Stop and Smell the Roses

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Cassandra (Sandy) and I, Christine (Chris), have been friends since middle school. We played sports together, were cheerleaders together, even were co-prom queens our senior year.

We were inseparable. People said Sandy looked like Jessica Simpson and I looked like Carrie Underwood. Both of us had long blond hair and perfect complexions.

Our hair was always somewhere between the small of our backs to mid back. We loved brushing each others hair, putting it up and just styling it in general.

We always talked of going to the same college and rooming together.

Well as things usually happen, it didn’t work out. Sandy being from an affluent family could afford to go to any school she wanted where I had to work part time and pay for part of my school. The best I could do was stay at home and go to the local university. It was a great school, but I had to live at home while Sandy went to the big university in California. We stayed in touch pretty often as school started but as time went on we sort of drifted apart. After the first year Sandy didn’t even come home for Christmas break and after the 2nd year she didn’t even come back over the summer. I missed our friendship.

I didn’t hear from her for 2 years then just after graduation I get a call. ‘Chris this is Candy’.

“Candy… I mean Sandy”
“Yea, I go by Candy now”, how’ve you been?”

We chatted for a while and reminisced about old times. Finally, she tells me one of her roommates just got married and she was wondering if I wanted to move in with her and her other roommate. It would be a blast. Her Daddy pays for the apartment and all I’d have to contribute was 1/3 the utilities and whatever food we needed. She even could get me a job if I wanted. I told her I’d have to think about it, but would let her know in a couple of days. It was great hearing from her. It was just like old times. I hung up the phone. But it really only took me a minute to decide and I called her back. “Sandy, um Candy, I’m in.” We stayed on the phone hours and worked out the details. I was moving in in 2 weeks.

I told my parents, who at first didn’t like the idea. But, knowing I was moving in with Sandy they knew it would be OK. She was so sweat and innocent; they knew I’d would be alright. As the time neared to leave, they even helped pack.

Time flew by and before you knew it, I was on the road for my new adventure in life. Sixteen straight hours of diving took me to the big city and my long-lost friend. I found the apartment complex quite easily and went up to the door. Before I could knock the door swung open and a…a…a… … … ‘freak’ was standing there. She was short, no taller than 5ft 2in, her arm covered with tattoos, holes in her ears, piercings everywhere, and her hair was cut in a short white as snow faux hawk.

“Come on in, you must be Chrissie. I’m Mel. Candy, Chrissie’s here”.  She yells and then grabs me and gives me a big hug. While she’s hugging me, I hear Sandy’s voice calling for me to come to the back. Mel grabs my arm and we head back. As I turn the corner, I see another ‘freak’ standing there. But wait, that’s Sandy’s voice. She’s about 5 ft 7, cotton candy pink hair, ear length on one side, above the ear on the other and angled bangs to match. Two-inch holes in her ears, thin black arched eyebrows, black mascara circling her eyes, a diamond stud in her nose, snake bites and a monroe finish the piercings I can see.

Tattoos on her arm and breasts that I can see.

“San… dy?”
“Hun, they call me Candy now” and with that she pulls down her shorts just enough to reveal a cotton candy pink fluffy tuft of bush. “Looks just like candy, doesn’t it”?

“Come on now. Let’s get your stuff and get you settled in. You must be beat after that drive. Mel, get Chrissie a cold beer while we bring in the rest of her stuff. Chrissie you look great, you haven’t changed a bit. Come on, let’s get you settled”.

“Ah… ah…, yea. Let’s get the rest of my stuff.” What have I gotten myself into, I’m thinking? My best friend turned into a freak of some sort and I’m going to be living with her.

As we move the last of my stuff in, I ask her. “Ah…Sandy your hair, your…”
“Yea, once I got away from my parents. I could finally do what I wanted. And when I got to know Mel and Kat and they introduced me to the real me. They’re great, just great. They opened me up. This is the real me and I have Mel and Kat to thank for it.
‘Thank?’ I’m thinking to myself.

“Kat’s the one who just got married. She was in the room you have now. Don’t you just love the pink and my bush is the bomb. Just like cotton candy.

The guys love it. I flip the color between cotton candy pink and blue depending on Kat’s mood when she colors it. Then she colors my hair to match.”
“Sandy, maybe I made a mistake, maybe I ought…”

“Hush now girl. Give it a chance. It’s too late to go back now anyway and besides what would your parents think if you didn’t even give being on you own a chance?”

She was right; I’ll try it a little while and see what it’s like.

I’m really not much of a drinker but I virtually chugged the beer Mel gave me and got another. Mel commented on how I looked so plain.  Just like Candy when she moved in. I just laughed and thought ‘ain’t no way nothing like that’s happening to me, sister’. We all had another beer or so and reminisced a while before we went to bed.

As time went by, I found out that Kat owned a couple of hair salons and Mel was one of her top stylists. She also was a so called ‘piercing specialist’ according to Candy.

Candy lived off her father’s monthly checks, but went down to the salon and helped out when she was needed.

