Study Abroad Mix-Up

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Study Abroad Mix-Up!

Special thanks to SecretShaver for the inspiration for this story.

Abby had been studying abroad in China for several weeks as part of her spring semester abroad. Her auburn hair, which hadn’t been cut since December, was now growing quite long, with many split ends. It was growing far past the middle of her back. She had been growing her hair out since she was in high school, the last time her mother made her cut her hair short. It had been a disaster, an highly shaved undercut bob for her Senior Prom. She was almost laughed out of the dance. Luckily, her best friend, Shannon, had been there to comfort her and at the end of the evening everything turned out ok.

After finishing up her classes at the Shanghai Student Center for Foreigners, Abby went out alone to wander the streets of Shanghai. She texted her boyfriend John, “going out for a stroll, should be back later. Love you.” When he didn’t respond after a while, she glanced at her phone. She had forgotten that her phone was about to die when she left class. “Oh well,” she thought, “I should be back soon.”  After only 30 minutes of wandering she ended up in a part of Shanghai she didn’t recognize. It was an older area, with buildings that looked out of place in the highly developed Shanghai. She wasn’t fazed, however, because she knew that everyone in the city knew where the Shanghai Student Center for Foreigners was. Even she did. Its tall gilded spire stood out in the skyline. “No worries,” She thought, “If I ever need to get back to the Student Center, I will just follow the Spire!” Abby Continued her journey deeper into the outskirts of Shanghai.

Around 3pm, nearly 2 and a half hours into her walk, Abby got a brilliant idea. The Spring Fling for Study Abroad was coming up. It was one of the two formal dances the Student Center put on each semester. It was time for a haircut. She had heard from other foreign exchange students that haircuts around the city were never what you expected. Maybe the outskirts were better? Probably cheaper if anything. Anyway, John liked girls with unique hairstyles, so whatever happened it would probably be ok. Abby decided to search the area for a hair salon. Her Mandarin was really horrid, so she figured she could just walk up to any woman and ask where the hairdresser was. She walked up to the first woman she saw, a younger Chinese woman. “Hairdresser?” she asked. The young woman looked at her with a confused and shocked look and walked hurriedly in the other direction. “That’s strange,” Abby thought, “Most people in Shanghai know some English.” She walked up to another woman and did the same thing. This woman walked away even faster than the first. This happened three more times. Finally, she saw and older Chinese woman. Abby walked up to her. “I’ll try symbols this time.” Instead of saying anything, she made the scissors motion with her hand and then pointed to her head. The woman looked at her with a look of confusion. Abby then made the motion of shampooing and washing her hair, the the scissors motion again, and pointed to her hair. The woman’s face became a warm glow of understanding. She took Abby’s hand and walked her through the allies. Deeper into the outskirts, past many old shops and merchants. Finally, they stopped in front of an old building. It looked nothing like a hair salon or even a barbershop, but the old woman made the hair washing motion and scissors and pointed at her head and then pointed at the door. She smiled and then walked away. Abby couldn’t see the spire of the Student Center anymore, but the skyline of Shanghai was still visible so she knew she could find her way back. She opened the door to the shop and went inside.

Inside there was a table to the left with an old bald Chinese man sitting behind it. Other than the table there was just a wall with a single entrance and a curtain. Abby walked up to the table. “Haircut?” She said. The man just shrugged his shoulders. Abby made the motions she made to the woman. She made the motion like she was washing her hair and then she made the scissors motion. The man then pointed at a sign on the desk that was all in mandarin. He then made the same motion as Abby. Firs the acted as though he was washing his hair and made a scissor motion. Then he made the same motions again and smiled while pointing at his teeth with one hand and thumbs upping with the other. Abby did the same thing. She acted as though she was washing her hair, then made a scissor motion, then smiled, pointed at her beautiful straight, white, teeth, and thumbsed up. The made smiled, and waved her behind the curtain.

Behind the curtain, there was a barber chair starring at a mirror, with scissors, clippers, combs, brushes, shampoos, like any other barbershop or hair salon. The man motioned for her to sit down. Then he made a scissor motion and Abby gave the thumbs up. Then he made the motion like he was washing her hair, and Abby again replied with a thumbs up. The man walked off.

