Sophie first ever short haircut

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Hi my name is liam and my wife’s name is sophie. She is 5’6. She has a perfect figure and beautiful brown locks. We have been married for a few weeks but we have been in a relationship for 4 years so we know each other very well. Just one month before marriage she was diagnosed with a disease. She became very dishearted because of this but i didn’t want to postponed the wedding and the wedding was done as planned. She was on medication and according to doctor she will become better but things were not going pretty well. Otherwise surgery was suggested by the doctor and her condition just worsened day after day.

Two weeks after marriage doctor gave a date for operation. Due to severe pain she was losing weight and her hair were also falling out. I told about this to her doctor and he said that she will be better after operation.

Her sister was also of great help. As i was discussing the matter of her health with her. She suggested to cut her hair short so it will be easier for her to handle as she will be hospitalized also for some time. She had long hair till her butt and it was also quite healthy and it would not be wrong if i say that he hair was the first thing that attracted me to her. I knew that she cherished her tresses for a long time so it will be difficult for her to cut her hair. That night I was searching some hairstyles for her when I came across a cute short hairstyle on instagram. I saved the pic for future reference.

One night he was caressing her hair as usual and he told her he has been longing to spend some time with her because he was busy with the hospital and the job so i had a surprise for you tomorrow. “What is it?” She asked “just be up early tomorrow ok”. She nodded. Next day she got up early and was looking forward on spending a whole day with him she made a sweet breakfast and brewed some coffee. They had breakfast and they were sitting on the couch talking about casual things while caressing her hair and then he asked her to get ready. Within 15 minutes she showered applied some makeup put her hair in a huge bun and was ready to go. Liam also showered and was good to go. They both were walking along the road and having small talks when he said “our destiny is just down the road we’ll reach there in no time”.

After five minutes they reached there. He entered and opened the door for her then she entered and he closed the door behind her. The receptionist greeted “hi how can i help you” liam spoke “we have an appointment with ethan” sophie called liam after taking a good look around and she could only guess of what can happened next “dear one moment ok”. At this receptionist said “yes I’ll lead you the way but you have to wait for a while”. Liam responded “its ok we can wait”.

The receptionist led to a small private room which has only one haircutting station and salon chair they sat down at the back of room. Though it was near to the station liam could see curiosity on Sophie’s face she asked “why are we here”.liam said “I brought you here for a haircut” “but” sophie was going to say something but was cut off by liam “shh listen to me” liam grabbed her by shoulders “your hair has been falling out in clumps amd after operation it will be difficult to take care of such long hair as you will be hospitalised for some time so it will be better to cut it short at this time”. sophie could not helped her curiosity “how short are you talking about?”. Liam answered”Well you’ll see but it will quite short I can only tell you this at this point”. Sophie started to cry “i can’t…. Plz.. i can’….t do th…”. She was getting up when he held her back and said “yes you can my dear and you will, don’t worry ethan and I are best friends he’ll take good care of you and besides I will be with you do you really not trust me that i am only doing this for your own good hmm.” She shook her head sophie “no I’m not……saying that”. Liam asked “so you’ll do it for me hmm”. He held her small hand between his hands and gave her a squeeze. She lifted her head and looked in liam eyes. She felt reassurance and she nodded her head. Liam said “that’s like a good girl”.

After a few minutes the door opened and ethan came through it. Liam and ethan greeted each other and then liam introduced sophie to ethan “shes my wife sophie”. At this sophie said a muffled hi. She was still sitting “so she’s my new client ok sophie come sit here and we will get started”. Sophie looked at liam and he gave a slight nod. At this sophie stood up and she reluctantly walked towards the chair and sat there. Ethan picked up the cap and shook the cape over her and fastened it behind her neck. Sophie’s face was looking quite pale as her blood was drained out “so what are we doing with her”ethan said. Liam came over and showed her something over the phone ethan nodded and said “not a problem”.