I met Kat and we actually hit it off great.  Hit it off great with all of them. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised.  We went out at least a couple times a week and really partied hard on the weekends. I guess I was making up for staying at home during college.  Kat and her husband joined us when they could. We usually went to some outrageous club where long blond hair and no tattoos were the exception not the rule.

A number of times, as the night went on and we drank more the topic of my common country looks came up. They kept telling me how they want to fix me up. Take me out of the country and give me a big time ‘city’ look. I was not really opposed to a newer look, but like their’s! Even drunk, there ain’t NO F-N way.

Another couple of weeks went by and while we all were out. Candy told Kat it’s time to ‘refresh’ her bush. It’s gotten a little long and the color needed re-done. Kat told her to come in on Saturday. She would close the salon around noon and actually we all should come in. She’ll bring some booze and snacks and we can have a ‘bush’ party. Then all go out afterwards.

We all showed up to the salon on Saturday to find the curtains drawn and a table of booze and snacks. We started with a shot to toast to Candy’s bush.  Then another for Mel’s.  One more for Kat’s and even one for mine.  I was definitely feeling no pain.  Candy then dropped her shorts and asked Kat what’s she waiting for.  This get started. That was the first time I got to see her ‘sex’ up close. She had a tuft of bush just above her ‘sex’ the rest was gone. Smooth as silk. It was pink; a faded cotton candy pink and just above it in pink letters was a tattoo that said

‘C-A-N-D-Y’. Kat commented on how perfect the shape of her bush was and explained how she performed electrolysis in that area to perfect the look and nothing was going to grow back there ever. Then she told Candy she it’s time to go blue today and proceeded to trim, bleach, and dye Candy’s bush cotton candy blue. At the same time Mel was trimming Candy’s hair on her head and dying it blue to match.

While they were letting Candy’s hair process, Mel then dropped her panties to show me her ‘sex’. I was shocked Mel was completely hairless down there, again electrolysis. But, she had a butterfly tattoo positioned so that her pussy lips were the butterfly’s body and its wings were positioned perfectly on each side of it. Actually, it very cute. Kat explained how one of her friends Lindy does the tat work and she was going to join us in a little while too.

Then the three of them looked at me. “OK Chrissie, let’s take a look at yours.” Kat said. With that, Mel grabbed my shorts and started to tug. I was already feeling a real good buzz and reluctantly helped remove them. “My lord, how do you ever get any guys with that mess, let us at least trim it up a little” and with that Mel grabbed my arm and led me over to a leather table and put my legs in stirrups.
They gave a another drink (with a straw so I could drink while I was laying down) and told me to lay still while they decided what to do. Did they say ‘while THEY decided what to do?’ I just laid there with thoughts of what’s going on racing through my head, too drunk to really do anything.  Sipping the straw.

While Mel and Kat continued talking softly, Candy came back from showering her dye off and showed us her again brightly colored bush. It was a perfect candy cotton blue this time. Her freshly trimmed hair matched it perfectly. Her right ear was again fully exposed showing off her ear piercings and 2 inch stretched earlobes. The other side was just covering her ear and perfect angled bangs and a super short nape. She really did look cute but there ain’t no way I would ever want my hair anything like that.

The three of them then started looking in a book as I caught someone else enter the room. It must be Lindy. She had a shoulder length red inverted bob with eyebrow length straight across blond bangs. Tons of red eye makeup and tats covering most of the skin I could see.
As she joined the conversation I could see them point at me and say this is what we have to work with and why doesn’t she get started on my arms and breasts while Kat gets to work down here, pointing to my bush. They then removed by top and propped my head up. Then for the next 1 hour or so Lindy drew something on my breasts, shoulders and down my arms, Kat was doing something to my bush, Candy was putting something smelly on my and hair feeding me drinks and Mel was pricking me with something on my ears, nose and lips. It was crazy. People all over all parts of me doing god knows what to me. At times I thought my face and ears were pin cushions. Candy kept trying to relax me and feeding me drinks. My head was just racing. Heavens knows how much time was going by and what they’re doing to me.  But I was wasted and really didn’t care.  After a while, they rolled the table over to one of the hair washing stations and washed my hair. Then Candy would put more solution on my hair. This time Kat put some on my bush too. It actually burned both my head and bush. Lindy was now pricking me too. She moved from my breasts to my shoulders and arms. A little while later, I heard her say “that’s it for this these, what’s next”.

The others came over and commented how perfect it (whatever it was) was and said something about my ankle chest, neck and don’t forget down here. Mel now seemed to be doing something to my eyebrows. Oh, I was really sore.  Especially my face and ears. But I must admit I loved all the attention I was getting and I was actually getting excited from all that was going on, so I dare not stop anything they’re doing.

Seems like hours went by. Again, they washed my hair and bush. Lindy moved from my chest area and arms to my face and now she was down at my bush. Mel seemed to be applying makeup and Kat and Candy were ‘playing’ with my hair. I heard them say that, they’ll have to sit me up as soon as Lindy’s done to finish it.

