Stranger Dreams

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Stranger Dreams


By Dreadlocks


Kelly eyed the site suspiciously before opening the link. It had been sent to her by an online acquaintance, who shared her strange obsession with haircutting. She wasn’t sure how reading fictional accounts of women’s haircuts might affect her. Up until that point, it had been YouTube and various other video sites that had fed her need for visual stimulation. Would she get the same rise from reading?

Kelly had never actually acted out any of her fantasies, preferring to keep them in the bedroom, and safely on her tablet. Almost every night, she would open up her hidden category file, and browse the videos until she found one that tickled her fancy, as it were. Strangely, Kelly would often come back to one of a handful of especially poignant clips, ones that always managed to give her a crashing orgasm, her electric friend buzzing between her legs.

It only bothered her a little that the most arousing clips always involved a girl being shaved against her will. They would inevitably be bound in some way or another, and Kelly would try her best to ignore the fact that these were actors, well paid for their sacrifice.

These were different, as she braved the link, entering the world of fetish fiction for the first time. Unlike videos, there was nothing but the title and a brief description that gave small credence to what was to take place in the text. Skeptically, she began to read. Kelly was pleased to find that the stories were divided into categories, one of which was ‘forced haircuts’.

The first story involved an older woman, who had annoyed a loan shark for a little too long. The lead-up was a bit of a drag, as the setting was described in detail, and the premise for the ensuing cut was laid out. To Kelly’s surprise, the anticipation of what was surely to follow was a bit like foreplay. She began to imagine what was in store for this well-appointed, older woman.

At last, the loan shark’s henchmen arrive on the scene, looking for payment. When the woman tells the men that she was unable to pay the minimum amount of the loan, they immediately took action. She was tied to an available chair in her kitchen, while the men had at her hair with an available pair of kitchen shears.

The story described her resistance as she screamed and fought against her bonds, all to no avail. The men were not deterred at all. They used the razor-sharp scissors to their full advantage, paring the woman’s hair to ragged stubble.

Unlike the videos Kelly was used to watching, she imagined herself as the woman, rather than as a casual observer. She felt every painful snip as the story described how closely the scissors were cutting to the woman’s scalp.

Close to orgasm after reading the scene, she was surprised that the story continued, describing the aftermath of the cut. The woman was forced to have a local barber shave her head completely bald, and in full view of a waiting audience. This was the scene that pushed Kelly over the edge. It was the humiliation of the scene that seemed to pump her clit into a throbbing button of ecstasy.

“Well, that was surprising.” She sighed, as she saved the site in her hidden archive of haircut porn. She fell asleep that night, content, but nothing could prepare her for what happened next.

The thing with the written word, is that it seems to save itself in the most literal sense imaginable, as opposed to video, which tends to be remembered as a series of images. So, when Kelly awoke during the night, panting, her sheets soaked with sweat, she was shocked by the visceral creations her mind was capable of.

She was the woman in the story, but the dream was so much more graphic than anything the text had explored. She had been shaved and exposed in the most humiliating fashion possible, before her friends and co-workers.

Kelly grabbed at her chest, trying to catch her breath and slow her racing heart. This wasn’t anything she had ever experienced before. She stood up from the bed, pulling the pillowcase and sheets from the bed, throwing them in the wash. It was then that she noticed how sopping wet her pussy was. Had she come during the dream.

Raising her fingers to her nose, she was not all that surprised to find her own musky scent clinging to them. She must have masturbated while she was sleeping, something she never remembered doing. Washing her face and hands, she tried to erase the images the dream had left in her mind. When she had risen so suddenly from her sleep, she was left with the most vivid recollection of every facet of the dream. It would be difficult, if not impossible to forget.

Kelly looked at the clock, knowing that it was useless trying to get back to sleep now. Her alarm would sound in less than an hour. Kelly turned off the timer on her Bunn and brewed her first cup manually. “Jesus, that was intense.” She murmured, and she took her first sip, contentedly smiling with the flavor.

Throughout the day, Kelly almost felt embarrassed as she encountered people that had played a part in her dream the night before. She knew it had only been a dream, but it felt like so much more. Once, she had almost dozed off as she waited for the copier to finish a task, frantically reaching up to discover that her hair was still very much intact.

She left the stories alone that night, deciding that she would only explore them on the weekends. It was tempting to click on the quirky little icon, but she managed to resist, falling back on her video links.

To her surprise, she again awoke from another surrealistic dream. “But I didn’t read anything last night.” She whispered to herself. This dream was nothing to do with the other. She found herself strapped to a table, completely stripped. It almost seemed medical in nature, as everyone else had white coats on.

The doctors seemed completely oblivious to her objections, talking amongst themselves as they methodically shaved her bald. She couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t lift her arms. In fact, Kelly couldn’t move a muscle to resist what they were doing. When they were done shaving her, everything was hairless, including her pussy. Even her eyebrows were gone.

Recalling the dream as if it had only just happened, Kelly was then wheeled into a huge auditorium where she was powerless to cover herself. The seats were filled to capacity with people, hundreds of them, all craning their necks to get a better look at the hairless girl they had just brought in.

One of the men appeared to be speaking to the crowd, while the other whitecoats seemed to be lifting and prodding different parts of my anatomy, mostly to do with my sex, although at one point they lifted my head, so I was staring directly back at the amused audience.

The last part of the dream was the most humiliating, as what I learned were students filed past me, touching me, and running their hands over every part of my shaven body, as if nothing could be more natural. This time I remembered coming in the dream, but showed no evidence of having been aroused in my bed. My sheets were dry, and my pussy, although moist, was not gushing as it had been the night before.

