Summer vacation

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Summers are pretty hot in northern part of India . The temperature can go upto 45-46°, this is a story about me , I’m prerna. I’m my parent’s only child and I am studying in 10th grade right now. As the summers approach due to weather conditions we get summer vacation of about 2 to 2.5 months approximately. I have always kept short hair as they are easy to manage and less messier so i have always kept them in bob cut till my shoulder length and sometimes a to the ear level well it’s upon my parents anyways how short they wanted it to be . Usually every month my mother brings me to the salon to get a trim but this time as summer were approaching my parents decided that we should spend this summer at our grandparents house back in the village. So it was 2nd of the may we reached our village and it was a very very hot summer day i was drenched in sweat when we reached home . My mother told me to go take a shower and change my clothes i did the same.Then my family members came to meet us we chatted for a while and then we went to sleep early as we were quite tired . At my grandparents house only my granny lives so in morning my mother was helping in making breakfast and i complained about how hot the weather is then my dad noticed that i didn’t got the summer haircut this year ,so, he decided we hit the salon to get it done. My mother agreed and told me to get ready and go with my father. As this is a very small village there are not many salons here the one here is very far from home . then we saw a roadside barbershop under a tree there were few customers who were waiting to get their haircut done. My father and i went there and my dad greeted them and talked with barber and told me to wait and sit on the side . I went and sat there . There was a little girl on the barber chair who was getting her hair shaved completely due to summer and his father was there with her . she was sitting there all helpless getting a headshave.

then after her headshave was done his father touched her head and said perfect nice and clean for summer they paid the barber and went on there way .

There were few people ahead of us so we waited for our turn.

My turn came , I sat on the rusty wooden chair there was a small mirror infront of me the barber caped me with a white cloth and asked my father about what haircut should i be given . My father asked for a bowlcut with shaved nape . Then he sprayed my hair with water and started combing them to get rid of the knots . after that he took a manual clipper and started shaving my nape from the skin that feeling was very different i was somewhat enjoying it . After that he took scissors and started shaping my hair into a bowl cut . My father asked to reduce the length of top hair as it was very hot weather so the barber reduced my hair length and it was kind of looking like a boycut , a little shorter than i have thought but i accepted as it will be cooler for me. The barber completed the cut my father paid him and we left the shop .

A month later :-

It’s been a month since i got the haircut and my summer vacations are not over yet the heat is really something and my hairs also have grown few cms i guess. This afternoon we all were sitting in our living room and i was complaining about how hot that day was . Then my granny said to me , ” baal thode or chote kralo garmi km lgegi ( Get a shorter haircut it will keep you cooler for summer)

My mother also agreed and said to my father, ” hn sahi baat hai iske baal chote krwa dijiye grmi b nahi lgegi or padhai mai b dhyan rhega wese b iss saal boards hai( That she’s right cut her hair short so she’ll be cool and will study better)” .

I said , ” okay thik hai lkin mai boycut nahi krwaungi( Okay fine but i won’t get a boycut) ”

My father said ,” It’s okay beta they’ll grow soon let’s  go to the barbershop first ” .


to be continued…..

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