Spare Time(Part:4)

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When Sharon called out to Elizabeth’s name, implying that it was her turn to be on the Barber chair,

Just then Miss. Green who had already got her mid-length blonde cut into conservative professional-looking short-bob find her phone vibrating, she picked out her phone and answered the call and listened for 5 seconds and said “I’ll be there in 10 minutes”

She looked at Elizabeth and said hurriedly “Elizabeth dear, something came up at work, so I’ll have to leave now, why don’t you get a cab home after you get your hair shortened out neat n’ cute?”

Elizabeth nodded, giving her approval and took the cash for the cab and for their haircuts

“After the haircut get back Home safe alright” with those last words, Miss. Green left the shop

While Sharon watched the scene with itching hands, who wanted nothing but to have another go at Elizabeth’s head and make despair.
As soon Miss.Green left the shop, Sharon said “Beth, it’s still your turn”

Elizabeth looked at Penny and said while rubbing the bristles of her newly shorn crewcut “Wait for me It’ll be over in a jiffy, I already have sort hair so it won’t take that long”

Penny with a wry smile said “Alright, Stopping rubbing and get your haircut already”

Elizabeth looked at the familiar chair and remembered how it was covered with her locks the last time she sat on the chair this time she discovered that she was not so nervous as last time and sat herself down confidently and leaned back comfortably and crossed her slender legs and smiled at her reflection

Sharon looked at the smiling image of Elizabeth in the mirror and was internally fuming with anger but she expertly maintained an evergreen smile and flicked her wrist and draped the stripped cape on Elizabeth and pulled it and placed it on her neck and asked “Is it tight, Beth”

Elizabeth replied with a smile “Oh not at all really”

Sharon still with a smile pulled it little more tightly, which made Elizabeth discomfort appear on her face and said “That’s little…. ti-gh-t” before she could finish she was shushed by Sharon as she said

“Now we don’t want hair all over your nice clothes do we”

Elizabeth decided to put up with it for a while and kept quiet

Sharon picked out her comb and combed out the overgrown Bowlcut leisurely, she heard her mom, Miss. Ava said “Sharon, I’ll be out for a while so finish up with girl’s haircut quickly” and opened the door and just as she was leaving she said “don’t wander off somewhere and look after the shop”

“Aye mom” Sharon replied enthusiastically, while she thought ‘Oh this just couldn’t be any better, with mom and Miss. Green out I can move on with my plans without any hicks

Sharon placed both pf her hands-on Elizabeth’s shoulders and looked in the mirror and said “Hm it’s grown pretty long since the last time, Sooo…. I could give you same cut as last time but only a stupid would do something like that”

“Hm, so this time you are getting something different, something exciting”

Elizabeth was like “What is she going on about, she isn’t even giving me an any say regarding my own haircut”

Interrupting her thoughts Sharon chimed in “I don’t want waste time and bore you with the details, so let get right to it” and spun the chair in a direction, which let little to no room for Elizabeth a view on the mirror to keep a check on what exactly she was getting in

While penny watched amused by the turn of events and she didn’t really want to stop it because all her raven-black long hair was shorn down to bristles, all because of the culprit in the chair, who now getting the same treatment as her and penny couldn’t be happier, she was even feeling little resent before because of how Elizabeth would escape with a little trim while only she got all her hair buzzed.

Sharon got to work with Elizabeth, she sprayed Elizabeth’s hair wet and parted into three sections, she just secured 4cm width strip of hair as a section, it was right in middle of the crown area, the strip went from the forehead and continued down to her nape and she placed a clip over it, and the left-over part from the strip are the two remaining sections which mostly contained hair in the sides and little over the crown

“It’s all set, now let’s take the lot off” Sharon exclaimed and picked out her mom’s clippers and removed the guard and flicked it on, filling the room with buzzing sounds

While Elizabeth grew nervous and a little excited with anticipation for her new cut, Penny grinned wide looking at the caped beauty Elizabeth all ready for shearing

Sharon abandoned all pretense as her mom was not around and placed her free hand firmly and tightly and forced Elizabeth’s head downwards which made her yelp out loud “Ouch”