Her rational mind figured out that she had been some sort of medical experiment, or something, and she had been on display as part of teaching a class. “Where the hell did that come from?” Kelly asked herself. Never had she watched or read anything like that. Had her mind simply dreamed it up. Had some part of her mind been stimulated by that one story? She hadn’t a clue.

Work wasn’t nearly as traumatic as the day before, however, and that was a relief. So, she nearly fell over when she received the email from a medical firm, offering her lucrative compensation for her cooperation in a study. “That’s just too weird,” Kelly spoke out loud, shaking her head.

Without thinking, Kelly clicked on the associated link, forgetting all about company policies concerning such things. The letter that appeared, was simple and to the point:


         You have been chosen, if you so consent, to take part in a study. You will be paid handsomely for your participation but should be aware of the requirements. During the study, you will be divested of all your hair, head, and body. There is a distinct possibility that it may never grow back after we have administered the product. That is the reason why we are offering such a lucrative sum for your cooperation. There are other, less important aspects to the study, but those will be discussed at the time of your arrival. You have two weeks to respond, after which, the offer will be withdrawn.


Kelly immediately closed the link and deleted the email, totally freaked out by what had just happened. Her only explanation was that she had had some sort of clairvoyant vision of one possible future, one she might add, that was never going to occur. Feeling a little better for having disposed of the email, Kelly continued with her day, doing her best to forget both the dream and the email.

It was Friday night, and Kelly looked forward to enjoying another story. After taking a shower and tucking herself into bed, she carefully pulled her tablet up next to her and explored the story site. Feeling a little adventurous, she decided to search in the ‘recently uploaded’, category.  

A few stories down, she came upon a particularly interesting description. A young woman was lured into a barbershop, with the promise of a free haircut, only to be ambushed and shorn of all her hair.

“Just my cup of tea,” Kelly whispered to herself, opening the story and reaching for her little friend who lived in the nightstand drawer. The vibrations set her mind on high speed as the text unraveled before her.

“I’m certain a brave young lady such as yourself, can take advantage of our offer.” The young barber had said, doing his best to entice the woman with offers of a cost-free cut. As Kelly expected, the young woman, who, by the story’s description, resembled herself in many ways, was lured inside.

It didn’t take long for the story to get to the juicy stuff, and Kelly reached down to turn the toy up to a higher intensity. Having been directed into a chair, the woman was suddenly set upon by three men, who proceeded to tie her into it, securely.

Kelly was moaning loudly as the story described the brutality of the haircut. All three men attacked the woman’s hair, hacking at it until only the most horrific crop remained. Each of them then brandished bare clippers, taking turns as they peeled the last remnants of her hair, leaving pale, pink scalp in their wake.

Kelly imagined herself in the chair, being at the mercy of these crass young men. She felt an orgasm building, but delayed, realizing that the story wasn’t quite finished. Edging her way forward, Kelly read as the woman was then stripped of all her clothing, eliciting jeers from the men as they discovered that her curtains didn’t match the carpet.

The men held the woman’s legs open as the barber carefully removed the woman’s pubic hair with a straight razor, warning her that he didn’t want to cut off anything important. The descriptions in the story were so vivid, that Kelly was no longer able to hold off, her orgasm crashing through her like a breaker against the rocks.

Kelly finished the story as the afterglow pulsed through her, and was surprised that a few weeks later, the woman returned for another free haircut. She closed her tablet and slid her well-used vibrator into the drawer. In no time at all, she was asleep.

Saturday morning arrived, and Kelly was almost disappointed that there had been no vivid dream, at least not one that she remembered. She wandered into the bathroom, relieving herself and trying to figure out what was different. She stood in the mirror, her shoulder-length hair an absolute mess. Did she have a dream?

Dragging a comb through the blonde curls, she winced as the snarls slowly came free. ‘It’s no wonder I dream of cutting off my hair’, she thought, amused. Outside, the weather seemed fine, and she fixed herself as she always did, thinking of taking a walk.

As she walked down her street, she decided to take a different route, zig-zagging her way up to the main street, and the shops. She popped into a few, picking up some panties and hose, as well as some trinkets for her mantle. The sky was still as clear as it started, but having had her fill of walking, Kelly crossed the street and started for home.

“Free haircuts, young lady.” A young man called, from the doorway to what could only be a barbershop.

Confused, Kelly turned towards the man, who suddenly perked up. “What did you say?”

“I’m certain a brave young lady such as yourself, can take advantage of our offer.” He smiled, indicating the open door behind him.

Kelly instantly realized that this was exactly what had been said in the story she had read the night before. In fact, all the descriptors matched what she was seeing to the letter. She stood there, dumbfounded, but knew that there was no way she was going to end up in that shop. “No thanks, Mister.”

“You sure? I could just give you a little bit of a trim. You look as though you could use one.” The man chortled.

Kelly remembered how she had struggled with her hair that morning, and for a moment, actually considered taking the man up on his offer. She waved him off, continuing on her way.

She had only gone a few feet down the sidewalk, when her logical mind caught up with her suspicions. ‘What are you thinking? This is your town. Nothing bad is going to happen.’ She turned and caught the man’s attention. “Just a trim though.” Kelly insisted.

“If that’s what you want. Sure.” The man directed her inside. The bright sunshine made the shop look almost macabre, as she stepped through the door. As soon as she was inside, he closed the door. There was a single chair that sat to one side of a small room, and a row of empty chairs lining the wall opposite. “Have a seat.”

Kelly hesitated, remembering the story. This is exactly how it started. She chided herself for her ridiculous ideas. Kelly climbed into the large chair, settling into the warm leather.

Just as they had in the dream, three men appeared from the rear of the shop, grabbing her arms, just as she was about to escape. This couldn’t possibly be happening.

“Call the lab, Jimmy. Tell them we have the blonde they were after.”


End of Part One

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