Study Abroad Mix-Up Part 4 – Emma’s Laboratory

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Study Abroad Mix Up Part 4 – Emma’s Laboratory

Summer brushed her long red hair, which hung into her mid back, into a ponytail and quickly put it up. She was already running late for her first day at her internship in Shanghai. She was supposed to be meeting an alum, Emma, at her laboratory somewhere in the city. The lab specialized in personal care innovations. Summer, one of the few female science students at her university, desperately wanted to make a good impression, but surely that wouldn’t happen if she was late! She quickly grabbed her tortoiseshell glasses and glanced quickly in the mirror. Her beautiful blue eyes were framed by the glasses and accented by her red eyebrows and long lashes. She flashed a quick smiled into the mirror, showing off a beautiful pearly white smile that her parents had invested thousands of dollars in to make sure it was perfect.

10 minutes later Summer arrived at the lab. She opened the door and went inside. The fluorescent lights immediately illuminated the lab, showing many different experimental gadgets. On one table was a set of hair clippers that were designed to spray shaving cream as they buzzed off your hair. On another table was a vial of blue liquid that smelled like berries. There was a whole shelf of products labeled things like “Hair-be-gone,” “Perma-shine,” “Easy Tooth Extraction.” In the back corner of the lab, was a barber’s chair with some kind of helmet extending out of the back. Attached to the side of the chair was a dispenser machine of some kind with a coin slot. It hummed to life as she walked past. “Ultimate Transformation – Please insert 100 yuan,” the robotic voice said. Summer thought about investigating further, but then she saw a note on the table. “Dear Summer,” the note read, “This morning I am meeting up with some old friends from college. My newest invention sits in the corner, it is called the Ultimate Transformation Machine. Feel free to take a look at it or even see how it works, but know that you may want to search “The Ultimate Transformation Salon Shanghai,” before you decide to pay the 100 yuan. Regardless, if you choose to see how it works, I am sure you will be pleased with the results. Feel free to experiment with whatever else you want to in the lab. The custom wig creator is located on the second floor. Take today to familiarize yourself with the lab and the experiments. I will be back in the lab tomorrow. Sincerely, Emma.”

Summer decided that if her boss recommended she try the ultimate transformation seat, she should, regardless of what it did. She declined to search for the salon her boss had mentioned, but instead put in the 100 yuan in the slot and sat down in the chair.  The helmet device lowered over her head.

“Welcome to the Ultimate Transformation machine, designed to make the Chinese Wife Treatment an affordable option for all women. Please let your hair down, remove any eyewear, and smile.” Summer followed the machine’s directions, she took her long red hair out of the pony tail, set her glasses on top of the dispenser, and then smiled. She heard and audible “Click.” “Before image saved.” The robotic voice said. “Preparing dental trays.” An arm extended out of the helmet with a mouthguard in it. A hissing sound emerged from the mouthguard as it filled up with a gel-like substance. “Please bite down.” Summer followed the directions, biting down into the tray only to find that her teeth could not move after she bit down.” “Dental trays filled, deploying tooth softener.” Summer winced as a cool feeling escaped from the mouthguard and surrounded her teeth, making them cold and then numb all in a few moments. “Tooth preparation finished, hair preparation commencing.” Combs from the helmet quickly ran through Summer’s hair. “Approximately, 1.8567 feet of red hair,” The machine said, “Hair prepared, depilation commencing.” A buzzing sound filled the helmet. Summer began to panic, “What was this machine doing to her?” She wondered. She tried to open her mouth, but the gel in the tray had her teeth firmly locked into place. “Begin Buzzing.” Summer quickly realized what the chair meant as sheets of red hair began to cascade over her shoulders and down into collections bins in the arms of the chair. She felt a buzzing sensation on her head and the helmet quickly clippered her beautiful red locks into nothing more than a buzzcut. Her head was being shaved an there was nothing she could do about it! The bins in the chair were nearly filled when the buzzing sound finally stopped. Summer dared not reach up into the chair, but she could tell her long locks were nothing more. All that was left of her long red hair was a buzzcut. “Buzzing Complete,” the chair said, “dispensing hair removal cream.” Foam sprayed out from the helmet covering Summer’s head down to her eyebrows. “Hair Removal Cream dispensed, curing process commencing.” Hot air blew from the helmet onto the foam. Slowly it became harder and harder until Summer couldn’t even mover her eyebrows upwards. “Curing process complete, dispensing perma-shine serum.” A liquid serum sprayed out of the helmet and dissolved the hardened shell into a gel that felt sticky over Summer’s head and eyebrows. “Perman-shine serum dispensed, commencing polishing.” A whirring sound filled the helmet. Buffers began massaging the gel into Summer’s head and eyebrows. It was the most relaxing massage Summer had ever received. The buffers moved so fast that they made Summer’s big boobs bounce up and down. Finally, after Summer was so relaxed she nearly fell asleep, the whirring stopped. Summer could no longer feel the sticky substance on her head, just a cool breeze over her scalp and face. “Depilation complete. Commencing Finishing touches. Please open your mouth.” Summer forgot her teeth had been clamped on this mouth guard the whole time. In fact, she couldn’t even feel her teeth. She slowly opened her mouth, feeling a slight pressure that went away the more she opened her jaw. “Scanning, Perfect extraction complete.” “Extraction?” Summer thought. She ran her teeth over her gums only to feel nothing there. “Oh my god, where are my teeth?” Summer thought. “Scanning extracted specimens.” The chair said. “Please smile.” Summer smiled as much as she could given the shock of not being able to feel her teeth. “After picture taken. Thank you for picking the Ultimate Transformation Machine as your go to for your Chinese Wife Treatment. Your Oral Replacements can be found in the dispenser to your right, along with the gel hardened extractions. Do not forget your scalp specimens for future wig design or to remember your once beautiful locks. We hope you do enjoy your new look, and please remember sucking is encouraged to maintain healthy gums.”