I was beginning to sober up a little by the time they leaned me up and put a robe on me. Then they sat me in a styling chair facing away from the mirrors. While in the styling chair I heard them say how happy I’ll be to be rid of most of this mess. ‘Mess, what were they talking about?” I felt them scraping the back and sides of my head with something. Maybe some sort of message it actually felt good in a weird sense. But what were they doing? I felt scissors touching my forehead. Oh my god, are they cutting me bangs. I haven’t had bangs since 5th grade and I hated them.

I opened my mouth to ask them what’s going on and Mel grabbed my tongue with what seemed like pliers and stabbed it with something. When she left of with the pliers it felt like I had a fricken marble in my mouth. They pierced my tongue. They pierced my fricken tongue. Oh my god, does that hurt. What the &*%# is going on?  With all the pain in my mouth, I lost track of what was going on with my hair.

The next thing I knew it was very quiet and everyone was looking at me. All of them commenting on how great I looked. How I’ll fit in now and how hot I look. No more will I look like an outcast at the club and how I was awesome looking, just awesome.

Candy and Mel each grabbed an arm and walked me over to a covered full-length mirror. They told me how great I looked and they were going to reveal my new look a little at time starting at bottom. They removed my robe and started to raise the covering on the mirror from the bottom.

The first thing I saw was my gorgeous deep red toe nails and there was something, a tattoo of a small butterfly on the top of my right foot.

That’s pretty cute, I thought to myself.

As the cover was raised higher, I could see a tattoo of pink cotton candy on the side of my left ankle. Candy and Mel said in unison that no matter what happens in the future I’ll have a little something to remember them by.

‘How sweet,’ I thought. Something simple to remember them always.

Higher the cover was raised and I saw perfectly manicured long finger nails a deep red color.
Then to my waist. I gasped. My bush was shaped like a red rose. Exactly like a big blooming deep red rose. Kat explained how the shape was made by permanently removing the pubic hair outside of the rose shape. Then trimming and dying the remaining bush deep red. Lindy finished shaping it by tattooing an outline of the petals around and through my bush. She also told how I can change the color of the rose just by dying what remains of my bush to a different color. Maybe yellow or even white next time. The petals will still show because the outline is tattooed on.

As the mirror went even higher, I see the words ‘STOP and SMELL the ROSES’ tattooed above the rose also in a deep red color. My god, what have they done to me? The small memento tattoos were cute, but this… this is going a too far.

Why’d they do this? I’m thinking. I was speechless, just speechless.

While the mirror was revealing more of me, the three of them kept telling me how good I looked and that I would really fit in now. Higher and higher the mirror was revealed. The next thing I noticed was my belly button was pierced.
Again I can live with that, but back to my bush, my beautiful natural blond bush now a rose…, a red rose. And that saying, ‘Stop and smell the roses’. What am I some slut.

But as my breasts where revealed I saw two peacocks exposed. Each breast had a colorful peacock on it, their plumes flowing up around each of my shoulders and down my arms to my elbows. Perfectly symmetrical. They were actually very nicely done and looked really nice, but on me. What have they done to me? First my bush, now my breasts.  My god this is permanent.  Augh………
Oh my god, where’s my hair. I should be seeing my blond hair. As more of my neck is exposed, I finally shout out ‘my hair, my hair, where’s my hair’?


“Calm down you see it soon enough, that’s the crème of the crop” Kat said. And as they raised the cover the rest of the way, I nearly fainted. They actually had to hold me up.

My hair, my gorgeous long blond hair was gone. In its place was a severe lip length bob. My hair was now black. Jet black. My bangs were cut in a short ‘V’ shape and were a deep dark red matching my bush. It also had a one-inch dark red stripe circling my head just about at the top of my ear level. “Oh my god, oh my god”.

My eyebrows, my thick eyebrows were gone. Replaced with pencil thin high arched eyebrows. Pink eye shadow and tons of mascara, thick black mascara circled my eyes. My right nostril had a nose ring in it. My lips were deep red too. A lip ring was in my left lower lip and let’s not forgets my pierced tongue. Kat explained that the eyebrows were tattoos and looked just perfect on me with my face shape.

She walks behind me and pulls my black hair behind my ears revealing a mass of jewelry. I must have at least ten loops in each ear and at least an 1/2-inch plug in each earlobe with a loop earring in them.

As Kat describes the ears, I notice that all the hair from about an inch above my ears was gone. GONE! SHAVED! BALD! My hands go immediately up to my head. The lower part of my head is shaved. I look like one of those… freaks. I’m one of those fricken freaks now.

I can’t take my hands off my head rubbing … my nape, my bald nape. This isn’t me. This is just a dream. It’s not me. My god what have they done to me.

Kat starts saying how awesome this looks especially the hair. And by shaving the underside how nice the bob lays.

I just stand there in shock as Candy hands me some very revealing clothes and helps me put them on. As I look in the mirror I see how the clothes emphasize my shocking new look. Who is this girl? How will I ever return home now?

Finally, Candy says, “OK girls time to go to the club.  And let’s find Chrissie someone to ‘Stop and Smell the Roses!’”.


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