5 minutes later, he came back with a new shampoo looking bottle, and a cup of hot tea. He gave it to Abby, smiled, and motioned for her to drink. Abby, sipped the tea and smiled and gave a thumbs up. The tea tasted strong, like mint and herbs, but also had a sour flavor. The man then motioned for her to keep drinking, and continued until Abby had finished the whole cup. Then he took the tea, and gave her a bottle which looked like water. Abby couldn’t understand the Chinese labels, but the tea had made her very parched so she chugged the whole water very fast. The man took the cup and the bottle and disappeared for 5 minutes.

While he was gone, Abby began to feel very woozy and out of it. She figured the tea must have had some sort of chamomile. Her whole body began to feel relaxed, almost numb. Even her mouth felt tingly.

The man returned. First he smiled and pointed at his teeth and gave a thumbs up. Abby returned the gesture, believing he was making sure she felt ok. Then he repeated the scissors and hair washing motion and gave Abby a thumbs up. She put the scissors around her shoulders where she wanted her hair cut, and repeated the hair washing motion and gave a thumbs up. The man then turned her away from the mirror.

Abby felt as though she was melting into the chair. Her whole body was relaxed as though she had just smoked a whole joint. It was a great feeling. The world seemed as if it was slowing down and she began to take less notice of what was going on around her. She felt the Chinese man gather her hair up into a pony tail. The ips of her longest locks of auburn hair was dangling just beneath her shoulder blades. She felt the scissors hacking at the pony, but she was so relaxed she hardly noticed that her hair was going to be much shorter than she originally thought. Soon she felt her hair become much lighter. The remnants of her long locks now floated just to the top of her neck. However, Abby was no longer noticing what was happening on her head. Her skin was so numb, and she was so relaxed, she couldn’t comprehend her haircut. She was simply enjoying sitting in the seat and taking in all the details of the old Chinese barbershop.

Suddenly, a buzzing hum filled the room. Abby began to feel vibrations on her head and light, ticklish feelings on her ears, face and neck. First, the vibrations traveled over the middle of her head, then they passed to the right and left. Soon they passed over her ears. She looked on the floor and saw a pile of short auburn locks. “The man must have forgotten to sweep up from his last customer,” Abby thought.

The buzzing in the room stopped and Abby saw the man leave the room. “I wonder how my hair will look after all this,” Abby thought, “it sure is taking a long time.” The man came back with a can in one had and a small cup in his other. He handed the cup to Abby and demonstrated swishing and spitting. Abby followed his directions, although she was confused why a barber would have her swish some mouthwash. The minty flavor tasted good, but her mouth was completely numb afterwards, she couldn’t even feel her teeth. “Maybe my breath smelled bad,” Abby thought.

Abby then felt something being spread out over her head, but her skin was so numb, she couldn’t tell what it was. “It must be shampoo,” she thought. Abby then felt a rasping feeling on her scalp. It felt as though any dirt at all that had ever been on her head was being scraped away. The man then appeared in front of her and directed her to close her eyes. The same shampoo was rubbed on Abby’s eyebrows, and she felt the scraping feeling twice. Then a towel rubbed over her head and face. She started to open her eyes, but the man shook his head no and indicated she should shut them. She did, and felt a cooling feeling being spread over her eyebrows. Even though her skin was numb, she could feel a tingling sensation where her eyebrows were. Then she felt the same cooling and tingling sensation on her scalp. “Well, I guess he thought I wanted my hair bleached too,” Abby thought.

After twenty minutes, Abby, felt a towel rub over her head and face. She opened her eyes and the man took her hand and led her further into the shop. She wanted to stop and look at the mirror, but the man pulled her so fast, she didn’t have a chance to. In the back of the shop, there was a chair and a dome hair dryer, just like in old hair salons. The dome was tilted back so that it was parallel with the ground. The man directed Abby to sit down. Then he disappeared. He returned quickly with what looked like a mouth guard and a tub of something. He smiled, pointed to it, and gave a thumbs up. “Oh,” Abby thought, “this must be some sort of teeth whitening.” She repeated the gesture, and the man demonstrated opening his mouth. Abby followed his instructions and opened her mouth. The man placed the mouth guard in her mouth. He then demonstrated biting down. Abby bit down on the mouth guard. The man smiled and gave her a thumbs up. The man then indicated Abby should shut her eyes. She did and felt the same cooling tingling cream being spread over her eyebrows and  head. Then the chair leaned back some and she heard the hair dryer being turned on.