Sharon just smiled bend her head to the side forcefully and brought the clippers closer and pushed the clippers up her sideburns and moved till over the middle of the crown and just stopped at strip and made more passes over sides, sending waves of blonde hair down the floor, Elizabeth watched as the hair tumbled down her shoulders and gathered around her lap, the path the clippers laid out were bare and denuded with speck of hair and nothing more, finishing the right side Sharon moved on to the left side and repeated her actions

When Penny got a view of skin appearing on Elizabeth’s head she giggled and Elizabeth could hear her friend laughing and with her head still bent down she asked “What are laughing about”

Penny just replied while laughing “Oh, it’s nothing Beth, it’s just a funny text on my phone”

Sharon continued the shearing and pulled Elizabeth’s head back all the way up making her face the ceiling and moved the clippers from the forehead to nape just leaving the strip and she completely white-walled the sides and removed the clips and said “The cut’s half complete would you like to take peek, Beth”

Elizabeth replied “Alright”

Sharon could already see her pitiful expression and she was excited than more than anyone and spun the chair facing the mirror

When Elizabeth caught a sight of her reflection her jaw dropped’O’and looked at her reflection trying to make sense of what it was, there just a strip of untouched hair running down the middle of her head to nape and the sides were white-walled and there was not a speck of hair and it was pale, she finally got the words out of her mouth “What hell have you done to my hair?”

Sharon just replied “I have given you a haircut, I have cut it into an awesome goth hairstyle called Mohawk, don’t you think it’s cool”

While they were conversing, penny came with her phone and took pictures of Elizabeth gaping at her reflection, while laughing out loud and said “Oh, Beth you look just sick darling”

“Oh! Stop it, now I know why you were laughing before, how could you not tell me?” Elizabeth demanded

“I thought this how you get haircuts around here and seeing you walking with great strides and crossing your legs with sass, I thought it was all your idea, now don’t tell me, you don’t know you were getting this haircut”

“Oh! I never knew from the beginning, she just buzzed it” Elizabeth said with a sad expression on her face

Sharon chimed in “Oh calmed down, we can always fix it like this” with a fast movement she moved the clippers down the strip and pulled it all the way back, buzzing down the strip, giving her a rough bald look
“OH MY GOD” Elizabeth exclaimed out loud, almost screaming when she watched the blonde hair slipping past her eyes joining the pile on her lap

Penny started laughing even louder

“Oh, don’t worry I’ll buzz the remaining and make it smooth and soft for you” Sharon added with a smile

Penny joined in “She’s going to be bald right?”

Sharon just smiled to her question which made the capped lady to frown in her chair, but it was already done and she knew she can’t go out like this and submitted for her head to shaved completely

with that Sharon flicked the clippers on and moved it around the bald head, make sure everything is buzzed and lathered Elizabeth’s head
Seeing Elizabeth all lathered up got penny excited and snapped pictures repeatedly and she got a glare from Elizabeth which stopped Penny at that what she was thinking but penny smirked and secretly switched to recording a video of it

Sharon took out her straight razor and straightened out Elizabeth’s head and said “Now don’t wriggle and keep straight, we don’t want to nick this beautiful head of yours”

Elizabeth complied and sit still, and Sharon started scraping out the bristles of hair leaving behind fresh skin in its wake, she scraped all around her head expertly and lathered head once again, which made Elizabeth curious and ask “Why are doing this again”

Sharon replied “Now we are going it with this” and showed her the safety razor

“What’s the difference I’m already bald anyway” Elizabeth expressed

“You are Bald, but not smooth so keep put” and scraped with a safety razor, After shaving down to the bone she took a white towel and whipped the excess cream off her head and exclaimed out loud “All done Bitch”

“Huh, what did you say?” Elizabeth asked

“I said ‘All done Beth’” Sharon replied with an innocent expression on her face

Penny replied while taking a picture and said “Hey, I posted a pic of your bald head in the social media and you won’t believe the response you gotta, they are calling you ‘Baldy Beth now’”