Ethan opened her bun and he said in shock “wow that’s quite a length”. It almost reached the floor. He took the comb and thoroughly combed through the hair while removing some tangles. He put her hair in a ponytail at the base of neck. He took the scissor and placed it just above the ponytail and hacked off the length. Sophie was already at the verge of tears but she could not hold them when she saw scissor hacking through her hair and short hair brushing her neck. At this liam came towards her and held her hand tightly and said “calm down dear it’s ok it’ll be fine”. Sophie again looked at liam and tried to control herself ethan gave her a tissue box. She grabbed some tissues and wiped her tears. Ethan said “take deep breaths and calm down and don’t worry it will look great with the right touches”. For next five minutes she took deep breaths and tried to control herself as it was also quite embarrassing for her. She just wanted it to end as soon as possible.

Ethan removed the cape and took her to washing basin “I will wash your hair now”. “Sit on the chair” she sat and then she put a towel on her shoulders and tuck it in her shirt. “Now bend you head but dont panick when you feel the seat reclining I wont let your head hit the basin”. He held her head and placed it carefully in the basin while holding all the hair in the basin. He opened the tab and adjusted the water pressure and temperature and then asked “Is the water feeling okay?” She just hummed. Ethan then started lathering her hair with shampoo and started to massage her scalp. It was quite soothing and calming for hair and she also tried to relax herself and succumbed to the soothing massage but it all went too quickly when he rinsed her hair and applied conditioner to her short locks. He lifted her head off the basin and wrapped her head in the towel.

He then led her back to the haircutting station. She sat half heartedly as she had no other choice. Her eyes once again wandered towards her hair placed at the console. The sight still too heart drenching for her. But she didnt wanted to cry again so she shifted her eyes towards the mirror. Ethan again took the cape and secured it firmly aroind her neck. Then she removed the towel while gently trying to soak some of the water. Then he threw it in the wash basket. He pumped the chair quite high. He lifted comb in his one hand and scissors in the other. It was very easy for him to comb through my hair now as it was quite short and those tangles easily surrendered.

He sectioned off her hair leaving some hair on the nape area. He then took scissors and a comb and titled her head downwards. She again felt scissor just at her nape. She shuddered slightly. He unclipped layer after layer and cut it to the same length as the first one. After doing the back he did the same with the front ones. For the first time she could see how long her hair was and it was only till chin length and angled in a way that it was longer at the front and shorter at the back. She could not see the back. He again clipped her hair and started cutting them at the angle by bringing them horizontal towards the head. Now he was making the layers. Another bunch of hair followed at her lap. She could not help but stare at the hair falling at her lap. Tears were now falling very freely once in a while because now she knows that she can’t do anything. After layering he blow dried the hair. It only took him a few minutes to dry them because they were so short. I could not believe the damage done to me. Then ethan took thinning shears and reduced some volume. The whole process was seriously testing her patience level. Then he took the buzzer and popped them. She almost jumped at the voice. He could see panic in her eyes and said ” Dont worry i am going to just clean your neck”. Ethan bent her head and held it firmly. “Dont move your head” he said. She felt odd prickling sensations on her neck and she tried her best not to twitch. If ethan wasn’t holding her head firmly then she would have almost jumped from the chair. Ethan asked her whether she wants bangs. She simply declined it. She could not see herself losing more hair. “As you wish” he said. He styled her hair with a straightener. Her hair was straight but slightly curving inwards towards the ends.

Atlast only towards the end of her haircut she was able to smile a little bit. After seeing her smile ethan asked “looks like you liked it”. She could not say anything and just smiled. He showed her the front and the back with the hand mirror. She could not believe how short they were at the back just touching her nape. It was quite layered in the back. Her haircut can be defined as a quite layered short bob. Ethan also asked liam about the haircut. At this he came behind the chair and inspected my hair for a bit and said “I love it, what about you? Do you like it”. Sophie could only nod her head. Although the whole process was quite devastating for her. She couldnt help but agree that this haircut was looking quite good on her. Ethan undid the cape and lowered the chair sophie got up and was checking her hair in the mirror. “What will you do with the ponytail” sophie asked. ethan said “dont worry I’ll make sure that it would be used for a good cause. I’ll donate it”.On their way home sophie said that it was the first ever short haircut she had in her entire life.

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