Sweet Lou’

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Lou and I had worked together at a large shipping company some 30 years ago, she was a clerical employee working for me, and I later, I ended up working for her! As she was African American, my thought back then was that the promotion was based on a quota, or skin color, you know – bucking the good ole’ boy process. But as I soon found out and later as we both left the company, the promotion was strictly based on performance – Lou was a kick ass manager! We used to joke around and ask how the hell Lou could manage a group of dockworkers with a barber’s background? Never the less, Lou knew shipping!!!!

During the 5 or so years we worked together, I would stop in the barber shop that Lou’s sister owned – for a trim, Lou worked there on Saturdays as I can remember. I’m not sure if it was the boss/employee relationship that gave us both pause, white /black thing or whatever – but there always seemed to be a crazy attraction when we were around each other – somewhat giddy if you will… Regardless, both of us were married at the time and we ended up both leaving the organization and going on life’s path.

I had been divorced and was dating Kathy, who ironically worked with both Lou and I almost 3 decades earlier. That whole re-connect Facebook shit. Kathy was a super nice gal, 55, impeccable make-up and skin, always dressed to the 9’s! As with most folks our age in the dating scene, always worried about her weight (made no matter to me) – but a super hot, confident woman, a major turn on for me! Kathy also checked the box for me, as her hair was a rather short pixie shag, that seemed to fit her well.

The whole ordeal started while on FB one evening, a co-worker form years before had passed and many comments about his life were posted. I added my memories and condolences and logged off, saddened for sure as the memories of us 30 years age got the best of me. Right before I closed my eyes for the night, a PM form Lou caught my attention.

“You don’t look a bit different you stud, you never age. Hope all is well, so sad about Craig’ I know you and him were running buddies. I am going to the funeral home Friday, will you be there? hope to see you! I read the text, I asked Kathy to please plug my phone in for the night and dozed off…

Kathy and I arrived at the funeral home at 11, and I reconnected with folks from years past. Lou, who I had not seen in 30+ years came over, we hugged and began reminiscing about the past. After a few minutes, we all started with the good byes/

Arnt’ you still in the area? Lou said as Kathy and I walked to the car.

Actually yes, we live down on the south end of Broad, near the depot, isn’t’ that where your sisters shop was years ago? I said..

Yes,we are in the same place, I actually own the shop, my sister passed 4 years ago. You guys should come by, if I remember correctly, I did cut your hair a few times back in the day.

I turned to Kathy and said, let’s ride over in the morning, I could use a haircut – and if you need a a trim, I’m sure Lou can handle it..

Well, ya’ll stop on by, I open at 7:30 on Saturdays, just come on if you have a minute? Lou said as she walked to her car and drove off.

The next morning we had breakfast (Biscuits which nether of us needed) and we drove down to Lou’s House of Styles.

As Kathy was walking she asked. Lou looks so familiar, where have I seen that face”

At (………………..) we all worked together back in the day! I said as we walked inside.

“Make sense now, in the shipping and receiving dept. – of course!

We walked in, and as I remembered from decades ago, Lou is a master barber for sure. Skin tight fade, and super short – a true Lou trademark!

As I left the chair, Lou motioned for Kathy to sit and gave me a wink. I know Joe likes his women short, we used to talk about his taste in styles years ago. So if you’re dating this guy, you know what your’re in for!

At that moment, Lucretia (Lou for short) must have had an e·piph·a·ny! The memories of us yeas ago, crazy sex, alcohol, running from our responsibilities, hanging out after work and the sex! Holy shit! Lucretia, my smokin’ hot boss, always with the game changer. A buzzed to the nape, natural cut, she got twice a week from her sisters salon. The sex was crazy and the more I rubbed her bald ass head, the more intense it became. “Fuck me hard, drive it in deep, rub my bald ass head, – do you like my bald ass head you fucking stud? Those are just a few of the words I remember!

And with that, and a quick glance over, Lou began tor ravage Kathy’s already short cropped cut down to nothing, especially in the back! “You better leave some hair on that girls head!, one of the other barbers said as she walked by… “Oh he loves his woman short, aint’ that right Kathy, as she plowed up her nape and then turned to the older male barber in front and asked. “hey Joe, can I borrow your 5’00000? Mine is missing a tooth – I don’t want to gap her up if you know I what I mean!

After about 10 minutes of clippering, Lou motioned me to walk over to her chair. Kathy was facing the mirror as I approached.

With a gentle push down on her nape, Lou began her “performance”

“How do you think this looks Chris, rub here and let me know?” as she placed my hand on Kathy’s neck and began rubbing back and forth.

“Looks and feels great” I said as Kathy lifted her head and stared me down as if she were super pissed.

“Girl what do you think?” as Lou guided Kathy’s hand up to her nape. Gently guiding her along, Kathy rubbed her nape and around her ears.

“That is short” you think you can take it a little tighter right in here?” as Kathy felt her already bald ass, skin tight cut..

“Girl you are in the short hair club for sure!” Lou said as she fired up her clippers and took her sides down to super skin short.

As this was taking place, I could only wonder if this was a dream. Did she really like her hair that short? What the hell? As Kathy rose from the chair, sporting a super high bald fade, she turned to Lou and said “thanks girl for the tip, I hope I get the same results later tonight!”

Wow babe, what was that all about? I said as we drove out of the lot and headed home. “You either need to be more discreet or learn how to work the whole Facebook profile, she said laughing. I read your PM last night and replied: Here, read it! Kathy passed me my phone and pulled up the conversation.

Lou – “You don’t look a bit different you stud, you never age. Hope all is well, so sad about Craig’ I know you an him were running buddies. I am going to the funeral home Friday, will you be there? hope to see you!

Joe – “I will, long time no hear from, and thanks for the compliment, I feel old as shit!”

Lou – “Oh you do, I see form your FB profile you are in a relationship – figures she would have shorter hair – you were a damn freak about my hair, the whole bald and clippered look, and the sex after was always fucking great! I’ll be watching for pics in the future, I wonder how long it will be before she gets the hint! If I could drop a bug in her ear, I would tell her to get a super short cut, your such a pushover for that! Damn, you were a freak  – but it was fun!

Joe- “Maybe I’ll get her to convert, who knows, see you tomorrow at the funeral”

“I read your PM on FB, I thought I would finish the conversation for you, Kathy sad with a grin!.As I read the messages on my phone, we pulled into a shopping center and parked. Kathy asked me to get out and we walked along the front passing many shops – finally getting to the front of Sally’s Beauty. We walked in, Kathy approached the counter and said:

“I’m picking up some clippers, Lou called over earlier and told you guys to hold them for me”

And with that, she purchased a new set of Oster 76’s with every blade available – over $600!

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