaved either way, being European. (German) I thought it was the way it was supposed to be. After I retired 10 years ago, I stopped shaving my pubies and underarms. Guess what? You would be surprised at what some guys (And some girls) like! While I do keep my legs smooth, these two strategic areas are very erotic and arousing. It’s fun to ride the subway standing up, with my hand on the overhead bar. I attract a lot of attention doing that! As I have much more hair under my arms than most women, I LOVE it when all those guys are staring at my hirsute, natural beauty. I am less inhibited expressing myself in all things, especially sex.

      1. Not only that, but I have gone from long hair to short only twice in my life. Once in September of 1966, when I was 13. After that I kept it short for 40 years. I let it grow long again, then had it cut short in August of 2011. I have since let my hair grow real long again. It is now past my bum, and this time I’m keeping it uber long. Even though I wanted to have my virgin hair cut in 1966, it was still quite stressful. I was waiting in the chair for the big moment with my head tilted back, my big nose in the air and my heart thumping in my chest. Because the stylist had such a grip on my long pigtail, she was pulling it hard with each snip of the scissors. So every time she yanked my braid, my head snapped back and forth fiercely! My heart was beating even faster with each clip of the scissors! It took at least 20 snips to cut it off, each time my head rapidly moving back and forth. You would think she would have shown a little compassion, as it was my first time. The second time in 2011 was just as stressful, with the stylist pulling hard on my long ponytail over and over with each snip. And yes, it did hurt. Each of the stylists had short hair, which made me wonder if they were jealous?

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