Surprising my wife

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This basically from a dream.

I had gotten engage in the year 2020 of the pandemic. I put off getting a haircut with everything going on in the world. She kept on bugging me to get my haircut throughout the whole year before the wedding. I told her I’ll get it cut, just don’t worry about it. Well one day at work when I was talking with my coworkers they asked if I was at least getting it cut before the wedding? That’s when the idea popped into my head! I’ll get it cut the morning of the wedding! A couple of my coworkers said they help cut it and turned out that one of them used to cut hair! We both agreed to not see each other until it was time that day! Once she saw me she was in total shock as was her family and my family. Nobody knew that I had something planned besides my coworkers! It was a fantastic day!

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