With that the helmet retracted. Summer stood up out of the chair and ran her hands over her scalp. It was slick, and smooth. It felt as though she had never had hair there before. Her hands glanced over where her red eyebrows had once been. There was nothing there either, except the same slick, smooth sensation that covered her scalp. Finally she smiled and ran her tongue through her mouth once more. There were definitely no teeth. She ran a finger over her gums just to be sure. Yep, no teeth. She looked in the dispenser. There was a green container, along with a hardened gel mold. She picked up the mold. Sure enough, there were her perfect teeth. She opened the green container to find a set of dentures. They matched her gel molded teeth perfectly. Finally, she noticed a ticket in the machine. “Guaranteed no hair regrowth or your money back!” Summer grabbed the hair from the bins under the arms of the chair and went upstairs to the second floor. Sure enough there was a giant sign “Custom Wig Creator.” She walked up to it and saw it had a pull down mirror.

Summer sighed and pulled down the mirror. What she saw was totally different. Her scalp was completely hairless, and was so shiny it was reflecting the light of the lab. Her eyebrows were also gone, highlighting her perfectly blue eyes. Finally, Summer smiled, revealing her toothless mouth. She kept smiling, rubbing her tongue over her gums, exploring her empty mouth. Her grin got bigger as she ran her hands over her head, feeling her slick, smooth scalp. For some reason, despite the shock of the change, Summer felt unbelievable sexy. She could only imagine the pleasure she could bestow upon her lucky partner with her new toothless mouth. Plus, this wig machine would allow her to change her hairstyle whenever she wished, making expensive salon trips a thing of the past.

Summer ran her tongue over her grinning gums one last time. “I think I’m going to enjoy this she thought.”

Only then she glanced over and saw “Gum Health stimulation Machine.” A steel machine with various pink protrusions coming out approximately at kneeling, and standing heights. Summer turned away from her new erotic appearance and walked over to the machine. The machine flickered to life as she approached. “Please begin by taking one of the devices into your mouth.” Summer knelt and engulfed the phallic pink structure into her mouth. “Begin sucking to stimulate gum health.” Summer began sucking the structure, taking only a few inches into her mouth a first. “Please explore the whole gum health stimulator,” the machine called out, “improved gum health only guaranteed with full use of the machine.” Summer began sucking more and more of the protrusion. Taking it all the way into her mouth. Despite the fact that this was a machine, Summer could feel herself getting turned on. She could only imagine how good a man would feel if she was sucking his cock like this, especially given her now toothless mouth.

The protrusion felt good on her newly toothless gums, and sucking on the device only reassured Summer that she had made the right decision by sitting in the chair. Finally, after Summer had sucked every inch of the protrusion and made sure she had explored her every inch of her toothless gums with the device, she heard the machine say “Deploying gum health solution and sanitizer.” A warm thick solution spilled out of the end of the device and filled Summer’s mouth. It tasted sweet, but there was so much of it, some spilled down her chin. “Gum Health Successfully Stimulated, we hope to see you soon.”

Summer stood up and wiped the solution off her chin, only to hear someone call out, “Summer, are you still here? It’s your boss Emma!”

To be continued…..

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