After what seemed like forever, the hair dryer was turned off, and her chair was titled up. Abby felt like the weird sensation of numbness was finally wearing off. The cream the man had rubbed on her head had hardened. She smelled a strong alcohol odor and felt a cloth scrub her eyebrows and head. Then an oily substance was rubbed over her eyebrows and head. Finally, she felt a tap by her eyes, and she opened them. The Chinese man smiled and indicated he was going to pull out the mouth guard. As he pulled, Abby opened her mouth. “That’s weird,” Abby thought, “I still can’t feel my teeth. I guess the numbing sensation hasn’t worn off. The man then smiled at Abby. She smiled back. The man frowned and indicated she should open her mouth. She did and he titled her head back. He quickly reached into her mouth and grabbed something. Then he smiled and gave her the thumbs up.

The old man led her out of the chair and into the first room. He stood in front of her so she couldn’t see the mirror. He then turned the barber chair away from the mirror. Abby felt a scratchy feeling on her head. Then she felt the distant feeling of brushing and trimming. “Here we go,” Abby thought, “the numbing feeling is finally gone. Then the man indicated she should open her mouth. When she did, he demonstrated she should shut her eyes. Abby felt something being placed in her mouth. Then she felt the feeling of a makeup brush on her eyebrows. When she felt a touch on her hand, she opened her eyes. The man smiled. Abby smiled back and realized she felt something in her mouth. Her gums felt a little sore, but she was at least getting feeling back in her teeth.

Finally the man turned her towards  the mirror. Abby gasped. She had a short bright red bob with blunt bangs on her head. It just reached past her chin. It was striking. The bangs ended in the middle of her forehead, just above her eyebrows, which were also bright red, just like her hair. The cut really suited her and made her bright blue eyes, and creamy skin pop. The man gave her a thumbs up, She thumbs up back. The hair still felt scratchy, but maybe that was just because of all the dye. Then the man indicated she should smile. Abby smiled. She saw a perfectly white grin looking back at her. Her teeth had never looked so good in her life. The man then smiled and gave a thumbs up, Abby gave a thumbs up back. The man then walked behind Abby. He put her hands at the front of her hair and pulled. Abby gasped as the beautiful short red bob was pulled off her head revealing a smooth, shiny, slick bald scalp. Instinctively, Abby reached up and felt her head. It was so smooth, as if there was not a single hair on her head. Then the man opened his mouth and pointed. Abby opened up and the man reached in. Abby felt something slide out of her mouth and followed the man’s hand, as he was holding what looked like a mouth guard. When Abby looked in the mirror she was astounded. Her cheeks had shrunken slightly because her beautiful pearly white teeth were gone. There was nothing left in her mouth but gums. In the mirror she ran her tongue over her gums, trying desperately to find her teeth, but there was nothing. Now she was a bald toothless girl. Finally, the man reached over and rubbed a wet cloth on her new red eyebrows. They quickly disappeared. Abby now couldn’t recognize herself in the mirror. A bald, browless, toothless girl. Abby wasn’t sad though. In fact, she could feel herself growing wet under her skirt at her new change.

One day, when John was gone out for a run, Abby had taken a look at his phone. It had no code, so she quickly unlocked it. She discovered that he had been reading stories on the internet about women shaving their heads or having their hair cut in different ways. Even some stories about women becoming bald permanently and ending up toothless too! Abby had become entranced with the stories, and when John got back that day, while he had initially been mad and embarrassed at the invasion of privacy, he wasn’t mad when they had the best sex of their lives.

