A Story of Shear Tears

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The story is an excerpt from a novel ‘The Monster’s Addiction’ (A mafia love story) available on Wattpad as well as Inkitt. The story is written in dual POV – Mia and Viktor.

The two chapters combined are – (9) Playing With Fire and (10) Shear Tears.


I knew I couldn’t escape him. I knew I should NOT have escaped but yet I did. Like a damn stupid one.
A looming huge figure stood in front of me like a canopy while I was sprawled on the ground, gaping. A dark chill ran down my spine when my stupid brain finally registered the face. Viktor.

He stood over, with his arms planted on the hips, contemplating something. The angry eyes twinkled in dark amusement while his mouth was pressed into an implacable line.

“What did I tell you about behaving properly?” he roared.

I opened my mouth to say something but the way his anger flashed in those dark eyes, all I could beg was mercy, pleading through my eyes. However, he was too infuriated to notice that. He lifted me up roughly by my arms, dragging me out of the room in his wake. I could barely match his rough and angry steps but without a care, he simply half-dragged, half-walked me to the room I was previously in.

“Please, please… you have to listen to me once… please,” I sobbed, begging him to calm down at least.

Instead, Viktor strapped me back to the chair again. And this time he secured the hands, legs, shoulders, and thighs as tightly as possible so I could not even move a muscle.

“Do you really have to make things so hard for yourself?” he barked, making me flinch.

“I-I am s-sorry…p-please,” I sobbed, hiccuping half the sentence. His gaze shifted slowly towards mine.

“Enough!” His tone made me shudder in my chair. Viktor lowered himself to meet my frightened gaze with his glare.

“You had your chance. I warned you but seems like you’re totally incapable of following simple orders. So I have to make you do things painfully.”

“P-please don’t hurt me. Please!” I begged for my life as the memory of the last encounter flashed through my eyes. I couldn’t go through that again. No way, I couldn’t.


A sudden change in Viktor’s demeanor puzzled me. His lips broke into a smile. A dark, menacing smile. This frightens me even more. Like a silence before the storm. The smile didn’t look like a relief, in fact, it was more of an assault of terror.

“Oh! I am not going to hurt you, kitten. But this punishment will be something you would remember for a very long time,” he chided.

I sat dumbfounded. I kept looking into his eyes for an answer to my confusion but all I got was a devilish smirk, making a curve at the corner of his mouth.
He cooed me gently as I was shaking like a leaf.
Viktor, without a word, loomed over me with his overbearing stance for a moment before walking disappearing behind. His fingers were caressing my neck, almost in a sensual way while he gathered all the hair at the back.

“Shh..calm down..calm down,” he murmured against my neck while running those rugged fingers gently. I almost calmed down, giving away to the caress. Almost!

Until I heard the clippers buzz to life.

I tried turning around but a strong grip held my hair taut, yanking and pulling me back. I wriggled and wrestled my head furiously and he let me squirm slightly before clawing my throat from behind, choking me out of the air.

“You have already put yourself in a lot of trouble. Do yourself a favor, sit tight, take it like a good girl and don’t make a sound. If I hear a single sound out of your mouth, I’ll make it ten times tougher than it already is. Have I made myself clear?” The harsh voice against my ear froze me.

“P-please, not my hair, plea-”

Before I could even finish the sentence, his grip against my throat tightened. This was, by far, the most humiliating punishment I received.

I couldn’t make out what he was doing with the clippers on except feeling the hair bound and taut in his grip. The buzzing sound bit into my hair and slowly I felt the hair loosening down. I had no idea how much hair he chopped off from my waist length until he took the whole bunch in his hand and dropped in slyly on my lap.
I could not believe my eyes!
I gaped at the loss of almost 20 inches of my hair and bawled my eyes out at his cruelty. I would have taken a belt to my ass against this. As I hung my head low, the remaining hair dangled and caressed my cheeks. I realized my hair has been reduced to a short bob.
Viktor stood in front of me and placed in a finger under my chin to lift up my face.

“As I said, this punishment will be something you would remember for a very long time.” The devilish smirk plastered all over his face.

I continued sobbing silent tears for some time. After a while, he brushed his knuckles softly, wiping away the tears.

“Save the sweet tears baby, I am not done yet.”

What else was there to chop off? Was he planning to shave me bald?

With those last words, he went behind my back and started running the clippers abruptly.
Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the buzzing stopped. He ran his fingers up and down my nape slowly which gave me a rough idea about how short my hair was.
The hair was even shorter than a bob.
He looked at Nora (the stylist) at this point, who was standing across the room and motioned her to start.
Viktor took the seat in front of me, with the usual smirk playing at the corner of his mouth, drinking my suffering every passing moment.

Nora resumed cutting my hair; thankfully I didn’t hear the clippers. She was probably using the comb and scissors. Not that I was very glad about it. She deliberately pushed my head forward, touching my chin to the chest and all I could see were large chunks of tresses falling all over the cape.
My heart was pounding every moment and all I could do was sit there quietly and regret my escape plan.

“What do you think?” Nora asked Viktor, after chopping off pretty much everything.

He stood up and went behind the chair, all the while running his hands up and down the back of my head, teasing me in his own cruel ways.

“Make it shorter,” Viktor ordered in an icy tone.

Before I could even look up, he used his hands to pin my head down. He brought his lips near my earlobes and whispered, “Defy me again, and see what happens next.”



I was done this little kitten playing around for a long time, resisting every command and putting herself in a very dangerous situation. Punishing her physically wasn’t my solution. But I had to be strict with her – to show her that she could not do what her addicted mind pleased.
I had to hurt her slightly to control her. As twisted as it sounded, I was enjoying watching her tied and bound to the chair, bawling like a little brat because I ordered her a short haircut.

Every time Nora switched on the clippers, she would look at me, expectantly, ordering me to stop. But she should have known better than that.

“I am done! I gave her a shagged pixie with side sweeping bangs,” Nora said cheerfully, still engrossed in styling her hair. I mentally rolled my eyes as if I understood so much whatever she explained.

I nodded slightly, focusing on my little kitten. She ran out of tears finally!

“Do you like it?” Nora asked.

“Yeah. Easier to maintain,” I stated nonchalantly. Although I did find her haircut cute.

“Great! I’ll take my leave,” Nora said and walked out of the room.

I took her adorable face in my hand, “Hey hush now. It’s over. And you look great, okay? Do you want to see the mirror?”
She was practically out of breath to speak out but slowly shook her head in my hands.
“C’mon! It’s just hair.” I pulled her into my arms as she struggled to stand, wobbling in my grip.
“See. You look nice,” I commented, picking up the mirror with the other hand to show her.

Taking a look at the mirror, she resumed crying burying her face into my chest, as if she was trying to hide.
I carried her to the room and slowly placed her on the bed.


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