Hearing this Sharon felt a sense of Accomplishment and was high over heels with her happiness, she just couldn’t help it and flicked one her cute tails back with pride and said show it to me and watched the phone, She saw a video of Elizabeth with closed eyes sitting all caped and her head all lathered, it showed how her head was guided by Sharon and she was obeying like a sheep and how willing she let it all play out, if one watched they would really think Elizabeth was enjoying every part of the shave, because she would always smile every time she heard the scraping sound” which cause Sharon bit bewildered and asked herself “Why the frick is she smiling in the video”

While Elizabeth was ground bottom, seeing her image get down from the High school Queen to Baldy Beth but she felt her bald head and shrugged it aside and her worry was nowhere to be found on her face and while taking out the money to pay for their haircut or whatever she was subjected to

Sharon rejected the money and said “It’s on the house, so use the money to buy earrings like mine, it has to be hooped and something like bright shade lipstick will take the bald look up a notch”

Penny joined in “You should really consider, what she says, I have seen some pics on the internet it really does look awesome and I have to say you look dashing with all your facial features standing out without hair covering it”

Sharon replied “see the shade head girl gets it, why don’t sit on the chair too, I’ll take the shade off of you and you’ll look awesome too”

Penny replied hurriedly “Nah, I think pass, maybe….next time” Penny really felt weird “why the hell would I even come back to this place” but she thought back of how Elizabeth got her head shaved and thought how would it feel to blad herself

Elizabeth just sighed and felt her scalp tingle and nodded and left the shop

Outside the shop:

When Miss.ava was on her way back to the shop with a grocery bag in her hands, she watched a Bald girl leaving with a crewcut girl passing by her

And thought in her head “wait! Isn’t Elizabeth with her friend penny” and when she turned and confirmed it and thought of a little girl who would swirl the ends of her two tails cutely

“Oh you, little missy, those two cute little tails that you adore will be in the bin the second I see you”

And made her way back to shop

The bell chimed announcing her return

She looked at Sharon sweeping all the blonde hair down the floor and said “Sharon darling, why don’t lay down the broom for now, you can sweep it after we add a little brown to the pile”

Sharon became thunderstruck

Author’s Note:
I know I’m such a tease, well what can I do, I don’t wanna ruin it by rushing it, so Sharon will be GETTING In next part. So Express your Opinions down below so we get the Next part faster…

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  1. I think miss Ava should ask Beth to give Sharon her punishment. Beth should take her time while cutting to tease Sharon. Then miss Ava will tell Beth that she can shave Sharons head until she grows her out to a length she likes. The story should the fast forward until Beth’s hair is long again (original length or not) and she one day come in and tells miss Ava that she doesn’t want to grow her hair out anymore and wants a haircut. She let’s miss Ava pick a haircut for her. Miss Ava then cuts her hair into a short and cute style. (Short bob with bangs or something like that)

  2. Miss Ava should let Beth cut Sharons hair something which Beth should do slowly cutting Sharon’s hair little by little starting with the tails. After the cut is over miss Ava tells Beth that she can continue to come in and shave/buzz Sharon until she is happy with the way her own hair looks. A time jump should then happen in which Beth has long hair again. She then comes into miss Ava’s store one day(right after she graduates?)and rather than giving Sharon a haircut she sits in the chair herself and asks miss Ava for a haircut of her choice as she doesn’t want to grow out her hair anymore and wants miss Ava to cut it in a style of her choice. Miss Ava then gives a short and cute style. (Maybe a short bob with bangs?)

    Just saying this doesn’t all have to be one part. You could make Sharons main haircut one part and then Beth’s haircut another part

  3. Here an idea for two more chapters: in the next one have miss Ava allow Beth to give Sharon the punishment haircut. Have Beth cut it in steps, starting with the tails taking it shorter step by step. When she is done miss Ava tells her that she can have Sharons hair buzzed until she grows out her hair to a length she likes. This would be the end of the part

  4. Nicely written.It would be good if the real Green is seated in the barber chair.I happen to know someone by the name Green on social media.She is famous for postings tons of Jesus quotes and other great postings.Her privates with her gang of girlfriends has some long girl ended in the barber chair tied up and the the Green is always the person who shaved the victim bald.Unfortunately this beautiful waist length super thick blond girl is no longer privates.One of her girls told me she has never had a head shave before.Thanks for the great story.

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