Talking about the Cut

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Emily began to become more concerned as the noise she was hearing got louder. The noise was clearly coming from the engine of Suzuki Samurai. It had been making an unnatural sound for miles. At this point, Emily would have been happy, if it just made it another 7 miles.

 Right after she turned on to Quarry road, it suddenly stopped. She quickly put the shifter in “neutral”, and then pushed it to the shoulder of the road. As pushed it to shoulder, she was glad you chose a light weight vehicle. Once it on the shoulder, she noticed steam pouring out from under the hood. 

 She opened the passenger side door to grap her phone, as a car drove past her. When she had the phone in her hand, she realized the battery was dead. She didn’t believe the issue was with battery, so she plugged her charger into her phone. Despite the engine being destroyed, the phone started charging.

Quarry Road was a well traveled road in Corydon, Indiana. There were people and vehicles everywhere, but no one seemed to want to help her. She feared no one wanted to help her, because she had Kentucky tags on the vehicle. As another vehicle drove past her, she knew she needed to help herself.

In her mind, her best option was going to be to walk up to the gas station. It was less than a mile away. She would let her phone charge, as she went to the gas station to get water and cigarettes. When she got back to her vehicle, she could use her phone to call people she knew in the area.

As she began walking West on Quarry road, she hoped she would see someone she knew. It wasn’t an ideal day for walking. To make matters worse, the sun was now high in the sky. She was  drenched in sweat with in just a few minutes of walking. Emily was not in excellent physical shape, so she was becoming very exhausted.

Her clothes were sticking to her body. Walking in this heat wasn’t making her look any sexier to the motorist that were driving past her. What truly upset her was that none of these motorists, even asked her if she was “alright”. She was exhausted when her 25 minute walk to the gas station was over.

When she began walking though the gas station parking lot, a man said “how is it going, Emily”.

 She looked in direction of the voice. She saw a late 1990’s Chevrolet Cavalier. It was a two door car with darkly tinted windows. The body of the car was blue.

As walked in the direction of the car, she said “definitely not ideal”.

JD was hanging the gas pump nozzle, when he said “did you take up walking to try to loss weight”.

She was about six feet away from him, when she said “my samurai broke down”.

JD made eye to eye contact with her, and then said “is someone coming to get it for you”.

Emily laughed, and then said “I have no where for it to be towed to”.

Right after she that, the passanger’s side window of the car went down. Once the window was mid way down, Kate said “what bring you to our area, Emily”. 

At this point, JD and Emily still had eye to eye contact. She took a deep breath in, and then said “I want my job back”.

Before JD could respond, Kate said “that ship has set sail”. 

Once she said that, JD said “no, it hasn’t”. 

With out even thinking about it, Emily hugged JD. As they shared a wonderful hug, he said “If you don’t have the resources to fix the Samurai, I’ll give you $ 200 for it”. 

Emily thought the Samurai was worth way more that, but she said “ok”.

As they separated from the hug, JD said “I want you to get your haircut, tonight. You can start work tomorrow”.

When Kate heard that, she began to roll the window up. When the window was all the way up, JD said “where is the Samurai”.

She pointed, and then said “about a mile down Quarry road”. 

Once she that, he said “wait for me in the car”. 

JD walked into the gas station, as Emily made her way to the driver’s side door of the car. At this point, Emily was glad that she had her job back, and she had a ride to New Salisbury. However, she was not excited to be getting in a car with Kate.

As she got into the back of Kate’s car, she could tell they had the air conditioning on. It felt so good to her, as she took a seat on cloth side. 

She pulled the door shut, as she said “why do you hate me so much”. 

Kate looked back at her, and then said “you drank, smoked, or fucked up every good opportunity to had in life”.

Emily laughted, and then said “sounds like something my mom would say”.

 Right after Emily said that, Kate said “I’m going to love  cutting all that beautiful long hair off your head”. 

She took a brief pause, and then said “I’m really going to enjoy fading your sides and reducing the hairs on top to almost nothing”.

Kate laughed, and then said “I’ll ask you how short you want to go, but I’ll cut it the exact way I want it”.

As she reached for her pack of cigarettes, she said “if you show me the same picture they showed me last time, I’ll cut it even shorter than I did last time”.

With out thinking about it, Emily said “I can’t show you that picture, because I left my phone in the Samurai”.

Kate shook her head, and then said “that was a pretty stupid idea”.

She was pulling a cigarette out of her pack, as she said   “don’t be to surprised when I accidentally remove a long section of your hair from the top of your head”.

The cigarette was almost to her lips, when she said “I’m going to use my balding  clippers on your sides and nape. Your going to be  showing some skin, when you go to work Saturday”.

 As she reached for her lighter, she said “once the sides and nape are done, I unclip the top section. I’ll accidentally make a bad cut.

As the lighter made a sound, Emily said “that sounds wonderful”. 

She laughed, and then said “I was going to ask you to give me a high and tight”.

 After Kate exhaled the hit she had in her lungs, she said “hopefully, you still want a high and tight when your in my chair. That will be the haircut you are getting”.

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