Shreya get’s a new haircut

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A surprise haircut leads to self discovery

Shreya went out to meet some of her friends and had fun. After getting back to her complex, she remembered she had promised to visit Tina. She made her way to the house and rang the bell.

“Well look who’s here”

“Sorry Tina Di, I had gone out with my friends and didn’t see the time.”

“No problem. Come on in”

Tina gave her a glass of cola and chatted a bit.

“Let’s start then. What are you thinking?”

“I love Mom’s haircut, can you give me that?”


Tina wasted no time and it a cape on her. Getting the scissors, she grabbed a ponytail and started cutting at the base.

“What are you doing!”

Shreya was almost in tears. Tina showed a confused expression, masking her happiness.

“Don’t you want the haircut your mom has? She got a bob this morning.”

“Seriously?” Shreya was exasperated at this point. She just wanted a layered cut. And Mom went short!? Can this be fixed? Hope she hasn’t cut too much. She hardly heard Tina’s reply.

“So can we save this?”

“I just told you it cannot be fixed. Were you even listening?”

“So what length will I end up with then?”

“About mid-neck length”

“So short!”

“Yes! That will be the final length”

Shreya was too stunned to speak. She just put her head down and resigned her faith. Taking this as a cue, Tina started to cut the ponytail again. Shreya closed her eyes tightly but the sound of ponytail getting cut rang loudly in her ears.

Suddenly the pull on her hair loosened. The first ponytail was cut. Shreya could not bring herself to look up in the mirror and kept her head down. She just wanted this to be over.

Tina started cutting the next ponytail with a grin on her face. Her mission was finally getting accomplished. In a few seconds, the second ponytail came off. Tine ruffled the remaining hair and wetted the hair. Then putting all the hair up, she separately a thin horizontal layer at the back. Methodically she started snipping, layer after layer.

Shreya had kept her eyes shut but could feel the coldness of the scissors on her neck. It was going to take forever to grow back she thought. I can’t even do my favourite style. It will look terrible.

Tina snipped the hair on the sides and top, giving Shreya a blunt bob.

“Hey it’s done. Open your eyes”

With trepidation, Shreya slowly did as told. A bob! She couldn’t even remember the last time she had one. Though she would have never gotten this haircut by choice, she looked good in it. She got out of the chair, the comfortable touch of hair missing on her body.

She thanked Tina and started walking home. She tucked hair behind her ears but they kept falling to her face.

Tina let out a laugh as she finally got what she wanted. Picking up the two ponytails, she went inside and opened the door to a room. Inside the wall was lined with her trophies. Jet black hair of varying lengths and textures. She put the two ponytails next to her first trophy of the day. Stepping back, she admired her collection.

After reaching home, she searched for her Mom. She was sound asleep in her room, indeed with her hair in a bob style.































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