Now, Abby was looking in the mirror at one of the girls from those stories. She was bald, browless, and toothless. She didn’t know much about what the Chinese man had done to her hair, but she figured that at least becoming toothless was pretty permanent. Abby began thinking about John. “Hopefully he’s happy when his fantasy of a bald toothless blowjob comes to life.” The Chinese man smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up. She smiled and gave a thumbs up back. The man then put the red bob wig back on her head, drew some red eyebrows back on her face, and placed the dentures in her mouth. He then handed Abby the bottle of red eyebrow liner. Then he left, and Abby stood up. She looked at herself in the mirror, wearing the red banged bob wig, with the fake red eyebrows, and the dentures. She couldn’t even notice that she was a bald, browless, and toothless hottie. She just looked like a sexy girl, with a beautiful red bob. As she was inspecting herself in the mirror, the Chinese man returned with a plastic bag. Inside was a long curly blonde wig, with a jar of blonde eyebrow liner, and a straight auburn wig, that looked as though it matched Abby’s old hair, and a jar of matching eyebrow liner. Finally, the man handed her a jar of scalp polish. The man then took Abby’s hand and led her to the door. He reached into his pocket and handed her a business card. Then, he bowed, held the door open, and Abby walked out.

Still, shocked, but incredibly aroused from her surprising change, Abby walked out the door. It was nearly sundown when she exited the store. She quickly navigated her way through the outskirts of Shanghai backs towards the city, until she could make out the spire of the Student Center on the skyline. She then walked through the streets until she made it back to a few landmarks she recognized. When she arrived back to the Student Center, she placed her phone in the charger.  As soon as it booted up, the screen showed 4 new messages from John and 2 missed calls. She read the texts. “Ok see you when you get back, love you too!” “Hey, its been a couple of hours, where are you?” “Hey, its nearly 4 pm, where did you go?” Hey, its almost 6, are you ignoring me?” “Are you ok? Where are you? I’m worried.” It was 7:30 on the cell phone clock. The last missed call from John was 7:10. Abby texted John, “Hey, got a haircut on my trip out. It took a bit longer than expected, and I didn’t end up with quite what I was expecting either. Come to my room, I think you will like it.”

5 minutes later, Abby heard a knock on her door. She opened it, it was John. His eyes got huge when he saw her red hair and red eyebrows. He immediately kissed her deeply. “I was so worried about you.” He said. “I know,” Abby said, “but how do you like my haircut?” “Its amazing,” John said, “incredibly sexy.” “I thought you would enjoy it. It comes with a few more surprises, but you’ll have to discover them as we go,” Abby sad. “As we go?” John asked. Abby pushed John onto his back on the bed and began kissing him. She kissed him on his neck as she unzipped his pants. She yanked his pants and boxers down and engulfed his penis in her mouth. As she was sucking him, she could hear him groaning. She started stroking him with her hand and looked up. His head was back, eyes were closed, and he was looking at the ceiling, his hands down her shirt grasping her breasts. She sneakily took her teeth out and began giving him the best blowjob he’d ever had in his life. “Holy fuck,” he breathed, “That feels amazing. When did you learn that?” Abby, looked up. John still had his head back, eyes shut. “Well, it’s long story.” The words slurred out of her mouth. She hadn’t spoken yet since she became toothless, and she realized it was more difficult than she thought. John didn’t seem to notice anything was different. Abby kept sucking him. She slowly guided his hands away from her breasts and into her new bright red bob wig. “I know you like to runs your hands through my hair.” She said, sloppily. John, eyes still shut, nodded. “Oh yeah baby, your new hair is so sexy.” Abby returned to sucking and noticed that John’s eyes were now open. She used her right hand to guide his hand to the seam of the wig, while her left hand joined her mouth and began rapidly stroking his cock. John’s eyes got huge as Abby guided his hands through lifting the red bob from his new slick, shiny, bald scalp. “Oh my gosh Abby, You’re bald.” Abby took John’s cock out of her mouth, nodded and smiled. “I told you,” she slurred “the result of my haircut was a little unexpected.” John gasped. “Your teeth… Oh my gosh.” Then Abby felt his cock pulse. She lowered her scalp and felt the first spray of cum onto her scalp. Then she looked up, taking another spray on her face, finally she opened her toothless mouth, letting John finish into her soft, toothless, gums. She kept sucking until the last drops of cum dribbled from his cock. Then she looked up. “That was the best blow job I’ve ever had, but Abby, what happened?” “What, do you not like it?” The words slurred out of her mouth. John leaned in and kissed her, reaching up to rub her scalp, inadvertently spreading the cum all over her slick shiny bald head. “No Abby, you know I think this is so sexy. I just need to know what happened.”

Abby reached for the dentures and popped them in her mouth. “Well,” Abby began, “There was a bit of a mix up.”


Stay tuned for part 2.

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