Smooth shave for her

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I always wished we were more than friends, I badly wanted this talking phase to end. I met him on an online dating app and he was just perfect. Tall, handsome, a smooth talker and a fairly rich man. I liked his sense of humour, he was interesting to talk to. I loved every moment I spent with him and FINALLY yesterday I confessed him that I love him but He didn’t say it back, he just said “thank you,I appreciate it” it was very disappointing.”Does he only consider me a friend?” I thought But all my doubts were cleared when the next day he invited me over a dinner with his colleagues. That moment I realised he obviously likes me and he didn’t say it back because maybe he is too shy or maybe too masculine to fall for a girl.
I got ready and i kept my hair open because my hairs are too short to be tied,I wear a wolf cut.
I use to have long hair which almost reached my waist until one day he suggested I should get a short wolfcut. And as I was blindly in love with him I agreed.
when he saw my hairstyle he just said “oh did you get a haircut”. I thought he didn’t like it but all my questions went away soon. Since I got my haircut everytime we meet after, he keeps playing with it. I really like the feeling when he tangled his finger into my hair and slightly pulls it.
I grab my bag, I rush towards the venue. I don’t want to be late today. When I reach there he introduces me to everyone. I met his boss and the co-workers. Everyone was very sweet to me especially his boss. While he was away his boss called me and made me sit beside him. We were just chatting and then he offered me a drink and slowly we got a bit too friendly. His boss was constantly touching my hand and playing with my hair, to be honest I liked the way he was moving his fingers through my hair. Then my boyfriend came and his boss still he didn’t stop and kept touching my hair. I was worried my boyfriend might get offended because he is the one who always touches my hair. But I thought it’s fine since we aren’t officially couples yet. His boss said,not stopping his hands ” you know I like her!! You are a lucky man to have her.” He replied”yes indeed, if you don’t mind can I take her from you?” His boss replied”ah! Sorry her hairs are so soft I just got too distracted” he replied”I know, short hairs are more manageable and you can take care of it better”
His boss replied”yes true, the hairstyle really suits her” and after saying this he left. Then even we went home . As it got pretty late I was staying at his home. After getting changed into night clothes he came near me and kissed me on my lips by surprise, then we started cuddling and he started playing with my boobs. Suddenly he wispered into my ears” do you know how much I like you,I didn’t like your behaviour today,slut” I just moaned. He squeezed my nipples a bit too hard this time. I screamed”ouch” he goy on top of me and undressed me. I was right beneath him, naked. I haven’t shaved my pussy and when he saw I felt little embarassed. When I was about to say something. he kissed my lips last time before leaving me alone on the bed. Then je returned with a bag. I think it was his shaving kit bag. “Why does he need that right now, maybe he loves his women shaved” I didn’t say anything then he came in between my legs and told me spread them ” omg! Was he going to shave my pussy now” and I was right, first he used the trimmer to make it short and then he applied shaving cream on it and using a straight razor made it smooth. I liked the feeling. He was so close to my pussy I could literally feel his breath. He said “look at you now all smooth like a baby, do you like what daddy did to you.” Then he slightly stroked my pussy with his fingers and kissed it. He grazed his teeth on your clit which took you by surprise”was he going to bite it” but he didn’t. “You’re doing so good for me baby, come on.” He coos. Within 2 minutes i cum so hard all around his face.”that was quick” he gets up from between my legs and leaves me shaking on there. He got a towel and a chair and made me sit in front of a mirror. It was so sexy seeing myself all naked in front of him.He grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls my head back. I like him so much. ” Wow such Lovely hair you have baby” he started combing my hair. I felt nice and I didn’t want him to stop suddenly I hear a sound of sissors closing and he speaks “Enjoy the last moments with your beautiful hair” i got confused and scared, so I tried to run but because he was stronger than me, very easily he pulled me back into the chair by grabbing my hair. He was pulling it so hard that I felt like he will pluck my hair out. I pleaded ” please please lemme go” he ignored what I said then brought the scissors close to my neck ” if you really love me, you will let me whatever I want with your hair”. At this moment I hated him. He was scaring me. I don’t know what he was planning to do with my hairs. Tears rolled down my face. He quickly wiped it with his hands and messed my hair a bit ” aww why are you crying, I haven’t even given you a reason to cry” I said “I don’t like you anymore, you are terrible” this made him angry and he slapped my right cheek really hard ” how dare you bitch” using a rubber band he gathered all my hair and tied it in a ponytail right from the base “now you will see what I will do” I started struggling but it was of no use he was stronger than me using a scissors he chopped my tiny ponytail off and threw it on my face. ” Bitch you see that hair, you don’t deserve it at all” I don’t know what I should do my hairs got even shorter than it use to be. I begged” please enough not anymore” he slapped me again “you know how I felt when my boss was touching your hair and you were giggling” I said ” I’m sorry I didn’t do it intentionally” he took the scissors again and comb in other “hmm don’t worry baby it’s not your fault. We will get rid of this hair and everything is solved” using the scissors and comb he started cutting my hair all over. Within 5 min I had a very short boy cut. Then using a clipper he made my sides even more short. I was crying so much that I didn’t realise he stopped cutting. He grabbed my chin and showed me my face in the mirror” look at you, just like how a girl should be, Don’t you think it’s unfair boys have short hair and girls don’t. I think every girl should have this type of haircut” I begged him “please leave me now my hairs are so short, nothing is left” he got serious and said”are you sure nothing is left?? I’m sorry my fault for not making sure your head is smooth as baby’s butt” now sit still while I am working. I was screaming so hard right now that he had to put a gag. “Shut up or else I garentee you to keep bald until Christmas” I ignored him and kept shouting. He then took the trimmed” I don’t think you are going to listen to me” using the trimmer my hair was made smooth to 1 inch buzz cut all over. Then he again asked me ” do you like you new haircut” I spat on his face and said “fuck you” this made him very angry, he took the straight razor and smeared shaving foam all over my head. I was crying and screaming and begging I don’t want to have a completely bald head buzz cut is still fine. No amount of struggle can do anything. He bent my head and using the straight razor he started scraping off. The first stroke of straight razor went straight clearing a path. Paas after pass the hair became invisible. I was miserable and had no tears left. The white part became bigger and bigger “what am I suppose to tell my friends and family” I can’t do anything just sit there and see my hair loosing. Once everything was I was still sitting there naked and bald.nothing was left on my head anymore not even stubbles but he was satisfied he smeared the shaving cream again and shaved in reverse direction. I told him ” now my head is bald, what else you want to do.” He said let’s make your dome so smooth that I can see my face on it. Then he shaved me for 6 more times until it felt as if no hair can ever grow on That head. He took few drops of coconut oil and started rubbing my soft bald head until it shined. He took out his Camera and started clicking selfie on my bald head and teased me by saying”mirror selfie” I felt so humiliated. Sitting naked with nothing. No hair on head or even my pussy. It’s been 1 year since the incedent and I am still bald. Not even a stubble has grown. He shaves me 3times a day. He even took me to meet his boss but he looked kinda disappointed and my boyfriend kept rubbing my bald head in front of everyone. ” You are bald like a baby and you will remain like this forever”I miss my hair I wish someone could play with it.

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