Spank to buzz Part 2

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He always made me keep my hair at a length of his choice.
He told me he’s hair fetish instead better you can say a haircut fetish. He loves to see women cutting their hair.
 I love my hair long. I don’t want it short. At times when he spanks me, he makes me look into the mirror.
Our marriage is blissful. Oneday suddenly he asked me, ” baby I want your hair to be short.” I was terrified and repeatedly told no.
He didn’t say anything anymore. After few days latter he introduced me to this website. I came by many stories of women experiencing Haircut.
I was still terrified to have my hair short but I wanted to try something new. One day when we were having sex. He suddenly took me to a chair and tied my hands. We have some kinky pleasure and like bdsm at times. So I didn’t think anything except pleasure. Suddenly he came behind me and started combing my hair with his fingers and massaging my scalp. I was relaxed.
He came near my ears and said,” baby it’s time for your hair to be gone”
I was dumbfounded and kept on shaking my head.
He said,” let me do it baby, you will love it.”
He took my hair in his hand. And all I can hear snip snip.
My heart was trembling… I looked down and saw my hair was falling like waterfall on my lap.. I stared crying. He finally stopped. And told me it’s on done yet. I can hear him snipping again. After few mins he came to me, released my hands and took me to the mirror.
“Sigh” left my lips. I saw my hair was till my breast. I started liking short hair.
After 8 months…
In these 8 months we moved to
Canada. I left my job and became a house wife.
I decided to have him cut it if he would be happy with it.
“So baby how much do you want to cut? I don’t want it to be too short.”
“Baby because it’s your first time asking me for a cut, let it be here.”
He pointed his fingers in a position much shorted than I expected.
Finally I decided to leave it to him.
He directly took the scissors and tuck my hair. And cut it directly above my shoulders. Just like that my 20 cm hair was gone. He was too Daring.
Then he parted my hair in 2 section. And brought it near my face and started cutting it. First right and then left.
He cut them a little bellow my ears. I was turned on by his feather touches. He left a few bangs in the front. It turned out to be an a-line Bob.
After that I saw him bringing electronic razor. And told me he’ll shave my neck a little. All I heard is bzzzzzz…. coming from my back.
After the haircut my long hair was gone. I liked how fluffy and light weight my hair felt.
He brought me closer,” baby do you like it?”
“Yes I love it.”
” I wish to use the timer on your head one day!”
3 months latter he told me that he wants me to have a new cut. I gladly obliged as I get greatly turned on.
“What are you going to do today? Will you leave Bob again?”
“No, I’ll make it short for you.”
“How much will you take out?”
“May be ill be able to see your lovely ears!”
“Okay do as you wish, just dont buzz me”
He took the scissors directly cut out all my hair. He kept on snipping. From the back and then he came in the front. He told me to close my eye which I gladly did.
Then he took the trimmer and kept buzzing my back and came near my ears. Buzzed the side of my ears.
After it was done I was left in a pixie cut with my sides shaved.
” Do you really want to buzz me?”
“Yes I want to use those clippers on your head for so long.”
He didn’t know that soon I’m going to allow him.
After a month..
On Sunday afternoon I told him I would like a haircut.
“What do you want baby?”
“I am okay with anything, just fulfill your wish.”
” I wish to shave you.”
“Then do as you wish”
“Are you sure?”
“I am”
“Let’s start with a flat top then”
He took me to the chair. Brought his clippers. “Are you ready?”
“As long as you like it. Fulful your all wishes.”
“My longtime dream is coming true little by little baby.”
Then he pressed my head near my breast. Took the clippers and directly put it into my nave.
He kept on buzzing.. first he took out my hair from the back. Then from right side.. and slowly came to my left.
He then took my front hair in the comb and used clippers over it. And then he stop.. he took me to the mirror.. I was looking like a military man. With only a little hair in the top.
” Is this final?”
“No my dear love. I’m just starting”
With that he took me to that chair again. He came in front of me with clipper in his hand.
“I love you”
With that he drove the clipper directly into my head in between my brows.
 Chak chak… noise was coming with that I can see all my little hairs are falling in front of my eyes.
I was nervous. Very nervous. He kept on buzzing for 5 mins and then he stopped.
“You look amazing”
I just look at my self in the mirror with shaved hair. And that’s all. After the clippers were finished, I touched the neckline and around the ears. It was feeling good.
 I often asked him for haircuts. He kept my hair pixie. Then after a year I decided to grow my hair. He often cuts it till my breasts at first then he started loving my long hair. But again once for my bratty behavior he cutted it so short near my ears…
To be continued…

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